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Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Barnes (F)
b. 1814
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Pulaski Co., Kentucky, in 1814. She was the daughter of Matthew Barnes and Lettice Richardson. She married John Farmer at Pulaski Co., Kentucky, on 6 October 1835.


Children of Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Barnes and John Farmer
Matthew Farmer b. 1837
Sarah Jane Farmer b. 1839
Elizabeth Ann Farmer b. 1840
Nancy Ellen Farmer b. 1843
William Farmer b. 1843
Lettice Farmer+ b. 1846, d. 1905
Henry Farmer b. 25 Jan 1850
Thomas Jefferson Farmer b. 1 May 1853
Charles Jaspar Farmer b. 1854
Lemanta Farmer b. 1855
Francis Marion Farmer b. 1857
John P. Farmer b. 1858

Matthew Barnes (M)

     He married Lettice Richardson.


Child of Matthew Barnes and Lettice Richardson
Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Barnes+ b. 1814

O.C. Barnes1,2 (M)

     He married Florence Dellinger.



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Ozella Barnes (F)

     She married Clarence Curry.


Child of Ozella Barnes and Clarence Curry
Doyle Harris Curry

Ruth Newell Barnes (F)
b. 23 September 1891, d. 22 February 1952
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ruth was born at Sedalia, Pettis Co., Missouri, on 23 September 1891. She was the daughter of George Dusenberre Barnes and Ella Josephine Bowman. She married Ira Drymon on 23 June 1920. Ruth died on 22 February 1952 at Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky, at age 60.


Children of Ruth Newell Barnes and Ira Drymon
Marian Louise Drymon b. 16 Sep 1927, d. 3 Feb 1987
Lou Ann Drymon b. 18 Jan 1931, d. 2 Mar 1987

Susan Amelia Barnes (F)
b. 1838

     Susan was born at Frederick Co., Maryland, in 1838. She married Hamilton Lindsay at Frederick Co., Virginia, on 17 February 1859.


William Barnes (M)

     William Barnes married (?) Wilson, daughter of James Robert Wilson and Elizabeth Rosetta Frymire.


Carl Barnett (M)
d. circa 1996

     Carl Barnett was born at Shattuck, Ellis Co., Oklahoma. He began military service. He married (?) Smith, daughter of Albert Henry Smith and Catherine Maria Scott. Carl Barnett died circa 1996 at Winfield, Cowley Co., Kansas.


Elizabeth "Bettie" Barnett1,2 (F)
b. circa 1858, d. 23 November 1896

     Elizabeth was born at Mitchell Co., North Carolina, circa 1858. She married Franklin Avery G. Dellinger at Mitchell Co., North Carolina, on 7 October 1875. Elizabeth died on 23 November 1896 at Mitchell Co., North Carolina.

Children of Elizabeth "Bettie" Barnett and Franklin Avery G. Dellinger
Nancy E. Dellinger b. 11 Mar 1880
Nettie Dellinger b. 8 Mar 1883
Thomas Spence Dellinger+ b. 8 Mar 1887, d. 27 Apr 1959
Frederick Dellinger+ b. 15 May 1888, d. 26 Mar 1964
Georgie Dellinger+ b. 6 Jun 1890, d. 25 Mar 1939
Ramon Grady Dellinger b. 3 Jun 1893


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Hannah Barnett (F)
b. 1739, d. 8 November 1843

     Hannah Barnett was born in 1739. She married James Rabb. Hannah Barnett died on 8 November 1843.


Child of Hannah Barnett and James Rabb
John Rabb+ b. 6 May 1781, d. 10 Oct 1844

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