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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Nathaniel Jr KING395 was born in 1808 in Sevier, Tennessee.395 He died in 1900 in Sevier, Tennessee.395 He was buried in Sevier, Tennessee.395 Parents: Sr. King NATHANIEL and Elizabeth RUNYAN.

Spouse: Sarah OGLE. Nathaniel Jr KING and Sarah OGLE were married in 1832 in Sevier, Tennessee.395

Nelson KING3,41 was born in .3,41 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 85401.

Spouse: Elizabeth POOL. Nelson KING and Elizabeth POOL were married on 14 Mar 1854.3,41 Reference Number:1377819 Children were: Ira KING, Hattie KING.

Neva KING3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 87982. Parents: David S. KING and Nancy Virginia CORNWELL.

Newton KING3,401 was born in 1872.3,401 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 74119. Parents: James Wesly KING and Susan VANCLEVE.

Olive KING3,577 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 106241.

Spouse: James W. BOYD. James W. BOYD and Olive KING were married on 1 Aug 1855.3,577 Reference Number:1665706

Oliver C. KING3,401 was born in Oct 1846 in Breathitt County, KY.3,401,2208,3147 He died Unknown in Hunting Fork, Wolfe County, KY.3,401 He is reference number 72867. [boyd-trees.ged]



1920 Wolfe County Census

Enumeration taken by Ola H. Miller, Jan. l920, Enumeration Dist 239

1920 Wolfe County Census
Ollie C. 73 HH
Minnie 25 wife
Wick 4+7 son
Nellie 2+5 dau
Daisy 7 s/dau Parents: Lewis KING and Sarah Louisa CRAWFORD.

Spouse: Sally LANDSAW. Oliver C. KING and Sally LANDSAW were married about 1875 in Wolfe Co., KY.3,401 Reference Number:1203104

Spouse: Winnie ELKINS. Oliver C. KING and Winnie ELKINS were married on 19 Jan 1914 in Wolfe Co., KY.3,401 Reference Number:1203110

Oma KING.3 Parents: Harlan KING Sr. and Parthena K. WATKINS.

Spouse: Bill HATTON.

Ora KING3,407 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 42258.

Spouse: Robert W. HICKS. Robert W. HICKS and Ora KING were married. Reference Number:759437

Oscar Verl KING3,401 was born on 15 Jul 1918 in Wolfe County, KY.3,401,669 He died on 3 Apr 1954 in Wolfe County, KY.3,401 He was buried in Apr 1954 in King-Spencer Cemetery, Wolfe County, KY.3,401,669 He is reference number 72848. He served in the military in Kyh Pfc 231 Base Unit Aa F Ww II.3,401 Parents: Alley Manzer KING and Lillian CARPENTER.

Patience KING.404

Spouse: Job YOUNG. Children were: Timothy YOUNG.

Paul Raymond KING3,147 was born on 8 Mar 1916 in Sterling, Comanche, Oklahoma.3,147 He died on 6 Feb 1973.3,147 He is reference number 75452. Parents: William Everett KING and Adella May TERRELL.

Spouse: Living SIMPSON. Children were: Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING.

Pearl KING3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 87974. Parents: David S. KING and Nancy Virginia CORNWELL.

Perline KING3,401 was born in Jan 1887 in Breathitt County, KY.3,401 She died Unknown.3,401 She is reference number 72915. Parents: Isham KING and Rebecca HOLLON.

Spouse: Ausker MCPHERSON. Ausker MCPHERSON and Perline KING were married. Reference Number:1203798

Polly KING3,401 was born in 1854 in Breathitt County, KY.3,401,3152 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 73878. Parents: George KING and Polly VIRES.

Polly KING3,401 was born in 1855 in Breathitt County, KY.3,401,3163 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 73871. Parents: William Sparrell KING and LUCINDA.

Polly A. KING3,401 was born in 1854.3,401 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74181. Parents: William Sparrell KING and Margaret A..

Polly Ann KING19 was born on 24 Apr 1804 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308 She died on 22 May 1844.19,308 Parents: Samuel K. KING and Anna DIXON.

Spouse: Zachariah BATES. Zachariah BATES and Polly Ann KING were married in 1822 in Tennessee.19,308

Porter KING.3 Parents: Harlan KING Sr. and Parthena K. WATKINS.

Presley KING3,487 was born on 6 May 1818.3,487 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 36801. Parents: Alvin Thomas KING and Sidney LAWSON.

Press KING3,401 was born in 1872.3,401 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 72805. Parents: Fleming KING and Elizabeth WATKINS.

Priscilla KING3,333 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 103279.

Spouse: John C. HODGE. John C. HODGE and Priscilla KING were married. Reference Number:1631922

Rachelle KING3,3181 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 41384.

Spouse: Rankin BLACKBURN. Rankin BLACKBURN and Rachelle KING were married on 17 Oct 1817.3 Reference Number:485526

Ralph KING3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 87977. Parents: David S. KING and Nancy Virginia CORNWELL.

Ralph KING.5,128

Spouse: Rena N. PORCUPILE.

Rebecca KING3,413 was born on 26 Dec 1822 in York County, PA.3,413,3182 She died on 10 Sep 1894 in Coshocton County, OH.3,413 She is reference number 93488. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Event 2]3,413 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Ethnicity/Relig.]3,413 [boyd-trees.ged]


Her obituary appears in the Coshocton County Democrat Sept 18,21,25, 1894.

Called Home
Mrs. Rebecca Conrad, wife of John Conrad, died at the family home in Mill Creek Township, on the 10th inst. Her age was 71 years, and death resulted from heart troubles. She was a devoted christian lady, and her loss is deeply felt by the entire community in which she had so long resided. The sorrowing husband and children have the sincere sympathy ofall in their sasd berravement. Rev. Lowman concluded funeral services on the 12th at te\he German Reformed church at New Bedford.
Vera Conrad Grender tells the story she heard from her aunt "Cassie" Kathryn about John Conrad going to Coshocton and coming back with a jug of whiskey which he would hid in the barn. Rebecca King Conrad would then go out and find the jug and dump the contents.
_______________________________________________________ Parents: William KING and MAGDELINA.

Spouse: John CONRAD. John CONRAD and Rebecca KING were married on 8 Nov 1840 in Coshocton County, OH.3,413 Reference Number:1488735 Children were: Mary Ann CONRAD, Margaret CONRAD, Mary Magdelena CONRAD, Jacob William Henry CONRAD, John Wesley CONRAD, George Albert CONRAD, Rebecca Jane CONRAD, Catherine Maria CONRAD, Henry Washington CONRAD, Elizabeth Barbara CONRAD.

Rebecca J. KING19 was born on 22 Oct 1811 in Wilson County, Tennessee.19,308 She died on 26 Dec 1831.19,2525 Parents: Samuel K. KING and Anna DIXON.

Spouse: James C. CLARK. James C. CLARK and Rebecca J. KING were married on 11 Aug 1829 in Clay, Adair County, Missouri.19,308

Rebecca R. KING19 was born about 1780 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308 She died on 17 Oct 1843 in Madison County, Tennessee.19,308 Parents: Robert KING and Mary MORRISON.

Spouse: James FARR. James FARR and Rebecca R. KING were married on 13 Mar 1793 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308,1167 [jshinn2.ged]

Listed in Tennessee Marriage Records to 1825 as: James Farr & Polly King.

Spouse: John BELL. John BELL and Rebecca R. KING were married about 1800 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308

Rhoda KING19 was born on 5 Oct 1787 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308 She died on 17 Sep 1834 in Madison County, Tennessee.19,308 Parents: Robert KING and Mary MORRISON.

Spouse: John Baker PENDERGAST. John Baker PENDERGAST and Rhoda KING were married about 1804 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308

Richard KING.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Myrtie Belle PRATT.

Richard KING19 was born about 1705 in Dublin, Ireland.19,308 He died on 30 May 1782 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308 He was buried in Thyatira Presbytarian Cemetery, Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308,2525 Parents: M. KING.

Spouse: Mary Ann. Richard KING and Mary Ann were married in Ireland.19,308

Spouse: Margaret BARCLAY. Richard KING and Margaret BARCLAY were married on 7 Apr 1735 in Rarritan, Middlesex County, New Jersey.19,308 Children were: Robert KING, James KING, Elizabeth KING, Richard KING, John KING, Margaret KING, Mary KING, Andrew KING, Thomas KING, Samuel KING, Mary KING.

Richard KING19 was born on 3 Nov 1740 in Middlesex, Middlesex County, New Jersey.19,308 He died on 3 Feb 1760 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308 Parents: Richard KING and Margaret BARCLAY.

Richard KING19 was born in 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308 He died on 14 Jul 1834 in Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308 Parents: Robert KING and Mary MORRISON.

Spouse: Rachel BLYTHE. Richard KING and Rachel BLYTHE were married on 1 Jul 1794 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308,1167

Richard Mcgee KING19 was born on 14 May 1817 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308 He died on 22 May 1864 in Johnson County, Missouri.19,308 Parents: Samuel K. KING and Anna DIXON.

Spouse: Elizabeth Jane STEWART. Richard Mcgee KING and Elizabeth Jane STEWART were married on 7 Jun 1844 in Johnson County, Missouri.19,308

Spouse: Mary Jane GIVENS. Richard Mcgee KING and Mary Jane GIVENS were married on 4 Jun 1856 in Johnson County, Missouri.19,308

Robert KING5,128 was born about 1685.5,128

Spouse: Elizabeth OUTLAW. Robert KING and Elizabeth OUTLAW were married.

Robert KING19 was born about 1703 in Dublin, Ireland.19,308 Parents: M. KING.

Robert KING19,308 was born on 25 Jan 1735 in Englishtown, Middlesex County, New Jersey.19,2525 He died on 6 Jan 1806 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,2525 He was buried in King Cemetery, Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308 Parents: Richard KING and Margaret BARCLAY.

Spouse: Mary MORRISON. Robert KING and Mary MORRISON were married in 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,2525 Children were: Margaret KING, Mary KING, Richard KING, Martha KING, Anna KING, Samuel K. KING, William Morrison KING, Elizabeth KING, Rebecca R. KING, Davis KING, Rhoda KING.

Robert KING3,9 died on 2 Jun 1928.3,9 He was born on 17 Apr 1950 in Devonshire, England.3,9 He is reference number 91857.

Spouse: Eliza EDGE. Robert KING and Eliza EDGE were married on 28 Jun 1911.3,9 Reference Number:1405431

Robert A. KING3,401 was born on 28 Sep 1880 in Powell Co., KY.3,401 He died on 16 Jul 1941 in Powell Co., KY.3,401 He is reference number 73904. Parents: Jeremiah KING and Mary Jane HOBBS.

Spouse: Nannie MCCALL. Robert A. KING and Nannie MCCALL were married. Reference Number:1219684

Robert Donnell KING19 was born on 18 Jan 1801 in Wilson County, Tennessee.19,308 He died on 21 Apr 1882 in Hamilton County, Texas.19,308 [jshinn2.ged]

DEATH: Ancestry World Tree Project: Taggart has another location listed for death: Tehuacana, Limestone County, Texas. Parents: Samuel K. KING and Anna DIXON.

Spouse: Eleanor C. EWING. Robert Donnell KING and Eleanor C. EWING were married on 17 Apr 1825 in Logana, Jessamine County, Kentucky.19,308,2683 [jshinn2.ged]

Two different locations found for marriage.

Spouse: Lucinda WEAR. Robert Donnell KING and Lucinda WEAR were married on 24 Nov 1842 in Johnson County, Missouri.19,308

Roger KING377 was born about 1695 in Prob , Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.377 He died on 23 May 1768 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.377 He was buried in Old Cemetary, Brewster, Barnstable, Mass.377 Parents: John KING and Bathshuah SNOW.

Spouse: Hannah MULFORD.

Rondal Chester KING3,401 was born about 1934 in West Virginia.3,401,3183 He died on 1 Aug 1979 in Tampa, FL.3,401,3183 He was buried in Aug 1979 in Orlando, Florida.3,401,3183 He is reference number 72687. He was cremated in Carey Hand Crematory.3,401 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Employment]3,401 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Funeral Director]3,401 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Funeral Home]3,401 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Informant]3,401 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Hospital]3,401 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Attending Physician]3,401 [boyd-trees.ged]



Uncle Chester's death certificate did not state the cause of his death, although he did die from cancer. Parents: Johnie Elisha KING and Zelda BOYD.

Spouse: Living HELTON. Children were: Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING, Living KING.

Spouse: Living GRANT.

Rosie KING3,401 was born in 1892.3,401 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74419. Parents: John B. KING and Mary BANKS.

Spouse: John MALONEY. John MALONEY and Rosie KING were married. Reference Number:1227615

Rozilla KING3,401 was born on 6 Jan 1845 in Breathitt County, KY.3,401,2206 She died on 6 Mar 1920.3,401 She is reference number 73880. [boyd-trees.ged]



The following story about Martin and Rosille was written by Ethel Taylor (Research Source: Cora Burton):

"The Holland Wagon Train Trip from Campton Ky to Texas & back to places in Ar [Arkansas], as passed down - By Word of Mouth from Martin Holland & Wife Rossilla to Daughter Lou Alice Holland-Taylor and her oldest Daughter Bertha Rosillia - Who stayed with her Grandparents Martin & Rosillia a [unreadable] By Word of Mouth this Information was passed down to me (Ethel Taylor) Daughter-inlaw of Lou Alice Holland Taylor - It appears that Rosillia gave most of this Info - She stated that Morning they left Campton. She ws up Early & Cooked Breakfast - had it on the table - "[unreadable] they had their wagon loaded & team hitched & waiting" - Martin Came in - said - the (wagons) are here - load up - boys - (Harrison and Weslie) She picked up the Baby Lou Alice - they all grabbed Biscuits and Left - Said - The Baby had pr [pair] of New Shoes sitting on Bottom stairs step - That she forgot in her haste - Left things just sitting in house with Breakfast on table . Left a fine [unreadable] Mare in Stable. No Info about their journey to Texas, or just What timeof yr [year] they Left Campton or When they arrived in Texas. But according to all Wagon Trains going West - They Tried to Leave as Early in Spring as they could - So they Could get where they were going Before Cold Weather. To the Best of My Knowledge - Using Birth dates - ages - and Date of Letter - From Andrew Jackson Holland Sr. When he was abt [about] to leave Jacksbore Tex [Texas] going Back to Ky (I think) The Wagon Train left Campton - Ky Early Spring of 1976 [sic 1876] - Arrived at Jacksbore - Tex [Texas] abt [about] Sept. of 1976 [sic 1876] And Started Back in May of 1977 [sic 1877]. Things Rosillia Told Daughter Lou Alice & Granddaughter Bertha abt [about] Texas - Stated the Wild grass there was Belly High to the Horses - that the wind there Blowed Hard all time - And it was dry - very little rain. And having lived 17 yrs in the West Tex area around Big Spring - Sweet water & Lamesa - also traveled around over a Large area North Central part of State & as Close as [unreadable] of Jacksborne. I am sure all of these Statements ab [about] Tex [Texas] was true - And at that Date most all of that area - Jacksborne, Gralon [?], Stampford, Harkell, Seymore was (Open Range Country). A few years later it Became (Large Fenced Ranches) also some large Farms, that mostly Raised Cotton, Maize, few other small Grains. So Dry & Windy that all it would gow. Statements from Martin & Rosillia when they started Back to Ky - they said Camped for the Night."

The following story , "Wagon Train" written by an uknown author in 1984, is about Martin and Rosille:

"In either 1875 or 1876 about five families of Hollands who were all farming in Kentucky decided to join a wagon train headed for California. It is known that at one time before the Civil War the Hollands owned two-thirds of Wolfe County, Kentucky. Uncle Mart, his wife and children, Wesley, Harrison, and Lou Alice then three years old, were about to eat their breakfast when the wagon train pulled up. Rossille later recalled to her granddaughter, Bertha, how Mart didn't give them time to eat. He said to get the kids and go. She picked up Lou and left a new pair of shoes sitting on the stair step and Mart left a fine breed mare standing in the stable. Also known to be on the same wagon train with them were Mart's father and mother, several brothers including Elisha and wife, Sarah, and probably one sister. It is unknown how many familes or different families were on it but it is estimated the Hollands were maybe two years on the road before eventually settling in Arkansas. It is passed down that Lou Alice remembers her dad telling her in 1930 when he (Uncle Mart) was 104 years old and visited Texas, the wagon train stopped close to Dallas and camped in the Trinity River bottom and the river was dry. While they were camped there they were robbed by white masked men. The robbers took all the men's money including Uncle Mart's. Some of the women had money hidden on themselves and he remembered Sarah and Elisha's money. Some of the familes that didn't have any money to continue to California stayed there and founded a part of what is now Dallas. Although one of the Holland families must have stayed, the others decided to return to Kentucky. When this small wagon train reached Washington County, Arkansas, Mart's father, Jack and family decided to remain there. Mart and Lish and their families continued on to Mountain Home, Baxter County, Arkansas. Lish and Sarah's last known child, Mollie, was born in 1879 in Arkansas. Soon thereafter Lish, Sarah, and all their children except the oldest son, Taylor Holland, went back to Kentucky. Taylor married Sallie Faut on December 17, 1891, and moved before or after that to Oklahoma to settle and raise his family there. Mart and Rossille also had a child born in 1879. William Franklin was born on the fifteenth of November in Mountain Home. They also had twin boys (or girls Arminnnie & Armannie?) born in Baxter County and both died when they were small. They are buied at the Hort Cemetery on the Old Highway 5 - southeast of Mt. Home on the James Baker place. A son Floyd Lonzo born in February, 1888, and their last child a daughter, Julia Ann born on January 24, 1891, concluded their family of six children. Although just a farmer, Uncle Mart made a name for himself in Baxter County. He took the first ride in the first airplane to visit there and is said to have been "tough as a pine knot." In 1904 when he was 78 years old, it is told he turned his wagon over hitting his hed against a tree and tossing the wagon over his body. No one thought he would get well, but he did - and without a doctor. In 1920 at the age of 94, he had the measels. Although near death at one time he didn't give up and did get well. His loving wife of surely some fifty years took the measels and died two weeks later on March 16, 1920, at the age of 85 years. Uncle Mart visited Texas ten years later in 1930. Family in Trinidad remember him coming and often recall their fond memories of him. He passed away March/May 27, 1937, and is buried beside Rossille in the Douglas Cemetery, Baxter County, Arkansas. He was 111 years old and set a Baxter County longevity record that possibly has never been matched. Mart's daughter, Lou Alice, married John Riley Taylor on October 8, 1889. Mr Taylor was the son of Jesse Lee and Charlote Green Taylor and was born on Christmas in 1865, in Arkansas. Being from the vicinity of Mt. Home, Mart must have known him but it is a fact that Lou's brother Henry Harrison helped her slip out of a window at night and elope. Differences were settled because John and Lou had eleven children all born in Moutain Home before moving to Texas in 1920. That year a family friend, Harve Parks, living in Trinidad, Texas, came to Arkansas to get workers to go back with him to pick a huge cotton crop there. Aunt Ethel Arnett Taylor remembers them moving the first part of September and her own family followed two weeks later. She was eight years old and says they came on the train. She remembers all of the Taylor children except Jessie and Bertha moved at that time. Once in Texas she can recall the other children talking about their brother in Arkansas. The Taylor's fifth child, William Lessie, passed away the winter before moving. John liked Texas and decided to stay and a year or so later Jessie came. Aunt Ethel married John and Lou Alice's eighth child, Ira Everett Taylor, on May 11, 1929. She knew of him in Arkansas but doesn't really remember seeing him until he was 13 or 14 years old and running middles in the corn field in Texas. He went home for lunch and later came to get the horse at the neighbors - the Collins. Neither knew the other was there. After picking up two handfuls of mulberries from under a tree, he sat on a tool box on the Collin's front porch eating them when she went out the door and stopped "dead in my tracks". He looked up and offered, "Do you want a mulberry?" She said no and backed inside and later asked the Collin's kids who he was. During the next four or five years she saw him several times but never really went out. In January, 1927, he was spending the night at his sister Linnie's house and he and her son John were writing letters to girls. Everett wrote Ethel and they began passing letters through different family members before actually mailing them. He asked her to marry him in a letter and she answered the same way. He planned to rent some land to farm from his dad but when John Riley wouldn't agree, Everett hired on to drive a truck of cord wood back and forth to Dallas. On Easter Sunday, 1929, Ethel went to an egg hunt and Everett cam back over to her Uncle Oslo's with her afterwards and told her about his job. They decided in three or four weeks to get married. On Saturday, May 11th, Everett's sister Linnie had twins who lived only a short time. Ethel and her mother went to see her. Not knowing Everett was looking for her, she went next to her Aunt Julie's house and then back to Linnie's to get some milk. Once at Julie's, Everett learned Ethel was at Linnie's so he finally found her and asked if she wanted to get married that very evening. She said yes and they agreed to meet at Oslo and Julie's house. Ethel was only 17 so Oslo planned to go with them and lie saying he was a witness to her being 18. Trying to leave, the car had a flat so they drove the cord wood truck to Ethel's where she changed and left a note. Her mother knew of her plans but her dad didn't. The three came to Athens and the Justice of the Peace married them. The next day Oslo and Julie fixed a Sunday dinner and had the whole family over to celebrate with them. Aunt Ethel remembers Everett went out with Martha Cleo Rogers before his brother Jessie did. Jessie only went with her two or three months before they married. Concerning Evertt and Jessie's marriage: The new Texas state law of requiring a blood text before being able to get a marriage license was about to be enforced. People didn't understand just what was involved in submitting to this test and were afraid of it. The story goes that Jessie gave Everett $20.00 or so to marry first to see if he had to take a blood test and if so what it was like. Everett was happy to tell him he didn't have to take on and three days later Jessie married Martha on May 14, 1929. The brother's sister, Ethel Fay married Ernest Jock in the fall of September 14, 1929. Out of eleven children all of them had now married and left home except Ada and Dersey who were 17 and 14 and Betty who was living with her married sister Ivy Nall because of a spat with John Riley. Everett and Ethell had two daughters, Nellie and Bessie, and lost a baby daughter Essie, before moving from Trinidad to west Texas to find work. A fourth child, Gail, was born in 1944 in Lamesa, Texas. That same year he went to work as a mechanic in Colorado City. When he returned to Athens in 19 he worked for Red Waller in Malakoff at the Ferguson tractor dealer and then hired on with Sam Powell at the Ford tractor dealer in Athens. He worked a total of 26 years in the tractor mechanic trade before retiring. They make their home in Athens and at the present in 1984 are the proud grandparents of seven and great-grandparents of [?] She has always been an accomplished seamstress and especially enjoys making the now popular soft-sculpture dolls as well as numerous other items for the local senior citizens arts and crafts shows. In addition to sewing, she has devoted years of study to researching her family history. Most of what is known about the Taylor family has been passed down to her from Everett's sister, Bertha. Bertha loved to stay with her grandparents, Mart and Rossille Holland. In turn Bertha had told Aunt Ethel everything she could remember that Grandma Holland told her. A great debt is owed to Aunt Ethel for preserving these memories and her eagerness to share them with everyone. Some time ago she wrote in her own words about her feelings concerning researching the past: As I begin to write down some of the names, ages, lives and history of my parents and grandparents and on back as far as I can find record of them, I begin to do a lot of thinking. I love my parent and grandparents (and I am proud of them) but I know some of them made some mistakes in their life. I think they did try to not make them again, and to live a better life each day. And none of us are perfect. Also, the day and time my parents lived in was almost a different world from this we are living in today. They did not have "any way" to get much education. They did not have the books, magazines and news papers that we have today. They did not have any of hte conveniences and luxuries of living we have. There were no raidos, no TV's, no CB's, no scanners. Not many telephones or "hand operated" victrolas. No way to visit or travel except by foot (walk), horseback or wagon. They -both men and women and children that was old enough - worked six days a week to make a living. There was not much time for play. And about the first 30 or 40 years of my first years was spent almost like that. I am proud of my heritage, and I forgive them of any mistakes they might have made. And I hope my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are also the future generation, will forgive me the mistakes I have made in life. And I will strive from now on to live a life that they can be proud of - both moral and christian, and all other ways. I will try to live a better life than my ancestors did. And I hope my children, their children, and all the future generations on down will each one try to live a better life than the ones before. And also remember, we can in now way help the way our ancestors lived." Parents: Fleming KING and Josephine CRAWFORD.

Spouse: Martin Hollon HOLLAND. Martin Hollon HOLLAND and Rozilla KING were married on 25 Jan 1907 in Mountain Home, Baxter County, Arkansas.3,401 Reference Number:1219354 Children were: Arminnie HOLLAND, Armannie HOLLAND, Henry Harrison HOLLAND, John Wesley HOLLAND, Lou Alice HOLLAND, Tubal HOLLAND, William Franklin HOLLAND, Floyd Lonzo HOLLAND, Julia Ann HOLLAND.

Rushia Lee KING3,401 was born on 1 Jan 1908.3,401 She died on 8 Aug 1947.3,401 She is reference number 72872. Parents: Harlan KING Sr. and Parthena K. WATKINS.

Spouse: Jasper Newton SPRANGLER. Jasper Newton SPRANGLER and Rushia Lee KING were married on 16 Oct 1920.3,401 Reference Number:1203184

Samuel KING.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Abigail HITCHCOCK.

Samuel KING377 was born on 9 Jun 1698 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.377 He died before 20 Feb 1733 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.377 Parents: John KING and Bathshuah SNOW.

Spouse: Abigail LINNELL.

Samuel KING19 was born on 12 Aug 1752 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,2525 He died on 8 Oct 1774 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,2525 Parents: Richard KING and Margaret BARCLAY.

Samuel Blythe KING19 was born on 15 Dec 1808 in Wilson County, Tennessee.19,308 Parents: Samuel K. KING and Anna DIXON.

Spouse: Minerva MAYFIELD. Samuel Blythe KING and Minerva MAYFIELD were married on 8 Oct 1829 in Tennessee.19,308

Samuel K. KING19,308 was born on 19 Apr 1775 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19,308 He died on 18 Sep 1842 in Johnson County, Missouri.19,308 He was buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Johnson County, Missouri.19,2525 Parents: Robert KING and Mary MORRISON.

Spouse: Anna DIXON. Samuel K. KING and Anna DIXON were married on 25 Aug 1795 in Sumner County, Tennessee.19,308,1167 [jshinn2.ged]

Listed in Tennessee Marriages to 1825 as: Sam'l King & Anny Dixon. Children were: Lina KING, Martha P. KING, Robert Donnell KING, Polly Ann KING, Elizabeth S. KING, Samuel Blythe KING, Rebecca J. KING, William Davis KING, Richard Mcgee KING, Finis Ewing KING.

Samuel T. KING19 was born about 1844 in Missouri.19,852 Parents: William Davis KING and Mary Margaret THOMPSON.

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