Criminal activities have always resulted in reams of paperwork and so for those in my family history that have been on the wrong side of the law, there should be a lot of information to find.

So far I have found records of these criminal ancestors in local newspapers and Quarter Session court reports. Thankfully I haven't found anything any more serious than the crimes committed by people living in poverty - theft, robbery and fraud. But, there is a suggestion that I have had a member or two sent to Australia for stealing horses, a serious crime back in the day, and I have also found links to the Melford Riots so there is more to be discovered.

Here are the people that I have found evidence for so far.


Oakley, Ben b. 15 May 1906, d. 1989
Oakley, Bert A b. 13 Feb 1884, d. 1954
Oakley, Frederick b. 13 Feb 1901, d. 1972
Oakley, Harry b. 28 Apr 1891, d. 1973
Oakley, James b. 2 Aug 1795, d. 25 Mar 1879
Oakley, James b. 1855
Oakley, Jarmin b. 7 Jul 1824
Oakley, Walter b. 1857
Oakley, Walter Heaton b. 3 Mar 1905, d. 1986
Wells, Susan b. 6 Apr 1826