A Grandchild's Heritage - Wessex Line

A Grandchild's Heritage


Lineage 1 through Margaret= Wessex -> Bernicia -> Huntingdon -> St. Liz -> Quincey -> Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

Lineage 2 through Driella= Wessex -> O'Brien -> MacMurrough -> DeClare -> Marshall (Eve) ->
De Braiose -> Cantalou -> La Zouche ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barbé

Other lines directly linked to the Bernicia line through their wives are Normandy & Gaini

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The first 9 generations are only legendary.

Generation No. 1

Odin [rt1]

Generation No. 2

Beldaeg [rt1]

Generation No. 3

Brond [rt1]

Generation No. 4

Frithugar [rt1]

Generation No. 5

Freawine [rt1]

Generation No. 6

Wig [rt1]

Generation No. 7

Gewis [rt1]

Generation No. 8

Esla [rt1]

Generation No. 9

Elesa [rt1]

Generation No. 10

Cerdic King of Wessex 519-534 [rt9;1-1][rt1, 5][www1,6]
Came to Britian in 495 in five ships.
b bef. 495
d 534

King of the West Saxons, 519-534, he was a Saxon earldorman who founded a settlement on the coast of Hampshire, England, in 495. He assumed the title of King of the West Saxons in 519, and became the ancestor of the English royal line. [rt9;1-1]
Generation No. 11

Cynric King of Wessex 534-560 [rt9;1-3][rt1, 5][www1,6]
b Abt 525
d 560

Generation No. 12

Ceawlin King of Wessex 560-590 [rt9;1-4][rt1, 5][www1,6]
b c547
d 593

Generation No. 13

Cuthwine (Cutha) [rt9;1-5][rt1][www1]
b c 564
d 584 killed in battle

Generation No. 14

Cuthwulf (Cutha) [rt9;1-6][rt1][www1]

Generation No. 15

Ceolwold (Ceolwald) [rt9;1-7][rt1][www1]
b c 622
visited Rome 688
d aft 688

Generation No. 16

Cenred [rt9;1-8][rt1][www1]
b by 644

Generation No. 17

Ingeld (Ingild) [rt9;1-9][rt1][www1]
b c 680
d 718

Generation No. 18

Eoppa [rt9;1-10][rt1][www1]
d 725

Generation No. 19

Eafa [rt9;1-11][rt1][www1]
b c 732

Generation No. 20

Ealhmund (Edmund) King of Kent [rt9;1-12][rt1, 5][www1]
b Abt 758,
d Abt 788/aft. 786/aft. 801

Generation No. 21

Egbert King of Wessex 802-827; First King of England 827-836 [rt9;1-13][rt1, 5][www1,6]
b 775,
d aft 19 Nov 838/4 Feb 839

- Redburh Aka: Aedburh, Redburga, Raedburh [rt9;1-13][rt1][www1]
b Abt 788~

Generation No. 22

King Athelwulf of Wessex King of The West Saxons 0806 - 0858; King of England 839-858 Aka: Athulf [rt9;1-14][S1128]
d 13 Jan 858

He married (1) Osburg 0810 - ____ [rt9;1-14][S1128]
dau of Oslac, the royal cup bearer

Generation No. 23

Siblings King Alfred "The Great" & Aethelred I are both ancestors.
I have italicized Aethelred's line to make it easier to follow.

Aethelred I [rt1,6]
d April 872

He married Wulfrida~ [rt1]

King Alfred "The Great" King of England 871-901 [rt9;1-15;44-15][rt1,5,6][S695] [S1128] [S1570]
crowned at Winchester
b 0849, Wantage, Berkshire, England
d 28 Oct 0901, Winchester, Hampshire, England

He married in 868 Ealhswith of the Gaini Queen of England Aka: Ethelswida (Alswitha) of Gainsborough of MERCIA
[rt9;1-15][rt1][S1128] [S1570] B&B LINK
(Could this be the start of the name 'Elizabeth'?)
b ABT 0850/0852 Mercia, England [www15]
d 5 Dec 0905

"Alfred was one of the greatest men in history. He was crowned king at Winchester, 871; founded the British navy, organized the militia, compiled a code of laws, built schools and monasteries, and invited scholars to live at his court. He was a good scholar and translated many books." [rt9;1-15]

Generation No. 24

Aethelhelm [rt1]

He married Athelgyth~ [rt1]

Siblings King Edward I "The Elder" & Elfrida are both ancestors.

Edward I "The Elder" of The Anglo Saxons King of England 901-924 [rt9;1-16;45-16][rt1,5,6][S1059] [S1128] [S1570]
b 0875, Wessex, England
d 0924, Farrington, Berkshire, England

He married (2)Elfleda of Bernicia Aka: Alfflaed [rt9;45-16][rt1]
dau of Athelhelm, Ealdorman of Wiltshire

He married (3) Edgiva of Kent Aka: Eggwyn Eadgifu ABT 0890 - [rt9;1-16][rt1][www1][S1059] [S1570] [S2016]
Dau of Sigehelm Ealdorman(Earl) of Kent BIRTH: ABT 0871, Kent, England
b ABT 0890, Kent, England
m 0919, Wessex, England
m 0893 Wessex, England [www15]
d 0961

Elfrida of England Aka:Elftrudis, Aelfthryth of WESSEX [rt9;44-16][rt1,www1]
b. Abt 877,
m. 884
d 7 JUN 929

She married Baldwin II Count of Flanders [rt9;162-17][rt1,www1]
b c.863/865
d. 2 Jan 918

Generation No. 25

Aethelfrith [rt1]
d c927

Sisters Edgiva, Edhilda, Edith & Elgiva, children of Edward I & Elfleda are all ancestors.

Edgiva of England[rt1] HS LINK
b 896
m 918-919
d c953

She married Charles III "The Simple" King of the Franks [rt1]
b 17.(8/9).879
d 7 Oct 929

Edhilda [rt1]
d c953

She married Hugh Count of Paris [rt1]
d 956

Edith of England Aka:Edgyth, Eadgyth [rt9;45-17][rt1]
dau of Edward I "The Elder" & Alfflaed b 905-912
d 26 JAN 946

She married 929/30 Otto I 'the Great' Holy Roman Emperor, Emperor of Germany, Duke of Saxony
b 23 NOV 912
d 7 MAY 973 Memleben

Elgiva of England (Adiva) [rt1] HS LINK

She married Boleslaw I the Cruel Duke of Bohemia [rt1,5,6]
d 967/15.7.972

King Edmund I "The Magnificent" "the Deed Doer"(Son of Edward I & Edgiva)
King of England 0940 - 0946 [rt9;1-17][rt1, 5][www1,6][S1059] [S1570]
b 0920, Wessex, England
d 26 May 946, Pocklechurch

He married Lady Elgiva Queen of England Aka: Saint Alfgifu; Saint AELFGIFU; Evgiva [rt9;1-17][rt1][www1][S1059] [S1570]
b 920/922 Wessex, England, d 0944 [www15]

Generation No. 26

Aethelwerd the Historian [rt1]
b Bef 965
d c998

He married - Athelflaed~ [rt1]

King Edgar "The Peaceable" of England [rt9;1-18][rt1, 5][www1,6][S1059] [S1128] [S1570]
OCCUPATION: Reign: 959-975
b 0942/43, Wessex, England
d 8 Jul 0975, Wessex, England

He married in 965 Queen Ealfthryth of England 0945 - 1000 Aka: Elfrieda, Elfrida [rt9;1-18][rt1][www1][S1059] [S1570]
Dau of Ordgar Earl of Devon and Wulfrith b 0922 Devonshire, England
first woman to be crowned Queen of England, 11 May 973 at Bath
m 0945
d 1000, Wherwell

Generation No. 27

Aethelmaer [rt1]

King Athelred II the Redeless "The Unready" King of England 979-1016 Aka: Ethelred [rt9;1-19][rt1, 5][www1,6][S590] [S810] [S1059] [S1570]
b ABT 0968, Wessex, England
d 23 Apr 1016, London, England
bur St. Paul'S, London, Middlesex, England[www15]

AETHELRED Coat of Arms
AETHELRED Coat of Arms
He first married in 985 Alfflead of Normandy Aka: Elgiva of Northumbria [rt9;1-19][rt1][www1][S590] [S810] [S1570] B&B LINK
Weis shows Alfflaed as dau. of Thored
b ABT 0968, Wessex, England
m 0985, Wessex, England d 1003

Children of King AETHELRED II & ALFFAED of Normandy are Princess ELGIVA & Edmund II 'Ironside'

He second married Queen EMMA BEAUCLERC of England 0984 - 6 Mar 1051 [S1059] B&B LINK
m ABT 1002


Ethelred II, 'The Unready', King Of England was sometimes called 'the Unraed,' or counsel-less, because he could not command the support of his leading nobles. Today he is often called 'the Unready' because that word looks like 'Unraed.' He failed to stop Danish invasions, and finally bought peace with money. This was the origin of the Danegeld.
Source: 'The World Book Encyclopedia', 1968, p E291.

Generation No. 28

Wulfnoth Cild [rt1]

Siblings Edmund II 'Ironside' & Princess ELGIVA & half sister Princess GODGIFU are all ancestors.

Edmund II Ironside King of England 1016[rt9;1-20][rt1, 5][www1,6]
b c989
d 30 Nov 1016

He married in 1015 Edith of Northumbria ~ Aka: Ealgyth [rt9;1-20][rt1][www1]
b. Abt 995

Princess Elgiva or Aelfgifu (Alfgifu) of England ABT 0997 - ____ [rt9;34-20][www15][S810] B&B LINK SMAQ LINK
b 0990, Of Wessex, England

She married (3) Uchtred Earl of Northumberland 0971 - 1018 [rt9;34-20][S443]Aka: Lord of Bamburgh.
Acceded: CIR 965
b 0971, Northumbria
d 1016/1018, Killed, murdered

Princess Godgifu of England ABT 1010 - 1055 [S790] B&B LINK
m ABT 1038, Norfolk, England

She married -RALPH "The Staller" de GAEL of Norfolk BEF 1011 - AFT Feb 1068
b BEF 1011, Brittany, France

Generation No. 29

Godwin [rt1]
+15 April 1053

He married Githa Sprakalaeg~

Edward "the Atheling" of England "the Exile" [rt9;1-21][rt1][www1]
b. 1016,
d. 1057

He married in 1035 Agathe of Braunschweig of Hungary [rt9;1-21][rt1][www1] HS LINK
b. Abt 1025,
d. Aft 1066

Generation No. 30

Driella [rt1]

She married Donnchad O'Brien, King of Munster

Margaret of England Aka: St. Margaret of Scotland [rt9;1-22][rt1][www1] HS LINK
b 1045
d 16 NOV 1093

She married in 1068/69 at Dunfermline Malcolm III Canmore King of Scots 1058-1093 [rt9;170-21][rt1,5][www1]
crowned at Scone 17 Mar 1057/58 b 1031
d 13 NOV 1093 slain while beseiging Alnwick Castle

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