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Athens, Greece, the 2004 Olympic dolls:  These dolls are based on a child's doll found in a grave in Greece.  The original was made of clay and bell shaped with huge feet dangling from underneath.  One side was painted like a boy and the other like a girl.


Dolls from Brazil and Austria.

My mother crocheted this beautiful hat and dress.


Medieval knights and Viking figures, both from England.

Russian matruska dolls, wooden nesting dolls.


Turks from Istanbul, and a South Korean wedding party from Seoul.

From the Netherlands comes the Sandman, with his bag of sleeping dust.


A little Welsh girl, and King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone.


A bear carved from a California redwood tree, and a guy in Scottish plaids.

This is my all-time favorite:  the one I played with at Grandma's house.
Grandma made the little blanket with its crocheted edge.


Dolls from Germany and Isle of Man.


Dolls from Brazil and from France.


Dolls from Russia, and Anglo-Saxon and Norman figures from England.


A little girl from Denmark, and a bagpipe player from Scotland.