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About Us.  Brian and C. Raeleen J. Rowe nee Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand.
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We are
, Brian (1) and the late C. Raeleen J. Rowe  nee Hall (2).
Living in Christchurch, New Zealand, actively researching all our daughters ancestral family groups for some years.
Along with other persons, both in this country and overseas.
We also record the material of the ancestral siblings, and their descendants, that is made available to us, and research these persons on a local and overseas basis. Relatives and other connected persons are also added.
No, we can't do everything for everyone, we still attempt to do most things for most of them! (He typed with a smile).

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Of course construction is going on, it is part of the page update, review, correction, expansion process.
For example, not all the pages are finished, the genealogical pages will never be finished, plus, we are still making the publication system work.

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