Appendix 2 Colemans of VA, KY, SC, and AL

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The Robert Coleman from Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965

Appendix 2 Colemans of VA, KY, SC, and AL

                      APPENDIX 2











                         BRISTOL PARISH-VESTRY & REGISTER
                  (Copied at Richmond State Library, 7-26-1961)

        Page 5-6 At a Vestry called at Ye Chappell Sep'r 17th 1721. 
     (Excerpt) Upon a petition of Wm. Tucker sheweth that Robt Coleman
     lys at his house in a very weak, helpless condition & has been so
     these six months past which proves very changeable & troublesome to
     the S'd Tucker, tis ordrd that Wm Tucker take care of the fores'd
     Robt Coleman & find him such necessaries as is convenient and at
     the laying of the next Levie, the s'd Tucker to bring his Account
     to the Vestry & what is thought just to be allowed from the P'rsh. 

        Tis further ord'rd that the Church-Wardens Enquire how the
     fores'd Rob't Coleman gave his Estate (to Rob't Tucker sen' & upon
     what terms. 

- 422 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        Test. Cha. Roberts C'lk Vest. (Page 7) Bristoll P'rsh Dr. to Wm
   Tucker for Keeping Rob't Coleman 3 months 400 lb tobacco 32 casq.
   (note this figures 12 1/2 lbs to 1 cask.
        Page 11. Bristoll, P'rsh Dr. To Joseph Tucker on account Rob't
     Coleman, 1,400 Lbs of tobacco 112 casq.
        Vestry held at the Chappell Nov. 8, 1722.
        P. 35. Francis Coleman and Matthew Anderson ordered to proces-
     sion the land of Butter Wood Swamp and the Rockey Run, by order
     Henrico Co. Court 3d July,1727. 
        Wm Coleman and Thos Hobby procession from the mouth of the Swett
     house branch up Deep Creek and the River to the Extent. 
        Page 43. Vestry held at the ferry Chapple, Jully 24th 1727-for
     processioning (Excerpt) The Bounds of Tho. Hobby and Wm Coleman
     Processioned, the parties conccrn'd being present. 
        Page 43. (same Vestry) The Bounds of Matthew Anderson and
     Francis Coleman Processioned, the parties Concerned Being present. 
     Test Jno Mayes Clerk Vestry. 
        Page 56. Vestry held Aug 3d 1731. ordered John Coleman and
     Thomas Nunally to procession between Ye Chappie Road and Butter-
     wood Road from Stoney Creek to ye Extent. 
        Page 65-66 Vestry held Feb. 6-1732. Ordered that Samuell Gallimore
     be bound to Robert Coleman as the law directs. Order'd that Wm
     Burgess be bound to Cap'n John Coleman. 
        Pages 295-300. Letter "C."
        Peter, son of Wm & Faith Coleman born 25th June last, bap. Feb
     9th 17 ( ) (Page 295). 
        John, son of Fran. & Mary Coleman born 11th June last bap May
     14th 17 ( ). (Page 295). 
        Peter, son of Wm & Faith Coleman, born & bap' in August 17 ( ).
     (Page 296}). 
        Amy dau. of Fran. & Mary Coleman born 23rd of last May bap'
     Sep'r 29th 17 ( ). (Page 296). 
        Benj. s. of Dan. & Eliz. Coleman, born 14th Dec. last; Bap. May
     10th (172 ). (Page 297). 
        Jack M. (Male), Slave of Jno and Mary Coalman, born 6th Febr. 
     1726. (Page 297. )
        Martha, dau. of Daniel and Eliz'th Coalman, born 20th Nov.'br
     1726. ( Page 297) . 
        (        ) dau of Wm and Sarah Coalman born 18th August.
     Bap. Sep. 20, 17 ( ) 8. (Page 297).

- 423 - .


        Martha, dau. of William and Sarah Coalman, Born 10th Sep'r 1730
     Bap' 8th Oct. (Page 298). 
        Maryligon Coalman of John and Mary Coalman Born 18th July 1731. 
     Bap' Aug 10th (Page 298). 
        Anne dau of Wm & Margaret Coalman Born 11 th Ap' 1731 Bap' l9th
     Sep' (Page 298)
        Daniel son of Daniel & Eliz. Coalman. Born 24th May 1731 Bap'
     1rth Sep' (Page 298). 
        Wm son of Wm & Sarah Coleman born 23rd June 1732 Bap' Aug' 13th
     1732 (Page 299). 
        Warner, son of William & Eliz. Coalman, Born 20th March 1732. 
     Bap. 26 Aug' 1733. (Page 299). 
        Margery Lucas dau. of William & Margaret Coalman. Born 24th Sep.
     1733. Bap. 21st Octb'. (Page 299). 
        Sarah, dau of William & Sarah Coalman. Born 21st March 1734. 
     Bap' 28th Ap' (Page 299). 
        Robin, male slave of William & Sarah Coalman. Born 11th Dec. 
     1733. (Page 299). 
        William, son of Francis & Mary Coalman. Born 29 May 1733 Bap. 
     July 2d (Page 300). 
        William, son of Joseph and Eliz. Coleman. Born 8th March 1734.
     (Page 300). 

                               For the year 1748

        Samuel Jones                   William Williams
        James Matthews                 Capt.William Jones
        David Liles                    Robert Jones
        Jonathan Davis                 William Jones
        James Coleman                  Thomas Jones
        David Dorch                    Edward, Benjamin, William, and
        Richard Gladden                Clem Mobberley
        William Gladden
                               For the year 1749 
        David Gwin                     Francis Griffen
        John Gwin                      William Griffen
        James Coleman
- 424 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        Henry Pruett                   James Mathes
        Robert Bruce                   John Colven
        William Matthis                John Ragsdale, Sr. & Ir.
        Edward Mobberly, Sr. & Jr.     William Jones, of Prince George
        Thomas, Benjamin, John, Morde-     County
        cai, and Hamon Mobberley

        John Ragsdale was still listed in Lunenberg County in 1772.


        IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I Robert Coleman being Sick and weak of
     Body but in perfect memory praised be to God for it I do make this
     my Last will and Testament as followeth-
        I give and bequeath to Elinor Giles four pounds Sterling money
     to be paid by my Executors. 
        I do give and bequeath to my Brother Stephens Sons Son all my
     Land that I am now possessed with Excepting ye plantation of
     Richard Baton now lives on to him and his heirs for Ever If they
     shall come for it if not then to my Executors & their heirs
        I do give and bequeath to Benjamin Beal five hundred pounds of
     tobacco to be paid him by my Executors-
        I do give and bequeath to Martha Murrey five hundred pounds of
     Tobacco to be paid her by my Executors-
        My will and Desire is that all my negroes shall have the
     priviledg to hire their selves out to Service and paying Executors
     five hundred pounds of tobacco each of them yearly and ye rest of
     their profits for themselves. 
        I do give and bequeath to George Martin all my land that lies
     between the Long Branch & Smiths branch to him and his heirs for
     Ever up to the Road-
        I give and bequeath to John Watts twenty Shillings Sterling
     money to be payd to him by my Executors.-
        And Likewise my will is that my Executors pay John Watts Two
     thousand pounds of Tobacco to him or his heirs and after my Debts
     and Legacies are payd all the Remainder part of my Estate I do give
     to Christopher Reynolds and Ann his wife and to ye heires of her
     bodie Lawfully begotten and if no Such heires then onto my Brothers
     Sons as

- 425 - .


     aforesaid as Witness my hand this Eighth day of March, 1715/16
     and I do make Christopher Reynolds and Ann his wife
     my whole Executors.

        his mark                his mark
     Rodger Murrey
     (A Copy)
                          Teste: R. A. EDUARD, Clerk.

     Will & Deed Book 2-Page 607.
     Part 2-Isle of Wight County

                             WILL OF WILLIAM COLEMAN
                 (Will Book 1, Page 37, Amelia County, Virginia)
        IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, June the 2d. 1743
        I, William Coleman, Senr. of the Parish of Rawleigh in the
     County of Amelia being sick and weak of body but of sound and
     perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same do here make
     and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form
     following first and principally I recommend my soul into the hands
     of Almighty God that gave it hoping through the merits of my
     blessed Saviour Jesus Christ to obtain full remission of my sins.
     Secondly I bequeath my body to the earth to orderly and decently
     buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named as to any
     temporal estate I give and devise in manner and form following,
     first I will my debts and funeral charges shall be paid. 
        Item I give and bequeath to my son Daniel Coleman one shilling
        Item I give and bequeath to my son Robert Coleman two hundred
     acres of land more or less lying on the uper side of Wintocomake
     Creek all the land below the Great Branch to him and his heirs for
        Item I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Coleman two hundred
     acres of land more or less Lying on the uper side of Wintocomake
     Creek all my land above the Great Branch joyning to my son Robert's
     land as I have already mark'd out the same to him and his heirs for

- 426 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
        Item I give and bequeath to my son William Coleman two hundred
     acres of land more or less Lying on the lower side of Wintocomake
     Creek and on the North side of the Great Branch as I have already
     mark'd out the same to him and his heirs for ever. 
        Item I give and bequeath to my son Godphrey Coleman two hundred
     acres of land more or less Lying on the lower side of Wintocomake
     Creek and on the North side of the Great Branch joyning my son
     Williams' land as I have already mark'd out the same to him and his
     heirs forever; I also give my son Godfrey one feather bed and
     furniture as it stands to him and his heirs for ever. 
        Item I give and bequeath to my son Peter Coleman the land and
     plantation whereon I now live after the decease of Faith my wife to
     him and his heirs forever. I also give my son Peter the feather bed
     that is called his to him and his heirs for ever. 
        Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Frances Tucker her
     mother's trunk after her mothers decease. 
        Item I give and bequeath to Faith my wife the land and
     plantation whereon I now live during her natural life and at the
     end of her life to my son Peter I also give my wife all my goods
     and chattles during her life and then to be equally divided between
     my two youngest sons Godfrey and Peter to them and their heirs for
        I also make my son Robert Coleman whole and sole executor of
     this my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto
     set my hand and seal they day and year above written
     Signed sealed and delivered

     In presence of
     Robert Bevill

            her                               his
     MARTHA X BEVILL                   WILLIAM X COLEMAN (S).
          mark                               mark

     At a Court held for Amelia County the xxl of March MDCCXLV

        The last will and testament of William Coleman was presented by
     Robert Coleman who made oath thereto and proved by the oaths of
     John Powell and Martha S. Bevill two of the witnesses to the said
     will and ordered to be recorded. 

                                            SAMUAL COBBS Clk
- 427 - .



        Note especially that William Coleman, Sr., to whom I have
     referred as William of Amelia, is shown by this Will to have had a
     daughter, Frances, who married a Tucker. 

                    SATURDAY, MAY, 13, 1961

        I drove down from Washington Friday afternoon in the company of
     my good friend, T. Marx Huff. We drove to Richmond and then took
     Highway 360 Southwest about thirty miles to Amelia Courthouse. We
     spent the night at Buddie's Motel, about four or five miles past
     Amelia.  This is on the railroad from Richmond to Danville. It is
     the railroad over which President Jefferson Davis and other
     Confederates escaped from Richmond after the fall of Petersburg. It
     is the point to which General Lee had ordered his provisions to be
     delivered after his retreat from Petersburg. He was trying to get
     to Danville and effect a junction with Joe Johnston's army in North
     Carolina. When he got to Amelia, he found that the provisions had,
     through some kind of foul up, gone on to Richmond. Furthermore,
     Sheridian was blocking his path at Jetersville, so he had to turn
     West toward Appomattox, where five days later the Army of Northern
     Virginia was surrendered. 
        Early Saturday morning, accompanied by Mr. Huff, I went to
     Amelia Courthouse. l was looking for further information on Robert
     Coleman, WhO patented land from Lord Granville in Halifax County,
     North Carolina, in 1756. He is our earliest Coleman ancestor on
     whom we then had positive documentary proof. 

                               WILLIAM COLEMAN, SR.
                                   (Died 1745)
        For many years I had in my possession a copy of the Last Will
     and Testament of William Coleman, Sr. This Will has been copied
        Here is what the records in Amelia reveal concerning these six
     sons of William Coleman, Sr. 

                                  DANIEL COLEMAN
        William Coleman, Sr. left his son, Daniel, only one shilling,
     which indicated that he had already made due provision for him, or
     that he was well enough off not to need any assistance from his

        Book 3, Page 111, Amelia County Deeds, 19 August 1748, Daniel
- 428 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     Coleman sold land To William Watson, being  225 acres patented to
     Daniel on August 1, 1745. 
        Deed Book 6, Page 59, 18 June 1757, Daniel Coleman sold lands to
     Abel Parton, no wife mentioned. 
        We Find in Deed Book 9, Page 82 (and I failed to get the date),
     Daniel Coleman, Sr. and Elizabeth, his wife, sold land to Thomas
     Lipscomb, land on Joseph Coleman's line. 
        According to the Bristol Parish Register, Daniel Coleman and
     Elizabeth Coleman, his wife, had the following children born to
     them: Benjamin, 1720; Mary, 1724; Martha, 1726; and Daniel, 1731. 
        So, Daniel was born not later than about 1698 and William
     Coleman, Sr. at least as early as 1678. 
        Daniel Coleman's will was executed March 7, 1782, and admitted
     to probate February 26, 1789, Will Book 4, Page 130, Amelia County
     Records. The will named the following children: Daniel, Martha,
     Mary, Frances, Elizabeth, Hezekiah, Ann, and Jesse. 
        Charles Coleman, who died in Fairfield County, South Carolina,
     in 1788 had a son named Jesse. 

                                  ROBERT COLEMAN
        Robert Coleman was named the sole executor of his father's Will
     of June 2, 1743. This meant that he was at least twenty-one years
     old, and thus was born as early as 1722. His father willed him one
     hundred acres of land on the upper side of Wintocomake Creek. 
        Deed Book 4, Page 34, 1 November 1750, Robert Coleman sold to
     Thomas Cowles, of Chester City County, land "devised to the said
     Robert Coleman by William Coleman, Sr., father of the said Robert
        The deed further recites that patent for the same had been
     issued to William Coleman 13 October, 1727. 
        Ann, wife of Robert, waived dower.
        Deed Book 5, Pages 188 and 193, 26 September, 1754, Robert
     Coleman made similar deeds to Samuel Morgan. The deed at Page 192
     carries Francis Roberts and Thomas Roberts as witnesses. 
        We find in the Halifax County, North Carolina, records that
     William Roberts sold land to Robert Coleman on March 13, 1761. Deed
     Book 7, Page 255. 
        Robert Coleman never again appears in the Amelia County records.
     As will be seen later, this Robert Coleman moved to Lunenberg
     County, Virginia. From there he moved to Union County, South
     Carolina, in

- 429 - .



     1775. This was the same year that Robert Coleman of Halifax
     County, North Carolina, moved to the adjoining county of Fairfield,
     South Carolina. 
        "Our" Robert Coleman's deeds in North Carolina and South Carolina
     were signed "Robert R Coleman." This may have been a universal
     Custom, but it is significant that William Coleman, Sr. has deeds
     of record in 1737 in Amelia, Book 1, Pages 67, 68, and 69 in which he
     signed by "William W Coleman." 
        Furthermore, the Last Will of Peter Coleman, brother of the
     Amelia Robert (and son of William) was signed "his mark--P."

                                  JOSEPH COLEMAN
        In Will Book 2, Page 16, Amelia Records, we find the Last Will
     and Testament of Joseph Coleman. Dated June 5, 1770, and proved
     J.nuary 23, 1772. He signed by mark, but did not use the initial "J."
        The Last Will of Joseph Coleman named sons, Joseph, John,
     Sutton, Francis and Page.
        In Will Book 7, Page 454, Amelia Records, we find the report of
     the sale of the personal property of Elizabeth Coleman, deceased,
     widow of Page Coleman. This was 1809. The buyers at the sale were
     James Coleman, Braxton Coleman, William Coleman, Tabitha Coleman,
     Jesse Coleman, and Charles James Coleman. 

                             WILLIAM COLEMAN (JUNIOR)
        Deed Book 5, Page 423, March 25, 1756, William Coleman and his
     wife, Frances, sold John Merrimoon 350 acres of land. 
        Deed book 6, Page 99, August 13, 1757, deed from William Coleman
     and wife for 438 acres. 
        William Coleman's will, dated October 12, 1767, was admitted to
     probate April 28, 1768, Amelia County Records. Sons named: Abra-
     ham, Jeremiah, Godfrey, Burrell, Archer, William, and Jesse,
     Daughters were mentioned but not named. 

                                 GODPHREY COLEMAN
        The Last Will and Testament of Godphrey Coleman, dated June 6,
     1753, and proved September 27, 1753, Page 99 of Will Book 1, willed to

- 430 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     his brothers William Coleman and Peter Coleman the 200 acres of
     land "left to me by my father, William Coleman."

                                  PETER COLEMAN
        The Last Will and Testament of Peter Coleman is found at Page
     109 of Will Book 5, Peter outlived most of the others as his will
     was proved on February 27, 1794. He left all of his property to his
     daughter, Fannie, without stating her last name. We do not know
     whether she was married or single. 
        We do know, however, that Peter Coleman had other children,
     because in Land Deed Book 16, Page 140, "for love and affection,"
     he sold 50 acres of land to his son, Solomon Coleman. This was 4
     October, 1782. 
        The given name Solomon is in our Coleman family in early
     Nineteenth Century South Carolina. 
        Again, on August 9, 1784, Isaac Coleman deeded land to Solomon
     Coleman, Book 17, Page 94. 
        However, bad trouble must have arisen between Peter Coleman and
     his son, Solomon, because in Deed Book 19, Page 162, May 24, 1792,
     we find that Peter Coleman sued out a peace bond against Solomon
     Coleman and Isaac Coleman, and they made bond to preserve the peace
     for a year and a day toward Peter, the father of Solomon. This
     shows how the Colemans could and did "fall out" and take umbrage
     toward each other.  Even to this day we know too many instances of
     this, but will not relate them in this book. 
        From deeds appearing at Pages 44 and 46, Book 9, we find that
     Peter Coleman's wife was named Martha. 
        From the records of Bristol Parish we know that Peter Coleman
     was born in 1720. 
        Solomon Coleman must have moved away from Amelia County, because
     I find no reference to him, wills or deeds, after about 1800. 
        From the foregoing research, we find that of the sons of William
     Coleman, Sr. (who died before March 21, 1745), Robert was the only
     one to move away from Amelia County. He eventually went to Union
     County, South Carolina, and became the ancestor of the Bluff
     Springs Colemans in Choctaw County, Mississippi, about whom we have
     a chapter in this book. 
        Francis Coleman, the son of Joseph, likewise died in Amelia
     County, for his will, dated September 19, 1811, appears at Page 40
     of Will Book

- 431 - .



     8. He signed by mark, the will was proved October 24, 1811, so he
     died very shortly after he made the Will. Nancy Coleman was a
     witness, but he left all his property to his sister, Mary Coleman
     Tucker. So, evidently, he had no other family, unless he was at
     outs with them and did not want to leave them any property. 
        As to the Isaac Coleman who had to give the peace bond to Peter
     Coleman, he died by 1810, because we find at Page 388 of Will Book
     7, that Mazy Coleman is the orphan of Isaac Coleman. 


        On April 2, 1963, and again on February 22, 1964, I had the
     pleasure of visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wayne
     Coleman, Jr., Ford, Virginia. 
        Mr. Edward Wayne Coleman is of the Amelia County Colemans, who
     moved over into Dinwiddie. This branch of the Amelia County Cole-
     mans originally lived near Sayler's Creek Battle Field. Mrs. Eva
     Orgain and Mr. Will Coleman, of Chester, Virginia, are members of
     this family. I had the pleasure of visiting with them in Chester on
     February 23, 1964.
        Mr. Edward Wayne Coleman lives at Coleman's Lake, about seven
     miles Northwest of Dinwiddie Courthouse. 
        On April 2, 1963, Mr. Coleman showed me the Coleman family
     cemetery near his home. Here are buried:

        First Generation: Thomas Newton Coleman, 1817-1898, and Eliza-
     beth, his wife, 1818-1893. 
        Second Generation: Lewis Edward Coleman, born September 22,
     1850, at Woodlawn in Amelia County, died 1940, and Mrs. Olivia
     Boisseau Coleman, 1861-1941, his wife. 
        Third Generation: Edward Wayne Coleman, Sr., born July 15, 1877,
     died February 6, 1958. On February 24, 1904, he married Ruth
     Goodwyn Mrs. Coleman died April 11, 1964. 
        Here we have three generations of Colemans, and Mr. Edward Wayne
     Coleman, Jr., born August 7, 1905, is the fourth generation.  His
     son, Ned Coleman, a senior at the University of Tennessee, is the
     fifth generation. 
        Lewis Edward Coleman had brothers named Emmett, Junius, and
     Thomas, called Kit. Mrs. Eva Orgain is an Aunt of Edward Wayne
     Coleman, Jr. 

- 432 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
                                 JOSEPH RAGSDALE
        Deed Book 3, Page 461. On the 15th day of May, 1750, land was
     conveyed to Joseph Ragsdale of Chesterfield County (which lies
     between Amelia and Richmond). The deed was for 196 acres, and it
     was on Wintocomake Creek. Then, on November 3, 1753, Joseph
     Ragsdale sold this land to John Tucker in which he recited that he
     had become a resident of Lunenberg County. This is of interest
     because William R. Coleman married Sarah Ragsdale in Fairfield
     County, South Carolina, before 1800. 
        According to the Bristol Parish Register (which covered
     parts of the counties of Amelia, Price George, Chesterfield, and
     Dinwiddie), there were four separate William Colemans in that area
     in the first thirty years of the 1700's. 
        William Coleman, whose wife's name was Faith. This was William
     of Amelia. 
        William Coleman, whose wife's name was Sarah, and who had
     children, Martha, born 1730; William, born 1732, and Sarah, born
        William Coleman, whose wife's name was Margaret, and who had
     children, Ann, born 1731; Margery Lucas, born 1733. 
        William Coleman, whose wife's name was Elizabeth, who had a son
     born 1732, named Warner. 
        We also find that Joseph Coleman and Elizabeth Coleman, his
     wife, had a son named William, born 1734. The Joseph Coleman herein
     treated did not mention a son named William in his Will. However,
     this William would have been thirty-eight years old when Joseph
     died in 1772, and thus was probably elsewhere. 
        The whole matter is that Virginia was chocked full of Colemans
     by 1750, and the task of "digging them up" is correspondingly

                     COLEMANS LISTED 1810 CENSUS, DINWIDDIE
                              COUNTY, VIRGINIA
     Stanfield Coleman                      James Coleman
                            Isham Coleman

                      COLEMANS LISTED 1820 CENSUS, DINWIDDIE
                             COUNTY, VIRGINIA
     John Coleman                  Williamson Coleman, Jr. & Senior
     Archer Coleman                Martha Coleman
     Solomon Coleman               James Coleman

- 433 - .



     Daniel Coleman                    Estate of Abraham Coleman
     Archer Coleman                    William Coleman
     Burwell Coleman                   Ebenezer Coleman
     Solomon Coleman                   Joseph Coleman
     Robert Coleman                    Jesse Coleman

                     THE MOBERLEYS AND OTHERS LISTED IN 1820
                        CENSUS OF MADISON COUNTY, KENTUCKY
     Richard Moberley, 45              Ephriam Moberley
     William Moberly, 45               Elias Moberley
     Gabriel Ross, 45                  Samuel W. Ross
     James Ross, over 45               Alexander and John Ross
     John Moberley, 16-26              Sally Roe
     Benjamin Moberly                  John Prewitt
     John Moberley, over 45            15 in family
     Edward Moberley                   Samuel Moberley

        No Coleman in Madison County in 1820.
                          PATENT TO HENRY COLEMAN ON THE
                             BROAD RIVER, S. C., 1750
     GEORGE the Second, by the Grace of God, of GREAT-BRITAIN, FRANCE
     and IRELAND, KING, Defender of the Faith, and fo forth, To ALL TO
     fpecial Grace, certain Knowledge and mere Motion, have given and
     granted, and by thefe prefents, for us, our heirs and succeffors,

     Henry Coleman, his
                       heirs and affigns,  a plantation or Tract of Land Con-
     taining Four Hundred & fifty Acres in the fork between Saluda &
     Broad Rivers, bounded on all sides by vacant Land. 


     And hath fuch shape, form and marks, as appears by a plat thereof,
     hereunto annexed: Together with all woods, under-woods, timber and
     timber-trees, lakes, ponds, fifhings, waters, water-courfes,
     profits, commodities, appurtenances and hereditaments whatfoever,
     thereunto belonging or in anywife appertaining: To-gether with
     privilege of hunting, hawking and fowling in and upon the fame, and

- 434 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     all mines and minerals whatfoever; faving and referving,
     neverthelefs, to us, our heirs and succeffors, all white
     pine-trees, if any there fhould be found growing thereon: And alfo
     faving and referving, to us, our heirs and succeffors, one tenth-
     part of mines of filver and gold only: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, the
     faid tract of Four Hundred fifty acres of land and all and fingular
     other the premifes here-by granted, with the apurtenances, unto the
     faid Henry Coleman, his heirs and affigns for ever, in free and
     common foccage, he the faid Henry Coleman, his heirs or affigns
     yielding and paying therefore, unto us, our heirs and succeffors,
     or to our Receiver-General for the time being, or to his Deputy or
     Deputies for the time being, yearly, that is to fay, on every
     twenty-fifth day of March. at the rate of three fhillings fterling,
     or four fhillings proclamalion money, for every hundred acres, and
     ro in proportion according to the quanlity of acres, contained
     herein; the same to grow due and be accounted for from the date
     hereof. Provided always, and this prefent grant is upon
     condition, nevertheless, that he the faid Henry Coleman, his heirs
     and affigns, fhall and do within three years next after the date of
     thefe prefents, clear and cultivate at the rate of one acre for
     every five hundred acres of land, and fo in proportion according to
     the quantity of acres herein contained, or build a dwelling houfe
     thereon, and keep a flock of five head of cattle for every five
     hundred acres, upon the fame, and in proportion for a greater or
     leffer quantity: And upon condition, that if the faid rent, hereby
     referved, fhall happen to be in arrear and unpaid for the fpace of
     three years from the time it became due, and no diftrefs can be
     found on the faid lands, tenements and hereditaments hereby
     granted, that then and in fuch cafe, the faid lands, tenements and
     hereditaments, herby granted, and every part and parcl thereof,
     fhall revert to us, our heirs and fucceffors, as fully and
     absolutely, as if the fame had never been granted. PROVIDED ALSO,
     if the faid lands hereby mentioned to be granted, fhall happen to
     be within the bounds or limits of any of the townfhips, or of the
     lands referved for the ufe of the townships now laid out in our
     said Province, in purfuance of our Royal Instructions, that then
     this Grant shall be void, any thing herein to the contrary
     contained notwithstanding.

               Given under the Great Seal of our faid Province.
               WITNESS James Glen, Esqr. our Capt. General
     Governor and Commander in chief in and over our taid Province of

                        this Twenty Ninth Day of November
               Anno Dom. 1750 in the Twenty fourth-Year of our Reign.
                   James       (L. M. S.)         Glen
        Signed by his Excellency the Governor in Council
                                     John Brailsford, C. 
     And hath hereunto a plat there
       of annexed, reprefenting the           Recorded Decem. 4, 1750
       fame, certified by George Hunter, Esq.   D.H. Coleman, 21st. March 1750

                  dated 22 November 1749
- 435 - .



                                THE COLEMAN FAMILY
     (NOTE: This paper was given January 9, 1964, before the Twenty
     Three Circle and again in January, before the Greene County His-
     torical Society, as a tribute to James Samuel Coleman, 1873-1963). 

        James Samuel Coleman was born May 25, 1873, near Akron, Alabama,
     and died Dec. 19, 1963, at Eutaw, with burial in Grassdale
     Cemetery. He attended school at Eutaw and was appointed to
     Annapolis by Senator John B. Bankhead. From 1889 to 1894 he taught
     in Eutaw (the school being where the swimming pool now is). He
     later taught at Verner School in Tuscaloosa, then studied a year in
     Heidelberg, Germany, and Paris, France, after which he taught at
     State Normal School at Livingston, then was Commandant for five
     years at the Wright School, Mobile, and then principal of Selma
     Military School. 
        From l909 to 1945, he published the Green County Democrat at
     Eutaw.  He was a Mason, a Presbyterian Elder (50 years) a member of
     the Board of Education, of the Kiwanis Club, and of the
     Twenty-Three Circle (of which he was really the founder). 
        He married Sept. 20, 1905, at York, Alabama, Mary Belle Peteet,
     a Livingston graduate, who was Alabama's Mother Of the Year 1958.
     Their children are: James Samuel (Annapolis graduate, now a Justice
     of Alabama Supreme Court), Wilson McConnell (Annapolis graduate,
     now Captain in U. S. Navy), Charles Hamilton, Dallas, Texas, and
     John Woodrow, Attorney, Talladega. 
        J. S. Coleman was one of Eutaw's most distinguished citizens,
     but no less so was his father, Thomas Wilkes Coleman, who was born
     March 31, 1833, nine miles west of Eutaw, and died Nov. 9, 1920, at
     Eutaw, with burial at Grassdale. He married Nov. 1, 1860, at
     Sumterville, Alabama, Frances Jane Wilson (1842-1920) and reared a
     large and useful family of children, among whom were: Julia (Mrs.
     James Oliver Banks), Mary (Mrs. Grigsby Eskridge Chandler), Thomas
     Wilkes, Jr., Flavel Woodrow, James Samuel (1873- 1963), Frances
     Jane (Mrs. Thomas Thompson Quarles), Charles Hamilton, and John
        Thomas Wilkes Coleman was a member of the Constitutional
     Convention of 1891, and on the Alabama Supreme Bench, and is
     written up in Dr. Owen's Dictionary of A.abama Biography, Dr. A.
     B. Moore's Alabama, and other volumes. He was the son of James Cobb
     Coleman (1810-1868), who first married Martha Ann Anderson
     (1810-1834), and married secondly, Juliet Bestor, sister of Dr.
     Daniel P. Bestor, Baptist Minister and Educator.  James Cobb
     Coleman's two children by his first wife were: Julia Frances

- 436 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     (Mrs. Ulysses Thadeus McLemore) and Thomas Wilkes, 1833-1920.
     Alice, daughter of Juliet Bestor, married Dr. John Samuel
     Meriwether in 1860. 
        James Cobb Coleman (1810-1868) was the son of John Coleman, born
     in Edgecombe County, N. C., died 1852 in Greene County, Alabama,
     where he had come in 1819. He came to Bibb County in 1818 with his
     father, Charles Coleman, and a brother, Wiley Coleman, who settled
     in Bibb County, while John and his father, Charles, came to Greene
     County. Charles, the father, was born in 1744 in Edgecombe County,
     N. C. and fought in the American Revolution as Quartermaster of the
     3rd N. C. Regiment. He married Mary Rountree and died in 1824,
     being buried at Grassdale in sight of the Coleman-Bank house said
     to be the oldest frame house in Greene County.  Five generations of
     Colemans are buried at Grassdale. 
        There are many other descendants of the Coleman family in our
     County.  Mrs. Bassie Hester, Mrs. R. I. Colgrove and Joe Thadeus
     McLemore are children of Joel Thadeus McLemore and wife (Judith
     Elizabeth Dunlap) and grandchildren of Julia Frances (Coleman)
        Dr. John Samuel Meriwether and wife (Alice Coleman) were the
     parents of the late Mrs. Daisy Dunlap, and the grandparents of Mrs.
     Mary Morgan (Ward) Glass William Riddle Ward, John Meriwether
     Ward, John S. (Bo) Meriwether, Lida Meriwether Hall, Sara
     Meriwether Humphries, and great grandparents of William Ryan
     deGraffenried (candidate for Governor of Alabama in last race.)
        Thomas Wilkes Coleman (1833-1920) was a half brother of James
     Cobb Coleman, Jr. (1842-1912) who was the father of Misses Alice
     and Louise Coleman, and of the late Mrs. Janie Kirksey, and the
     grandfather of Mrs.  Polly (Coleman) Yarbrough. 
        James Cobb Coleman (1810-1868) was a brother of Judge Wiley
     Coleman (1819-1892) and of Miss Rhoda Coleman (1829-1900) and of
     Martha Jane Coleman, who married in 1852 James Oliver Banks, and
     was the mother of James Oliver Banks, Jr. (1865-1941), who married
     Julia Coleman in 1888 and was the father of Wilkes, Ellen Gray
     Humphries, Willis, Hampden Jack and Ralph.--"Greene County
     Democrat," Eutaw, Alabama, June 11, 1964. 
        The foregoing newspaper article is an excellent report on those
     Colemans in Greene County Alabama, who migrated there from Edge-
     combe County, North Carolina. They were descended from Robert
     Coleman of Nansemond County, Virginia, and his sons or grandsons,
     William Coleman and Robert Coleman. The Nansemond County records
     have been destroyed and the particular genealogy of that County can
     only be put together from fragmentary sources. 
        I wish to pay special tribute to Mr. James Samuel Coleman, men-
     tioned in the above article, who died December 19, 1963. Early in
     my efforts to locate the history of the Colemans I went to Eutaw,
     Alabama, met Mr. Coleman, and had a most delightful visit with him,
     including a visit to the beautiful cemetery at Grassdale. Later he
     gave me a copy of

- 437 - .



     his autobiography, which my secretary typed. This was a most
     interesting life story and ought to be published. 
        Miss Mary Ellen Coleman, sister of James Samuel Coleman, kept up
     a keen interest in genealogy. I once ran across some of her
     writings at the book store of The Genealogical Publishing Company
     in Baltimore. I purchased them and gave them to her nephew, Judge
     James S. Coleman, now of the Alabama Supreme Court. The history of
     this large and able family would afford sufficient material for a
     book within itself. 

                      WHO SERVED IN THE REVOLUTION
        Over a period of many years I have heard much speculation as to
     the true identity of the Robert Coleman of South Carolina who is
     listed in early South Carolina records as having served in the
     Continental Army during the Revolution. 

        The following from National Archives would seem to settle
     this question:

     Robert Coleman
     Revolutionary War service from South Carolina
     (Widow, Prudence)
     W 23858

     Robert Coleman, a resident of the District of Marion, South
     Carolina, when he entered the service under Captain N. Simonds and
     Witherspoon, in General Marion's command. He was in several
     skirmishes, one at Bass's Mill on (Gread Reeder River against the
     Tories. Also served a tour guarding the Tories. He was also in the
     Battle of Fort Moultrie, near Charleston as a Sergeant in Marion's
     Riflemen, later a 1st Lt. 

     June 14, 1777 Robert Coleman married Prudence. (Her maiden name not

     The soldier died February 22, 1825 (or May 22, 1825) . Both dates given.

     On November 28, 1840, Prudence Coleman, widow of Robert Coleman,
     filed for a pension on the service of her husband. The widow was a
     resident of Marion District, South Carolina, near Lynches Creek.
     She was at the time 84 years old, "since 28th of August."

     The widow died September 18, 1841. 

     At the time of the widow's death she had the following children:

     Prudence Poston,
     Elizabeth Poston,

- 438 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     Celia Turner,
     John L. Coleman,
     Jane Finklea (I am not sure of the spelling of 'Finklea')
     Margaret O. Hearnden.

     Henry Culpepper served as the legal administrator. (His
     relationship to daughter of veteran, Mary Culpepper, not given. 

     In May 17, 1852, from Marion District, South Carolina, this
     statement was made: "William Coleman, oldest child of Robert
     and Prudence Coleman, would if now living, be 73 or 74 years of

- 439 - .

In Coleman Family Forum post # 263 dated May 25, 1988, with a subject of 
"Coleman NC/SC" Dan M. Baxley wrote:

Am seeking contact with anyone having information regarding my Coleman 
ancestors.  Earliest known Coleman is 
Robert Coleman b. 1755 Halifax County, NC, 
               m. June 14, 1777 to 
Prudence ?, 
        she died September 18, 1841 in Marion Co., SC.
Children were 
   William Benjamin Coleman     b. 1778, d. abt. 1828;
   Mary Coleman                 b. 1795 Marion Co., SC 
          m. Henry Culpepper;
   Prudence Coleman,            b. 1797 m. Josia Poston;
   Jane Coleman,                b. 1800 Marion Co., SC
          m. Willis Finklea, d. abt. 1815;
   Elizabeth Coleman,           b. 1803 Marion Co. SC
          m. Samuel Poston;
   Ceclia Coleman,              b. 1803 Marion Co. SC
          m. Benjamin W. Turner;
   John Scott Coleman,          b. 1808 Marion Co, SC
          m. Mary ?, & Francis C. Page;
   Margaret Coleman,            b. 1810
          m. Mr. O'Hernden and Mr. Bryant.

   William Benjamin Coleman had five children. 
      George W. Coleman         d. abt. 1841;
      James C. Coleman,         b. 1810;
      Benjamin C. Coleman,      b. 1822;
      Mary Jane Coleman,        b. 1822 Charleston Dist., SC
          m. (Jordan?) Reddin Baxley.
=== end quote
In post 2785, by AliceAnne Coleman Brunn, with subject of "Re: Coleman NC/SC, dated June 04,2000:
John Scott Coleman 
   John Wesley Coleman
      Ted Coleman, Sr.
         Ted Coleman, Jr.



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