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Christenson and Howells Family History Website

This website is dedicated to the genealogy and family history of Wendell Bartholomew Christenson, Sr. and Ann Francis Howells and their progenitors. Along with pedigree charts and World Connect genealogical data, multiple personal histories and associated documentation of various family members are presented, which serve as stepping stones to understanding. It is a work in progress and will be further expanded as more information becomes available. Surnames include Christenson, Christensen, Andersen, Hvid, Bartholomew, Metcalf, Benson, Waslin, Howells, Howell, Francis, Price, Evans, Hurley, Crowley, Pearce, Caddey, Caddy and others.

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Pedigree Chart, Wendell Bartholomew Christenson, Sr.:

Pedigree Chart, Ann Francis Howells:

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Personal Histories:

Wendell Bartholomew Christenson, Sr. line:

  • Himself: Wendell Bartholomew Christenson, Sr. (1903-1983):

  • His Parents: Andrew "B" Christenson (1869-1931) and Sarah Jane Bartholomew (1876-1966):

  • His Paternal Grandparents: Lauritz Mathias Christen Christensen (1847-1928) and Else Kathrine Andersen (1847-1923):

  • His Maternal Grandparents: John Bartholomew (1845-1914) and Eliza "Roxie" Metcalf (1850-1924):

  • His Paternal Great Grandparents: Christen Christensen (1817-1899) and Karen Lauritzdatter (1826-1866):

  • His Paternal Great Grandparents: Anders Christian Christensen (1808-1878) and Mette Kirstine Christensdatter Hvid (1811-1872):

  • His Maternal Great Grandparents: Joseph Bartholomew, Sr. (1820-1901) and Polly Benson (1816-1912):

  • His Maternal Great Grandparents: John Edward Metcalf, Sr. (1812-1887) and Mary Waslin (1810-1884):

  • Other Early Progenitors:

  • Ann Francis Howells line:

  • Herself: Ann Francis Howells (1903-1973):

  • Her Parents: John Francis Howells (1866-1944) and Annie Matilda Hurley (1874-1959):

  • Her Paternal Grandparents: Thomas Howells (1831-1883) and Ann Evans Francis (1833-1874):

  • Her Maternal Grandparents: Patrick Hurley (1829-1887) and Susan Jane Pearce (1845-1928):

  • Her Paternal Great Grandparents: John Howells (1793-1827) and Gwenllian Price (1800-1869):

  • Her Paternal Great Grandparents: Benjamin Francis (1802-1849) and Margaret Evans (1800-1886):

  • Her Maternal Great Grandparents: John Hurley (about 1801) and Catherine Crowley (about 1805):
  • Her Maternal Great Grandparents: Henry Pearce (1813-1882) and Rachel Caddey (1825-1869):

  • Other Early Progenitors: