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. Published privately
The Story of Robert George Stavely (Staveley) (3357) and his family, Ireland and New Zealand.
Researched and Compiled by, Merle Jurgens (4660) (a granddaughter),
    incorporating the writings of  Charles George Staveley (3420), (a son).    ISBN 0-9583403-2-3.
                         There are copies still available, from the author.
Not sure about it? e-mail Brian Rowe (1), I am more than happy to tell you about the book, plus how to purchase it.

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Herefordshire,    Pigot's 1884 Directory, CD form.
Gloucestershire,  Pigot's 1884 Directory, CD form.
Gloucestershire, The Forest of Dean - 1858 - H. G. Nicholls, CD form


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