A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family: Seventh generation

A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family

Seventh Generation

7.1 Mary Ann MITCHELMORE ( William (4) , William (3) , John (5)Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 3 Jan 1815 in Churchstow and was buried on 25 Nov 1884 in South Milton.

Mary Ann had a child before she married:

 + 8.1 F


Sarah MICHELMORE was christened on 14 Dec 1834 in Churchstow.

Mary Ann married agricultural labourer Benjamin LEE on 10 Jan 1838 in South Milton. Benjamin, son of labourer Benjamin LEE and Mary née COCKRAM of Staunton, was christened on 27 Nov 1814 in Aveton Gifford and buried in South Milton on 11 Apr 1905.

After their marriage, the couple lived their entire life together at Kerse Farm, South Milton. It does not appear that they had any children.

7.2 Jane (1) MITCHELMORE ( William (4) , William (3) , John (5), Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 11 Aug 1816 in Churchstow.

After her marriage, Jane initially lived in Kingston, Devon, but then moved to Plymouth St Andrew. In 1851 she was living in Bath Street and in 1861 in Love Street, when she was recorded as a nurse.

Jane married labourer Philip DAVIS on 3 Aug 1834 in Kingston. Philip was christened on 13 Jun 1813 at Modbury, the son of husbandman George DAVIS and Mary née STEVENS.

Philip was a labourer in 1851 and a bargeman in 1861.

Mary and Philip had the following children.

  8.2 F


Mary Ann Davis MICHELMORE was christened on 18 May 1834 in Kingston. After her parents married, her name was changed to Mary Ann DAVIS.
  8.3 F ii Marigh DAVIS was born in 1838 in Plymouth.
  8.4 F iii Mary Jane DAVIS was born in 1842 in Plymouth.
  8.5 M iv John William DAVIS was also born in 1842 in Plymouth and lived there all his life. He was a merchant seaman.
  8.6 F v Lavinia DAVIS was born in 1851 in Plymouth.

7.7 Ann MITCHELMORE ( William (4) , William (3) , John (5), Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 9 Sep 1827 in Churchstow. She died on 10 Apr 1859 in the neighbouring parish of Dodbrooke of complications following the birth of her fourth child.

Ann married Edward Saunders CLARK about 1851. Edward, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth CLARK of Batson, Devon, was christened on 27 Feb 1831 in Malborough, Devon, and died in Dennewirke NZ in 1900.

In 1851, Edward was a miller's labourer working at New Mill, Loddiswell. Some time later, he joined the merchant navy. He was discharged from the Ellen on 23 Feb 1859 in Jamaica and returned to England to experience the birth of his fourth child and the tragic death of his wife Ann.

On 7 Jun 1859, Edward joined the Abyssinian in London bound for Sydney. There he met Susan MURLEY, and the couple were married soon after arriving in Sydney on 21 Sep 1859. In 1865 they moved to New Zealand, settling at Hokitika.

Ann and Edward had the following children.

  8.7 F i Elizabeth Ann CLARK was born on 23 Oct 1852 in Churchstow and christened there on 27 Nov 1852 .
+ 8.8 M ii William CLARK was born in 1854 in Churchstow.
  8.9 M iii  Henry CLARK was born in 1855 and christened on 2 Sep 1855 in Churchstow.
  8.10 F


 Mary CLARK was born on 1 Apr 1859 in Dodbrooke. After her father failed to return to England from Sydney, she became known as Mary MITCHELMORE. In 1861 she was being looked after by a wet nurse in West Alvington and in 1871 she was a servant in the household of Nicholas COX in Duke Street, Kingsbridge. In 1875, she moved to New Zealand, was reconciled to her father, and took the surname CLARKE.

7.10 Mary (1) MUCHAMORE ( John (3) , John (4) , John (5), Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 10 Feb 1799 in Churchstow, Devon, and was buried on 21 Jun 1877 in Kingswear, Devon.

After her marriage, Mary moved with her husband to Slapton and later settled with him in Brixham, first at Brookhill Farm and then (at least from 1861 to her death) at Brownston Farm (near Kingswear). Her nephew Bill was also a tenant at this farm.

Mary married John NUTE on 4 Apr 1832 in South Milton. The witnesses were her brother John and her half sister Maria. John NUTE was born in Kingsbridge about 1799 and died in Brixham in 1870.

In 1841 John was a miller working at Dearbridge Mill, Slapton. But then he took up farming and moved to Brixham, where he was recorded as farming 40 acres at Brookhill Farm in 1851 and 440 acres at Brownston Farm in 1861.

Mary and John had two children:





Elizabeth Jane NUTE was born in 1836 in Stokenham, Devon. She lived with her parents until at least 1871. She died, probably in Brixham, in 1890.





John Francis NUTE was born in 1838 in Slapton, Devon.

7.13 John (2) MICHELMORE ( John (3) , John (4) , John (5), Peter (1) , Peter (2) , Henry ) was christened on 31 May 1807 in Churchstow, Devon, and died on 14 or 15 Feb 1872 in Dartmouth, Devon.

John was brought up in Churchstow, where he became a labourer. He moved to Dartmouth, a flourishing port about 25 km away, shortly after he had married Harriett and they had had their first child. There he became a malster and by 1844 owner and keeper of the Custom House Inn in Lower Street (about 150 metres to the east of the Custom House on Bayards Cove). He was also a wrestler and a bell ringer.

After his retirement some time before 1861, John sold the Custom House Inn and two other properties he owned on Lower Street to the Dartmouth Corporation for a total of £750. The Custom House Inn was demolished soon afterwards to allow for the widening of Newcomin Road. John retired to a cottage in Croter's Hill [now Crowther's Hill], Dartmouth.

An announcement in the Dartmouth Chronicle of 16 Feb 1872 stated that John had died on 14 Feb, although his death certificate gives the date as 15 Feb. His will (which was probated on 19 Mar 1872 at Exeter, also giving the date of death as 15 Feb) shows that he owned effects "under £1000, Including Leaseholds"—the equivalent of about £600,000 today. After a few small bequests he divided the remainder of his estate in equal shares between his five children, being very particular to provide that the money left to his daughters should not be accessible to their husbands. He was also very particular about how he would be buried, and he left £1 to pay for a knell (nine tolls of the tenor bell plus one for every day of his life) to be rung on the day of his funeral instead of the passing bell which would have been rung while he lay dying. The Dartmouth Chronicle reported that the knell was duly rung on 21 Feb.   

Custom House Inn

Custom House Inn, Lower Street, Dartmouth (the house with the hanging sign), about 1860
Reproduced by permission of the Dartmouth Museum

John had a casual relationship with Mary Crocker FITZWATER of the neighbouring parish of West Alvington in 1829. Mary was christened on 22 Mar 1807 in West Alvington, an illegitimate daughter of Jane FITZWATER. John and Mary had one child:





Charlotte Mary CROCKER was born on 3 Nov 1829 and christened on 22 Nov 1829 in West Alvington.

On 19 Dec 1829, a bastardy order was made by the justices of West Alvington against John which required him to pay 11s 6d towards birth expenses, £1 12s 6d costs, and 12 s for the past maintenance of the child plus 1s 6d per week as long as the child was a charge on the parish.

John married Harriet HOSKING on 17 Apr 1832 in Modbury. Harriet was born about 1811 in Modbury and was buried on 14 Mar 1860 in Dartmouth.

John and Harriet had the following children.





 Harriett MITCHELMORE was christened on 30 Sep 1832 in Churchstow.





William Henry (1) MITCHIMORE was christened on 18 May 1834 in Dartmouth..





George Henry Morrish MITCHELMORE was born in Dartmouth and christened on 15 Jan 1836. "Morrish" was clearly a corruption of Morris, his mother's maiden name.

        George  on a number of Dartmouth vessels between 1854 and 1855. He died on 20 Dec 1856 at sea near Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia. He was a mate of the 150 ton Dartmouth-registered schooner Mercury at the time, but the circumstances of his death are not known.





Anne Elizabeth MICHELMORE was born on 6 Aug 1837 in Dartmouth.





Nathaniel MICHAMORE was born on 9 Jun 1839 in Dartmouth..

  8.19 M vii John Henry MITCHELMORE was born on 7 Jun 1841 and christened on 23 Jun 1841 in Dartmouth. He was buried there on 26 Sep 1841.
  8.20 F viii Selina MITCHELMORE was christened on 28 Dec 1842 in Dartmouth and buried there on 13 May 1849.





Patience MITCHELMORE was born on 9 May 1845 and christened in Dartmouth on 8 Feb 1846. She died in 1902 somewhere in the Newton Abbot district.

        Patience married (1) William ALLEN on 2 Nov 1864  in Dartmouth. William, a ship's corporal and carpenter, was born in 1836 in Newark, Nottinghamshire, son of licensed victualler John ALLEN and his wife Rebecca, and died in Dartmouth in 1884.
        In 1871, Patience and William were living with Patience's father in Breeze Cottage, Above Town, Dartmouth. In 1881, they were living in Croter's Hill. After her first husband died, Patience continued living in the same house, supporting herself by taking in lodgers.
        Patience married (2) Alfred Henry BOULTER at Dartmouth St Saviour on 22 Jan 1894. Alfred was born in Bethnal Green, London, in 1845, son of silk weaver John BOULTER and his wife Rebecca. He married (1) Sarah BROWN in 1866 and, after a stint as a wardroom steward in the Royal Navy, took over as keeper of the Bayard's Cove Inn in Dartmouth. His first wife died in 1892.
        Patience and Alfred lived in Above Town, Dartmouth. After Alfred died in 1897, her stepson Alfred James BOULTER lived with her until she herself died.
  8.22 M x John Francis MICHEMORE was born on 9 Jun 1847 and christened at Dartmouth St Saviour on 27 Jun 1847. He was buried there on 26 Sep 1850.





Charles Francis MITCHELMORE was born on 9 Sep 1850 and christened at Dartmouth St Saviour on 29 Sep 1850. He was buried at Dartmouth St Clement on 21 Apr 1858.

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