A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family

A Dartmouth MITCHELMORE family

This web site records the history of a MITCHELMORE family which has lived in Dartmouth, South Devon, since the early 1800s. They can be traced back to a Peter MUCHMORE who was born about 1630 in Stokenham, a village about 15 km away from Dartmouth. Although some of his descendants remain in Dartmouth and the neighbouring areas of Brixham and Torbay, most are now dispersed all over the country and indeed the world.

The family name has been spelt in many ways, gradually changing from MUCHMORE to MITCHELMORE by the mid-1800s. (Further details on the spelling of the MITCHELMORE surname and its meaning are available elsewhere.) The convention has been adopted on this site of spelling each person's surname in the first available form, usually the one on their baptismal or birth record. Also, where more than one person has the same first name or names, they are distinguished by numbers in brackets.

The information reported here has come from church and civil registers, censuses, wills, newspaper reports, various other documents, and oral history. Details of sources are available on request.

For privacy reasons, vital statistics are given only for persons known to be deceased (except where living persons have given their explicit consent). Further details may be available to bona fide enquirers on request. Please contact the compiler if you have any more information to share about anyone in this family history.

This site has been compiled by Michael Mitchelmore. I am grateful to have had the generous assistance of the late Bob MUCHAMORE and a number of contributors to the MITCHELMORE and ENG-DEV-SOUTHAMS mailing lists in uncovering or confirming details. Thanks also to Personal Ancestral File for providing the database software and RootsWeb for hosting this website.

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