Generation 3 




1.1.1  John BLUE, (1713?-1791), m1.ca1739 Mary MARSHALL?, m2. Margaret KEYSER?.  This John Blue was probably born in New Jersey and came to Hampshire County, VA, about the year 1752.  As discussed on the previous pages, he was the first Blue to make the trip, not his father, as indicated in numerous books and manuscripts.

             John Blue and his family were probably drawn to Hampshire County by the existance of a sizeable Dutch population, which had previously migrated from New Jersey and New York.  According to Maxwell and Swisher in "History of Hampshire Co., WV", George Washington, as a lad of 16 years, was commissioned in 1748 by Lord Fairfax to survey some of the Fairfax lands.  "On April 4 he made an entry showing the kind of people who lived there (along the South Branch of the Potomac), and who were all squatters on the lands of Lord Fairfax, or at least on land claimed by him....... .  On April 4 he (Washington) writes, 'We were all attended with a great company of people, men, women and children, who followed us through the woods, showing their antic tricks.  They seemed to be as ignorant a set of people as the Indians.  They would never speak English, but when spoken to all spoke Dutch'."

             Since John's first wife, Mary Marshall, had her last child in 1753, it is probable that she had died before the family set out from Somerset Co., NJ, or that she died during the journey to Virginia.  Sometime in the 1750's John married his second wife, reputed to be Margaret Keyser (some say Van Meter).  Together, they had ten children to add to the four from his first marriage.

             Sometime after 1 May 1754, John Blue (Blew) received a grant from Lord Fairfax for Lot 27, 304 acres on the South Branch of the Potomac River.  He and his family lived on this land, located on the east bank of the river just south of Hanging Rocks, for about twenty years.  In 1770, at about the time of his father's death, he purchased Lot 31, north of the Rocks and containing 243 acres, from Job Welton.  He was living on this tract of land when he died in 1791.  In 1773 he purchased Lot 30, containing 312 acres, from Thomas Wood, and in 1774 he received a grant of 203 acres adjacent to Lots 27 and 30.  So, at this time, John (1.1.1) owned 1062 acres along the South Branch, surrounding Hanging Rocks.

             John Blue's will was proved on 14 April 1791.  In this will he divided his land between his four eldest sons (sons of his first marriage); John received Lot 30, except for seven acres above the Rocks which went to Uriah; Uriah received Lot 27; and Michael and Garret each received a half share of Lot 31.  Each son also received a one-fourth part of the "new survey" of 203 acres.  Each of these four sons was obliged to pay certain sums of money to the remaining ten children.

First marriage:* John BLUE (Capt.), (1740-1826), m1. Catherine WILLIAMS, m2. Sarah HERRIOTT (b.1768).  Revolutionary War veteran.* Uriah BLUE, (1746-1814), m.ca1770 Susannah WILLIAMS (1754-1815). Lived in Hampshire Co. VA.* Michael BLUE, (1748-1827), m.1776 Mary HERRIOTT? (ca1757-1826). Lived in Hampshire Co. VA and Fayette Co. OH.* Garrett BLUE (1753-1835), m. Elizabeth DUKE (1747-1773), m2.1784 Mary MARSHAL (1765-1849).

Second marriage:  Abraham BLUE (b.ca1759), m.1797 Sally DRAKE.* Peter Keyser BLUE (1761/2-1843), m.1787 Susannah KELCH (1768-1857).  Jacob BLUE, (1770-1825), m.1796 Isabella HERRIOTT (b.1770).  Went to Kentucky.  No children mentioned in his will.* Benjamin BLUE, (1772-1852), m. Elizabeth BEARD.* David BLUE (ca1774-1844), m1.1796 Alice DAWSON, m2.1836 Mary "Polly" COOPER (b.ca1790).* Hannah BLUE, (1779-1861), m. John HERRIOTT (1773-1841).  Went to Kentucky.* Margaret BLUE, (1781-1867), m.1798 James BEARD (1778-1844).* William BLUE, (1784-1855), m1.1805 Rachel GIRARD, m2. Hannah (_____) GIRARD.* Jesse BLUE (b.ca1787), m. Elizabeth FALL (b.ca1794).  Elizabeth BLUE, m. Isaac WOODS.

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1.1.2  Michael BLUE (ca1720-1819), m1. Martha BLACKFORD?, m2. Sarah _____.  Michael was probably born in Somerset Co. NJ and came to Berkeley Co. VA shortly before the Revolutionary War.  Legend says the three brothers, John, Michael and Uriah BLUE, came from NJ to VA, and that Michael and Uriah made their homes near Shepherdstown (then Berkeley Co. VA) while John went on to Hampshire Co.  John received his land grant on the South Branch of the Potomac in the early 1750's, however, no record of Michael and Uriah's presence in Berkeley Co. VA is found until April 1776, when Michael BLUE leased 450 acres of land from Thomas BLACKBURN.  Records indicate that Michael and Uriah first settled in or near Newcastle Co. DE.  Michael appears in a Militia list in Newcastle Co. on 28 Dec 1757, while Uriah had several children baptized at Holy Trinity Church in Wilmington DE between the years 1752 and 1764.  After receiving his lease for 450 acres in (then) Berkeley Co., in 1778 Michael subleased 150 acres each to his brother, Uriah BLUE [1.1.3], and to Jacob CONKLING.  Michael presumably lived on the remaining 150 leased acres, which he purchased from Thomas BLACKBURN on 15 Jan 1796.  This land was located in what is now Jefferson Co. WV, about 1.5 miles south of Kearneysville.  In 1812, Michael sold this land to his son, Joel BLUE, for $1.  Michael's wife was Sarah at that time.  The record of Michael's marriage to Martha has not been found, or has been lost to present day researchers.  In 1789 a Michael BLUE m. Ann CLEARY in Berkeley Co., and in 1796 a Michael and Nancy BLEW sold land in Bedford Co. PA.  It is not clear that these records pertain to this Michael BLUE[1.1.2].  Since Ann is usually a middle name, she could be either Sarah Ann or Nancy Ann.* Uriah BLUE (1752-1829), m.1773 Ruth VAN METER? (1755-1819)(C260 calls her Ruth LLOYD, other sources claim she is Ruth TERRY).  Elizabeth BLUE (b.1755), m.1796 Ambrose GRAFTON in Berkeley Co. VA.* Barnabas BLUE (1757-1827), m. Talithacuny "Charity" MARSHALL.* Michael BLUE (1759-1822), m. Amelia Mildred MORGAN.  Mary BLUE (b.1760), m?. Abel BALL/BELL.  Martha BLUE (b.1762)* Joel BLUE (1765-1829), m. Catherine DUKE (d.ca1847).  Hannah BLUE (b.1767)  John M. BLUE (b.1768), m.1790 Margaret DALLINGFORCE.  They reportedly married in Berkeley Co. VA, but no record has been seen by the compiler.  This John has been confused with John BLUE (ca1770-1855)[], who m1.1793 Mary BLUE and m2.1835 Martha PENDLEY.* James H. BLUE (b.1769), m. _____ _____.

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1.1.3  Uriah BLUE, (1726-1806), m.1747 Mary JORDAN.  Uriah was probably born in Somerset Co. NJ and came to Berkeley Co. VA shortly before the Revolutionary War with his brother, Michael.  Prior to this time he probably lived in Delaware, for most of his children were Holy Trinity Church in Wilmington DE.  On March 28, 1754 the following appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette: “Thomas DONALDSON, Irish servant, ran away from Uriah BLUE near White Clay Creek in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co. PA.”  Mill Creek Hundred is just west of Wilmington DE.  In 1778, after moving to Berkeley Co., Uriah subleased 150 acres of land from his brother, Michael.  In 1796 the land that Michael leased was purchased from Thomas BLACKBURN and Uriah received title to his 150 acres.  Then in 1801 Uriah and Mary sold the land to James HURST. In 1807, Mary and son John received adjacent land grants in Henderson Co. KY.  The claims were entered in 1803 and Mary probably received the land which was due her husband, Uriah, before his death.* James J. BLUE (1748-1818), m.1773 Margaret KEARNEY (1750-1810).* John BLUE (1750-1833), m.ca1776 Margaret _____(1750-1824).  Hannah BLUE (b.1754), m. Joseph ANDERSON.  She was baptized at Holy Trinity Church 9 July 1754.  They lived in Frederick Co. VA.  Ezekiel BLUE. Not in Holy Trinity baptismal records; may not be in this family.* Uriah BLUE (1757-1796), m.1773 Elizabeth SHANK (d.1857).* David BLUE (1760-1848), m1. Margaret DUKE (1760-1800), m2. Mary HENDERSON (1769-1853).  Solomon BLUE (b.1763), baptized Holy Trinity Church 23Jun1764.

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1.1.4  Abraham BLUE (d.ca1818), m. Elizabeth QUICK? (ca1748-1826).  He probably had an earlier wife, based on the birthdate of his son, Frederick.  Abraham served as a scout, 1766-69.  He was in Hampshire Co. VA in 1770, when he relinquished to his mother all claim or interest in his father's estate.  In 1779, Abraham purchased 94 acres on Patterson Creek in Hampshire Co. from Okey JOHNSON.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, sold this land in 1783 to Kimber BARTON.  They soon moved to Ohio, for he first appears there in the records of Columbia Baptist Church membership in 1796.  The Old Columbia Church was organized in 1790 and was located in Columbia Twp. in the eastern part of present day Hamilton Co. OH.  Elizabeth BLUE  is listed as a member in 1797.  Abraham next appears as a voter in Hamilton Co. of the Northwest Territory in 1798.  At that time, Hamilton Co. covered an extensive area bounded on the west by the Great Miami River and extending northward into Miami Co.  In 1799 Abraham BLUE, with Josiah BLUE, David BLUE and a John BLUE (who may be his son), signed a Memorial to Congress, as settlers "on the Publick lands lying below the mouth of the Great Miami River Between the said Miami and the Boundary Line Between the United States and the Indian Tribes".  This petition requested that the land be sold in smaller quantities than full sections, and to give the current settlers preference in the purchase of their land.  This implies that Abraham had, during the past year, settled on land west of the Great Miami River, possibly in the area of present Butler Co.  He still owned property in VA in 1800, for his name appears on the 1798 and 1800 tax lists of Berkeley Co. VA.  In the year 1807, Abraham appears on the tax list in Butler Co., Lemon Twp.  On the same list are his son, Henry BLUE, in Wayne Twp., who moved on to Champaign Co. OH, and Archibald BLUE in Ross Twp., who appears to be of the Scottish Blues.  We have no knowledge of Archibald's subsequent movements.  Abraham died before 17 Feb 1818 in Butler Co. (when an appraisal of his estate was ordered by the court) and Elizabeth died 10 Jul 1826, age 78 years.  These dates were recorded in a Bible which descended through the family of their daughter, Sarah (BLUE)BELL.  His estate was proved in Butler Co. and Jacob BELL, his son-in-law was the administrator.

                The inclusion of Frederick, Henry, Nathaniel and James as sons of Abraham is, to a large degree, based on circumstantial evidence.  Many years ago, Bob Blue of San Rafael CA received a paper with the pencilled notation, “Abraham, the son of John, had James, Frederick, Nathaniel and Frederick”.  He believes this came from the Blosser collection.  Tending to confirm this grouping are other records; in 1798 Henry and Frederick BLUE (and Jesse) were defendants in a lawsuit in Berkeley Co.; the 1798 personal property list of Berkeley Co. shows James, Frederick, Nathaniel and Abraham BLUE Sr as the only BLUEs west of the Opequon River; and the 1800 personal property tax list continued that grouping.  Abraham’s sons, Henry and John, also moved to Butler Co. OH in the early years of the 19th century.  Abraham appears to have maintained residences in both Berkeley Co. VA and Hamilton Co. OH for a few years around 1800.  His experience as a scout probably gave him the mobility to accomplish this.* Fredrick BLEW/BLUE (1759-1836), m1. _____ _____, m2. Jane _____.* Nancy BLUE (1767-1845), m. James CROOKS Jr.* Elizabeth BLUE (1769-1865), m1.1788 Samuel FERGUSON (1758-1814), m2. John DENNIS.* John BLUE (ca1770-1855), m1.1793 Mary BLUE, m2.1835 Martha PENDLEY (b.1785).* Henry BLUE (d.1815), m.1793 Mary A. GARRETT (ca1771-1848).  Nathaniel BLUE (b.ca1773).  In 1810-30 censuses for Berkeley Co. VA.  Received land grant on Opequon Creek, Berkeley Co. VA in 1813.  James BLUE, m. Mary _____.  Sold land on Opequon Creek in Berkeley Co. VA in 1794.* Sarah BLUE (1776-1866), m. Col. Jacob BELL (1774-1825).  Mary BLUE, m?. Abel BALL/BELL.

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1.1.5  Mary BLUE, m.1747 Jacobus HEINS (b.1724).  They were married in the Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Wilmington DE, where he was baptized.  They must have lived near Wilmington, for all of their known children were baptized there.  John HEINS (b.1751).  Jacob HEINS (b.1752).  Isaac HEINS (b.1754).  Elizabeth HEINS (b.1756).

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1.3.1  William BLEW (b.ca1724), m. Margaret BLEW (b.1733) [1.5.1].  Lived in Somerset Co. NJ.  Late in life they moved to Berkeley Co. VA and leased land about two miles west of Harpers Ferry.  He leased the 201 acres in 1793 from Robert BOGGESS, then in 1800 he subleased it to John MORROW.  His sons, Samuel and Cornelius, lived on this land.* Michael BLUE (1749-1833), m. Phoebe VORIS/VOORHEES.* Frederick BLEW (Frederrik BLAU) (bp.1752-1832+), m.ca1774 Mary _____, divorced 1815.* William BLUE (bap1754-ca1830), m1.1788 Mary (_____) McINTIRE (ca1755-ca1820), m2.1821 Mary (FRYESLATER.  baptized at Harlingen Dutch Church.  Maria BLEW (Marya BLAU), bap. 1756 at Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church, Franklin Twp., Somerset Co. NJ.  Probably died young.  Cornelia BLEW (Neeltje BLAU), bap. 1758 at Six Mile Run.  Maria BLEW (Marya BLAU), bap. 1760 at Harlingen Dutch Church.* Cornelius BLEW (bap.1763-1840), m1.1790 Nancy JEANS, m2.1819 Ann PERRIN.* Samuel BLEW (Sammel BLAU) (bap.1767-1843), m1.1791 Martha BLUE, m2. 1818 Sarah JANES (b.ca1780).  Margaret BLEW (Maragrita BLAU), bap. 1769 at Harlingen Dutch Church.  Elizabeth BLEW (Elasbet BLAU), bap. 1775 at Harlingen Dutch Church.

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1.3.2  John BLAW (ca1728-1778), m. Maria _____.  Lived in Somerset Co. NJ and left a will naming the following five children.  His wife was mentioned, but not by name.* Michael BLUE/BLAW (1751-1787), m.ca1770 Mary STOUT (1753-1842).* Cornelius BLUE (Cnelius BLAU), bap. 1753 at Harlingen Dutch Church.  Married Cattrina ____.* John BLEW (ca1754-1810), m.ca1780 Jerusha _____ (d.1829+).  Nelte BLAU, bap. 1762 at Harlingen Dutch Church, m. John STOUT.  Called Phinilphia in her father's will.  Lambert BLUE (Lammert BLAU), bap. 1765 at Harlingen Dutch Church.

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 1.3.3  Cornelius BLEW (ca1732-ca1772), m. Margaret LAKE (1739-1825).  She was a daughter of Nicholas and Mary LAKE of Somerset Co.  Cornelius and Margaret lived in Bergen Co. NJ, where he was a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church.  He died intestate in Somerset Co. NJ.  Margaret m2. Elias HUBBARD.  Mary BLEW (b.ca1760)

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 1.3.4  Mary BLAW, m. ____ GOLDER.  Her children are named in her father's will.  Elinor GOLDER  Michael GOLDER

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 1.3.6  Michael BLAW (bp.1770-1846), m1. _____ _____, m2.1822 Sybil HAYES.  He was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church in Somerset Co. NJ.  After his father's death, Michael chose David Covenhoven as his guardian.  He and his brother, Daniel, moved to Cayuga Co. NY between 1800 and 1810.  By 1820 Michael had removed to Geauga Co. OH where he married his second wife.  He served during the War of 1812 in Capt. George Buchanan's company (from Miami Co. OH) from May 5 to Aug 13, 1812.  He was living in Geauga Co. in 1830, and in 1840 he was in Lake Co. OH which was newly formed from Geauga Co.  He is buried at Perry Center Cemetery in Lake Co.

First marriage:* James L. BLUE, m.1823 Electa G. HOWE.  Eleanor BLUE, m.1826 Amariah BARTHOLOMEW in Geauga Co. OH.  They may have lived in Geneva, Ashtabula Co. OH.* Ezekiel BLUE (1801-1875), m.1828 Mary Sophronia HOWE (ca1811-1868).* John BLUE (ca1810-1841), m.1838 Nancy GRIFFIN (ca1813-1844).

Second marriage:  Daughter (b.182?), died before 1840.

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1.3.7  Daniel BLAW/BLUE (bp.1772-1850+), m. Mary _____.  Daniel was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church in Somerset Co. NJ.  He and his brother, Michael, moved to Cayuga Co. NY between 1800 and 1810.  In 1820 Daniel was living in Dryden, Tompkins Co. NY, which had been broken away from Cayuga Co. in 1817.  His brother, Michael, had removed to Geauga Co. OH before 1820 and Daniel followed sometime during the next decade, for in 1830 he too is in Geauga Co. with a family of three boys and a girl.  He appears in Lake Co. OH in 1840, as does Michael, and in 1850 there is a Daniel, age 59, in Hautsburgh Twp., Geauga Co., who may be this Daniel (with an age error).* Lorana “Loraney” BLUE (1792-1882), m.1813 Jonathan GEE (1792-1863).  Jesse S. BLUE, m.1829 Philena R. CALLOWAY.  They were married in Geauga Co. OH and lived in Lake Co. OH in 1840 with four children.  Did he m2.1839 Eliza A. ELTON in Ashtabula Co. OH?  Levi L. H. BLUE (b.ca1813), m. Harriet A. _____ (b.ca1834).  Lived in Cortland Co. NY in 1850 with his brother-in-law, Jonathan GEE.

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1.5.1  Margaret BLEW (b.1733), m. William BLEW (See 1.3.1 for their family).

 1.5.2  Frederick BLAW (1735-1779), m. Marya _____.  They lived in Somerset Co. NJ in their early years and had their child baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church.  In 1768 he purchased 220 acres of land in (then) Somerset Co. bordering on the Partition Line between East and West Jersey, just south of the Van Horn tract.  He reportedly sold this land in 1772.  Sometime after 1772 he moved to Berkeley Co. VA (WV) where he died in 1779.  Nilte BLAW (bp.1765).

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1.5.5  John BLAW (1740-1781), m. Catherine/Cattron SORTORE (ca1748-1800) [1.8.3].  This John is often confused with a son of Hendrick BLAU and Aeltje STAATS.  Both Johns apparently married Catherines.  At this point, I will arbitrarily assign the children baptized at Harlingen to this John and Catherine; those baptized at 6 Mile Run and Hillsborough to John, son of Hendrick.  Hendrick BLAU was a brother of John BLAW [1.].  Shortly before his death, John and Catherine moved to Berkeley Co. VA.  Since their son Jesse's baptism is not in the Harlingen records, this would establish the date of John and Cattron's migration to Berkeley Co. VA as between 1770 and 1773.  Catrine BLUE was appointed John's executrix on 20 Nov 1781, the same day on which Martha BLUE was appointed executrix of Richard BLUE [1.5.8].  John and Richard must have purchased or leased land jointly, for in 1782, Richard and John  BLUE's executors appear on the Berkeley Co. tax list.  John's estate wasn't settled until after 1798, when his son, John S. BLUE, was appointed administrator.  In 1800, John S. was also appointed administrator of his mother's estate.  The circumstances of the deaths of John and Richard BLUE are unknown.  It is possible that they were killed in one of the last battles of the Revolution, possibly Yorktown, which was fought in October 1781.  However, no Revolutionary War records have been found to confirm this possibility.* John Salter BLUE (bap.1766-1831), m1.1789 Margaret WALLINGSFORD, m2. Hannah O'NAN.  He was bap. 9Feb1766 at Harlingen Dutch Church.* David BLUE (1766-1834), m.1796 Phoebe WALLINGFORD (widow MURPHEY) (b.1769).  Rebecca BLUE, bap.1770 at Harlingen Dutch Church, m.1793 Samuel TRIGG?.* Jesse BLUE (1773-1814), m.1796 Margaret "Peggy" YERKES/YERKEY (b.1772).

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1.5.6  Mary BLAW, (b.1742), m. Okey VOORHEES (ca1741-1799).  Okey was a son of Jacobus Janse and Maria VAN VOORHEES.  On 16 Aug 1774 he released to his  brothers, Abraham  and James,  land at Blawenburg NJ in consideration of £250 sterling.  He later made a deed of the same premises to  his brother,  Abraham, dated  11 Aug  1780 in consideration of £125 sterling.  About this  time he  probably removed to PA.  John VOORHEES (bp.1762), bap. at Harlingen.  Gertje (Charity) VOORHEES (bp.1764),  bap. at  Harlingen.  Twin of Elizabeth.  Elizabeth VOORHEES (bp.1764),  m. William  GREEN.  She was  bap. at Harlingen.  Johannes VOORHEES

References:  C344, C465.

1.5.7  Ezekiel BLUE (1745-1811), m.1770 Martha VOORHEES (d.1813).  Ezekiel was the only son of Frederick to stay in New Jersey and he, therefore, inherited his father's lands.  He was a charter member of Lodge No. 1, F.& A.M, and was demitted to Lodge No. 15 in 1798.  He was a Tax Assessor for Somerset Co. NJ, 1799-1807.  Ezekiel and Martha probably moved to Readington Twp. of Hunterdon Co. NJ shortly after their marriage, for they had children baptized at the Readington Church in 1776 and 1784.  They most likely moved back to Somerset Co. after his father's death in 1793.  After his death, his land was divided among his six children.* Frederick BLUE, (1768-1857), m. Effie TITSORT.* Mary BLUE (1770-1825), m.1790 Peter VAN VLEET/VAN FLEET (1765-1820).  Isaac BLUE (bap.1776), m.1796 Eleanor SUTPHIN.  baptized at Readington Dutch Church, Somerset Co. NJ.* James BLUE (d.1813), m.1795 (Elizabeth LANNING)?.  Rebecca BLUE, m. Jonathan HUNT.* Elizabeth BLUE (1784-1827), m.1808 James VAN VOORHIS (1782-1835).

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1.5.8  Richard BLAW (1747-1781), m. Martha _____.  He was born in Somerset Co. NJ.  The location of their marriage is unknown, however, she is inferred to be his wife by the fact that she was appointed executor of his estate.  This took place in Berkeley Co. VA on 20 Nov 1781.  Martha was on the tax rolls for Berkeley Co. in 1782 and 1788, but not in later years.  This leads to the possible conclusion that she died, remarried or left the county at about that time (see below).  Ezekiel is identified as a son of Martha BLUE on the 1788 Berkeley Co. property tax record. The existence of their second son, James, is established by a Berkeley Co. record which refers to James, "orphan of Richard, age 12, Feb 5 last", dated Sept 1782.  Their son, Richard's birthdate is established by his 1850 census record in Butler Co. OH, so it is uncertain without confirmation.  According to this census record, Richard and Martha were in VA at the time of the birth of their son, Richard.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, is identified by the fact that her brother, Richard, was bondsman for her marriage in Berkeley Co.  In 1791, son William was bound to James WHITELOCK, blacksmith, "till he comes of age, who is to teach him the trade of a Blacksmith & otherwise according to law".

                Richard appears to have had a close association with a John BLUE in Berkeley Co. VA.  Two nearly identical administration bonds were filed in Berkeley Co. on 20 Nov 1781.  In one, Martha BLUE was appointed administratrix for Richard's estate, with Martha BLUE, Uriah BLUE and John LEE "bound in £400".  In the other, Catrene BLUE was appointed administratrix for John BLUE's estate, with Catrene BLUE, Uriah BLUE and John LEE "bound in £400".  Richard's brother John [1.5.5] married a Cattron (Catrene, Catherine), but we previously had his death date as 1795, based on administration records.  We now believe that John BLUE (1.5.5) also died in 1781 and his estate wasn't settled until years later.

                The history of Richard’s widow, Martha, after 1781 is somewhat clouded.  The last clear records of her as Martha BLUE/BLEW are the 1783 and 1787 Berkeley Co. personal property tax lists.  In the latter list, in addition to her own tax, she is taxed for an Ezekiel BLEW, presumably her son.  Martha may have remarried at least twice, maybe three times.  James WHITELOCK was responsible for Martha BLUE's son, William, and he also was surity for the marriage bond of Fanny BLUE in 1806.  In 1802 James WHITELOCK married Martha RILEY in Berkeley Co. We suspect that this Martha was Richard’s widow, however, not all pieces of the puzzle fit together.  A John RILEY married Martha BLADE in 1796 in Berkeley Co.  At first we thought that BLADE was a perversion of BLUE in the record, however, a recent find by by Margaret AMUNDSON removes this possibility.  She found a Berkeley Co. marriage bond, dated 1801, signed by Joshua YERKES and Martha RILEY for the marriage of Joshua YERKES Jr and Elizabeth BLEADS, “daughter of the above bound Marthy RILEY, widow of James BLEADS, deceased”.  The only way the puzzle can fit together is if Martha BLUE married James BLEADS after 1787.  Her “daughter”, Elizabeth, who married Joshua YERKES Jr in 1801, would have to be her step-daughter, or be about 13 years old at the time of her wedding.

                Richard and Martha may have had other children.  A Martha BLUE m. 1813 George BOGART in Pickaway Co. OH.  The 1830 census of Warren Co. OH indicates that she was b.1780/90, so she would have to have been an infant when Richard died.  In 1815, George BOGART was appointed guardian for James BLUE's son, William, in Franklin Co. OH.  Sarah BLUE, who m.1815 Jacob EBY in Franklin Co. OH, also may be a daughter of Richard and Martha.

          (CAUTIONARY NOTE:  This family was assembled on the basis of the evidence described above, much of which must be termed inconclusive.  If the reader can supply further evidence confirming or disputing these conclusions, he is encouraged to contact the compiler at the address given in the front of this book.)* Ezekiel BLUE (ca1765-ca1836), m.1798 Sarah REED.* James BLUE (1770-1815), m.1805 Maria Elisabeth WEST (b.1775).* Richard BLUE (ca1772-1859), m1. Mary _____ (b.1775+), m2.1848 Sarah CARR (ca1791-1855).* Elizabeth BLUE, m.1799 Israel HEATH (b.ca1773).* William BLUE (b.1777), m.1801 Jane REED, m2.1847 Angelica "Jelico" (WOODHAMM (b.ca1801).  Fanny BLUE, m.1806 Cornelius BARKELOW.

References:  A153, B615, A663, A664, A667, A668, A669, A670, A671, B2, B132, B511, B810, C609, C1241, C1242, C1256.


1.5.10  Peter (Peterris) BLAW/BLUE (1752-1826), m. Mary MONTGOMERY? (1759-1838).  Peter was baptized on 14 Jan 1753 at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church in Montgomery Twp., Somerset Co. NJ.  He may have moved to PA as early as 1783 and lived in Valley Twp., Northumberland Co.  They then moved to Mahoning Twp., where he owned 100 acres in 1785-6.  He seems to have followed his cousin, Frederick BLEW (, to PA.  Frederick owned land in White Deer Twp., Northumberland Co. (now Union Co.) from 1778 to 1782.  From 1783 through at least 1787, Frederick owned land in Mahoning Twp., Northumberland Co. (now Columbia Co.) PA.  In 1784 Peter signed a paper drawn up by General William Montgomery entitled "Preaching Subscription".  The purpose of this paper was to raise a fund to promote the preaching of the gospel at the settlement of Mahoning.  In 1814 Peter donated $20 toward erecting public buildings in Danville.  The subscription totalled $2944, and the erection of the courthouse was begun.  Peter and Mary are buried in the Grove Street Presbyterian Church Cemetery in the center of Danville PA.  The cemetery area is now a public park and their remains were never removed.* Ezekiel BLUE (1783-1846), m. Mary BRIGGS.* Samuel BLUE (1785-1813), m.1803 Charlotte GRAY (1790-1850).* Gilbert BLUE (1786-1866), m. Margaret _____ (1786-1848) (Elizabeth?).* John BLUE (1788-1861), m. Hannah WINTERSTEEN (1788-1870).* Rebecca BLUE (ca1790-ca1835), m.1 _____ _____, m2.1818 James FLETCHER (1796-1865).  Mary M. BLUE (1794-1836), m. _____ BOUDEMAN.* Peter BLUE (1796-1867), m. Julia Ann _____ (b.ca1808).* Aaron BLUE (1798-1885), m. Anna _____ (b.ca1801).  Twin of Reuben.* Ruben BLUE (1798-1844), m.1820 Elizabeth DAVIS (1796-1841).* David BLUE (1803-1877), m. 1829 Elizabeth GRAY (1807-1885).

References: A11, A562, B535, B638, B646, B1658, C249, C458, C567, C624, C625.

1.5.11 Isaac BLUE (1758-1833), m.1780 Amelia Ann (Amy/Ama) SORTOR (1763-1844).  He was a Revolutionary War veteran, having served as a private in Capt. Duryea's company, Somerset Co. NJ.  Amelia was a daughter of Henry SORTORE (see 1.8).  They moved to Ovid, Seneca Co. NY and are buried there at the Gospel Lot Cemetery.  Isaac served as an Overseer of Highways at Ovid in 1809, 1811, 1812 and 1814.* John Henry BLUE (1780-1827), m. Elizabeth BLUE? (d.1856).  Ama BLUE (b.1780), twin of John Henry.* Jane BLUE (1792-1822), m.1810 Jonathan STOUT (b.ca1794).  George Washington BLUE (1796-1824).  Known as "Captain".  Buried at Elkridge, Anne Arundel Co. MD.  Catherine BLUE?  Not in family register.

References: A223, B2, B126, C10, C11, C68, C107, C157, C250, C1250.

1.5.12  Elizabeth (Elisabet) BLAW/BLUE, (1759-ca1789), m.1778 James VOORHEES (1754-1844).  She was born near Blawenburg, Somerset Co. NJ, and was baptized at the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church on 10 Feb 1760.  James was born at Blawenburg and they were married in Somerset Co. He was a son of Jacobus and Nelly VOORHEES.  Isaac BLUE [1.5.11], Elizabeth's brother, signed the marriage bond.  They lived near Blawenburg and Elizabeth apparently died during, or shortly after, the birth of her last child (5 Sep 1789), for on 4 Jul 1790 James m2. Sarah DENNIS.  He and Sarah had seven children.  James served in the Revolution, first volunteering in the Spring of 1776 in Capt. VAN DYKE's Company, Col. Abraham QUICK's Regiment, Somerset Co. Militia.  He was called to active duty several times during the conflict.  James received a Rev. War pension in 1834.  In 1802 James and his family moved to Scipio, Cayuga Co. NY, then in 1811 they moved to Richmond, Ontario Co. NY.  James died at Richmond on 31 Mar 1844.  Eleanor VOORHEES (b.1779).  James VOORHEES (b.1782).  David VOORHEES (b.1786).* John VOORHEES (1789-1865), m.ca1819 Jane MERRIT (b.1799).

References:  A24, A25, A704, A705, A706, C639, C640.

1.5.13  David BLUE (b.1761), m. _____ _____.  Jean BLUE

References: C157.


1.8.2  John SORTORE (b.1742), m. _____ _____.  He is not mentioned in his father’s will (1793).  Hannah SORTORE

References:  B1727, C833, C985.

 1.8.4  Margaret SORTORE (1746-bef1793), m.1771 John HEPBURN.  She was born in Somerset Co. NJ.  She is not mentioned in her father’s will (1793).  Nancy HEPBURN, m. _____ RICHARDS.

References:  B1727, C833.

1.8.6  Peter SORTORE (b.1751), m. Esther STOUT.  He was born in Somerset Co. NJ.  She was a daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (GROVERSTOUT.  Peter enlisted in the New Jersey Regiment on 7 Jun 1776 and served for six weeks with Capt. William BAIRD’s company under Col. QUICK.  On 10 Sep 1776 he enlisted at Ft. Lee as a substitute for his brother Henry, and served 8 1/2 months of a nine month enlistment.  He enlisted again on 1 Jul 1777 and served until sometime in 1778.  He served at the engagement of Rocky Hill on Millstone River and at the battle of Monmouth. When he applied for his pension he was residing at Madison, Columbia Co. PA.  Rebecca SORTORE (b.1778).  Margaret SORTORE (b.1780).* Lydia SORTORE (b.1782), m. William HOWELL.  Mary SORTORE (b.1784).  Aaron SORTORE (b.1785).  Catherine SORTORE (b.1797).

References:  B1727, C833.

1.8.7  Dinah SORTORE (bp.1754-ca1793), m.ca1775 John TILLIER (1746-1794).  She was born in Somerset Co. NJ and was baptized on 8 Oct 1754 at Millstone in Somerset Co.  He was born at Rocky Hill, Somerset Co. NJ, a son of William and Martha (GRIGGSTILLIER.  They both died in Seneca Co. NY.  Maria TILLIER (bp.1776).  William TILLIER (b.1778), m. Mary HEGEMAN.  Dinah TILLIER (b.1780), m. Luke COVERT.  Annis TILLIER (b.1782), m. Stephen HUNT.  Catherine TILLIER (b.1784), m. John McMULLEN.* Margaret TILLIER (ca1786-1866), m.ca1806 John Remsen RAPPLEYE (1783-1864).  John TILLIER (b.1787).  Henry TILLIER (b.1789), m. Margaret SANGCOY.  Thomas TILLIER (b.1791).

References:  B1727, C833, C985.

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