My information on the LaGrone family goes back to Fridrich Matthaus Gromme, who was born about 1640 in Germany. He was the father of Johannes Peter Gromm.

Johannes Peter Gromm was born March 15, 1667/68 at Schonau, Odenwald, in Baden-Wurttemberg. In the mid-1690's he married to Anna Margareth Scheid, who was born in July of 1672 at Schonau. The only child I know of from this union was Adam Laurenz La Gron.

Adam Laurenz La Gron was born on February 9, 1697/98 in Schonau, immigrated to the United States, and died in 1784 at Newberry in Newberry County, South Carolina. Adam married in 1729 at Newberry to Mary Magdalene Kinard, who was born in 1710 somewhere in Europe and died in 1733 at Newberry. A son was born to Adam and Mary named Tobias.

Tobias Lagrone was born in 1730 at Newberry, South Carolina. He married a lady named Mary Ann around 1750. One son is know to this couple

Cyrus Lagrone & family

John Adam Lagrone was born about 1755 at Newberry. About 1780 or so he married Mary Magdaline Houseal, who was born in 1760. They had a son named John Jacob Lagrone.

John Jacob Lagrone, Sr. was born on October 17, 1785 at Newberry and died July 27, 1863 at Longview, in Gregg County, Texas. On October 10, 1810 at Newberry, he married Catherine Riser. She was born in 1790 at Newberry and died on January 4, 1860 at Longview. They had at least one son, John Jacob Lagrone, Jr.

John Jacob Lagrone, Jr., was born on May 22, 1812 in Newberry and died on July 24, 1884 at Marshall, Harrison County, Texas. On May 26, 1840 he married Mary Anne Randolph, who was born in 1828 at Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi and died November 20, 1887 at Marshall, Texas. "Jacob" and Mary had 11 children, one of which was Charles Belton LaGrone.

Charles Belton LaGrone was born on January 17, 1855 at Marshall, Texas and died on March 8, 1949 at Pomona, Los Angeles County, California. He married on March 23, 1887 at Cameron, Milam County, Texas to Sabra Jane Watson. Sabra was born on February 14, 1867 and died on April 9, 1922. She's buried at Fairview Cemetery, Bronte, Coke County, Texas. "Belton" and Sabra had 10 children, some of whom are still living.

Annie Audrey Lagrone was born on September 1, 1894 at Cameron, in Milam County, Texas and died on August 27, 1978 in Cypress, Orange County, California. About 1912 she married Claude Chamberlain Williams. Their information can be seen on the Williams'   page.

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[May 3 2005] My usual lines in Milam Co., Texas are siblings and descendants of Martin Luther Cone and wife Sarah Ann Scarborough. Martin Luther Cone was son to Adam Koon / Coon / Cone and his wife Mary Lagrone, of Dutch Fork, Newberry Dist, South Carolina and Perry Co., Alabama. The initial census searches for Cousin Mary Gibson and her husband Tom indicate Mary was born a Lagrone. Tom's mother-in-law was listed as Lou Lagrone. My great uncle Hubert, grandson of Martin Luther Cone, has always told stories about how the Cones came to Milam County from Alabama, traveling at night to avoid the carpetbaggers. My great aunt Myrtle, granddaughter of Martin Luther Cone, has always said the Cones moved to Milam Co., Texas in 1868, after the Civil War. So far, I've not been able to substantiate this 1868 travel date; Martin Luther Cone and his family and his inlaws were in Milam County, TX on the 1860 census. Furthermore, Martin Luther Cone served in the Civil War from a Milam Co., Texas company. The last record I have so far found of Martin Luther Cone and his family in Perry Co., AL is the sale of Sarah Ann Scarborough's parents' land in Perry County in the fall and winter of 1858. So my question to you, is, do you know of any list of persons on the 1868 wagon train from Perry Co., Alabama to Milam Co., Texas? Or do you have word-of-mouth about your own family only? I have wondered if there was some event in Perry County, Alabama about 1868 that required the kin who were already living in Milam County to return to Perry County and help family move to Texas.   Sincerely, Alison S.