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As you work, be sure to copy any Hildebrand records that others may use. Send them in and we will give you credit for the contribution. Be sure to give the title, author, date of publication. If you have misplaced a family, check further west. We have in Kansas 1875, people from N.J., Ind, Ohio, KY.

H-39 East Early tax lists

H-11 AR 1880 Census

H-60 IL Revolutionary Soldiers
H-33 IL 1850 Census Index
H-18 IL Marriages: Adams, Macon, Fayette counties
H-37 IL Misc. Records
H-23 IL Adams County 1840 Census
H-28 IL Macon County Records

H-62 IN Census Records of Indiana
H-22 IN 1840 Census Index of Indiana
H-56 IN Marriage Records of Indiana
H-63 IN Indiana Miscellany

H-10 KS 1875 Census Records of Kansas

H-38 KY Miscellaneous Records
H-31 KY Marriage Records of Jefferson Co., VA 1781-1826

H-53 MO Records from the Spanish Regime
H-4 MO Early Land Records and Claims
H-32 MO The Spanish Regime in Missouri
H-5 MO 1830 Federal Census
H-26 MO 1840 Census Index
H-43 MO 1850 Census Index (new)
H-42 MO 1870 Census Index (new)
H-6 MO 1880 Soundex Census
H-68 MO 1890 Veterans Census Index
H-15 MO Miscellaneous Records
H-66 MO The Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand, expt
H-47 MO Cape Girardeau 1850 Census
H-14 MO Cape Girardeau Records
H-65 MO Dallas/Polk 1840 Census
H-52 MO Dallas Co. 1850 Census
H-54 MO Dallas Co. 1860 Census
H-46 MO Franklin Co. 1850 Census
H-34 MO Franklin Co. 1860 Census
H-50 MO Franklin Co. Miscellaneous Records
H-21 MO Jefferson County Cemetery Records - Cedar Hill,
H-27 MO Jefferson County 1840 Census
H-45 MO Jefferson County 1850 Census
H-49 MO Jefferson County 1860 Census
H-35 MO Jefferson County Deed Records
H-36 MO Jefferson Co. Record Book 1836-47 (incomp)
H-51 MO Jefferson Co. Miscellaneous Records
H-55 MO Madison Co. Census Records
H-57 MO Madison County Miscellaneous Records
H-44 MO Moniteau Co. 1860 Census
H-41 MO St. Francois County Records (new)
H-48 MO St. Francois Co. 1850 Census
H-30 MO St. Louis Marriage Records
H-64 MO St. Louis Probates 1804-49
H-59 MO St. Louis 1870 Census Index

H-19 MS Miscellaneous Mississippi Records
H-24 MS Early Settlers of Natchez District

H-61 NC Early Census Records of N.C.
H-29 NC Marriage Records of North Carolina

H-12 OH Census Records of Ohio
H-17 OH Marriages (very limited record)

H-16 OK Miscellaneous Records

H-1 PA Early Pennsylvania Immigration Records
H-3 PA Tax Lists and Pennsylvania Archives Records
H-13 PA Early German Marriages
H-25 PA Cumberland County Records
H-2 PA Lancaster County Records
H-40 PA Miscellaneous Pennsylvania Records
H-67 PA York County Church Records

H-9 TN Miscellaneous Records

H-7 TX 1880 Soundex
H-8 TX Early Marriage Records
H-20 TX 1900 Soundex Listings

H-58 VA Miscellaneous Records of Virginia

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Other Early Hildebrand Lineages:
Andreas Hildebrand from Richard J. Hildebrand
Benjamin Hildebrand from James P. Hildabrand
Abraham Hilterbrand of Texas County, Missouri

German Information Page

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