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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Living BRISCO.5,128 Parents: Living BRISCO and Living HALSTEAD.

Spouse: Living POTTS.

Margaret BRISCO3,401 was born about 1853.3,401 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 73996.

Spouse: William TOWNSEND. William TOWNSEND and Margaret BRISCO were married. Reference Number:1220757 Children were: Orlander TOWNSEND.

BRISCOE5,128 was born about 1686.5,128

Spouse: Abigale PLATT. BRISCOE and Abigale PLATT were married.

Emma BRISCOE.5,94,409

Spouse: Jr William SEALOCK.

Living BRISCOE.394

Spouse: Living HOULDSON.

Elizabeth BRISENTINE3,42 was born about 1790 in VA..3,42 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,42 She was also known as Mary. She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 23198.

Spouse: William BOYD. William BOYD and Elizabeth BRISENTINE were married. Reference Number:459196 Children were: Reuben BOYD.

Richard Cornewall Baron Of BRISFORD.377

Spouse: Jane CORBET.


Spouse: John SNYDER.

BRISTER.188 Parents: Silas Andrew BRISTER and Vera Marion ROBBINS.

Silas Andrew BRISTER7,188 was born on 28 Jun 1896 in Johnson Co, TX. He died on 10 May 1971 in Waco, Mclennen, TX.

Spouse: Vera Marion ROBBINS. Silas Andrew BRISTER and Vera Marion ROBBINS were married. Children were: BRISTER.

Aaron BRISTOL5,128 was born on 31 Aug 1714 in New Haven CT..5,128 He died in 1791 in Panton, CT..5,128 Parents: Eliphalt BRISTOL and Ester PECK.

Spouse: ABIGAIL. Aaron BRISTOL and ABIGAIL were married. Children were: Marium BRISTOL.

Eliphalt BRISTOL5,128 was born on 2 Oct 1679 in New Haven CT..5,128 He died in 1757 in New Haven CT..5,128 Parents: Henry BRISTOL and Lynda BROWN.

Spouse: Ester PECK. Eliphalt BRISTOL and Ester PECK were married in 1700 in New Haven CT>.5 Children were: Aaron BRISTOL.

George E BRISTOL.5,94,126,127 Parents: Jr Moses BRISTOL and Alice Truesdell DICKSON.

Henry BRISTOL5,128 was born in 1625 in New Haven CT..5,128 He died in 1693 in West Haven, New Haven CT..5,128

Spouse: Lynda BROWN. Henry BRISTOL and Lynda BROWN were married on 29 Jan 1656.5 Children were: Eliphalt BRISTOL.

Marium BRISTOL5,128 was born on 20 Nov 1739 in New Haven CT..5,128 She died on 14 Apr 1826 in Harwinton, Connecticut.5,128 She is reference number 5316. Parents: Aaron BRISTOL and ABIGAIL.

Spouse: John PRESTON. John PRESTON and Marium BRISTOL were married. Reference Number:3476 Children were: Marium PRESTON.

Jr Moses BRISTOL5,94,126,127 was born about 1848 in New York.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 17133.

Spouse: Alice Truesdell DICKSON. Jr Moses BRISTOL and Alice Truesdell DICKSON were married. Reference Number:134196 Children were: George E BRISTOL.

Parthena BRISTOL5,128 was born on 18 Jan 1768.5,128 She died on 13 Aug 1805.5,128 She is reference number 5318.

Spouse: Timothy HALSTEAD. Timothy HALSTEAD and Parthena BRISTOL were married about 1787.5,128 Reference Number:3478 Children were: Wilks HALSTEAD, David HALSTEAD, Timothy HALSTEAD, Reuben HALSTEAD, Henry N. HALSTEAD, Stephen HALSTEAD, Amos HALSTEAD, Phebe HALSTEAD, Parthena HALSTEAD, Miles HALSTEAD.

Sarah BRISTOL3,39 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 4491. [boyd-trees.ged]


Was an herb doctor.[xx.FTW]


Was an herb doctor.

Spouse: Ephraim W. POTTER Jr.. Ephraim W. POTTER Jr. and Sarah BRISTOL were married. Reference Number:61874 Children were: Catherine Maria POTTER.

James R. BRISTOR Md3,413 was born about 1830.3,413 He died WFT Est 1868-1921.3,413 He is reference number 93478.

Spouse: Hannah DUNCAN. James R. BRISTOR Md and Hannah DUNCAN were married WFT Est 1868-1901.3,413 Reference Number:1488336

Jean Bessette Dit BRISTOUT5,128 was born in 1642 in Cahors, Quercy, Guicene, France.5,128 He died on 5 Jan 1706 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.5,128

Spouse: Anne SEIGNEUR. Jean Bessette Dit BRISTOUT and Anne SEIGNEUR were married. Children were: Jean BESSETTE.

Benjamin W. BRISTOW.394

Children were: Hannah BRISTOW.

Hannah BRISTOW394 was born on 29 Sep 1796 in Kentucky.394 She died on 24 Aug 1852 in Jasper County, Indiana.394 Parents: Benjamin W. BRISTOW.

Spouse: Hezekiah DAVISSON. Hezekiah DAVISSON and Hannah BRISTOW were married. Children were: Robert DAVISON, Belinda M. DAVISSON, Lewis DAVISON, Peyton DAVISON, Nancy DAVISON, Josophus DAVISON, Martha Ann DAVISON.

Spouse: Josiah HARRISON.

Jane BRISTOW.377

Spouse: Richard OLMSTEAD.

Jane BRISTOW.377

Spouse: James OLMSTEAD. Children were: Richard OLMSTEAD.

Jud BRISTOW3,333 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 101363.

Spouse: Fannie COLE. Jud BRISTOW and Fannie COLE were married. Reference Number:1599828

Susannah BRISTOW3,9 was born on 20 May 1823 in Kentucky.3,9 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 89383.

Spouse: John WITT. John WITT and Susannah BRISTOW were married. Reference Number:1427667

Anna Of BRITAIN.70,201

Spouse: Druid King Manogan Ap ENEID. Children were: King Of Britain Beli Mawr SOVEREIGN.

Beli The Great BRITAIN7,444 was also known as The Great. He was also known as Beli King Of Britain.548 He was born in . He died in Great Britain. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] Beli (The Great) King of Britain had died in 72 AD in Great Britain.

Beli Ki ng Of Britain was also the Druid King. Parents: Mynogan BRYTHONS and Anna (Cousin To Virgin MARY. Parents: Manogan CELTIC and ANNA.

Coel Gaodhal BRITAIN7,543 was born in 125 in Of, Britain. He died in 170. He was also known as Coilus. Parents: Marius Or Meric Ap AREYRAG and Julia PRASUTAGUS.

King Of Britain Meric Of BRITAIN7,70,201 died in 125.201 He was also known as Marius. He was born.201 Name Suffix:<NSFX> King of Britain
1 NAME Marius ap /Arfyrag/

[De La Pol e.FTW]

Sources: AF, Kraentzler 1796, 1812; Collins, Smallwood and Blount.
C ollins: King of the Britains 74-125.
K: Meric (Marius), King of Britain. Parents: King Of Siluria Gweirdd ARVIRAGUS and Venissa Claudia Of ROME.

Spouse: Princess Penardun Of The ICENIANS. King Of Britain Meric Of BRITAIN and Princess Penardun Of The ICENIANS were married. Children were: Eurgen Ap MARIUS, King Of Colchester COEL II.

Meric Penardun BRITAIN.543 Parents: ICEMAUS.

Spouse: Marius Or Meric Ap AREYRAG. Children were: Eurgen Ap MARIUS, Coel Ap MARIUS.

Althildis BRITAINS5,7,69,128 was born before 105 in Of, Britain.5,128 She was also known as Princess Of The Britains.

Spouse: Marcomir FRANKS IV. Marcomir FRANKS IV and Althildis BRITAINS were married. Children were: COEL, Chlodomir FRANKS IV.

\Ct De Brittany\ Eudon Comes BRITANNIAE7,20,44,46,47,48,81,157 was born in 999.20,50,81,249 He died on 7 Jan 1078/79.20,50,81,249 Also Known As:<_AKA> Eudon /Ct de Brittany & Penthievre/
1 _FA1
2 PLAC Cou nt of Brittany & Penthievre, 1034.
2 SOUR S286879
3 PAGE line 214 p 177
2 SOUR S286834
4 TEXT Date of Import: 14 Mar 1999
2 SOUR S261374
4 TEXT b bef 1000Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: Duke Of Brittany\ Godfrey DE BRETAGNE I and Havoise Or Hawise BRETAGNE.

Spouse: Orguen DE BRITTANY. \Ct De Brittany\ Eudon Comes BRITANNIAE and Orguen DE BRITTANY were married. Children were: Geoffrey I Comes Britanniae BOTEREL, Brian Comes Britanniae DE BRITTANY, Lord Richmond\ Alan Comes Britanniae, Lord Richmond\ Alan Cms Britanniae, Guillaume DE BRITTANY, Robert DE BRITTANY, Richard DE BRITTANY, \Lord Richmond\ Stephen Of BRITTANY.

Spouse: Agnes DE CORNOUAILLE. \Ct De Brittany\ Eudon Comes BRITANNIAE and Agnes DE CORNOUAILLE were married.

Christian BRITLES377 was born about 1265 in < Over By, Middlewich, Cheshire, Eng >.377

Spouse: Roger MAINWARING. Roger MAINWARING and Christian BRITLES were married in 1284 in Over By, Middlewich, Cheshire, Eng.377 Children were: William MAINWARING.

Fannie BRITNELL3,333 was born in Dec 1854.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 101028.

Spouse: Asa JAMES. Asa JAMES and Fannie BRITNELL were married Between 1873-1874.3,333 Reference Number:1607318 Children were: Richard V. JAMES, Archer A. JAMES, Annie JAMES, Fletcher JAMES, Asa Conrad JAMES.

Malinda Hess BRITNELL3,333 was born in Apr 1856 in Alabama.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 101035.

Spouse: John JAMES. John JAMES and Malinda Hess BRITNELL were married about 1872.3,333 Reference Number:1607334 Children were: Rhoda A. JAMES, Louisie JAMES, Walker JAMES, George W. JAMES, Alvin JAMES, Charles JAMES, Floyd JAMES, Walter Wilson JAMES, Wiley JAMES, Ani(?) Ester JAMES, Willie F. Bunyan JAMES.

Cecily De BRITO.328

Spouse: Richard De LUVETOT. Children were: William De LUVETOT.

Heli BRITON.444 Parents: Caid Ap ARCH.

King Of Gwenivyth Aviragus BRITONS.543 Parents: Cunobelin Or Cynvelin BRITONS.

Spouse: Julia Venissa Genunda ROME. Children were: Marius Or Meric Ap AREYRAG.

Cunobelin Or Cynvelin BRITONS.543 Parents: .

Children were: King Of Gwenivyth Aviragus BRITONS.

Mandubratius Of BRITONS.543 Parents: .

Children were: Queen Of Iceneans BOUDICEA.

Christina BRITT5,128 was born before 26 Oct 1754.5,128 She died on 16 Apr 1845 in Stanwich, CT..5,128 She was buried in Stanwich, CT..5,128

Spouse: Shubel BRUSH. Shubel BRUSH and Christina BRITT were married after 25 Feb 1783.5,128 Children were: John BRUSH, Edward BRUSH, Ann BRUSH, Mary BRUSH, Christina BRUSH, Elizabeth BRUSH.

Dorothy BRITT3,483 died on 4 Sep 1938 in B'ham, AL.3,483 She is reference number 58348.

Spouse: Samuel Wallace LYEMANCE. Samuel Wallace LYEMANCE and Dorothy BRITT were married. Reference Number:998094

Harold Richard BRITT4,5 was born on 13 Aug 1912 in Alliance, Box Butte, Nebraska.4,5 He died on 16 Jun 1973.4,5 He is reference number SM011206s.

Living BRITT.3

Spouse: Orville HAYWOOD. Children were: Living HAYWOOD, Living HAYWOOD, Living HAYWOOD, Living HAYWOOD.

Reddin BRITT4,5 was born about 1788.4,5 He is reference number AD122409s.

Spouse: Rachel FROST. Reddin BRITT and Rachel FROST were married on 28 Jan 1813 in , Johnston, North Carolina.4,5

Sally BRITT3,401 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74273.

Spouse: Ambrose POWELL. Ambrose POWELL and Sally BRITT were married on 8 Sep 1783 in Orange Co., VA.3,401 Reference Number:1225196

Hannah BRITTAIN4,5 was born about 1729.4,5 She was buried on 14 May 1753 in Sheffield, Yorks, England.4,5 [master ged.FTW]


!Source: Sheffield Parish Register

Spouse: John BERRY. John BERRY and Hannah BRITTAIN were married on 10 Nov 1749 in Sheffield, Yorks, England.4,5

Katherine Elizabeth BRITTAIN3,483 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 58338.

Spouse: Zachery O'NEAL. Zachery O'NEAL and Katherine Elizabeth BRITTAIN were married. Reference Number:997915 Children were: Zylphia Caroline O'NEAL.


Spouse: Living SMITH. Children were: Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH, Living SMITH.

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