Leonard Emmet Jayne Sr. OK. & MO.
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b. Oklahoma
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d. Missouri
My Father: Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. 1899 ~ 1963, age 63yrs
Ninth Generation!
Leonard Emmet JAYNE Sr; [SFA©-ID#]
(2nd Son of James Wheeler Jayne & 1st Wife Elizabeth DeVault) of Lee Co., VA. to Bates Co., MO.
(   G s/o......JAMES,3 & 2nd Wife HANNAH (SIMS) JAYNE; of Goshen, Orange Co., NY. to Lee Co., VA.
(1GG s/o....HENRY,2 & ABIGAIL (WHEELER) JAYNE; of Vanderberg Flordia Farm, Orange Co., NY to Abingdon?, Wash. Co., VA
(2GG s/o....ISAAC,1 & MARY (JONES) JAYNE; of Setauket, Suffolk Co., (Long Island) NY. to Northanna, area of PA.
(3GG s/o....WILLIAM,2 & 1st Wife ELIZABETH (WOODHULL) JAYNE; of Setauket, Suffolk Co., (L.I.) NY. to Blooming Grove, NY.
(4GG s/o....WILLIAM,1 & 2nd Wife ANNA (BRIGGS) JAYNE; of Bristol, Gloustershire, England to Setauket, Long Island, NY
(5GG s/o....Henry de JEANNE ...? of Oxford, England
Leonard E. Jayne, Sr. - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! b. 14 Oct 1899, in the Chickasaw Indian Territory, (Now Sulphur, Murray County), Oklahoma]
d. 10 Jul 1963, at 63 years, 8 months, 26 days, in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Mo;
Buried: Floral Hills Cemetery, Raytown, Missouri [See: d.rec]
At the age of 34 years, he married on the 24th Dec. 1933, in Excelsior Springs, Clay Co., Missouri to
Fifth Generation! 28 year old Miss Lila Marie LATTY;
(3rd Dau of Frederick N. LATTY & Mother: Vada Ann (Arnold) LATTY) of Benton Co, AR. to Lanagan McDonald Co., MO.
(GranDau... John Wm. LATTY, and Sarepto A. MATHEWS, [REF:#11. & #14]
(1GGd/o.....William,2 LATTY and Susan E. ABERNATHY of McDonald Co., MO.)  <--Not Proven!
(2GGd/o.....John,1 LATTY and 1st Wife (Unknown), of Hamilton Co., TN.)   <--Not Proven!
Lila Marie (Latty) Jayne, Sr. - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! b. 04 Oct 1905, in Lanagan, McDonald Co., Mo.;
d. 09 Sep 1968, at 63 years, 10 months, 5 days, in Independence, Jackson Co., Mo.;
Buried: Floral Hills Cemetery, Raytown, Missouri [See: d.rec]
 They had 3 Children born to this Union: (1 Son & 2 Dau's)
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.
 1. 1st Son:   Leonard Emmet JAYNE, Jr.  MO. *1934-1974 a39yrs CA.  m. *1958 CA. Joan SMITH,   3Ch
 2. 1st Dau:   Star Eugina JAYNE,  MO. *1938-Living NC.  m. *1960 MO. Donald METZGAR, (Div)   3Ch
 3. 2nd Dau:   Roselle Enid JAYNE,  MO. *1942-2012, a70yrs CA.  m. *1961 MO. Paul R. SARRETT, Jr.   4Ch
  10 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. was born in the Chickasaw Indian Territory, on his fathers farm, (1 1/2 miles east of the town now called Sulphur, Murray County, Oklahoma), in Palmer, OK. where he was raised along with his older brother E. WITT JAYNE, and his seven sisters. He was only nine years old when Oklahoma became the 46th. state with Guthrie (Logan Co.), temporary capital of Oklahoma. His early education was at the Indian School, and later at the Washington School which was located at 13th., and Muskogee West, in Sulphur. He also attended the Rocky Point, Sunday School, of the Freewill Baptist Church which was formed "sometime around 1889". (The above is from the personal collection of Miss Josie JAYNE..prs)

Sulphur, Oklahoma is located at the foot of the Arbuckle Mountains, on both the Santa Fe and the Fresco railroad lines. Many Indian legends and traditions are recounted in connection with the springs, that surround the county. The Indians knew of "Medicine Springs." Kickapoo Chiefs had taken their sick to the springs for 500 years. This would have been 41 years before CORONADO, the Spaniard who arrived in the Oklahoma area in 1541. 13.

The first Civilized Indians to be relocated west of the Mississippi was a band of Cherokees. They and the United States made the HOPEWELL Treaty in 1785 which forced them to relocate between the St. Francis and White Rivers in what now is known as Arkansas. At that time Oklahoma was known for its abundance of wild life. The south central part was tagged "Field of Eden." Many tribes hunted and fought there. The Cherokees tangled with the Osages, coming down form Missouri; the Caddoes battled the Choctaws coming in from Mississippi. Near present-day Caddo, Oklahoma, the Choctaws won a battle, keeping the game they had killed.

The earliest date mentioning Sulphur was about 1867. In a report by GEORGE CONOVER, a member of the 6th. United States Infantry, was going from Ft. Smith to Ft. Arbuckle when the group camped between present-day Sulphur and Davis. Cholera broke out and 28 men died. They were buried in shallow graves without coffins. He said there was not a house between Stonewall and Ft. Arbuckle.

During 1871-1872, a freight and mail line ran from Boggy Depot to Caddo to Fort Sill, crossing Blue River at Nail's Crossing, Sulphur Springs, Cherokee Town, Pauls Valley, White Bead Hill, Beef Creek (Maysville), Erin Springs, Rush Springs, and Fort Sill.

About the same time, miners began working coal field around McAlester, and Texas began driving cattle herds to Kansas. By 1872, 4000,000 head passed through Indian Territory each year. Sulphur Springs lay between the famous Texas and Chisholm Trails, catching many of their "spillovers." B. B. HANEY, who became one of Sulphur's first policemen, reported about helping his mother and some cowboys drive a herd through Sulphur in 1877. He was only eight years old, but he remembered the game was plentiful.

That same year, WILLIAM SHANNON followed the stage line from Texas to Tishomingo, Sulphur Springs, Pauls Valley, and Fort Reno, where he and BILL QUINN joined the Army. The road crossed Lowrance Ranch, established in 1877, about four miles southeast of sulphur.

Other ranches developed in the area; GRANT'S at Fort Arbuckle after it gave birth to Fort Sill in 1869; ROFF Brothers at Roff, and Turner's in the Arbuckle Mountains in 1879. In 1878, NOAH LAEL, a former mail carrier from Gainesville, Texas, through Sulphur Springs to Fort Arbuckle, established the Diamond Z Ranch around the "Buffalo Suck" and built a pole house south of Pavilion Springs. The ranch covered much of the current Chickasaw Nation Recreation Area. LAEL, (son-in-law of GOVERNOR CYRUS HARRIS) lived west of Wynnewood, but divided his time between there and the ranch. In 1882, he sold the four-square- mile spread to PERRY FROMAN, husband of a Chickasaw widow, LOVENIA COLBERT PITCHLYN. PERRY FORMAN grazed up to 15,000 head of cattle a year.

All the while, the United States Goverment was making treaties with Indian tribes or parts thereof and resettling them in the north and west sections of the Territory. Whites, were entering the Territory by this time, some even with permits, but most illegally. Fees were set up by the Goverment which ranged from $ 5.00 to $ 25.00 per year to farm the Territory. Fees for marriage to Indian women were $ 50.00 at first, then Governor BYRD increased it to $1,040 the value of each Indian allotment,to curtailed the inter marriages.

In addition Black Freedmen came in. Soon the Territory was overrun with non-Indian. The Indian laws held no jurisdiction over non-Indian citizens, many of whom were rustlers and criminals. From 1875 to 1896, whites were placed under the laws of Arkansas with Judge ISAAC PARKER presiding over the curt at Fort Smith. U.S. Marshals policed the Territory. During the later years of that period, the Federal Court of Paris, Texas, was empowered to try cases of whites originating in the Chickasaw Nation. The first U.S. Court in Oklahoma was a Muskogee in 1889, then in 1895, three court districts were established in the Indian Territory: Muskogee, McAlester, and Ardmore. The laws of Arkansas were still in effect and the Indians tried their own citizens. Among some of the first U.S. Marshals in the Sulphur area were HECK THOMAS, BOB HUTCHINS, BUD BALLEW, DUTCH SPENCER, BUCK GARRETT, JACK MARTIAN, and Col. J. H. MERSHON from Fort Smith.

There are accounts of Confederate veterans' gathering at Sulphur Springs, church conventions, and cowboys. One specific account stated there were a store, a dwelling, and a blacksmith shop in 1890. Another said in 1894 there were a store and some 30 odd tents. About 1890, some fishermen built a clubhouse at the Springs for a place to eat and keep their gear locked. Soon they enlarged it, hired a cook, and brought their families. The building became too small so the sold it for the 1st. hotel. By 1894 -5, there were plenty of hotels for hundreds of people visiting Sulphur ever summer. The 1st. Store has been credited to C.J. WEBSTER and his father, along with J.B. FISHER. A Mr. MULLENBROOK had one in early Sulphur. 13.

Col. (later General) R. A. SNEED, a lawyer and Pauls Valley merchant-farmer, visited Sulphur and "realized the beauty of the landscape and the benefits of the water", organized the Sulphur Springs Company in 1891-2 (some accounts give later dates, remember Sulphur, was still part of Indian Territory until May 2, 1890. 14.) SNEED charted the company under the laws of Texas, using the name "The Sulphur Springs Indian Territory Resort."

Incorporators with SNEED were 50 stockholders, including Col. PAUL, founder of Pauls Valley; CHARLES D. CARTER, later Congressman of Ardmore; Col. TOM GRANT and his son CALVIN GRANT, pioneers in the Chickasaw Nation; S.J. GARVIN and JAMES RENNIE both from Pauls Valley; Dr. J.A. RYAN, Judge W.A. LEDBETTER, H.L. STUART, lawyers of Oklahoma City; SAMUEL KENNEELY, Gainesville, Texas. The bought 640 acres from the Froman Ranch (one account said 547) for #2500, plated a townsite, and eventually organized a city goverment. The built a summer home, known as the Sulphur Inn, and spent summers their with their families. Other accounts called the place the "White Sulphur Inn," saying it was the "first pretentious hotel in the town"

Such land titles as the early settlers held were either in the form of leases from the land owners (the Indians) or by virtue of deed from the townsite commission, which one member was appointed by the Chief executive of the Choctaws and one by the President of the United States.

Sulphur flourished for more than ten years, becoming famous as a resort and as permanent homesites. Settlers built stores and cold drinks stands around Pavilion Springs. On Oct. 2, 1895, the town secured a post office in a one-room, plank building with W.J. BLOOMER as postmaster. It became the focal point of the "East Side," while business houses on the opposite side of the springs became the "West Side" meanwhile, certain businessmen wanted to fence the springs, sell lots, and close the water from the public. (The above History is taken with permission from the Murray Co., OK. Vol. II 14 prs)

About the time WILLIAM McKINLEY our 25th President of the United States was inaugurated Leonard E. JAYNE'S (who was not born yet) family arrived in Oklahoma Territory, his parents E.E. HENDERSON and ALICE (RUSSELL) JAYNE were married in Harrisonville, Cass Co., Mo., in June of 1886, relocated to Royse City, Rockwall Co., Texas in 1887, where they farmed for 6 years, then relocated to Josephine, Collin Co., Texas for 2 years. In 1896-7 with their 3 daughters; ETNA age 9, PEARL age 7, BESSIE age 5, and their young son WITTE 3 years old, arrived in the Territory, to what is now known as Murray County, Oklahoma. The Spanish-American War was started the next year, when the U.S. battleship Maine, was destroyed in Havana, Cuba on Feb. 15, 1898. (The above is from the personal collection of Miss Josie JAYNE..prs)

Daddy, was born 14th October, 1899 on the first JAYNE Homeplace, in Oklahoma then called Twp 1 North, Range 3 West, of the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. He was age 1 year old, living with his Parents and 5 Siblings in the See: 1900 Census Chickasaw Nation.

Leonard E. JAYNE'S, boyhood days were spent in the usual manner of farm lads who divide their time between the duties of the fields, the work of the schoolroom, and in such sports as farm boys usually indulge. He was always interested in the "Combustion Engine" and the "Horseless Carriages". The early cars were actually mechanized buggies, and had a shovel-handle type of steering arm on some of the 1899 models. Leonard read all the information he could find available around the Sulphur, Oklahoma area. The first "Touring Cars" were being developed around 1910-1931 when auto makers removed the engine from underneath the car and put it in front, and added a rear seat, like the bumperless 1910 Buick built without a windshield or top, the 7-passenger "Haynes" in 1920, and the "Chrysler Imperial Phaeton" with dual windshields and dual cowls of 1931.

The ROADSTERS were really Leonard E. JAYNE'S favorite, the first open two seaters like HENRY FORDS 1903 Model A, then later models which had a rumble seat for two or more passengers like the FORD 1927 Model A.

With a sense of increasing responsibility as he advanced in years he looked over the various field of business in Sulphur. He decided at the young age of 20 years in 1919 to look for a better job opportunity, with the automobile industry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Two of his sisters had already married and left the farm PEARL and BESSIE, which left ETNA age 31, EMMA age 22, RUBY age 18, ANA age 14, and Josie at age 12. E. WITT JAYNE his only brother was 25 years old and working in the fields with his father E. E. HENDERSON JAYNE. (The above is from the personal collection of Miss Josie JAYNE..prs)

Leonard E. JAYNE, (1919-1926) work at various jobs in the big city of Oklahoma City for the next 7 years, and he would send any money he could spare back to his parents on the farm in Sulphur. About 1926 he was hired by the Ford Motor Company in Oklahoma City, which he worked for the next 35 years. About 1928 at the age of 29, he was relocated by the Ford Motor Company to their plant in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1931 he met his wife LILA MARIE LATTY who was working as a nurse at the Research Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. (As per oldest Daughter STAR (JAYNE) METZGAR..prs)

Oklahoma State Seal  State of Oklahoma     --      September 19th, 1932
 County of Murray
 E.E. Henderson JAYNE - Tenants in Common Agreement:
On 19th Sep. 1932, father E. E. Henderson JAYNE, age 75 and mother Alice (RUSSELL) JAYNE gave the Five remaining children, 1/5 interest as Tenants in Common in the 80 acres of land of the JAYNE Farm on Section 30.
 [Prepared 19 Sep., 1932, DBk 72, Pg 186; Murray Co., OK; Recorded April 12, 1937]
 Emory H. JAYNE and Alice JAYNE, his Wife of Murray County, State of Oklahoma, of the first part. and
     1.) Maggie E. JAYNE;
     2.) E. W. JAYNE;
     3.) Vera E. JAYNE;
     4.) L. E. JAYNE and <---Daddy!
     5.) Josie JAYNE, of the second part.
WITNESSETH, That in consideration of One Dollar, Love and Affection. Hereby grant, bargain sell and convey unto the said parties of the second part, their heirs assigns, all of the following described real estate, situated in the County of Murray, State of Oklahoma, to-wit:
     Property lying, in the South Half (S 1/2) of the South East Quarter (SE 1/4),
     all in Section Thirty (30) Township one (1), North and Range Three (3) East,
     Containing in all 80 acres of land according to the Government survey of the same.
     LS\ Emory H. JAYNE
     LS\ Alice JAYNE
(The above is from the personal collection of Miss Josie JAYNE, now in my possession! - Roselle (Jayne) Sarrett)

Dec 24, 1933 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!  Marriage Mr. JAYNE & Miss LATTY
 Mr. Leonard E. JAYNE, age 35yrs First Son of E.E. Henderson JAYNE & Alice (Russell) JAYNE, of Sulpher, Oklahoma and
 Miss Lila Marie LATTY, age 29yrs of Kansas City, Missouri. Third Dau of Frederick N. LATTY & Mother: Vada Ann (Arnold) LATTY) of Lanagan McDonald Co., Missouri. Were married by the Bride's Uncle the Rev. James W. PRATOR, on 24 Dec. 1933, in Excelsiar Springs, Clay Co., MO.

 On 21st Sep., 1937, Daddy & Momma Deeded his 1/5th share of the Jayne Homeplace to his Un-married Siblings.
Oklahoma State Seal  State of Oklahoma     --      September 21th, 1937
 County of Murray
 1/5th Tenants in Common Share:
    Leonard E. JAYNE, and wife Lila M. (Latty) JAYNE, of Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri convey, his "1/5th share of Tenants in Common" per the 19th September 1932, Deed Book #72, Pg 186; Recorded: April 12, 1937, County of Murray, State of Oklahoma to Maggie E. JAYNE; E. W. JAYNE; Vera E. JAYNE; Josie JAYNE, all of County of Murray, State of Oklahoma, for Love & Consideration.
     L/S Leonard E. JAYNE,
     L/S Lila M. JAYNE
(Prepared 21 Sep., 1937; Recorded 22 Nov. 1944; DBk 83, Pg 210; Murray Co., OK)

Leonard E. and LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE first lived at 2949 E. 29th. St. Kansas City, Mo. during their early marriage life, and where Leonard E. JAYNE, Jr. was born on 24th of Nov. 1934. Their first car was a 1935 Ford Standard Tudor, black in color. On 02 April, 1935 Leonard paid $220.00 down and signed a agreement of credit of $400.00 for a total purchase amount of $620.00.

Later they moved to a two story flag-stone house located at 3700 Benton Blvd. Kansas City, Mo. Phone number WA 2-2183. Where they had two more children. STAR JAYNE the 2nd. child and oldest daughter was born on 13 May, 1938. When Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. was almost 53 years old, and LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE was 37 on her next birthday, ROSELLE ENID JAYNE their last child and 2nd daughter was born on the 13th. of Sep., 1942 at the Research Hospital, in Kansas City, Missouri. This is the residence that the children, were raised, attending Benton Grade School and all three Graduated from Central High School.

On the 29 of Oct. 1958, Leonard E. JAYNE, age 59 and Wife LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE, age 53 bought a lot 100' by 200' Lot 27, CITY VIEW, in a subdivision of land in Jackson County, Missouri, for a sum of $3,500.00 from WILLIAM H. HUGHES and wife THELMA R. HUGHES. Address of 2905 Ashland Ridge, K.C.MO. (State of Missouri, County of Jackson; Independence Township, Deed of Trust - 05 May 1958; Warranty Deed Book; Recorded in book 1266, at page 447)
...IN TRUST HOWEVER, for the following purpose: WHEREAS, the parties of the first part Leonard E. JAYNE and LILA M. JAYNE, husband and wife, make and deliver to parties of the second part WILLIAM ASJES, Trustee for LINWOOD MORTAGE COMPANY, their certain promissory Note described as follows: For value received we promise to pay the sum of THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND NO/100, with interest from this date at the rate of SIX per cent per annum, in monthly installments, payable as to: $50.00 on the 1st. day of December, 1958, and $50.00 on the 1st. day of each succeeding month thereafter, until the whole sum named is fully paid......
LS/ Leonard E. JAYNE

Jackson County; 12 May. 1958; Warranty Deed Book; Recorded in book 1242, at page 166
....WILLIAM H. HUGES and THELMA R. HUGHES husband and wife, parties of the first part, and Leonard E. JAYNE and LILA M. JAYNE, Husband and Wife, parties of the second part: WITNESSETH: THAT THE SAID PARTIES OF THE FIRST PART, in consideration of the sum of One Dollar and other valuable considerations... to them paid by said parties of the second part, does by these presents, Grant, Bargain and Sell, Convey and confirm unto the said parties of the second part and their heirs and assigns, the following described lots, tracts and parcels of land lying, being and situate in the County of Jackson and the State of Missouri, to wit: All of Lot Twenty-seven (27) City View, a Subdivision of land in the Jackson County, Missouri, according to recorded plat thereof.

Leonard E. JAYNE and LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE lived the remainder of their lives at 2905 Ashland Ridge Rd., K.C.MO. At the age of 61 years in Oct. 1960. Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. was diagnosed as having Blood Cancer, he suffered the last two years of his life. He was never told the truth of his condition until June 23, 1963. He retired from the Ford Motor Company after 35 years as a Factory Service worker in the year 1961 at the age of 62. Leonard E. JAYNE had many friends who came to him for advise which is an indication of the honorable, upright life and how well he directed his business activity.

He was under Dr. E. B. HOLTON of 109 W. Winsor Rd. Independence, Mo. care at the time he was admitted to the hospital on 14 June 1963, he died 26 days later at 10:15 am on 10 July 1963 at the age of 63 years, 8 months, and 16 days. He was buried on the 12 July 1963 at the Floral Hills Cemetery, Kansas City Mo. Dr. HOLTON listed the cause of death as "Cancerous of the Medisntinun" with "Generalize Metastasis" (Movement of bacteria or cancer cells from one part of the body to another). Other significant conditions contributing to the death was "Anemia", (A reduction in the number of red blood cells) and "Cachexa" (A State of ill health, malnutrition, and wasting). LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE his wife of 30 years was the informant on the Certificate of Death No. 35631.

Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. Kansas City Star Entered Eternal Rest Wednesday, July 10, 1963
KANSAS CITY - Leonard E. JAYNE, age 63, of 2905 Ashland Ridge, died of Leukemia yesterday at the home. He was born in Sulphur, Okla., and lived here 30 years. He was a retired employee of the Ford Motor Company. Surviving are his wife, Mrs LILA JAYNE of the home; Two daughters, Mrs. STAR E. METZGAR, of Wadsworth, Ohio; and Mrs. ROSELLE E. SARRETT, of Santa Ana, Calif.; a son Leonard E. JAYNE, Jr. of San Diego, Calif.; a brother WITT JAYNE, and seven sisters, Miss ETNA JAYNE, Miss EMMA JAYNE, Miss Josie JAYNE, Mrs PEARL MAGBY, Mrs. BESSIE ALBRIGHT, Mrs RUBY NICHOLS and Mrs ANNA WILLIAMS, all of Sulphur, Okla., and three grandchildren, (Son of only Son) Leonard E. JAYNE, III, age 2yr., 2 Months; ROBIN LYNN SARRETT, age 1yr., 6 Months ; and 2 Month old DONALD METZGAR, Jr. Services will be held at 1 o'clock p.m., Friday at the Floral Hills Chapel; Musical Selection: "To My Name Written There, When We All Go To Heaven and I Know In Whom I Have Believed" Burial in the Floral Hills Cemetery. Friends may call after 7 o'clock tonight at the chapel.

The Widow LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE remained at the Ashland Ridge home for the next five years, she traveled to her three children home to visit. She was active in the First Presbyterian Church, in Independence, Mo. At a early age she united with the church and lived in the faith of her Christian ways all her life. The love and regard of her children and neighbors, testified the high esteem in which she was held. She also was Civic minded and Political interested in the world around her. During the difficult times of the early 1960 she wrote then the Governor of Alabama, GEORGE C. WALLACE, a letter supporting his action in his firm stand against Federal encroachment and his efforts to strive to preserve STATE sovereignty and the Constitution of the United States. He responded the her letter with a personal note thanking her for her support. (Dated 09 July 1963, from the personal collection of daughter ROSELLE E. (JAYNE) SARRETT ..prs)

LILA M. (LATTY) JAYNE was also under Dr. E. B. HOLTON's care from 1961 and up to her death at 11:50 p.m. on the 09th of Sep. 1968, at the age of 62 years, 11 months, and 5 days. She was buried along side if her husband Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. on 12 Sep. 1968 at the Flora Hills Cemetery, K.C.MO. Dr. HOLTON listed as the cause of death as "Acute Myocardial Infarction" (Development of an infarct in the myocardium, following the occlusion of the coronary artery - Heart Attack!). STAR (JAYNE) METZGAR her oldest daughter was the informant on the Certificate of Death, State File No. 68-0033256.

Kansas City Star Entered Eternal Rest Thursday, September 12, 1868
KANSAS CITY - LILA M. JAYNE, age 63, of 2905 Ashland Ridge, died yesterday at the home. She was born in Lanagan, MO., and lived here 60 years. She moved to Grandview, Mo., in 1908, at the age of 3; She attended and Graduated from Grandview High School in 1922; She attended the Kansas City Junior College, 1923-1924; She enrolled in Research Hospital in 1925 and she was accredited by the Missouri State Board of Nurse Examiners in 1929, and worked at several of the Hospitals in the Kansas City area; Preceding her was her husband of 30 years in 1963; Parents FREDERICK N. & VADA A. (ARNOLD) LATTY; Four Brothers and Two Sisters; Surviving are Two daughters, Mrs. STAR E. METZGAR, of Wadsworth, Ohio; and Mrs. ROSELLE E. SARRETT, of Santa Ana, Calif.; a son Leonard E. JAYNE, Jr. of San Diego, Calif.; and eight grandchildren, Leonard E. JAYNE, III, age 7yrs. & 4 Months; KEVIN R. JAYNE, 4yrs., 10 Months; KORY S. JAYNE, age 3yrs.; DONALD METZGAR, Jr., age 5yrs, 4 Months; KRISTY METZGAR, age 3yrs, 5 Months; ROBIN LYNN SARRETT, age 6yrs, 1 Month; TRACY ANN SARRETT, age 4yrs, 2 Months and PAULA DAWN SARRETT, age 9 Months; Services will be held at 1 o'clock p.m., Thursday at the Floral Hills Chapel; burial in the Floral Hills Cemetery. Friends may call after 7 o'clock tonight at the chapel.

Floral Hills Cemetery, 7000 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, MO, 64133

Flora Hills, 4,0000 Vicinity Map! by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. Dated: Jan 05, 2011  - Click on Thumbnail for larger Map!   Flora Hills, 1,0000 Vicinity Map! by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. Dated: Jan 05, 2011  - Click on Thumbnail for larger Map!   Entrance to Floral Hills Cemetery, by FAG by: july1962, 10/15/2010 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!   Chapel in Floral Hills Cemetery - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!   Flag Day at Chapel in Floral Hills Cemetery - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!   Chapel in Floral Hills Cemetery - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!  
Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr.
b. 14 Oct 1899 ~ d. 10 Jul 1963
age 63yrs, 8mths, & 26 days
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[Created by: Paul R Sarrett, Feb 23, 2011]

Daddy & Momma's Headstone! - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Daddy & Momma's Headstone! - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! "Mother"
Lila M. (Latty) JAYNE,
b. 04 Oct 1905 ~ d. 09 Sep 1968,
age 63yrs, 10mths, & 5 days
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The following are the Three Children of: Leonard E. Jayne, Sr. & Mother: Lila Marie (Latty) JAYNE:
Tenth Generation!
Photo of Junior JAYNE, 1955 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Leonard Emmet JAYNE, "Junior"
(Only Son of Leonard E. JAYNE & Mother: Lila Marie LATTY
b. 29 Nov. 1934, in Kansas City, Mo;
d. 24 Mar. 1974, at the age of 39 years, 3 months, and 25 days; in San Diego, California;
Buried: in Alpine Cemetery, East of San Diego.;
Junior JAYNE, Graduated from Central High School, K.C. Mo., in c1953;
After High School he joined the U.S. Navy in 1954, and served with the 7th Pacific Fleet out of San Diego, CA;
At age 24yrs he married, in 1958, San Diego, CA. to
Miss JOAN SMITH; b. Unknown; believed to be in San Diego;
They had three Sons born to this union; After the death of her first husband, Joan married a second time to
Jack RANDALL, as his second wife, who had children;
Last known address 6830 Barker Way, San Diego, CA 92119; Phone 619/466-8445;
Jack is the owner and operator of Jack RANDALL AUTOMOTIVE, San Diego, CA.
      1.1 1st. Son: Leonard E. JAYNE, III; b. 1961
      1.2 2nd. Son: Kevin R. JAYNE; b. 1963
      1.3 3rd. Son: Kory S. JAYNE; b. 1965
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 Junior L. E. JAYNE of La Mesa, San Diego Co., CA.
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Photo of Star E. JAYNE, 1957 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Star Eugina JAYNE,
(1st Dau of Leonard E. JAYNE & Mother: Lila Marie LATTY
b. 13 May 1938, Kansas City, MO;
Graduated from Central High School, 1957;
Attended and Graduated from University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. 1958-1962;
At the age of 22 years, she married on Saturday, 8 o'clock P.M., 1960 at the
First Presbyterian Church, corner of Pleasant & Lexington, in Independence, MO. to
Not Traced!
They lived at Columbia, MO., until they Graduated, then moved to
8430 Royalhaven Dr., North Royalton, Ohio, 44133,
They had three children born to this Union; They Divorced!
      2.1 1st. Son: Donald METZGAR, Jr; b. 13 May 1963, Barberton, OH.
      2.2 1st. Dau: Kristy METZGAR, b. 20 Apr 1965, Barberton, OH.
      2.3 2nd. Son: Michael METZGAR, b. 28 Oct 1968, Parma, OH.

Photo of Roselle E. JAYNE, 1960 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Roselle Enid JAYNE,
(2nd Dau of Leonard E. JAYNE & Mother: Lila Marie LATTY
b. 13 Sep 1942, St. Joseph's Hospital, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri
d. 19 Sep 2012, age 70yrs, 0mths, & 6 days, Lenconl, Placer Co., Califorina
She was creameated, at the Lincoln Funeral Home, ashes will be retained by Paul until his death.,
She attended Benton Grade School, K.C.Mo.; Central Jr. and Central High School K.C.Mo. Grad 1960;
Paul & Roselle new each other since the 7th. grade.;
At the age of 17 years, she married on the 25th day of March, 1960,
at the First Presbyterian Church, of Independence, Missouri, by Dr. Ruel JOHNSON officiated to the
Paul, Grad from Central High Schools, 1959 K.C., MO. Photo 18 year old Paul Raymond SARRETT. Jr.
(1st s/o Paul R. SARRETT, Sr. & Mother: M. Lucille WILSON)
b. 9 Dec. 1941, Kansas City, MO;
Living: Lincoln, Placer Co., california
They had Four Daughters born to this Union & 10 GrandChildren:
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 Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. of Auburn, CA.
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End of Leonard E. JAYNE, Sr. Chapter.

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