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This site is dedicated to my family history. My ancestors arrived to this country from England as early as the Jamestown settlers and as recently as the Swedish emigration of 1880. Their lives, like those of other immigrants, are interwoven in the rich historical fabric and exciting cultural development of this country. None were famous, rich or even noteworthy, but all worked hard to raise their families and to better their lot. They were farmers, laborers, printers, dyers, clergy, teachers, soldiers, lawyers and doctors. Their stories are included in the early dutch settlement of New York, the founding of the Jamestown colony, the maritime trade in Maine, the Quaker  movement, the California gold rush, crossing on the Oregon trail, the Civil War and all the other major and minor events that shaped their lives and secured our heritage. I am very thankful and blessed to have the chance to get to know them.
.........Now you can too.
 In this first edition of my web site, I have included 'Diaries and Letters' which really bring to life the names and dates of the 'Genealogy'. When reading them or looking at the photos, be sure to find them in the genealogy section to see how they are related. You may find some long lost relatives. The 'Biographies' and 'Histories' are mostly published sources and will later be augmented with my written biographies. The 'Recipes' section contains a few of Marie Steelquist's most sought after culinary masterpieces. A look at 'Websites' will show some interesting sites pertinent to our history and research.
And please, if you have anything that you think would enhance this site or the family history, please e-mail me.

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