The first book ever published on the EVILSIZER/EVILSIZOR/EVELSIZER/EVENSIZER families in America.

SOLD OUT after 2 printings


For those who are not a genealogist and are only interested in your direct line, you can now purchase  a Mini-Book. This book is printed on acid-free paper with card stock and clear plastic covers. It contains the same research information as the original book, but includes your direct line of ancestors.

 These make wonderful Christmas and birthday gifts for children and grandchildren.  

You can order yours for only $22.95. This price includes the CD-Rom with all scanned documents, and a digital version of the book in PDF format so that you may print your own copies.  


CD-Rom Available of Evil In The Barn Original Book

Text files used in book
Scanned Birth Certificates
Scanned Death Certificates
Scanned Marriage Certificates
Scanned Old family photos
Scanned Military, Obits, Pensions, etc
Scanned Wills and Estates
Past Newsletters
Complete printable Table of Contents

Complete database in PDF format

This CD is $6.95 including shipping.

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