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"To forget one's ancestors is to be
a brook without a source,
a tree without a root."
... Chinese Proverb.

    Welcome to the Wynkoop Family Research Library. Here you will find copies of published and unpublished Wynkoop Genealogies, family portraits, Bible records, original research into the Family's past and a whole range of other material, including listings of original Wynkoop documents held by Libraries, Historical Societies and Genealogical Societies around the world, along with call numbers and addresses should you wish to order copies of these materials directly from the source.

    Ten years on this site is still heavily under construction and even now a few of the links still do not work. Please don't let that deter you from enjoying what there is. Currently there are 2287 separate web pages worth of material for you to browse, (way, way, way, way over 2,000 printed pages total), with more coming every week. (For those of you keeping track, the 1,000th webpage was created on May 4th, 2004, the 2,000th page on May 29th, 2006-chw.)

    New and updated webpages are so marked with a graphic that will display for 45 days after their creation. Stop by often if you wish to remain up-to-date on the latest material posted here.

    In a broader sense, of course, this website will never truly be finished. The Wynkoop family in America is as vital today as it was back in the late 1600s and I see no danger of it's dying out anytime soon. As long as there are family members, there will be history to record.

    As complete as I have tried to make this website in regards to Wynkoop family history, I have to confess that there is still a lot of Wynkoop history in old newspapers that I have turned a blind eye to, and which might make for other interesting Wynkoop family websites, should someone have the time and interest. Wynkoops and their descendants have been prominent in many other fields than the ones I have covered, including sports, politics, religion, and the law. You will find them well represented in theatre, film and radio, not to mention the society pages and you will discover many of them in a whole host of passenger lists which fill the newspapers from the mid 1800s to the early 20th century. Many of the Wynkoops and their descendants have had restless feet and traveled extensively.

    While this website reflects my own interests, which should come as no surprise, I would be remiss if I didn't mention many of these other fields in which the family has excelled. Perhaps you might be interested in following through on some of these other family interests and creating a new website to explore them. There is still a tremendous amount of unrecovered family history out there. A lot of it is crying out to be rediscovered, perhaps by you. For other Wynkoop websites please check out the Wynkoop Family Webpage Links. Each and every one of these folks has worked extremely hard to promote various aspects of the family, both in the United States and abroad. You'll find yourself in very good company.

    A search engine has been provided at the bottom of the page, (as well as a Site Map), to make it easier and faster to locate any information that might interest you most. In addition we've been conducting a survey for some time now, on how family members pronounce Wynkoop. Feel free to express your opinion and be sure to check out the running totals. If you have other questions that you'd like to add to the survey drop me a line at [email protected]. There's always room for more questions.

    In the meantime, take a moment to click on this link and leave a note in the Guestbook. You may be able to help someone else with what you know or who you're descended from. At the very least, we'd all love to hear from you! Come on! Give it a try!! We won't bite....

The Wynkoop Genealogies.
     Richard Wynkoop's Genealogies, The Wynkoops of Loudoun County, The Lineage of the Christian Meyer Family and other written sources.

The Van Langedyck Family.
     Maria Van Langedyck's family.

Dutch Patronymics of the 1600s.
     Lorine McGinnis Schulze's write-up. Necessary to understanding the Van Langedyck Family relationships. No stories here.

Wynkoop Family Coat of Arms.
     History and background of the two major family Coat of Arms

Wynkoop Family Portrait Gallery.Working on it!
     18th, 19th & early 20th Century family portraits.

The Wynkoop Chronicles.
     Wynkoop Family Biographies, Stories and Original Research.

Newspaper Articles.
     EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Family history as it happened.

Military Rosters of Wynkoops and Their Descendants.
     From the 1600s to the present day, compiled from a variety of sources.

     Brief stories and incidents concerning Wynkoop Family members.

Wynkoop Family Bible Records.
     Bible Records and Family Registers

The Horrors of Travel.
     Disasters suffered in transit.

Rumor Central.
     Persistent family traditions and stories.

Wynkoop Genealogy.
     Koen Wynkoop's rebuilt and revamped website.

The Official Wynkoop Family Page.
     Tracy Wynkoop's original website can still be viewed thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
     Try a search for Wynkoop or some of the other alternate spellings!

Take our survey.
     How do you pronounce Wynkoop?, and other questions.

    One final word; I'd like to address an issue I've seen in the search reports I receive from FreeFind on a weekly and monthly basis.

    The material on this website comes from original sources and may be several hundred years old. For material that old you might want to keep in mind that spelling in the old days was an art form and not an exact science. Time and time again I've seen searches of this website fail to find family members, whom I know to be represented here, because the researcher has only tried one spelling of the name they are looking for, (usually the current spelling).

    I've put up a listing of Wynkoop Name Spelling Variations, for those of you looking for Wynkoops only, but if you're looking for family members who intermarried with the Wynkoops, (husbands or wives), you might want to consider trying as many different spelling variations of your own as you can invent.

    Many websites have gone to the trouble to standardize the spelling of family names, but I have not, and will not. In my humble opinion it does a disservice to the original material and the authors, and subtly, (and sometimes not so subtly), changes the context and even the original intent and feeling that is an all important part of the family history that this material contains.

    My advice to you is to be as creative in your spelling as possible. You'll be happier and more successful in the long run.

    All my best,


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