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What's New on the Clear Creek?
  Dec 2008
  • Updates all over the place. Thanks to all emails from those who have discovered the site!

Sep, 2003

  • Moved the entire site to RootsWeb! Now it's am part of a searchable genealogy database!
  • Added Peperak as a main vein!
July 21, 2002
  • Started work on a new format to show pictures of individuals in the "Children" section. Check it out here!
  • Updated the Name Index with Krajnaks and all their kin.
June 27, 2002 June 4, 2002 May 22, 2002 May 18, 2002
  • Completed revamped the site. Added an Index, Name That Ancestor!, What's New, a new page for each major family vein. This is really a new starting point for future revisions.