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Mary Rebecca Saye (F)

     She married John Porter Gaston at York Co., South Carolina, in 1925.


Harriet E. Sayer (F)

     She married Sylvanus W. Moffatt.


Children of Harriet E. Sayer and Sylvanus W. Moffatt
William Sayer Moffatt+ b. 4 Mar 1847
Eben Colby Moffatt b. 11 Oct 1850, d. 30 May 1861
Mary Ada Moffatt b. 27 Mar 1853, d. 25 May 1861
Ward Beecher Moffatt b. 11 May 1858, d. 18 May 1861
Hattie E. Moffatt+ b. 27 May 1862, d. 10 Oct 1882

Henry Sayer (M)

     He married Phoebe Sayre Moffatt on 10 April 1838.


Bertha Sayers (F)

     Bertha Sayers married Jacob W.N. Billet, son of Jacob E. Billet and Rosie Ellen Latchaw.


Otis Sayles (M)

     Otis Sayles married Florence Leoni Wynn, daughter of Jonathan Wynn and Sarah Ann Totten, on 15 February 1883 at Mahaska Co., Iowa.


Ida Saylor (F)
b. circa 1872
Pop-up Pedigree

     Ida Saylor was born circa 1872 at Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Saylor and Eva Smith. Ida Saylor and an unknown person were divorced on 7 July 1919; Ida was previously married and divorced before she married William Dellinger. The reason for her divorce was desertion. She married William H. Dellinger, son of John Dellinger and Julia Dick, on 24 November 1920 at York Co., Pennsylvania.


Isaac Saylor (M)

     Isaac Saylor married Eleanor Hartley, daughter of William Hartley and Hannah (?), on 22 September 1762.


Jeremiah Saylor (M)
d. before 24 November 1920

     Jeremiah Saylor was born at Pennsylvania. He married Eva Smith. Jeremiah Saylor died before 24 November 1920.


Child of Jeremiah Saylor and Eva Smith
Ida Saylor b. c 1872

Mary "Polly" Saylor (F)

     Mary "Polly" Saylor married Jacob Voltz, son of Daniel Voltz and Magdalena Ruby, at Montgomery Co., Ohio.


Rachel Saylor (F)

     She married Abraham Golden Prugh on 24 September 1865.


Child of Rachel Saylor and Abraham Golden Prugh
Kearney Prugh

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