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The Saxony Line

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The Saxony Line
Generation No. 1

Bruno of Saxony

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 2

Liudolf Duke of Saxony [rt5]
b c.806
d 12 MAR 866

He married Oda~
b c.805/806
d ?.5.(c.913)

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 3

Otto Duke of Saxony [rt5]
b c.836
d 30 NOV 912

He married Hadwig of Saxony (Hadui)
d 24.2.903/906

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 4

Siblings Liudolf, Henry I 'the Fowler' & Oda are all ancestors.

Liudolf of Saxony
b v.876
d v.30.1.912

Henry I 'the Fowler' Holy Roman Emperor, Emperor of Germany 912-936, Duke of Saxony
[rt9;141-18][rt5] The Teutons
b 876
d 2 Jul 936 Memleben(BIO-Amer)

He married (2) Mechtilde of Ringelheim~ Aka:Mathilde of Hamalant
dau of Dietrich Count of Ringelheim b 894/897
d 14 MAR 968

Oda of Saxony HS LINK
b 875/880
d (2.7.?)(aft.952)

She married Gerhard Count of Metzgau
d 22 JUN 910

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 5

Siblings Ekkehard & Wendilgard Children of Liudolf of Saxony, are both ancestors.

Ekkehard of Saxony(Son of Liudolf)
d 25 SEP 936

Wendilgard of Saxony(Daughter of Liudolf) HS LINK

She married Udalrich V of Z�richgau

Siblings Otto I, Gerberga, Henry I & Hadwig children of King Henry I 'the Fowler', are all ancestors.

Otto I Emperor of Germany, 2nd Duke of Saxony(Son of Henry I. & Mathilde)
[rt1,5] The Teutons - Encarta Bio
b 23 NOV 912
d 7 MAY 973 Memleben

He married (1) Edith of England (Edgyth) [rt1]
b 905/912
d 26 JAN 946

He married (2) Adelaide of Burgundy
b 931/932
d 17 DEC 999 Selz (Altdorf)

Gerberga of Saxony dau of Henry I 'the Fowler' [rt9;142-18] HS LINK
b 913/914 Nordhausen
d 5.5.[968,984] Reims

She married (1) Giselbert Duke of Lorraine (Lothringen) [rt9;140-18][rt5]
b c.880
d 2 OCT 939 Andernach/im Rhein

She married (2) Louis IV of Outremer King of France (Charlemagne) [rt9;148-18][rt5,6]
b 10.9.(920/921)
d 10 SEP 954 Reims

Henry I Duke of Bavaria
b 4.919/22.4.922
d 1 NOV 955

He married Judith of Bavaria (Schweinfurt)
b c.919
d 27 JUL 978

Hedwig of Saxony Aka: Hedwiga; Hadui;
[rt9;141-19] B&B LINK
RES: Germany & France
b 0915/922, Saxony, Germany
d 9 Jan 958/14 May 0965

She married 14 Sep 0938 Hugh "The Great" de France Aka: Hugh Magnus [rt9;53-19][S790]
Duke of Francia, Count of Paris, Duke of Neustria
RES: Paris And The Ile De France
b 0895, Paris, Seine, France
d 16 Jun 0956, Deurdan, Dourdan, France

Hadwig & Otto are the great-great grandparents of Hedwiga of Saxony (See Capet Tree)
making Hedwiga & Hugh distant cousins.

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 6

Ekkehard Count of Merseburg (Son of Ekkehard)
d 30 AUG 954

Liutgarde of Saxony Aka:Leutgard (Daughter of Otto I & Edith) [rt9;45-18] HS LINK
b c.930/935
d 17/18 Nov 953

She married in 947 Conrad 'the Wise' Duke of Lorraine [rt9;192-20][rt5]
b c.920
d 10 AUG 955 Lechfeld

Emperor Otto II(Son of Otto I & Adelaide)
[rt5,13] Encarta Bio
b Ende 955
d 7 DEC 983 Rome (BIO-Amer)

He married Theophano of Byzantium Aka:Theophanu
b c.945/959
d 15 JUN 991 Nymwegen

Hadewig of Bavaria (Daughter of Henry I. & Judith) HS LINK
b c.940/945
d 26 AUG 994

She married Burghard II of Schwaben (Bavaria)
d 11 NOV 973 (R�tien)

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 7

Gunther Viscount of Merseburg (Son of Ekkelard)
d (13/14).7.982 Cotrone

Mathilde of Saxony (Daughter of Otto II.) HS LINK
b Sommer 978
d 4 NOV 1025

She married Ezzo Palatine Count of Lorraine
b c.955
d (21/12).5.1034

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 8

Ekkehard I Viscount Meissen (Son of Gunther)
b c.960
d 30 APR 1002 P�hlde

He married Suanahild Billung
d 26 NOV 1014

The Saxony Line
Generation No. 9

Mathilde of Meissen (Daughter of Ekkehard I.) HS LINK
d (2.2.?)10??

She married Dietrich II Viscount of Niederlausitz
d 19 NOV 1034

Lineage = Saxony -> R�tien -> Schweinfurt -> Monferrat ->
Saluzzo -> Fitzalan -> Strange -> Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb�

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