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The Gospel Of the Kingdom

Published 2-11-2017          Updated 5-13-2017
It was in the summer of 2012 that I took a road trip out west. I was having these premonitions that  The Holy Land was in this area and I decided to take this trip and see where the spirit would lead me.  It was kind of like a pilgrimage, or a vision quest in the native American sense.  After driving straight for two days , I stopped by the side of the road to sleep because I was very tired.  I was just outside of Ft. Smith Arkansas on route 40. When I came to I was in a half awake dream state. And I heard  a choir singing Handel's "Unto us a child is born". I heard this music  in my head and I kept thinking about how the government of heaven was going to be established right here in this place, and this is where I wanted to be. For more on this subject read the article Location of the New Jerusalem.  I'm reflecting on this now four years later. Some things come to mind, like my birthday is Feb 23, the same as Handel, who was born Feb 23 1685, and my grandmother Maria Padilla  was also born February 23, 1896. The point being, there might be reasons why I might resonate with Handel and why his work might have some significance to me. I just so happens that Isaiah chapter 9 is the subject of his song "Unto us a child is born" from the Messiah oratorio. For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:5)

The Phoenix Journals 3 Page 83: Yes, it has all been written that it would come to be this way. It is also written that I will again come to reclaim our Father's Kingdom and so I shall. But ye have another wondrous thing to await. There will also be born unto you a child who will appear to be born of man but is born of God. This energy will never have walked this plane before but he shall come unto you as God. Surprised? Well, so be it; so be it. Ye have many wondrous surprises yet awaiting thee.
Phoenix Journal 13 Page 64: And where will you as a people be when it all comes down and you find that you have been duped? Would you not have instructions and truth? Though rendered impotent, remaining will be those who still cling to false gods. But the Remnant will have a King. He will be the Mighty Messiah, brothers---for that is what this journey is all about! He will guard and guide His people; wars, the vehicle by which tremendous fortunes are made and the kind of progress leading to decay and eventual doom, will have ceased, never again to blight and destroy.
The Phoenix Journal 230 page135: I am going to remind you that these CAHILLA mercenaries brought the slaves, have usurped everything from the Blacks--only recently taking everything from other races as well in the U.S.A. I will tell you now that you cannot recover this mess without the NATIVE AMERICANS who still, at least, sit on some sovereign lands which are being taken fully from them as we write today. *********
Phoenix Journal 32 Page 221: Some 2,000 or so years ago the consummate Illuminate of all time tried to tell the early Man of His day that God centered His universe and Man. He freely told Man that the Kingdom of Heaven was within, and that the Father of Man dwelleth within Man.
This has been misunderstood. You see the word is in us. It emanates from with in. The child of divinity is in all of us. Each person has this divinity in them. 
Phoenix Journal 47 Page 83: "Only through KNOWING that which is GOD will you KNOW GOD WITHIN ALL. How can you KNOW GOD? BY YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW GOD will HIS Kingdom be revealed within you. He awaits your sincere petition of recognition and acceptance of HIS WORD within you. Your song of LIGHT sounds within GOD'S KNOWING and you will dance and sing HIS presence in co-creation as ONE WITH GOD AND ALL THAT IS. "

The Christines are those who have the Christ in them. Jesus came showing us by example how the Christ and son of God comes to enthrone himself in man. His intention was to manifest how this could be done using himself as an example. He did not come to usurp our divinity. We are to look to our own Christ within for guidance. The kingdom of god is in each of us in our spirit or soul as it has been described. Each person is king and we protect and defend our self. We cleanse our inner being and the gate opens up and the king comes and makes his throne in us individually. And we can act collectively if and when and with whom we choose. The government is on our shoulders. The child is given in and through us individually. And collectively as we so choose. But ultimately we are the creators of our own destiny and environment and no one is to take this away from us or enslave us or tell us what to do. The native Americans as described in the Mentinah archives calling themselves the Nemenhah have said that they each one is a king and queen. They govern themselves collectively as they so choose. The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011) The Nemenhah Page 348 8. And we do not raise up unto ourselves Kings or Queens to rule over us, but we are Priests and Kings, Priestesses and Queens unto the most high God. Wherefore, what need have we of such rulers in the land, when every man and every woman of the Nemenhah may make such claim? And if we are all Priests and Kings, how may there be any beggar among us? For, what royal would see his near kinsman suffer for want of food or drink? And what King would suffer his kin to sit in the gutter and beg for a scrap to wear? All this ties into the experience. I had recently discovered that the southern coordinate to the New Jerusalem was the same as the temple mount in old Jerusalem.  I did not know at the time that the northern and longitude was the Mormon temple lot in Independence Missouri. With this information I know now I can see that Ft. Smith is close to the middle. I didn't know this at the time though. So the government of Heaven mentioned in Isaiah 9 is going to be established here in this New Jerusalem Area first. Or rather ,the government of heaven is already set up, it's just going to extend it's domain here on earth. It exists in the heavenly astral body realms of the earth. It just hasn't made it's way to the 3 D going on 4D earth. When it does, It'll  be set up starting in this area first. This is the Gospel Of The Kingdom. A circular area from the north and southern coordinates is going to be an area covered by a dome of some kind to protect the inhabitants. The primary agenda of the government of heaven is to allow for maximum of free will and freedom of choice, balanced against the prohibition of doing harm. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11:9) The founding fathers  of this country were wise men inspired by these principals.  The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence starts as follows: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. An interesting Native American perspective: THE SACRED HILL WITHIN by Little Crow Page 70  Early on, our six Nations brothers advised the founding fathers. "When you build your government, make sure you include a spiritual core. Make sure that your government contains a spiritual world view" The thirteen colonies came together, each based on their own religious need, their own religious world view and decided they couldn't do that and maintain a union. Instead, they concluded that freedom is based upon equal representation. So we, as a nation, lost the opportunity to build a government with one heart, to acknowledge the sacredness and connectedness of all people and all things and we continue to be divided by bigotry, racism, classism and intolerance. It reminds me of the Native Americans of those who authored the Mentinah Archives and who predicted a time when they would be killed off by conquest and disease from a foreign people who would over run and take over this country and ultimately cause damage to society and the planet from their greed and abuse. But that they through a remnant of their descendents and mixture of their bloodline with these people would return as a whispering from the dust and they would guide these people to a healing of the earth and a forming of a government based on a self empowered self governing people they way that they lived in their day and who were the pro-to type of a free people and an ensign to the people of our time. This makes me think of this song Wild Fire. Read More in the article The Inward Fire. This is assuming that man is taking on the role of creator also called logos or the word, prime source etc.  Or in all cases, the entity emitting this creative source of energy and power. An example of the role of such man (meaning man or woman)  in the kingdom with in this universal construct has been described by Ra in a February 23 channeling: The Law of One, Book II, Session 29 Questioner: Then I am assuming that this sub-Logos created this planetary system in all of its densities. Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The sub-Logos of your solar entity differentiated some experiential components within the patterns of intelligent energy set in motion by the Logos which created the basic conditions and vibratory rates consistent throughout your, what you have called, major galaxy
Some might say, well I don't want to be a part of this logos where I have to abide by the free will of this creator logos being whom I have chosen to be a fractal part of. Then I would say fine, you are free to go to some remote part of creation beyond the universe and it's allotted time/space and confine yourself into some box tucked away some where far far away from every one. There you can be given your creative powers to create anything you want free from any interference and involvement with other entities.  But at some point you will or will have become bored with this experience and would like to participate in a construct involving other people.  You may also want to experience being the prime source or creator of a particular body of universe rather than the fractal part of an atom/solar system logos that we find ourselves a fractal part of. This is well and fine. But we must first graduate and evolve to that point were we experience all and return to source ever expanding to attain the status of the creator logos entity we find ourselves a fractal part of. This has in fact already happened to each of us which is exactly why we are here. It is because we have chosen it so. I suppose you can change your mind midway and leave. But I'm thinking you may need to clear any karma your may have caused or created thus far before being allowed to leave.
Phoenix Journal 96 Page 121:  Fractals comprise another phenomenon that arises in nonlinear systems. The "fractal" is a contraction of "fractional dimension", How can it be described so that you can have an idea regarding that of which we speak? Let us example, this time, a garden hose which is coiled into a pile. From a far distance it has no dimensions--it just appears as a point. Closer it is seen as a solid object and therefore has the typical three dimensions. Finally, from "inside" the coil, the hose becomes simply a one dimensional expression since you can now specify from your vantage point any location on it by saying how far it is from the end. Thus, depending on the point of view, the dimensionality of the hose goes from zero to three to one dimensions. Fractals are a way of dealing with what happens in between. Fractals can arise in nonlinear systems. Let us give an example of such a fractal: Start with a triangle and then in the middle of each side of the triangle draw another triangle. Then keep doing this on every straight line--forever. It is obvious that if you look at any piece of this system at any level of magnification, you will see the same things--that is, a straight line with triangles on it. It is also obvious that there is a connection between the appearance of things at different scales of magnification. In fact, if you think about it, you'll realize that you could not tell, just looking at a line, what was the actual magnification. Now that you are confused and in a state of individual "chaos" over the subject--what is my point? Simple--it is a PERCEPTION which MUST be attended--but it is not NEW and it is not the focus around which life physical or dimensional will revolve--it simply IS. And it, like all things in physical expression--is PERCEIVED. How a child will perceive a blossom is very different indeed from the way in which a gardener of prize blossoms will perceive the same flower! Is one more valid than the other? No, only perceived through more varied input and knowledge. The child's perception is undoubtedly the less complicated for it will be expressed without judgment! However, if the point is to have prize blossoms--there is more required than "no judgment" of the blossom in point. If it is lesser or more than another-- why? If total chaos controls a society--the "why" must be considered before ORDER can become.

Life and Teachings vol. 2 page 14 "This is a new-age message to you, the same as it seemed to be a new-age message two thousand years ago. It is the same today as it was then; it is but the resurrection of the age-old message. This message was told thousands of centuries ago in language so simple that babes could read. The message is that man of his own free will shall leave the man-made kingdom and evolve to the God Kingdom. The son of man is to realize his divinity, reveal this divinity in his body and affairs, and become the Christ of God in the Kingdom of God. `Know ye not that ye are gods?' "Within you, know that this Kingdom of God is the most natural thing in the world. You have but overlooked the fact that if man be in Christ he is a new creature. `It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, and every man passeth into it.' The question is asked, `When?' The answer always is, `When the without is as the within.
Life and Teachings vol. 3  page 71 It was the very urge of this perception that sent me on, determined to drink the cup to the fullest draft, that I might know by actual experience and contact whereof I spoke; that man by the free will of God, coupled with his own free thought and pure motive, could prove for himself alone that God is divine; and that man, His true son, born in His image and likeness, is as truly divine as the Father is divine; and that this divinity is the true Christ that every man sees and perceives, is in himself and in all of God’s children. “This true Christ is the light that lights every child that comes into the world. It is the Christ of God our Father, in, through, and by whom we all have everlasting life, light, love, and true brotherhood—the true Fatherhood, the true Sonship, of God and man. “In the light of this true understanding or Truth, you do not need a king, a queen, a crown, a pope or a priest. You, in the true perception, are the king, the queen, the pope, the priest; and none but yourself and God stand alone. You expand this true perception to take in the whole Universe of form and shape; and with your God-given creative ability, you surround them with the perfection that God sees and surrounds them with.”

I love this version of the song by the Weavers. Never heard anything like it , how original, what a wonderful performance. This speaks to me of such a reign of free people soon to appear in our reality.  -----> The tribe of Judah was foretold to take the lead in setting up the Political Kingdom prophesied about in these latter days. THE TESTAMENT OF JUDAH: 34 And Isaac, the father of my father, blessed me to be king in Israel, and Jacob further blessed me in like manner. 35 And I know that from me shall the kingdom be established. Life and Teachings vol. 2 page 49 Then he lifted his hand, all became quiet, and he continued: "Of what avail are armies or navies, when man knows that God has this power and that His true sons may use it? You can sweep an army away as a child blows the down from a thistle. As for great battleships, they may be dissolved like this glass." Here he lifted the plate upon which he had deposited the powder that now represented the glass. He breathed upon it lightly; it burst into flames and disappeared entirely. He again resumed, "These legions come not to do your work or my work or to use man as their instrument; man may call upon them to encourage, sustain, and comfort him in his work as master of every condition of life. With this power man may still the waves, control the winds, quench the fire, or direct the multitude. One may use them only as he has mastered them. He may use them for the good of the whole human race or he may use them to drive home the meaning of man cooperating with God. One who is able in his divinity to call upon these legions, knows beyond question that he can use this combined power only in true service to humanity, for he knows that it will consume him as well as defend him."
To the right is an interesting interpretation of the kingdom. Here it is postulated that there are 7 steps of human progression culminating in the reunion to a prime source called by many people by many names. I myself have preferred the 7 x7 priesthood steps to signify this progression. (See Priesthood Explained.) But other systems may work as well. Maybe a certain branch or  type of Kung Fu system with 7 steps might work. I only mention this because I studied Kung Fu  when a child student. The Chinese ways are very different from us and are said to be orphans from a planet in the Daneb area. Their native planet was not able to progress to the 3rd density or stage due to the age of their sun being very old. They were allowed to visit our planet to complete their 3rd density experience. The Law of One Session 10 10.1 Questioner: I think it would clarify things for us to go back to the time just before the transfer of souls from Maldek; see how the Law of One operated with respect to this transfer and why this was necessary. What happened to Maldek— or the people on Maldek to cause them to lose their planet? How long ago did this occur? Ra: I am Ra. The peoples of Maldek had a civilization somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis in that it gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their sphere following to a majority extent the complex of thought, ideas, and actions which you may associate with your so-called negative polarity or the service to self. This was, however, for the most part, couched in a sincere belief/thought structure which seemed to the perception of the mind/body complexes of this sphere to be positive and of service to others. The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war. The escalation went to the furthest extent of the technology this social complex had at its disposal in the space/time present of the then time. This time was approximately seven oh five, oh oh oh, seven hundred and five thousand [705,000] of your years ago. The cycles had begun much, much earlier upon this sphere due to its relative ability to support the first-dimensional life forms at an earlier point in the space/time continuum of your solar system. These entities were so traumatized by this occurrence that they were in what you may call a social complex knot or tangle of fear. Some of your time passed. No one could reach them. No beings could aid them.
And to be truthful, we need all the help and or/supervision we can get being an aggressive and warlike people who managed to blow up our own native 3D planet. That is, 700,000 years ago we blew up our own planet now known as Ceres which is the 5th planet from the Sun, or whatever is left of it that we are trying to rebuild and put back together. The point is that these people have watchers or guardians of the rank of Lords that help and guide them from their own solar system area and who are their close relatives. These guardians may or may not intervene directly with us and may or may not be the same, but we needn't  suppose that our ways are better. ---------------------------------------- Below is a fairly recent message given to Otto Fetting from John The Baptist in 1928. It's best to keep in mind that his jusrisdiction and work is primarily having to do with his own people and particularly the Levites.  He does offer an interesting perspective on this upcoming event: THE WORD OF THE LORD MESSAGE 7 & 8 5 You have been appointed to inquire of the Lord. If you will do so in prayer and fasting your vision shall be opened and nothing shall be withheld from you. I shall come from time to time to instruct you in all things as to the building of the house of the Lord, and your work concerning Zion. Behold this house shall be the government of God on earth; from which the law of the Lord shall go forth to all nations, even to the Jews that they also may know that God has again spoken, and that He again shall gather Israel in their own land. For the coming of Christ is near at hand, when He shall destroy the works of Satan and bring about the restitution of all things, and the restoration of peace upon the earth. Then shall be fulfilled what the prophets have spoken of, when the lamb and the lion shall lie down together and all men shall be equal and shall love one another and shall serve God with all their heart. -------------------------------------- MESSAGE 11 12 I am John, the same John that prepared the way before Christ when He was here, I am the Messenger sent from God to do the work for which I was born. I have come in the past, and will come in the future. I am a prophet and thy fellow servant. I am he that preached baptism and repentance in the wilderness of Judea. I am the John that was beheaded. I am the Messenger to prepare the way. I am the Messenger of the Lord to direct in building the Temple, and I shall be with Christ when He shall come to His Temple. I am the Messenger that shall bring the warning to the people of the destruction that shall come to pass. My mes- sage is one of love to them that will obey it. 13 Hear! Oh ye people of the earth; Christ’s coming is near at hand. Read the words of the master of men, the Savior of the world. He will come to bring judgments, and peace, and will rule from sea to sea, and all men will obey Him; His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; He is LORD OF LORDS , AND KING OF KINGS . Glory! Glory to His name! Amen. ------------------------------- MESSAGE 22 20 I have come to you to exhort you; to instruct you; to bring to you the words and instructions of the Lord; that all people may understand more clearly the words of the Lord, and the things that shall come to pass; for I am the Messenger of the Lord, to prepare the people for His coming, and a place to come to; to set the church in order, and to instruct the people in humility that they may prepare themselves for His coming, for the Lord will bless those that will do the things He commands. 21 I have been sent to you, for you are of the seed of Abraham, and the Levites, thine forefathers, have ministered in the house of the Lord. Be thou humble, isolate yourself from the business world that you might commune with the Lord your God, for this is a day when trying times will come upon the earth.
Below is an interesting interpretation of Jesus's return: The Law of One Session 17 17.22 Questioner: In our culture there is a great saying that he will return. Can you tell me if this is planned? Ra: I am Ra. I will attempt to sort out this question. It is difficult. This entity became aware that it was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the One Creator whom this entity saw as love. This entity was aware that this cycle was in its last portion and spoke to the effect that those of its consciousness would return at the harvest. The particular mind/body/spirit complex you call Jesus is, as what you would call an entity, not to return except as a member of the Confederation occasionally speaking through a channel. However, there are others of the identical congruency of consciousness that will welcome those to the fourth density. This is the meaning of the returning.
The Phoenix Journal 21 Page 41: It is now time for the readying of the planet for the perfection of Truth to return--first "WITHIN" man. Just as the myth goes that He "went forth to prepare a place for you..."
Phoenix Journal 25 Page  72: You see, what you don't understand is that the "Christ" teachings are a way of life--not A MAN. Christ is a "state of being", not a Man's name.
Phoenix Journal 43 Page 30: Sananda: I suggest that I cannot overemphasize my role in this "Plan". It is not my being which has any merit--it is my oneness with Creator which is represented in your language as "Christ Knowing"--the label makes no difference be it pronounced differently in all and every language.
Dolores Cannon  in her book The Convoluted Universe Book 3 Page 330 The healing abilities are part, but a smaller part. It’s more of a thought, the healing of the thought of the planet. What do you mean? I know the planet is a living being. The thoughts that are around the planet, and on the planet, need healing for the planet and the people to heal. It’s the thoughts that are killing the planet and the people. Where do these thoughts come from? These thoughts are manifested in the lower realms, in the denser realms of the physical. The greed, the deceit. All those things that are not part of the pure, love consciousness as we know of God. These are not from God. They’re from the physical. And that is what needs to be healed? Yes! And that is the second coming. That is part of the Second Coming of Christ, as you call it. When the consciousness of the planet changes, that will be the healing. I’ve always known it wasn’t the second coming of a person. It’s the consciousness. That’s how you would know to say it. It can be called many things. When Jesus came, He was able to embody this Christ consciousness. And He was and is a way-shower, to show you the thought pattern, thought form. How powerful that is! And that’s what helps connect us.
The Law of One, Book II, Session 29 February 23, 1981 Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I communicate now. Questioner: Is our sun a sub-Logos or the physical manifestation of a sub- Logos? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Questioner: Then I am assuming that this sub-Logos created this planetary system in all of its densities. Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The sub-Logos of your solar entity differentiated some experiential components within the patterns of intelligent energy set in motion by the Logos which created the basic conditions and vibratory rates consistent throughout your, what you have called, major galaxy. Questioner: Then is this sub-Logos which is our sun the same sub-Logos just manifesting in different parts through the galaxy, or is it all the stars in the galaxy? Ra: I am Ra. Please restate. Questioner: What I’m saying is that there are roughly 250 billion stars somewhat like ours in this major galaxy. Are they all part of the same sub-Logos? Ra: I am Ra. They are all part of the same Logos. Your solar system, as you would call it, is a manifestation somewhat and slightly different due to the presence of a sub-Logos. Questioner: Let me be sure I’m right then. Our sun is a sub-Logos of the Logos of the major galaxy? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Questioner: Are there any sub-sub-Logoi that are found in our planetary system that are “sub” to our sun? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Questioner: Would you give me an example of what I will call a sub-sub- Logos? Ra: I am Ra. One example is your mind/body/spirit complex. Questioner: Then every entity that exists would be some type of sub or sub- sub-Logos. Is that correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct down to the limits of any observation, for the entire creation is alive.

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ--Dowling

Page 89 CHAPTER 58 NOW, when the sages were refreshed they opened up the Book of Life and read. 2) They read the story of the life of man; of all his struggles, losses, gains; and in the light of past events and needs, they saw what would be best for him in coming years. 3) They knew the kind of laws and precepts suited best to his estate; they saw the highest God-ideal that the race could comprehend. 4) Upon the seven postulates these sages were to formulate, the great philosophy of life and worship of the coming age must rest. 5) Now Meng-tse was the oldest sage; he took the chair of chief, and said, 6) Man is not far enough advanced to live by faith; he cannot comprehend the things his eyes see not. 7) He yet is child, and during all the coming age he must be taught by pictures, symbols, rites and forms. 8) His God must be a human God; he cannot see a God by faith. 9) And then he cannot rule himself; the king must rule; the man must serve. 10) The age that follows this will be the age of man, the age of faith. 11) In that blest age the human race will see without the aid of carnal eyes; will hear the soundless sound; will know the Spirit-God. 12) The age we enter is the Preparation age, and all the schools and governments and worship rites must be designed in simple way that men may comprehend. 13) And man cannot originate; he builds by patterns that he sees; so in this council we must carve out pattern for the coming age. 14) And we must formulate the gnosis of the Empire of the soul, which rests on seven postulates. 15) Each sage in turn shall form a postulate; and these shall be the basis of the creeds of men until the perfect age shall come. 16) Then Meng-tse wrote the first: 17) All things are thought; all life is thought activity. The multitude of beings are but phases of the one great thought made manifest. Lo, God is Thought, and Thought is God. 18) Then Vidyapati wrote the second postulate: 19) Eternal Thought is one; in essence it is two – Intelligence and Force; and when they breathe a child is born; this child is Love. 20) And thus the Triune God stands forth, whom men call Father-Mother-Child. 21) This Triune God is one; but like the one of light, in essence he is seven. 22) And when the Triune God breathes forth, lo, seven Spirits stand before his face; these are creative attributes. 23) Men call them lesser gods, and in their image they made man. 24) And Kaspar wrote the third: 25) Man was a thought of God, formed in the image of the Septonate, clothed in the substances of soul. 26) And his desires were strong; he sought to manifest on every plane of life, and for himself he made a body of the ethers of the earthly forms, and so descended to the plane of earth. 27) In this descent he lost his birthright; lost his harmony with God, and made discordant all the notes of life. 28) Inharmony and evil are the same; so evil is the handiwork of man. 29) Ashbina wrote the fourth: 30) Seeds do not germinate in light; they do not grow until they find the soil, and hide themselves away from light. 31) Man was evolved a seed of everlasting life; but in the ethers of the Triune God the light was far too great for seeds to grow; 32) And so man sought the soil of carnal life, and in the darksomeness of earth he found a place where he could germinate and grow. 33) The seed has taken root and grown full well. 34) The tree of human life is rising from the soil of earthy things, and, under natural law, is reaching up to perfect form. 35) There are no supernatural acts of God to lift a man from carnal life to spirit blessedness; he grows as grows the plant, and in due time is perfected. 36) The quality of soul that makes it possible for man to rise to spirit life is purity. CHAPTER 59 Meeting of the sages, continued. The remaining postulates. The sages bless Jesus. Seven days' silence. APOLLO wrote the fifth: 2) The soul is drawn to perfect light by four white steeds, and these are Will, and Faith, and Helpfulness and Love. 3) That which one wills to do, he has the power to do. 4) A knowledge of that power is faith; and when faith moves, the soul begins its flight. 5) A selfish faith leads not to light. There is no lonely pilgrim on the way to light. Men only gain the heights by helping others gain the heights. 6) The steed that leads the way to spirit life is Love; is pure unselfish Love. 7) Matheno wrote the sixth: 8) The universal Love of which Apollo speaks is child of Wisdom and of Will divine, and God has sent if forth to earth in flesh that man may know. 9) The universal Love of which the sages speak is Christ. 10) The greatest mystery of all times lies in the way that Christ lives in the heart. 11) Christ cannot live in clammy dens of carnal things. The seven battles must be fought, the seven victories won be fore the carnal things, like fear, and self, emotions and desire, are put away. 12) When this is done the Christ will take possession of the soul; the work is done, and man and God are one. 13) And Philo wrote the seventh: 14) A perfect man! To bring before the Triune God a being such as this was nature made. 15) This consummation is the highest revelation of the mystery of life. 16) When all the essences of carnal things have been transmuted into soul, and all the essences of soul have been returned to Holy Breath, and man is made a perfect God, the drama of Creation will conclude. And this is all. 17) And all the sages said, Amen. 18) Then Meng-tse said, The Holy One has sent to us a man illumined by the efforts of unnumbered years, to lead the thoughts of men. 19) This man, approved by all the master minds of heaven and earth, this man from Galilee, this Jesus, chief of all the sages of the world, we gladly recognize. 20) In recognition of this wisdom that he brings to men, we crown him with the Lotus wreath. 21) We send him forth with all the blessing of the seven sages of the world. 22) Then all the sages laid their hands on Jesus' head, and said with one accord, Praise God! 23) For wisdom, honor, glory, power, riches, blessing, strength, are yours, O Christ, for evermore. 24) And every living creature said, Amen. 25 And then the sages sat in silence seven days. CHAPTER 60 Jesus addresses the seven sages. The address. Jesus goes to Galilee. THE seven days of silence passed and Jesus, sitting with the sages said: 2) The history of life is well condensed in these immortal postulates. These are the seven hills on which the holy city shall be built. 3) These are the seven sure foundation stones on which the Universal Church shall stand. 4) In taking up the work assigned for me to do I am full conscious of the perils of the way; the cup will be a bitter one to drink and human nature well might shrink. 5) But I have lost my will in that of Holy Breath, and so I go my way to speak and act as I am moved to speak and act by Holy Breath. 6) The words I speak are not my own; they are the words of him whose will I do. 7) Man is not far enough advanced in sacred thought to comprehend the Universal Church, and so the work that God has given me to do is not the building of that Church. 8) I am a model maker, sent to make a pattern of the Church that is to be – a pattern that the age may comprehend. 9) My task as model builder lies within my native land, and there, upon the postulate that Love is son of God, that I am come to manifest that Love, the Model Church will stand. 10) And from the men of low estate I will select twelve men, who represent the twelve immortal thoughts; and these will be the Model Church. 11) The house of Judah, my own kindred in the flesh, will comprehend but little of my mission to the world. 12) And they will spurn me, scorn my work, accuse me falsely, bind me, take me to the judgment seat of carnal men who will convict and slay me on the cross. 13) But men can never slay the truth; though banished it will come again in greater power; for truth will subjugate the world. 14) The Model Church will live. Though carnal man will prostitute its sacred laws, symbolic rites and forms, for selfish ends, and make it but an outward show, the few will find through it the kingdom of the soul. 15) And when the better age shall come the Universal Church will stand upon the seven postulates, and will be built according to the pattern given. 16) The time has come; I go my way unto Jerusalem, and by the power of living faith, and by the strength that you have given. 17) And in the name of God, our Father-God, the kingdom of the soul shall be established on the seven hills. 18) And all the peoples, tribes and tongues of earth shall enter in. 19) The Prince of Peace will take his seat upon the throne of power; the Triune God will then be All in All. 20) And all the sages said, Amen.
Sunday, April 16, 2017 ST. GERMAINE WITH A FABULOUS UPDATE! So there are those who are still in the belief system… for example, you will hear people say, “Oh, we must return to family values.” What I would say is, “Why do we not co-create and anchor true family values?” Many of the family values that they are talking about were authoritarian, were based in uneven distribution not only of wealth but of power, of stewardship, the denigration of women, children as chattels…
From One Who Serves via James McConnell, April 30th, 2017 OWS: First of all what you are speaking of when you say the second coming, it is not the second coming of most of the Christian world and others have come to understand that there is a birth or a being Yeshua or Mohammed or wherever it might be coming back. It is not that type of sense. That is the old way of looking at this. It is the second coming is all about consciousness. It is about consciousness moving ahead, consciousness moving through this ascension process and bringing this ascension process to a complete fulfillment. So in the second coming you are the second coming. Each and every one of you is the second coming. Each and every one of you is moving toward taking on the Christ Consciousness just as Yeshua did, just as Buddha did, just as Krishna did, etcetera. All of this is the same thing and it is all about you. This is why we say over and over to all of you, it is you that is doing this. It is you that is the second coming, you that is taking on the Christ Consciousness. You all have it within you now it is time to express it as the Christ. Okay?
Phoenix Journal 53 Page 22: In these days of confusion, it is known by all prophecy that the "Christ" nor the "Hosts" are manifest human. This is so there is no misconception about anything of this relationship.
Phoenix Journal 87 Page 108: The adversary definitely lies, cheats, and intimidates, but does he force his way into existence here? The adversary can kill the body physical to further its means. So where does the adversary get its power? The answer chelas, is from YOU! You have "allowed" the adversary to intimidate you, and when you became "afraid", you gave the adversary your GOD-POWER. He controls you through your perceived "separation" from GOD. And the only reason you are still upon this 3rd dimensional plane is because you have BELIEVED THE LIES AND DECEPTIONS OF THE ADVERSARY WHILE YOUR GOD-GIFTED SOUL HAS PINED AWAY FOR THE REUNIFICATION WITH THE ONE, GOD/ATON. The question now is to self. "Are you ready to release the adversary"? If so, then ALL of your TRUST and FAITH must be directed toward GOD who exists within YOU! Therein will your freedom from the bondage of limited-physical adversarial perception be EARNED. Did you read that clearly? YOU WILL EARN YOUR SPIRITUAL UNITY BY ACCESSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WITHIN YOU. And your "proof" will be forthcoming through FAITH and the return of your Free-will to GOD. For your "proof" of God's existence and "coming" will be revealed WITHIN YOU! FOR THERE IS WHERE EXISTS THE KINGDOM OF GOD...WITHIN YOU!!

There is only one law:
1. There is no law.
Therefore any restriction is against the law. Whenever someone imposes a restriction on another, a law is created preventing that restriction. This becomes a never ending cycle of law. The only way to stop the cycle is to stop putting restrictions on others. Because we are God. And God cannot be contained in any stricture nor can he be restricted in any way.
Doing harm is an imposition and restriction committed on others and is an ultimate form of violation of this 1st law. Thus it becomes an expression of conditions, laws and restrictions on others, whereas no such conditions restrictions and laws need exist other then those chosen by each creator for their own purposes and experience of choice. Note, the above is a higher law of the Celestial Kingdom and and certain hardships may be encountered when attempting  to implement this law in the lower astral realms where so much dense darkness reigns. There are some pretty nasty dark entities lurking down there in the lower regions. If one is attempting to maneuver in these lower realms, I would suggest Malachi 4 wherein he says to remember the law of Moses with the statutes and judgments. This is sound advise in my opinion, for when  confronted with the most evil entities ever to be known in this universe, of whom it is said that even Satan cannot abide, which by the way, happens to be us, speaking of the collective evil extant in some of our human brothers.....need I enumerate the evils? You know of them-- so evil that the mere knowledge of the acts leave one forever diminished. This being said, I would highly suggest arming yourself with The Law Of Moses in these instances.....Remember who we are dealing with. 
Phoenix Journal 5 Page 17: Be cautious in contacting spirits from the astral planes. They are very apt to play some pretty ugly pranks upon you in your fun and games.
Phoenix Journal 5 Page 50: In the astral realms are found many regions which are distinct one from the other. Some overflow with light and warmth of spiritual wisdom; others are completely permeated by darkness and despair, along with hatred and desires for revenge. The latter regions are relatively small and are locations where the basest and coarsest souls and entities are either "drawn" or specifically, confined. Bad news, human brothers; the darker levels are akin to the earth plane in vibration. Because of this vibrational similarity, the influence of the dark inhabitants upon those in incarnation on the earth is particularly strong. For example, many souls who die after a life of addiction to drugs, drunkenness and debauchery are attracted to the lowest of the astral areas and from there can influence and, in a sense, obsess those who are still in the "alive" physical format. Their victims are only those who suffer from the same weaknesses and who frequent bars, brothels and other locations of coarseness and debauch. And you ones thought it was in your jeans, oops, genes (sic, sic). The discarnate souls attach themselves to their victims from the astral side and are enabled to participate vicariously in the old habits by urging these unfortunates to indulge as they also had once done--beyond a given point you can be completely pos- sessed and therefore forfeit any control over yourselves. Do you see, perhaps, why we plead, preach and insist on moderation in all activities and intake? You can become a helpless pawn in the clutches of the satanic demons in drunkenness, etc.
There are infinite ways to impose restrictions such as to harm others. Since there are infinite ways to violate this 1st law, there must also appear infinite laws to prevent the violation of this 1st law. So it is pointless to try to enumerate laws to prevent violations of this 1st law since it would be impossible to enumerate. Just as there are zillions of levels and paths of progression for people to choose and follow. Therefore, laws are enacted according to whatever violations of the 1st law are being invented and committed by people in their preferred level of progression and unique environment.  This is why the very 1st commandment is have no other god besides the god indwelling the bodily temple of each individual. In other words, there is to be no law restricting the individual. This is because the individual is God. This is why in the higher ethereal realms, there is no law. 
Phoenix Journal 22 Page 120: There is no separate personification indicated, except as some part chooses to represent itself as such, which any part can do within its own level of concept.
Phoenix Journal 22 Page 130: However, on the planets housing humanity in species there is always need for rules and laws. Only there where the Creational law becomes self-evident do expressed laws fall away. This only occurs at very high spiritual levels, in pure- spiritual spheres, where materiality is a thing of the "past".Material forms of life are still afflicted by too many mistakes, than that they can simply neglect laws appropriate to their level.......Page 151: In any given society at whatever level of understanding, laws exist. As I stated prior to this, it is only where the Creational laws become self-evident do expressed laws fall away. This only occurs at very high spiritual levels, in pure-spiritual spheres, where materiality is a thing of the past. Material forms of life are still afflicted by too many mistakes, than that they can simply neglect laws appropriate to their level of existence.
The Phoenix Journals 230 page 140: Perhaps you need refreshing as to those Ten Commandments. I can do that but you will see that some of them are simply tossed in for the CONVENIENCE AND  POWER CONTROL by MAN over others desired to be under control. * You shall have no other gods before Me. * You shall not misuse the name of the Lord, your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name. * Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. * Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you. * You shall not kill. * You shall not commit adultery. * You shall not steal.  You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. * You shall not covet that which is another's. You shall not covet another's spouse or any property of another. I have chosen to briefly outline those given in Exodus of your Old Testament for those are the ones which should be identified as being Hebrew oriented. I use the term "Hebrew" for I know no people calling themselves "Jews" who adhere to these laws today. I, further, note most Christians not adhering to these Commandments TODAY. Please note that even in the Old Testament the commands are not ended with "EXCEPT IF, WHEN, BUT, OR..." Now, readers, IF THESE ACTUALLY BE THE INSTRUCTIONS OF "THE LORD", WHAT HAVE WE GOING HERE TODAY? AND if these be the accepted teachings of JESUS CHRIST, what can you make of the deviations FROM THESE LAWS? And how do you equate your opinions or interpretations against, or within, any OTHER religion than your own who assembled your opinions FOR YOU? AND NO, I DO NOT CONSIDER THESE TO BE THE LAWS OF GOD. YOU ARE BIRTHED KNOWING, WITHIN, THE LAWS OF RIGHT AND THE INTENT OF WRONG. AND THEN, IN EACH LEVEL OF LEARNING OR GROWING INTO TRUTH, YOU CAN BEGIN TO SEPARATE THAT WHICH IS "MORAL" FROM THAT WHICH IS SOCIETAL, CULTURAL OR TRADITIONAL "MORES". All written material is MAN-MADE. THOUGHT is of God and one can proclaim that his thoughts or the written word comes from God--but language and the activity of writing is human physical action. The actual expression in writing is that which must be JUDGED, not even the writer or printer or seer can be judged--ONLY THE WORD.
Book Of Oahspe Page 378
God said: Ye who are one with the Divine law, are free from the law; but they that reject me and my kingdom are bound by the law.

An important notice on capital punishment:
Apparently our bible has been misquoted and misinterpreted because according to Sananda, the original law of Moses as given and as understood by the Israelites made use of banishment and not capital punishment. The original law as established over a billion years ago did not have capital punishment. Rather offenders were banished for a time as was shown to Billy Meier: The Goblet Of Truth Page (195 pdf) 269 book 137)And it is taught to you another time that you shall never punish people of your kind (human beings) in body and life or by punishing their psyche, but only punish their misdeeds (errors) and terrible deeds by separating them out to a place of fulfillment of guidelines (secluded place/isolated island) for a certain time where they are treated rightfully in accordance with the law and the recommendation of the creation of all things (Creation) and are dealt with in dignity, however they must look to their own provision (subsistence) and to the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life so that they may become rightful and do right fully when they return to the people (society).
Phoenix Journal 55 Page 163: Believe me they do not resemble anything from GOD--but then, some of the Ten Commandments as you got them don't either. Those were given mostly to insure control over the students who would not DARE act outside the laws of the Rabbis and Priests.
Phoenix Journal 22 Page 129: In other societies in your Universe, ones who do not follow the laws are simply separated into separate sexes and placed in other "worlds" and islands for the remainder of their current life experience........Page 151: When we speak of "heavy" crimes in the Pleiades system, for instance, there is no longer punishment by elimination and injury to the physical body, as is your barbarous habit--either that or a buy/sell justice system. The higher energy forms require that the fallible creatures be exiled to other worlds used exclusively for this purpose.
About Self Defense
Phoenix Journal 13 Page 55:
When an aggressor attacks an innocent person, he not only threatens that person's life but he and his actions threaten innocent society as a whole.
1. The defender (or those he is defending) must be the object of an unjust action. (Killing a properly authorized officer in his duties of arrest would not qualify.)
2. The defender must use only the force necessary to prevent the threatened unjust aggression.
3. The defender's primary intent must be to stop the aggression rather than to kill or injure and all alternatives must be utilized--first.
* What chance does a 115 pound woman or child have against a 250 pound man whose intent is to assault, rape or kill? Practically none short of some form of firearm.
About war
Our so called modern wars have been about a few political elitists' struggle for lust,  power, control,  greed and world domination. Sadly, the heart and desires and mind of collective humanity are always represented by their leaders. If the heart of humanity was not inclined towards evil, there would be no elitists to represent them.  Remember that what you put out is what you get back. Think about this as you justify your going to war and killing people. One reason is as good as the other. Did you think that because someone commits heinous crimes, you are justified in killing them? Why not let natural law take care of this? What you put out is what you get back.
Phoenix Journal 32 Page 25: We must give enough love and discipline unto one another and unto self that we allow growth out and beyond the restraints of the human physical status--we shall never prevail by doing "war" with the adversary for his very purpose is to cause us to react in that manner. Ours is to show the way and move out and ahead of the pack of the Beast that Man will remember his directions and leave the Beast to devour self.
Phoenix Journal 25 Page 140: Plead for mercy and insight and reason among men for there is no right in war--only pain, death and loss. Battle in anything other than absolute defense is not of Godness.
Phoenix Journal 34 Page 73: Consider the many prayers for cessation of wars. "O, Lord, we beseech Thee to stop this cruel war," you say, forgetful of the fact that you make your wars yourselves by the free will to act as you choose. You certainly fail to realize that the way TO STOP WARS IS TO STOP CAUSING THEM. War is just as much an effect of a cause which man created by his selfishness as a business failure is the effect of a cause created by man. You not only pray to God to let you defy His law without suffering from its effects but you blame God for your own actions in breaking His law. How often we hear people say, "How can a loving God in heaven permit such cruel wars? It is hard to believe there is a God, else He would not permit such wars." YOU MIGHT JUST AS WELL SAY THAT IF THERE IS A GOD, HE WOULD NOT PERMIT US TO LIE TO OUR NEIGHBOR. God gives you free will to do as you choose in the making of yourselves to your own image, and He gives you all the power in His universe to help you break His law if you so choose, but the nature of the free will you exercise will become your nature. Again, let us hear God's pronouncement: Verily has man free will to control his actions. That my Father- Mother has given to man as his inheritance. But the control of the reactions to those actions man has never had. This my Father-Mother holds inviolate. These cannot become man's except through modifying his actions until the reactions are their exact equal and opposite in equilibrium. THUS--YOU CREATE YOURSELVES IN YOUR OWN IMAGE
Phoenix Journal 34 Page 132: Until human relations are based upon the love principle of giving for regiving, which God gave as His One Law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE IN ALL TRANSACTIONS OF MAN AND NATURE, MANKIND WILL BE ON THE DESCENDING DIRECTION OF SELF-ANNIHILATION IN THE MASS--WHILE THE FEW WHO DO KNOW, AND WHO LIVE THE LOVE PRINCIPLE, WILL SURVIVE. And out of these few a new civilization will be born unto the glory of God. I tell you this because of the present decadent state of man-in- the-mass whose ever- growing greed for possessions, even to whole world ownership, will as surely break him in the measure of his own breach of the law. These present wars of man are the manifestations of KILLING FOR GREED, and greed must disappear before love can be in the world. In relation to this idea, God's words in this message are: "If love be in the world, hate cannot also be." QUESTION: How long do you think it will be before people will stop praying to God as a God of fear and wrath and know Him as a God of Love?" ANSWER: Just as long as fear, wrath, crime, selfishness and greed, and the wars which are their harvest, continue as the practices of man, just so long will his God be a wrathful, vengeful God who invents untold tortures for sinners. MAN CONCEIVES A GOD OF HIS OWN IMAGE, AND THAT CONCEPTION WHICH HE IMAGINES ALWAYS REFLECTS HIMSELF.QUESTION: Why is it that people ever got the idea of a God of fear and wrath? The Bible is full of it. Why should it be in the Bible if it is not true?" ANSWER: When man first began to think at the Dawn of Consciousness, he then began to arise from his jungle ages and was slow to throw off the habits and practices of the jungle. Early man was a fearing man of wrath. He feared the wrath of all things, tempest and avalanche, torrid heat and icy cold which froze his infants at their mother's breasts. He feared the jungle animals and reptiles which smote him mercilessly, even as he, himself, smote mercilessly. When he suspected the existence of God, he could not think of Him in any other character than a wrathful God of fear for he knew naught else but wrath and fear and killing mercilessly--for he was still brute man and he could not conceive of any other kind of God than a brute God. He could not possibly Page 132conceive a God of Love for he had not yet begun to have the slightest trace of knowing what love meant. All during those early pagan and barbarian days, men appeased their own sons, and shed rivers of blood upon their altars. They filled fountains with the blood of dozens of animals to baptize newborn infants. They cleansed sinners by plunging them beneath those bloody founts which you still sing about in your hymns, i.e. "washed in the blood, etc." That is the primate conception of God which grew out of pagan barbaric customs. So long as you believe that they are right, you will still be "pagan" and barbaric. This is exactly that which the Zionists desire to return to the "temple" in Jerusalem--the ritualistic sacrificial traditions of a horrible time of destruction through ungodly rituals. The entire Bible is a record of the history of its day. It tells of the nature of people of that day and that record is invaluable to tell you the nature of past ages of people--SO THAT YOU CAN GROW ABOVE THOSE RITUALS AND INTO UNDERSTANDING GOD OF LIGHT AND LOVE. Long after the Bible was assembled, gladiators still killed each other for the amusement of women and children of their day--HAVE YOU COME SO FAR??? In the time of "Jesus" Esu Immanuel, the very altars were daily drenched with blood. Kings thought nothing of ordering all male babies slain, or of killing thousands upon thousands of prisoners taken in war, sparing only the virgins for their own pleasure. During that time, practically every tribe warred against every other tribe. Killing and looting were common and people held great festivals to see prisoners slaughtered and their raiment divided. HAVE YOU COME FAR FROM THAT DAY??? If the Bible did not truly record its day and age, it would be as valueless as a history of today would be if it left out the atom bomb in order to give posterity a better opinion of you. That does not justify you for the looting, killing and enslaving which the whole world is still doing upon a greater scale than ever, and will still do as long as it believes in a God of fear and wrath. Sorry, but a few "raptures" just won't "cut the mustard".
Phoenix Journal 52 Page 157: When the spiritual consciousness of man becomes too high, the threat to the forces of evil compels them to respond with vigor. Just as in Atlantis, the soul of man is at stake throughout the universe. Evil will not back down. It cannot and will not. Man in the Earth is the center and the focal point of this struggle. Unlike Atlantis, this is mankind's final opportunity to rise above both good and evil and enter Paradise with the Father and the Mother. You have noticed the explosion of the acts of violence, evil, greed, corruption, malevolence, ill will, suffering, malice and cruelty that has erupted with increasing frequency and severity in the Earth. Many of these self-same acts of depravity have been perpetrated in the name of God and good. That is why man must rise above both 'good' and evil. In truth, good cannot oppose evil. The reason it cannot is that in the act of opposing, it becomes like unto that which it opposes. By its very nature, evil can use any means to oppose good. By its very nature, good cannot oppose evil without being transformed in the process to that which it opposes. It is impossible for good to commit the identical acts which it opposes in evil and remain good. For good to use the excuse and the alibi that its evil acts are committed in the name of God, does not transmute the evil acts. These are the games of hypocrites, liars, self-deceivers and fools! You may logically ask what to do. If good cannot fight evil, how can victory be achieved in this struggle? The answer is obvious. Evil will destroy itself. Do you think for a moment that the Father and the Mother would send mankind on this long journey and quest, and abandon him now? Never! In the plan of the Father and the Mother, Evil's own greed and excesses will pit it against itself. In the final analysis, evil will consume evil. Mankind is not helpless.

Dolores Cannon  in her book The Convoluted Universe Book Four Page 307 C: That's right! But that's because you're in this density that limits you to thinking that's what your limit is. And your limit isn't that. It's limitless. You are forever!!

The following is an extract from The First Order: This law of Moses is the civil law and is referred to as gospel of the kingdom. This is part of the ensign to come forth from the remnant and from some native Americans.  I mention James Strang below because he was of the Davidical lineage and was a person who held this office of King David. It should be noted that his jurisdiction was that of a small group of people whom he represented. As is shown in many of the people called to lead in priesthood capacities, misunderstanding and abuse seems to be a prevalent problem for the people during those times. So we should keep in mind that this man was less than perfect and while his intentions were good at some point, he also became abusive and implemented some less than honorable rulings. He also revealed some portions of the law of Moses which were removed from the original old testimant books handed down to us from the Jews. He was able to do this by translating some portions of the original plates of Labon. For those who don't know this, this is explained in the Book Of Mormon. It was told how these records were of the original Jewish records as passed down through the leaders of the tribe of Joseph. It is of interest how these records shed light on the way the political kingdom was established in those early days of the Israelites. It of interest to us in these times who are interested in setting up a political system to govern ourselves in these latter days. I am going to attempt to explain, teach/learn about the proper way to set up such system for a self governing free people.  The Nemenhah people of the Mentinah Archives were the ones we are to look for guidance regarding this. They were the prototype of a free people and are to be an ensign to us. They appointed their own leaders by general consensus and approved or disapproved of the laws and system of governance suggested by their leaders. They also had power to remove and replace such leaders as they disapproved of. In all cases the will of the people is sovereign.  It is important to realize that the law of Moses is a moral code. It was given to a specific people at a specific time. All people have their own moral code. Not any one person is alike in their level of progression and vibratory level so to speak. The moral code will vary according to the above mentioned vibratory and levels of progression of the person or peoples in question.  There is a saying that what is good for one person may not be good for others. Or what is medicine for one may be poison to another.  A big mistake made by well meaning people is to impose what they perceive as an appropriate moral code on society at large resulting in an interference of people's free will and freedom of choice.  Each people or person needs to have their own moral code as applies to them in their particular situation. This moral code doesn't have to be from any particular brand of religion or thought. So the law of Moses is a particular brand so to speak for the Israelite people from a distant time. The Nemenah people of the Mentinah Archives have explained how in their time the law was interpreted and established by the general consensus of the people. The people had the right and obligation to remove such leaders as did not represent their interests or their level of progression or vibratory rate so to speak. It was thought that the free will of the people was the most important aspect. They recognized the fact that when the people as a whole chose that which is destructive, at some point these people will self destruct so to speak. But to them this is preferable to taking away the free will of the people by forcing a moral code on a people not representative of them. Some laws are universal and as truth stands alone and is evident in itself. Other civilizations may articulate and organize natural laws differently and may have different applications of the same. Below is an interesting perspective offered in The Law of One. The following quote is of particular interest: "only to point out the inevitable consequences of codification of response which does not recognize the uniqueness of each and every situation within your experience." The Law of One Session 83 83.12 Questioner: Then you say that there are no cases where those who are service-to-others oriented are using in any way techniques of enslavement that have grown as a result of the evolution of our social structures? Is this what you mean? Ra: I am Ra. It was our understanding that your query concerned conditions before the veiling. There was no unconscious slavery, as you call this condition, at that period. At the present space/time the condition of well-meant and unintentional slavery are so numerous that it beggars our ability to enumerate them. 83.13 Questioner: Then for a service-to-others oriented entity at this time meditation upon the nature of these little-expected forms of slavery might be productive in polarization I would think. Am I correct? Ra: I am Ra. You are quite correct. 83.14 Questioner: I would say that a very high percentage of the laws and restrictions within what we call our legal system are of a nature of enslavement of which I just spoke. Would you agree with this? Ra: I am Ra. It is a necessary balance to the intention of law, which is to protect, that the result would encompass an equal distortion towards imprisonment. Therefore, we may say that your supposition is correct. This is not to denigrate those who, in green- and blue-ray energies, sought to free a peaceable people from the bonds of chaos but only to point out the inevitable consequences of codification of response which does not recognize the uniqueness of each and every situation within your experience.
Below is another opinion of our laws: Phoenix Journal 22 Page 119: In observing that which differs in perspective from your cosmic brothers, let us begin with "laws". I speak not of God's Laws nor of The Creation--I speak now of your human laws. We find your rules to be so foolish and unbased on truth that we can hardly believe that which we witness in your totally unjust system. Invented laws in most respects are not worthy of the human form of life in many, many respects, often being so stupid and primitive that I become tired of even discussing them. Anything of logical and lawful conclusions can only be found in very few of the laws, as some 95% of your laws as constructed and enforced are outside all human dignity and reason, not to speak of reasonable logic. In working with us, you have great disadvantage as set forth upon you by your laws. Frankly, as we came forth to work with you in full intent--we found them far  worse than our worst expectations.........Page 152: Most of Earth real criminals never see the inside of a prison for the real criminals of humanity are the ones who set up the false teachings and the heinous laws which create injustice, force and degradation unto the soul.
Below is an account attributed to The Brother of Jared and Moroni via Christopher Nemelka where it is explained that man in his highest sense has no restrictions: "But unto those of a Celestial state, there are no restrictions given. And these can act according to the desires of their hearts, which desires are unrestricted in the bodies that they possess.:  Christopher Nemelka--The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon: CHAPTER 13 AND before I return once again to the account of the brother of Jared and his vision regarding Adam and Eve and their expulsion from the garden of Eden, the Spirit hath commanded me to explain further the kingdom of the Father and the eternal laws that constitute the government of the eternal worlds, even all the worlds that are, which are worlds without end. 2 And there existeth only one pure form of government that hath always existed, and shall continue to exist in worlds without end. 3 And this government hath one purpose and priority in which are incorporated all the eternal laws that manage this government and cause it to function for the purpose for which it existeth. And that purpose for which it existeth is for the eternal happiness of those whom it serveth. 4 And the first principle and law of this government, is that this government shall never be self-serving, or in other words, it shall never act in and of itself and of its own accord for the sake of its own existence. 5 And this government is restricted in its power according to the restrictions that are necessary to ensure that it abideth by this first principle and law. 6 For behold, this government serveth those that benefit from its existence, and those who benefit from its existence are those who give it the power that it hath received. And the power that it hath received hath been given to thisgovernment to serve those who have given it its power. 7 And the power of this government resideth in the eternal physical bodies of those who exist to serve in this government. And this power is restricted to the Celestial kingdom of glory in the kingdom of God. 8 And I have previously explained unto you what the desires of happiness are of those who reside in the Celestial kingdom of God. And I have also explained unto you that these beings exist to serve us, and also to assure us the eternal happiness that each of us desireth according to each of our individual desires of happiness. 9 And I also have shown unto you that a Celestial Being shall do nothing except it benefit those whom it hath been given the power to serve. And by serving others and bringing them happiness, this Celestial Being receiveth its happiness, which is its own eternal reward. 10 And with a Celestial body, a God can command the elements and they obey Him. And this is the thing that the Spirit restraineth me to explain further unto you. 11 For behold, even by our own spirit do we control the elements that make up our mortal flesh. And by commanding these elements, we are able to act. And because of these commands, our bones move and permit us to do with our bodies that which we desire. Even so, our bodies are made up of eternal elements, even the same elements that exist in all parts of the kingdom of God. 12 However, we are limited in our ability to command the elements of our environment; even our mortal flesh doth inhibit our ability to command these elements, because our spirit is confined to the elements that make up ourmortal bodies, and these are the only elements that we can command. 13 Nevertheless, we are not able to command all the elements that make up our mortal bodies. For even as it hath been demonstrated unto us by the functions of our mortal bodies; yea, even that we know that we cannot stop our hearts from acting in their own environment, according to the power that hath commanded them to function and act for our benefit. 14 And many of the elements that were used by the bodies of our mortal mothers to create our own bodies cannot be controlled by us directly. And for this reason, the heartbeat of a growing body is recognized in the womb of its mother. And the mother hath received the commands necessary to begin the creation of our bodies from our mortal fathers. Yet, neither our mothers or our fathers can control the elements of our mortal bodies. 15 And when our spirit entereth the mortal body, it can then begin to command many of the elements of which it is made. But it cannot command all of the elements, for the power to do this is not given to our spirits while they are confined to this mortal body. 16 Nevertheless, this power hath been reserved unto us, or in other words, this power can be developed and taught to us, and with this power, we can begin to control all of the elements of our bodies. And if it so be that we could control all the elements of our mortal bodies, then we would live forever, and our bodies would not die, for we could command the elements to act in the environment and function in which they have been created, thus assuring ourselves that our bodies would remain mortal forever. 17 Now, this is what is meant by the Lord commanding that cherubim and the flaming sword be placed to guard the Tree of Life, lest Adam and Eve put forth their hand and partake thereof, and live forever in their sins. 18 For if Adam and Eve could remember the commands that they understood as spirit children of the Father, then they would be able to control all the elements of their mortal bodies. And with this power, they and their children would be able to command the elements that make up their bodies. And they could command these bodies to live forever, thus making the plan of salvation null and void. 19 In other words, none of the children of men could have received any of the glories of the kingdom of God with a resurrected body that pertaineth to that kingdom, because they would remain forever in a mortal state. 20 And when the Father created the mortal bodies that were given unto Adam and Eve, He limited the ability of these bodies to exercise complete control over all of the elements from which these bodies were created. And there hath been none of the children of Adam and Eve that hath been given this power, because the bodies of their children are patterned after the mortal bodies that the Father created for Adam and Eve, which do not have this power. 21 Now, I say unto you, that none of the children of Adam and Eve hath ever been given this power, but in this do not assume that this power hath not been given by God to a mortal man. For behold, His Son, even Jesus, the Christ, did possess this power; yea, even thepower to control the elements, of which he was created, and command them at his will. But I said unto you, that none of the children of Adam and Eve hath ever been given this power. But Jesus is not a son of Adam, but the son of the Father. 22 For behold, the Father used the power at His command to cause the elements that were given unto the mortal mother of Jesus to create a body that was patterned after His own. And because His own body—which is also a body of flesh and bone, nevertheless it is an exalted body, even a Celestial body—was not inhibited or restricted in its ability to command all matter of element, then neither was the body that He caused to be created for Jesus. 23 And Jesus was and is the only mortal who hath ever lived upon this earth who hath had the power of the Father, even this great power to command the elements. And in this way, he was able to perform the many miraculous things that he did perform during the days of his own probation. And because of this power, he gave up his life. And at any time he could have commanded all the elements of his body and they would have done that which he commanded them. 24 Now, this great power that belongeth to those of a Celestial order hath been given unto them according to the laws of heaven, so that these might act in positions of authority in the eternal government of heaven. 25 And the second principle and law of this eternal government is that it will guarantee the freedom, or the free agency, of all those whom it serveth. And this free agency that itguaranteeth, restricteth those whom it serveth from infringing on the free agency of another, or from having another infringe upon the free agency that each of those it serveth possesseth. 26 And this government will do nothing that infringeth upon the free agency of those whom it serveth, except in defending the free agency of another from being infringed upon. 27 And now this is the reason that Lucifer was allowed to rebel against God and follow the dictates of his own conscience, by which he establisheth laws for himself and also for those who follow him. And by the rights granted them by the government that serveth them, even by the power which the Father hath given unto them, they are able to act according to their own desires, as long as these desires do not act upon another, in that the free agency of another is infringed upon. 28 For this reason, Satan and his followers are forbidden to tempt a man beyond his ability to resist the temptation that hath been given him. For if the laws of the government of heaven did not restrict Satan, then he would control the children of men, and they would lose their free agency, and then personal responsibility for sin would not exist. 29 And the third principle and law of this eternal government is that it shall provide the means whereby those whom it serveth may have an equal opportunity to experience the happiness that they desire. And because it was not the choice of those that it serveth to exist, this government must provide those things that are necessary to fulfill the measure and purpose of their creation, which purpose is their individual happiness. 30 Now, I would that ye should understand,that even though the eternal government doth provide the means whereby we might find eternal life and happiness, it cannot compel us to use those things which it hath provided for us, so that we might find the happiness that we desire. For if this government were to compel us in any of these things, then it would break the second law that governeth it, by taking away our free agency. 31 For behold, it would have been the desire of the Eternal Mothers of the spirits that followed Lucifer to compel Their children to follow the plan that the Father presented unto them, which these Mothers knew would bring Their children happiness. But these loving Mothers were restricted in Their desire by the laws of the government that existeth in the Celestial kingdom of glory, in which glory They reside. 32 Behold, it was the desires of these Eternal Mothers that caused the creation of these spirit children by the Father. For They desired happiness. And They receive Their happiness according to the happiness that Their children receive, and this according to the nature of a Celestial being as it hath been explained unto you. 33 And because it was the desire of their Eternal Mothers, these spirits did not have a choice to exist. And because they did not have a choice to exist, the means for their happiness is provided for them according to the principles and laws of the government that assureth the order of the kingdom of God. 34 And these are the three main principles and laws of the eternal government of heaven, which government controlleth allthings both in heaven and on earth, both in the kingdom of the Father, and also in the kingdoms of His father, which are worlds without end. 35 And these principles and laws of government exist to serve those whom have established this government. And they exist to assure the freedom of those whom this government serveth. And they exist to provide equality for all those whom this government serveth. 36 And under these three main principles and laws are sub-laws and sub-principles, which are set forth to assure the adherence to these three main laws. But these sub- forms of principles and laws of this government shall not be mentioned. But I say unto you, that all these laws are perfected in the structure for which they have been formed. And this structure assureth the order of all things. 37 And all these principles and laws and sub-principles and sub-laws are part of the government of the Celestial glory in the kingdom of God. 38 But in the Terrestrial kingdom of glory, only the second and third principles and laws of government exist. For the first is not needed therein. 39 And in the Telestial kingdom of glory only the third principle and law of this government existeth. For the first and the second are not needed and do not pertain to the worlds that make up that glory. For those who are of the Telestial glory are not permitted to act according to the free agency that hath been granted to those of the Celestial and Terrestrial glories. 40 For in this kingdom of glory, the bodies ofthe spirits that inherit this kingdom are restricted like unto the bodies that we receive as mortals, except that their bodies shall be immortal and live forever in the state that they have been given according to their desires of happiness. 41 Now this doth not mean that they do not have their free agency to act as they wish according to the power given unto them by the eternal body that they receive, but this only meaneth that this free agency is restricted by the principles and laws that govern that kingdom of glory. 42 And those of the Telestial glory shall be provided with all the necessary elements and things that they need to fulfill their desires of happiness, but these desires will be restricted to the bodies that they possess. And thus also will the desires of the Terrestrial beings be restricted according to the bodies that Terrestrial beings possess. 43 But unto those of a Celestial state, there are no restrictions given. And these can act according to the desires of their hearts, which desires are unrestricted in the bodies that they possess. Thus, these are those who are the leaders of the government as I have explained it unto you. And these live by the principles and the laws that pertain to this government, which are the principles and laws of the Celestial kingdom of glory. 44 And this same government which is in heaven hath been explained and given unto the children of men through the prophets of God who have lived among them, and also from the ministrations of the Holy Ghost.45 And the prophets have instructed the children of men to pattern their governments after the government which is in heaven, even the eternal government that assureth peace and order in all the worlds that exist, which worlds are without end. 46 And according to the words of the brother of Jared, yea, even according to the words of my ancestors, and also according to my own experience, when the children of men attempt to pattern their governments after the pattern that hath been revealed unto them, then peace existeth upon the earth. 47 But if they stray from the pattern that hath been shown unto them, then there are wars and chaos and famine and all manner of destruction among them. 48 And the reason why they stray from the pattern shown unto them, is because they reject the words of the holy prophets, or they offend the Spirit, in that it withdraweth itself from them. And when the Spirit withdraweth from them, they have no ministrations to teach them the proper way that a government should work. 49 And when this pure form of government hath been established among them by those in authority, even those who have listened to the voice of the prophets, or who have the Holy Ghost as their constant guide, then peace and prosperity reign among them, evensomuch that there existeth no poor or needy among them. 50 And in this state, the Nephites and also the Lamanites found themselves many times. Yea, when they were righteous and listened to the prophets that the Lord suffered to come unto them, then they were happy and there were no contentions and disputations among them, and they did deal justly one with another. And theyhad all things in common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor, bond and free, but they were all made free, and partakers of the heavenly gift. And this according to the record of my father. 51 But when their leaders depended on their own wisdom, and the flesh of their own arm, and cast out the holy prophets, and began to seek after gold and silver and all the vain things of the earth; yea, even when they began to establish their own forms of government among them, which are not established according to the laws of heaven, but according to the laws of men; yea, when they began to do these things, they were eventually destroyed. 52 And thus hath the history of the children of men followed this pattern since the time that Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden and entered into the mortal world. CHAPTER 14 AND now, I, Moroni, return once again to the vision of the brother of Jared in which he saw all things that have transpired among the children of men, even all things that shall transpire according to the vision that was given unto him by the Lord. 2 And many of the words of the brother of Jared will confound the foolish doctrines that have been passed down from generation to generation according to the traditions and understanding of the children of men. 3 Even the holy scriptures have been corrupted by evil men, whose responsibility it was to watch over these holy records and ensure that they remained untouched by the interpretations and opinions of men. 4 And there shall be many sources of scriptures upon the earth in the latter days. And these scriptures shall be had among all the different peoples of the earth, according to each of their cultures, and each of their capabilities of learning and understanding. 5 And when these scriptures were given by the mouth of the holy prophets, who the Lord suffered to teach the people of the earth according to their cultures and according to their learning and their understanding, they were pure and unadulterated by the hand of man.
Example of an advanced society:
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 63: Padrick was shown a photo of a city on the visitors' planet. Every building in that picture was rounded off, half-moon shaped--domed. I saw windows in the buildings. I cannot say the picture looked like anything I had ever seen before, because the buildings were spaced much differently--offset from each other. It looked like they put one about 50 feet from another and the next one maybe 150 feet. There appeared to be roads in the distance and there was foliage in the foreground-- trees and brush, too. The spaceman described his Utopian society to Padrick: "As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, we have no police force. We have no schools such as you have--our young are taught at a very early age to do a job, which they do very well. Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control. We use no money. We live basically--one, with an exchange type of what you probably call barter."
I am continually asked if there be any "church" left untouched and truly of God. Just one--within thine breast! All things brought forth in Man's rules and doctrines and functional regulations required for "membership" including "membership itself" represents "exclusivity". God denies NO ONE! What of tithing? God only tells you within your heart to return unto him a portion of that which he has shared with you. GOD NEVER SAID TO GIVE 10% NOR ANY OTHER AMOUNT TO THE BUILDING FUND OR CHURCH COFFERS RUN BY MEN. TITHING CAN AS EASILY, AND SHOULD MORE ABUNDANTLY BE, BY A GIVING OF A HAND TO A FRIEND WHO IS IN NEED--OR AN EAR TO A PERSON WHO LONGS TO BE HEARD--AND A PORTION OF LOVE, ESPECIALLY UNTO ONE WHO PERCEIVES HE RECEIVES NONE--AND ALWAYS IT IS KEPT SOLELY BETWEEN SELF AND GOD. 'TIS MAN WHO DENIES ENTRY INTO THE SECRET TEMPLES AND SPECIAL PLACES IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR DUES-- PONDER IT. AND, IF IT IS OF MAN—IT IS MOST SURELY NOT OF GOD! AH, AND THE WAYS OF DECEPTION ARE CLEVER INDEED! (Phoenix Journal 30 Page 92)
Phoenix Journal 32 Page 37: This is why in the MANUAL we have given you clarification which in turn appears to be more than ten in counting. There are EXACTLY as many as are needed! In Pleiades, for instance, there are far fewer than ten for the other problems of Man do not exist in their reality.
Phoenix Journal 43 Page 31: The sorting is upon you and it is man who will come into the TRUTH of it and once again in the WHOLE AND BALANCED LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION or he will experience the most severe consequences of those decisions.
Suggested Moral Code:
Owners Manual  pdf
Suggested organizational information: The Revelations of James Strang SECTION 12 8-25-1846 4. And upon this land where thou standest shall the gospel of the kingdom be established among the Lamanites, and from thence shall it go forth to their tribes. And blessing and honor and great glory shall be on those that teach them, for he will make their arm strong, and their bow shall abide in strength, and they shall not bow to the oppressor; and the power of the Gentile shall not be on them, for the arm of God shall be with them to support. 5. And here shall the Lamanites come to learn the law of the Lord their God, who hath preserved them, that they be not utterly destroyed. And other barbarians shall come also, and shall learn ways of holiness; for the Lord their God shall teach them, and his people shall instruct them, and shall go forth as ministers of truth unto all people. 
We are a temple and God lives within us:
Your species and planet Shan (Earth) is experiencing a spiritual REVOLUTION, which means, recognizing, challenging, changing and discarding the spiritual false and "archaic" ways, so that you can surmount your stagnant condition and method of adapting to limited ego-separate "belief” indoctrination. The reason for this "revolution" is that you are making room for your Spiritual RENAISSANCE, that is, your New Birth, Resurrection and Revival of God-Light Truth gained from personally accessing the Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of your Spirit WITHIN.(Phoenix Journal 47 Page 76)
Note: there is no God external to us. We are a holographic universe and we project our reality from within. ( Does thou shalt # 1 ring a bell?)
Phoenix Journal 47 Page 109: The greatest tool of the adversary has been the religious/spiritual deceptive teachings. For by tampering with God’s Truth within your so-called Holy books, the adversary has caused mankind to develop a personal God in man's imperfect Human Image, which has stripped many millions of their personal power by not KNOWING communion with GOD who dwells within. And yet what truth remains in your Bible is totally misinterpreted by mankind. For example, when I speak of THE ONE as follows: John 14:6-21: "...Father who dwells with me and I in the Father." "The words I speak to you I speak not of myself but the Father that dwells in me. He doeth the works", and "These things I do YOU will do greater." I spoke of THE ONE and the Father who dwells within me, NOT only about ME. THE FATHER DWELLS WITHIN ALL...ALL...ALL. For we each exist by His Grace, His Mind, His Thought! When you each recognize and commune with Our Father who dwells within you, His Wisdom and Knowledge and Power are manifested through you, when your intent is to serve His Will only. And through the Christ WAY of KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WORKING WITHIN will you do the miracles I've done and greater. Can you begin to see how my words have been twisted and corrupted?
Phoenix Journal 30 Page 183 : And now for the little test I promised:
1. No Gods other than THE ONE GOD OF LIGHTED TRUTH. 2. No graven images to worship. 3. No use of God's name in vain. 4. Keep the Sabbath day holy, which is EVERY DAY. 5. Honor your father and mother. 6. You shall not commit murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, servants or anything that belongs to him.
1. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly. 2. Freedom to keep and bear arms. 3. No forced quartering of troops. 4. No unreasonable search/seizure. 5. No forced confession; due process; just compensation for property taken by government. 6. Speedy and public trial. 7. Trial by jury. 8. No excessive bail. 9. No denial of unwritten rights. 10. All powers not granted to the Feds reserved to states/people.
1. Abolition of private property by whatever means to the end. 2. Heavy progressive income tax. 3. Abolition of inheritance--all inheritance reverts to the State. 4. Confiscate rebels' property, presumed criminal acquisitions and anything deemed necessary or appropriate by the State. 5. CENTRAL BANK. 6. Government owns communication and transportation systems. 7. Government owns factories and farms. 8. Government controls labor. 9. Collective farms, regional planning, government control on all business and agriculture. 10. Government education for all children with chosen texts, subjects and hours. Which more nearly fits your present structure as well as tomorrow's? I won't even ask about the presence of God in the Manifesto for we all know that it is intentionally ABSENT! I leave these things with you to ponder. I pray that you will do so for your time is running short, beloved brothers.
Phoenix Journal 50 Page 154: Even nations calling themselves "Godly" are actually submerged in what is "called" Communism (but is not). Gross "sins" of all kinds, especially those grouped against the sixth and ninth commandments, from lust connected with contraception, through fornication, adultery, sexual abuse of all categories, including the enslavement of women and children, active homosexuality and lesbianism, pornography, etc., to abortion, the murder of millions and millions of infants cut to pieces in the womb, sucked apart by vacuum instruments or scalded to death by salt injections. Do I not believe in humans' right of "choice"? Do I not have belief in "woman's rights to choose"? Indeed--BEFORE THE ACT WHICH PRODUCES THE PREGNANCY--I DO NOT SANCTION MURDER OF THE INNOCENT FOR THE SINS OF THE ACTORS. Therefore, do I say I do not condone abortion? Absolutely! I do not condone abortion in any way, shape or form. If irresponsibility precipitated the error then more irresponsibility will not cure it.
Phoenix Journal 71 Page 92:  ARE YOU FREE? When over 50% of your hard-earned money is stolen by fraud, via taxes to support a government(s) gone mad? When one can't drive on "free"-ways or public streets without a driver's license or vehicle registration? When one must pay "ransom" to some insurance company before one can drive one's vehicle on public streets and high-ways? When one must send one's children to a government licensed school or the State will kidnap or confiscate your property and your kids, if one rebels? When one's church or religion must be licensed by the State or go underground? [H: Or be burned to the ground after mass murder.] When the nation's police are more of a threat to life, liberty, and property than the so- called "common" criminal? When one must ask the State for permission to marry? When one cannot practice free enterprise without being licensed and taxed by the State? When one will be jailed for exercising God-given rights without State permission? When one must buy freedom movement or underground publications to learn the truth because the establishment media puts out propaganda? When the State tells one where, when, and how to build on one's own property and even demand prior approval before modifications can be undertaken? When America has more political prisoners under lock and key than all other nations and is building concentration camps to house even more? When every financial transaction one makes is made available to government snoops, upon demand, but without one's personal knowledge or consent? When government and the people have no common interest whatsoever and must live together in a state of perpetual hostility? When everything you and your children will ever own is mortgaged to the world's bankers and collectible on demand?

Phoenix Journal 47-Page 110: Only through KNOWING that which is GOD will you KNOW GOD WITHIN ALL. How can you KNOW GOD? BY YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW GOD will HIS Kingdom be revealed within you. He awaits your sincere petition of recognition and acceptance of HIS WORD within you. Your song of LIGHT resounds within GOD'S KNOWING and you will dance and sing HIS presence in co-creation as ONE WITH GOD AND ALL THAT IS.