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Julian ALTOFT7,213 was born about 1155 in Of Burton, Constable, Yrkshr, Engl. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 9XRG-7Q Parents: Thomas ALTOFT.

Spouse: [Knight] William CONSTABLE. [Knight] William CONSTABLE and Julian ALTOFT were married about 1176.Children were: Knight Robert CONSTABLE, William CONSTABLE, Falco CONSTABLE, Simon CONSTABLE, Margaret CONSTABLE.

Thomas ALTOFT7,213 was born about 1129 in Of Burton, Constable, Yrkshr, Engl. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 9XRG-ZJ

Children were: Julian ALTOFT.

ALTON3,91 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 99454.

Spouse: Frances VANCE. ALTON and Frances VANCE were married in 1837 in , Laurens, South Carolina.3,91 Reference Number:1588980

Abial ALTON7,234 was born before 1820.

Spouse: Polly FOCHE. Abial ALTON and Polly FOCHE were married. Children were: Polly Maria ALTON.

Alice ALTON7,212,535 was born about 1564 in Nottingham, England.660 She died after 1586.660 GIVN Alice

Spouse: John GREGORY. John GREGORY and Alice ALTON were married in 1579 in Nottingham, England.660 GEN: REFNMF24401
GEN: See historical document. Children were: Mychell GREGORY, William GREGORY, John GREGORY, Edward GREGORY, Elizabeth GREGORY, Winifred GREGORY, Henry GREGORY.

Ann ALTON3,405 was born in 1788.3,405 She died WFT Est 1822-1883.3,405 She is reference number 98902.

Spouse: John HATCHARD. John HATCHARD and Ann ALTON were married WFT Est 1806-1839.3,405 Reference Number:1568980 Children were: Rev. John Alton HATCHARD, Dr. Thomas HATCHARD.

George ALTON7,535 was born in 1503 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He died after 1528.

Children were: John ALTON.

John ALTON7,535 was born in 1528 in Nottinghamshire, England. He died about 1561. Parents: George ALTON.

Children were: Alice ALTON.

Nicholas Of ALTON Co. Stafford De Verdun.72,661

Children were: Rohesia DE VERDUN.

Polly Maria ALTON7,234 was born on 7 May 1820 in Allegany Co., N.Y.. She died on 29 Mar 1895 in Troy, PA.. Parents: Abial ALTON and Polly FOCHE.

Spouse: Gerrit Smith CAMPBELL. Gerrit Smith CAMPBELL and Polly Maria ALTON were married on 13 Mar 1841. Children were: Sophia Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Lovisa Jane CAMPBELL, Council Jerome CAMPBELL, Llewellen Stowe CAMPBELL, Maria Gertrude CAMPBELL, Gerrit Abial CAMPBELL, Francis Marion CAMPBELL, Nichols Warren CAMPBELL, Elizabeth CAMPBELL.

Lord Altorf Isenbart ALTORF.139,221 Parents: Lord Altorf Warinus ALTORF and ARA.

Children were: Count Of Bavaria & Swabia Welf GUELPH I.

Lord Altorf Warinus ALTORF.139,221 Parents: Duke Alsatia Everhard ALSATIA.

Spouse: ARA. Children were: Lord Altorf Isenbart ALTORF.

Garnett ALUMBAUGH.394

Spouse: Rebecca Ellen BEDWELL.


Spouse: Reuben BEDWELL.

ALVA3,311 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 6478.

Spouse: Howard Ivan BRADDY. Howard Ivan BRADDY and ALVA were married. Reference Number:120624

ALVA3,206 was born in 1600 in England.3,206 She died before 1634.3,206 She is reference number 65506.

Spouse: Thomas MARSHALL. Thomas MARSHALL and ALVA were married about 1624 in Lincoln, England.3,206 Reference Number:1099696 Children were: Samuel MARSHALL.

Elvira ALVAREZ DE ZAVALLOS7,95,662,663,664 was born about 1310 in Of Toledo, New Castile, Spain. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 84ZN-HV

Spouse: Fernan Perez De AYALA. Fernan Perez De AYALA and Elvira ALVAREZ DE ZAVALLOS were married about 1331 in Of Toledo, New Castile, Spain. Children were: Pedro LOPEZ DE AYALA, Diego Lopez De AYALA, Juan Sanchez De AYALA, Inez Alfonsa DE AYALA, Mencia De AYALA, Juana Garcia De AYALA, Sancha Fernandez De AYALA, Aldonza Fernandez De AYALA, Elvira Alvarez De AYALA, Leonor FERNANDEZ DE AYALA.

Robert ALVEDELEG7,665 was born in 1200 in Clifton, Nottinghamshire, England.

Children were: DE ALVEDELEG.

Ralph Sr. ALVEREZ7 was born on 26 Oct 1912. He died on 19 Mar 1992.

Spouse: Anna Mildred STOUT. Children were: Living ALVEREZ.

Amanda ALVERSON2,3,109 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 43502.

Spouse: Walter BOYD. Walter BOYD and Amanda ALVERSON were married. Reference Number:774592

Spouse: Walter BOYD. Walter BOYD and Amanda ALVERSON were married. Reference Number:774599


Spouse: Virginia Bell GODSEY. Children were: Viona Irene ALVERSON.

Elvira M. ALVERSON5,128 was born in 1825.5,128 She died in 1902 in York, NY.5,128 She is reference number 4497.

Spouse: Ambrose HALSTEAD. Ambrose HALSTEAD and Elvira M. ALVERSON were married about 1845.5 Reference Number:3200 Children were: William H. HALSTEAD.

Grace Ann ALVERSON3,666 was born on 28 Dec 1962 in Hollywood, FL.3,666 She died Unknown.3 She was buried Unknown in Alliance, OH.3,666 She is reference number 50230. Parents: Richard Thomas Clark ALVERSON and Living KOLBAS.

Richard Thomas Clark ALVERSON3,666 was born on 6 Feb 1933 in Detroit, MI.3,666 He died Unknown in Canton, OH.3,666 He was buried Unknown in Alliance, OH.3,666 He is reference number 50229.

Spouse: Living KOLBAS. Children were: Living ALVERSON, Living ALVERSON, Living ALVERSON, Grace Ann ALVERSON.

Viona Irene ALVERSON5 was born on 18 Mar 1908.5 She died in Aug 1978 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN.5 She was buried in Millington, Shelby Co., TN.5 She is reference number GODSEY LINE. She was in Housewife.5 Parents: E G ALVERSON and Virginia Bell GODSEY.

Spouse: Charles Erving GODSEY. Charles Erving GODSEY and Viona Irene ALVERSON were married on 22 Jun 1929.5 Children were: Virgina Lillin REED, Charles Richard GODSEY, George Henry GODSEY, Paul Eugene GODSEY, Ruby Irene GODSEY, Clara Elizabeth GODSEY, Walter Thomas GODSEY, James Melvin GODSEY.

ALVIA7,613 was born about 1135 in , Norfolk, England.

Spouse: William Fitzroger GRESSINGHALL. William Fitzroger GRESSINGHALL and ALVIA were married. Children were: Isabel Fitzroger De GRESSINGHALL.

ALVIE3,667 died Unknown in Prob.Bakersfield, Kern Co.California.3,667 She is reference number 2362.

Spouse: Lee Ernest Ervin BOYD. Lee Ernest Ervin BOYD and ALVIE were married Unknown.3,667 Reference Number:51130 Children were: Living BOYD.

Betsy ALVIS.5,94,668

Spouse: William CLAUNCH.

Mary Rendy ALVIS3,42 was born in 1876.3,42 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 23206.

Spouse: Henry Thomas BOYD. Henry Thomas BOYD and Mary Rendy ALVIS were married in 1895.3,42 Reference Number:462909 Children were: Living BOYD, Mary BOYD, Grace BOYD, William Guy BOYD, Annie BOYD, Fannie BOYD, Clyde BOYD, Kathleen BOYD.

Hannah ALVORD.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Abner SMEAD.

Relief Crosby ALVORD3,426 was born WFT Est 1738-1792.3,426 She died WFT Est 1813-1881.3,426 She is reference number 81452.

Spouse: Andrew BLACKMUN. Andrew BLACKMUN and Relief Crosby ALVORD were married about 1810.3,426 Reference Number:1321970

** Unknown ALWARA6,7 was born about 946 in Of, Mercia, England.

Spouse: ** LEOFWINE. ** LEOFWINE and ** Unknown ALWARA were married. Children were: Earl Of Mercia Leofric OF MERCIA III.

Joan ALWYN7,111 was born about 1560. She was also known as Johane. Parents: .

Spouse: Hugh GAYLORD I. Hugh GAYLORD I and Joan ALWYN were married. Children were: Katherine GAYLORD, Elizabeth GAYLORD, Richard GAYLORD, George GAYLORD, Christopher GAYLORD I, William GAYLORD, John GAYLORD, Mary GAYLORD, Edmond GAYLORD, Hugh GAYLORD II, Alice GAYLORD.

ALYS7,239 was born about 1150. Parents: King Of \Capet Of France\ Louis CAPET VII.

Spouse: King Of England Henry II Curtmantle DE ANJOU. King Of England Henry II Curtmantle DE ANJOU and ALYS were married about 1176 in

Children were: William I De LONGESPEE.

Myrtle Gertrude ALZAREZ3,483 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 58190.

Spouse: Robert Kelly BOYD. Robert Kelly BOYD and Myrtle Gertrude ALZAREZ were married. Reference Number:996197


Spouse: William De La MARE. Children were: Ralph De La MARE.

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