Circle Of Energy 2

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Circle Of Energy 2
Phoenix Journal 32
Page 112:  Let us also pick up where Sananda left off with this subject. The thoughts which have been written to accentuate are: 1. That every effect in Nature which observers have attributed to gravity, and magnetism should rightly be attributed to electric potential, and 2. that the center of any mass like the sun is a center of maximum heat and pressure which is a violently explosive condition, not an attractive one, for heat expands and violently desires to escape. Tens of thousands of suns have exploded. They are called novas. Many of them are conquered by the cold of space and reimprisoned. The greatest of these is known as the Crab Nebula. It is a very recent explosion but a very spectacular one and one unto which you can relate. A most careful study of its movements gives clear comprehension of that majestic battle which is continually going on between the cold of space and the heat of its resistance to its electrical division. These misleading effects in nature have held scientific progress back for too long already, on your place. Their correction would be of incalculable value to present day progress. The text books tell you that there are two kinds of electricity, a positive kind and a negative opposite. Let me show you how impossible and illogical this is, and how contrary it is to Nature's processes in the construction of matter. Herein I must repeat a fact, that electricity does only ONE thing--it divides an equilibrium into EQUAL pairs and compresses them until they unite to create an explosive condition around a still point of gravity. When that purpose has been completed, electricity slowly dies in all masses, until all motion has ceased in them. It does NOT require TWO forces to compress anything. If you wish to compress air into your tire you compress it with a force exerted in one direction, which is inward from the outside. The greater the force you exert in that direction the greater the multiplication of resistant pressure within your tire, as compared with the pressure outside the tire. If you open a valve the pressure within your tire will explode outward without the aid of another kind of electricity to help it escape from its bondage. It will seek its equilibrium level without another kind of force to help it. The universal vacuum is that universal equilibrium level. Any departure from that state in Nature normalcy is a forced departure which causes a tension, or strain. The zero universe is without tension or strain. All matter is compressed motion. All compressed motion is explosive. It is in exactly the same condition as your tire which you have compressed into a strained, tense condition, from which it constantly exerts its own strength of Page 112desire to escape into the universal equilibrium. This desire for outward explosion is inherent in all matter. There is no desire in matter to hold itself together with other matter. Perhaps it will help in understanding this statement if you stretch a piece of elastic from its normal equilibrium condition of rest. It takes force for you to stretch it but it will return to its normal condition without need of another kind of force. In stretching the elastic you have created strains and tensions of an abnormal condition. The zero universe is balanced. Everything in Nature which becomes unbalanced by the exertion of any force will eventually find balance in the Cosmic vacuum, which is the one normal condition of space. It is also the CAUSE of all EFFECTS and the SOURCE of all ENERGY. If you fully comprehend this, you can now solve that great mystery which great thinkers in science thought to be insoluble--the mystery as to how matter emerges from space and how space swallows it up again. How was it that early investigators made a decision that there were two opposite kinds of electricity instead of the one kind which produces motion? It was because the two opposite conditions of living and dying--growing and decaying--heating and cooling-- polarizing and depolarizing, and all other effects of motion, are expressed in seemingly opposite directions by seemingly opposite forces. There are no opposite directions, or opposite forces, however. There are but divided sexes which exert the same force and in the same direction. The one force is compression and the one direction is spiral. That which seems to be two are one when united. They could not unite if they were persuing opposite directions, nor could they be one if they were opposites. One's senses are very deceptive. They convincingly make one believe the very opposite of what they manifest. Early investigators did not take into account the fact that motion is a cosmic abnormality which has been caused by a disturbance of stillness. The normal condition of this universe is a rest condition. Motion is a created effect which emerges from rest and returns to it. This universe of motion might be likened to a quiet pool into which a stone has been thrown. The normal quiet of the pool has been disturbed by a force. The normal quiet will return without the aid of force. There is no opposite force which causes the return to normal balance. And so it is with life and death. They are two seemingly opposite effects which emerge from the Creator's zero universe as a disturbance of its vacuum by seemingly opposite pressures. So, also, are heat and sound. But all of these which emerge by the application of force, return to their normal rest condition without the aid of another kind of electric force, or a change in their one universal spiral direction. Let us be sure that you understand this vital fundamental of Nature that has so grossly deceived the greatest minds of the centuries. We return to the tire which you compressed into a very much higher pressure than that of its environment. That pressure is held in the tire by a sealed casing, but it is very difficult to entirely seal it against slow leaking from some part of it. Page 113Always remember that every action you perform causes motion—and motion is electric--and electricity moves spirally--and that spirals are always created in pairs. You cannot cut a section through any electric current anywhere without producing rings which spin around holes. Try it. Pass an electric current through an evacuated tube with sufficient air or vapor in it to aid visibility and you will see the rings which electricity creates. You will see them as rings of light spinning around black holes. Those rings you see are divisions and extensions of the "ultimate particles" of Creation, for there is no other form in Nature than opening and closing rings. They are the basis, and substance of all forms. When and where they appear, matter appears. When they disappear, matter disappears, and all effects of matter with them, such as sound, color, heat, form, density and dimension. To repeat, this universe of motion is entirely electric, and there is no power, or quality, in electricity to pull inward from within. Again we say--electricity does but one thing - -it compresses to divide into two pairs for the purpose of creating a dense pressure condition known as electric POTENTIAL. This is done against the resistance of the universal vacuum, which finally conquers every effort of electricity to simulate cohesion. The entire principle of the construction of matter is based upon surrounding an area of rest in the omnipresent vacuum with four rings, then in compressing the rings in divided and extended pairs until the holes are eliminated and flaming carbon suns occupy the holes. Suns then throw off rings in series of four until the holes return. Electricity causes the compression and the zero vacuum is the expression of Mind- energy which causes the expansion. This universe is a compression-expansion pump. One end of its piston is in the eternal vacuum and the other end is in the pressures of electric potential. Remember, also, that every electric action, which is recorded in Nature, like the growth of a tree, or throwing a stone in water, produces rings with holes in them. The young tree starts that way, as a tube, but closes its holes by compression, to become a solid, and every solid in a series of ring layers which eventually open to let "space" in gradually, until space becomes all and the tree disappears entirely into it. Cut your own body into sections and you will find it is composed of rings around holes--your chest-- your skull--your bones, arteries, heart, windpipe, nerves and every cell of your body. Electricity works that way. It tries to close up its holes, but very few out of millions of effects succeed in doing so. Organic life has not one example of body building which has succeeded in becoming a solid, not even the ivory of an elephant's tusk. It is centered by a hole, and its cells are porous. All Nature, everywhere, cries out its protest to such an unnatural and impossible condition as the nuclear atom. Nature is cellular and cells are rings in sections.. Also, every cell in Nature is a product of the union of four pairs of rings. Nature also cries out its protest against such a concept as that of a cosmic "glue" of some mysterious and mystical nature, which supposedly holds the atom together from within Page 114 a nucleus. Atoms are held together only by pressure from the outside and sealed from the outside by cold. The inside of every atomic mass is a heat generator and heat consumer. Atomic units have cold centers, but combined atomic masses have relatively hot centers, according to their purpose and position. Its cells must be electrically conditioned to maintain that heat, but no matter what the temperature is in any cell it tends to expand it--not hold it together. Instead of being a glue it is an explosive.
Vio present to take up where we left off on the yesterday. Good morning, and may we be given into understanding. Know that your friends and relations on this side are gathered and offer that which they can give to bring about understanding through simplicity. To make changes, there must be understanding and insight into the things from which the changes will flow—there is no other way. If you are going to "transmute" something or change through alchemy--you MUST KNOW that which you are dealing--wishing a thing to be so will not do it. Those of you who believe that to be in capability, understand even less of the "alive" universe. It will be well, herein, to examine the reasoning process which led observers and research workers to determine that there must be two kinds of electricity. The idea of a universal vacuum never entered into the thinking or reasoning of early observers of EFFECTS of motion. Lacking that concept they lacked their first essential premise-- the basic fact that Creation is a product of MIND. Secondarily, they conceived heat to be the reality which caused motion and considered cold to be just less heat, instead of cold being the eternal untreated CAUSE from which heat was created as an effect. Instead of heat being the cause of motion, the reverse is the fact. Heat is result of motion. Both are abnormal conditions in this universe of rest.
I should probably remind you of THE LAW OF THE BUREAUCRACY: The Bureaucracy will always accomplish the exact opposite of that which they project. Man must realize that fact or he will never be able to recognize his enemies. Once this "law" is accepted and recognized in action--then and only then, can you begin to make changes in the "system". Now it so happens that the early concept of electricity provided for a one-way direction which compressed to multiply potential, which simultaneously multiplied heat. The opposite flow was theoretical but necessary, for there are two poles, and two opposite conditions to every electrical effect. There is but one direction to motion, however. This is a two-way opening and closing universe, both of which are expressed in unchanging one-way direction. Page 118I am going to repeat a portion of this paragraph because you must get it imprinted and I fear you won't go back and restudy it: This is a two-way opening and closing universe, both of which are expressed in unchanging one-way direction. The sex divided condition did not occur to those early observers. Such an idea never entered into their thinking. To them sex was a function of organic life and most distinctly not a part of the atomic life of inorganic matter. Nor did the spectrum red and blue divisions ever become a part of their consideration. Nor did the idea of tensions ever enter into their thinking in relation to electricity, the tension of the spectrum division which desired unity by the disappearance of the colors of motion into the Magnetic White Light of universal stillness, or the tensions of sex division of Father-Motherhood into father and mother bodies which desired unity in sexlessness. Nor did they take into consideration that the two opposites of compression and expansion coincided with concentration and decentration--growth and decay--life and death--or the polarization and depolarization principle. Then, in the turn of this century, a couple of persons conceived the idea of atomic construction as being based upon the firm belief in the Coulomb Law, which says that matter attracts oppositely "charged" electrical matter, and repels similarly "charged" matter (Rutherford and Bohr). Nothing could seem more convincing, for one pole of a magnet seemingly "attracted" its opposite and "repelled" its like. It never occurred to them that males and females do not unite with their own sexes. If the sex idea, in relation to electricity, had occurred to them there would never have been a Coulomb Law, nor a nucleus in an atom. Nothing could be more convincing to sense-reasoning than the very self-evident fact that there must be two kinds of electricity--even if the electric current did run but one way, but with an unproved suspicion that it ran two ways. Much confusion has also been caused by the fact that the two poles extended in opposite directions from their dividing cathode and approached each other from opposite directions from an anode. This led to the belief in the opposite directions of the two kinds of electricity, one of which was assumed to attract and the other to repel. The answer to this is that polarity is not motion. It is the stillness of gravity which centers motion. It is the omnipresent zero. It, therefore has no direction. Motion is confined only to the electric rings which are forever encircling gravity. Those rings have but one direction in their turning around their omnipresent gravity controls, but they cause two separate effects. One of these effects is centripetal and the other is centrifugal. Because of these two life-death effects the universe may be described as a two way opening and closing universe of but one direction. Some new and important discoveries were made which proved that there were two kinds of electricity. We will recite one of these discoveries which clinched the belief in two kinds of electricity, one kind for each way. You can read it for yourself more fully, if you choose, in the Encyclopedia Britannica, under the heading of "Electronic Tube", because you ones seem to be able to accept that which is "authoritative" rather Page 119than, necessarily, truth. "T. Edison observed the passage of electric current in one direction from a hot filament to a cold metallic plate in an evacuated enclosure, as if negative particles were emitted from the filament." You will have to remember that Mr. Edison utilized Mr. Tesla's information whether or not Mr. Tesla approved. Let us look at how this fact was then misinterpreted. There was nothing in this experiment which warranted the attention it received. The electric current which Edison observed was the radiation from a heated condition seeking an equilibnum. It did not need to be in an evacuated tube. It is the same effect which your hand feels from the rays of the sun, or your body feels from a hot stove in a room. It has always been known as RADIANT ENERGY. Radiation creates electric current. So does generation. One compresses, the other expands, but it is the same electric current, which traverses the whole universe-- even the movement of your teeny finger. A hot iron at one end of a room and a block of ice at the other end will cause an electrical current to flow both ways, until the iron, the ice and room are all equal in temperature--I SUGGEST YOU INVESTIGATORS AND INVENTORS REREAD THIS PORTION! That same thing will happen if you put two hot irons at opposite end of a room. Warm water rising to cold space creates an electric current, but that does not mean that there is one kind of electricity to make it rise, and another to make it fall. One might as reasonably say that there are two kinds of water, the kind which rises and the kind which falls. Such a claim is like saying that there is one kind of electricity which makes a man live and another kind to make him die. Electricity is centripetal when it multiplies its potential by increasing its speed, and it is centrifugal when it decreases its potential, also by multiplying speed. ELECTRICITY IS MOTION--ANY KIND, OR STAGE OF MOTION. There cannot be two kinds of electricity. There is but one kind of electricity and that one kind multiplies its power to compress in the first half of its cycle and divides that power in the second half. Much confusion is caused by mistaking speed for high potential, and vice versa. For this reason is well to exemplify our meaning by the following example: To create matter by the compression of four pairs of rings, projected from cathodes, the speed of the current around its shaft of gravity multiplies constantly and volume decreases as speed increases, until the collision takes place. Simultaneously, the speed of rotation of units in the current slows down until the completed mass, after the collision, is at its minimum. From this point on every effect is in reverse. Revolution around the shaft of gravity of each separate unit of the mass, including projections from it like planets and satellites, become increasingly slower while rotation of each mass upon its own shaft is increasingly faster. In this case speed results in a lowering of potential and a vast increase in volume. To exemplify: Mercury and the planets beyond it, revolve centrifugally around their primary shaft of gravity in the sun with ever increasing slowness, while the speed of rotation upon their own shafts increases so greatly that they are rapidly disintegrated Page 120by their own increasing centrifugal speed. This is a characteristic of every electrical effect, whatsoever. It is the principle which we call life and growth, which reverses itself to become and decay. Likewise, there are not two kinds of motion. Motion is the same kind whether fast or slow. Air is the same air, whether hot or cold. Motion makes believe it is many things and many substances, but these are but many conditions of the same thing. In all this universe we have but two fundamentals-- REST AND MOTION. Together these two are the pulsating cinema which constitutes both Creator and Creation. As the human intellect unfolds, it gradually sees the universe thus simply, and gradually becomes less confused as man becomes more aware of the reality of Mind and less dependent upon motion.
An electrically charged body is still a charged body until the last vestige of motion leaves it. Your car battery may be discharged to the last mile but, as long as it can produce motion, it is positively charged. You might properly say that it is approaching a negative, or voided condition, but one cannot properly say that a discharging body is negatively "charged" under any condition. To use such terms as negative electricity or negative charge is equivalent to using such terms as silent sound or dead life. The word negative means to negate--to void--to empty or become minus. To charge means to be added to. It is not logical or proper to use a term such as negative charge, which literally means added to by subtracting. Electricity is the force used by the Creator to create bodies. Bodies are electrical disturbances in a vacuum. Electricity causes those disturbances. The principle of electronics is a miniature example of what electricity does in a vacuum. A vacuum tube, with no electricity dividing it, is the normal rest condition of the universe. Electricity emerges from the omnipresent universe and disappears into it, as light appears and disappears in a vacuum tube. Electricity ceases to be electricity when it loses its power to move. When you speak of electric expansion, it is in the sense that it is weakening, just as we say of a man who still lives, that he is dying. Electricity does not expand, nor is there a kind of electricity which does expand. It merely weakens by becoming lower in potential and speed. When an electronic tube is evacuated it means that the electric commotion and tensions which were in it have been pumped out of it, leaving it in a zero state of rest. An electric current sent through it records within it the patterns of motion which caused the electric current. The vacuum condition insulates the new pattern of motion from any other patterns of motion, which would otherwise occupy the tube. That same pattern can be projected from that tube and repeat itself anywhere in the universe. That tube is a correct miniature zero universe of stillness which is creating a multiple universe of motion. If you will but study that effect you will gain much of Nature's process. The more that science develops this principle of creating its own patterns by Page 121starting them from zero without interference from other pressures and patterns, and then multiplying them by gravity controls with them, the more progress you will make in the practically new science of electronics. The practice of electronics will grow to enormous proportions as electronic engineers begin to know more about electricity, and the relation of its pressures to the Magnetic universe which controls those pressures. That new science, though still in its infancy, has already made a marked difference in human lives. It will continue to make greater and greater marks upon human destiny as it progresses. Its present handicap is its inefficient tubes and projection apparatus. Not any of these have yet been constructed upon the right principle decreed by Nature for maximum efficiency. That will come, however, as electronic engineers know more about the secrets of the wave, and the radar principle as it relates the geometry of space. Man progresses only in the ratio in which he acquires new knowledge, and that comes slowly, for man is unwilling to discard old concepts for new. This is not the place for a more extended treatise upon this particular subject, but I would recommend that each of you become more fully familiar with the daily progress now made in electronics. The one great lesson that you can now learn from electronics without being technical, is the fact that whatever patterns you put into those tubes, in the way of sounds, pictures or movements, comes out of them in the same patterns as those you put into them. Let me more explain my meaning in this regard. The sounds and motion you make do not go into the tube. It is not necessary to tell you that, for you know that nothing goes into the tube but an electric recording of the wave patterns, of light and sounds, of events which waves record. Now here comes your lesson. You can hear and see what you put into that tube as many times you wish to turn on the current. That means that electricity is the receiving and recording principle of Nature, while the zero universe is the broadcasting principle. This brings us to a high point in this writing where we should pause for a moment and give deep thought to the realization that the Zero invisible universe is the THINKING- MIND-ENERGY-SOURCE OF CREATION and that all material bodies are but the recordings of MIND-THINKING! Should not every serious thinker readjust his life to seeking values which lie within their Source, rather than to continue to seek them in their shadows? Let us express it in other words: electricity compresses motion into seeming form and effect. That is all it does, however. When that compressed motion is released, to produce a sound for example, the sound expands into the zero universe without the aid of any force, whatever. The fact that you can hear the sound is because it is electrically reborn by being re-compressed into the density of your body. Your electrically compressed body is a receiving station for reborning the dying sound, just as a cliffside is a receiving station for reborning the sound in an echo. An electronic tube, and a cliffside, are alike, in this respect. That also means that all matter is but thought-recordings, for all matter is electric motion. It necessarily follows that your Page 122body is but an electric thought-record of your Mind-thinking, which is operating within the Cosmic vacuum tube just as long as you can keep it electrically vitalized sufficiently to create the image of you which your thinking is making. And yes, the so- called "silver-cord" represents that invisible strand electrical connection. That includes every creating things, and its pattern, as being thought-recordings which act for awhile then refold into little electronic tubes, which we call seeds, for intervals of rest. When we turn the electric current on to those electronic tube seeds, we can see and hear the record all over again, whether it be ourselves, or a tree or a solar system. Is not this a lesson in immortality? Within the eternal electronic vacuum of Nature, every thought and action that has ever taken place during all time lies enfolded there in non-dimensional omnipresent space. That is one more lesson that the electronic tube might clarify for you--the lesson of dimension. Some day, during your spiritual unfolding of innersensory perception through meditation, you will become aware of the fact that dimension is but an imagined effect. It might help you to take the first step in gaining awareness if you will but realize that when you look upon a fifty mile expanse of land, buildings, people and events, you see it all within a dimensionless pinpoint of space within your eye. The whole universe is thus reducible to the non-dimension of Mind-knowing, which has caused the imagined universe to be extended from its eternal zero, which never exceeds zero in CAUSE, but seems to exceed it by dimension, in EFFECT. God did, in fact, create the universe in HIS image, but dimension is as much a part of HIS imaginings as form and events are a part of it. Yes, the foregoing is a marvelous lesson for one who is mystified by the vague idea of immortality, but a still greater lesson of universality awaits deep meditation by you upon the thoughts given above. You have wondered much about the unfolding of a tree, or a human body, from its microscopic seed. Many years are consumed in that process after you have put the seed in your own yard to generate an electric current for again unfolding the record contained in that patterned electronic tube. The electronic tube seeds of Nature have their film patterns enfolded within them. Man has to carry the patterns for his cinema separately, also his projection machine--whereas Nature's projection machine is the womb of earth. It will always re-project the patterned microscopic image into a three dimensional form if the conditions for that projection are right ones. Perhaps this explanation makes it a wee bit easier to understand the concept of replication of the human body and simple down-loading of a "mind" into that replication. It is not "creating", it is simple electrification of the "seed". Page 123Now give thought to the little electronic seed tube which is planted in Africa, ten thousand miles away from your yard--if of course, you live in America. If you live in Africa it will be considerably closer in your perception. Within that microscopic seed a terrific conflict is being unfolded, a conflict between men, planes and guns. It is taking place NOW--this instant--and is being simultaneously unfolded from its recording seed into other seeds in your very room. You can see and hear what is happening ten thousand miles away from you. Likewise, millions of people like you can and will hear and see the same events from millions of different pin-points of space upon your planet. Does not that teach you a lesson in the universality and omnipresence of all things? For instance, how many millions will see, at once, as the volcano erupts in that place you refer to as the Philippines? Where, therefore, is dimension, or time? If that event is happening within your room NOW as an unfolding from an electronic seed, and that dimensionless seed is unfolding in millions of rooms, how can you say that it is ten thousand miles, and weeks of time away from you? If you place a yardstick upon a mighty oak and measure its many dimensions, and then the oak withdraws those dimensions into its concept, as recorded in its seed, or in your eye, how can you say that the dimensions you measure with a yardstick and weighing scales, have any reality in a universe in which the reality you believe in disappears before your eyes? Where then, is REALITY? Is it in the motion which forever appears and disappears in the motion picture universe every time the current is turned on to reproduce it from its invisible storehouse, or is it in the IDEA, which is its eternal Source? How long will it be before MAN seeks that REALITY which is eternal within him? How long shall it be before he even begins to comprehend the meaning of that command to seek the Kingdom of Heaven which is within all (each) MAN? As we look out upon this vast world of strife, seeing fear in the soul of Man instead of love and happiness, and seeing greed there, also, for worthless quantities of moving matter, and seeing also desires for body-sensation rather than Mind-inspiration, we can but conclude that Man is still far from knowing that Light within him of which One Man whom Man crucified knew when He said: "I and My Father are ONE."
Page 161Ah, back to "our" favorite subjects. We shall now build up the nature of the electric current to make its multiplying and dividing two-way principle more clearly understood. The very first principle to make clear is that electricity cannot run in a straight line. It always spirals around a hole in one direction to create its two-way effect. An electric current on a straight wire does not run through the wire in a straight line, it spirals around on its surface. Now all of you good people who are familiar with a Tesla Coil know this as fact. In the coil, however, it spirals both through the spiraling wire and around the outside of the wire in addition. It is all the same in effect but perhaps a better visualization tool. There is always a hole in the center of the wire. A current strong enough to fill the whole wire would melt it. A still stronger current would vaporize it into gases. This can be demonstrated by taking a clock spring of closely twisted wire and pulling it apart. You will see it coiling around its axis of gravity like a spirally whirling cone. That is electricity at work which you see spirally whirling around its centering hole. Now consider the wave shaft itself. Motion whirls around that centering hole in four pairs of cones to every cycle. That is where electricity multiplies its terrific power to compress matter in order to create the explosives of which this entire universe consists. The wave is REPEATED in cycles, but each wave cycle is a series of four conical pairs. The first essential for you to completely understand is the fact that there is always a hole in all matter and in every part of an electric current, except where collisions occur between pairs to destroy them by breaking them up into spiral ring systems. The other essential fact is that cycles pulse in two-way compression-expansion sequences to live and die. Then they must expand into the four ring formations of their cathodes to live and die. It is an extremely interesting and very simple process which you must thoroughly know, for there is nothing else beyond it to know. Every action in Nature repeats that one formula, from your thinking, to your breathing. Because of its great basic import we will leave no stones unturned to have you fully comprehend that master key of wave mechanics and space geometry which could make a new world of science if properly applied, and a new destiny of your own commanding if you apply it understandingly to every decision which you must make. Helium, for example, is the inert gas record of the carbon octave. If you "electrocute" carbon by a million volt current the carbon will return to its cathode birthplace as helium to again become carbon. Likewise, if your body is electrocuted it will return to its eternal record of you to born a new body of you. There are nine of these inert gases in Nature, as you will see by the nine stringed harp of the universe. The only difference in their structure is that each consecutive inert gas, from one to nine, is smaller than its predecessor, for each octave is a multiplication of its predecessor. We will get to more fully describing the inert gases as bridges between Man and God. Page 162I am now going to request our editors dig up some examples to show you and please understand, readers, that they will not make sequential sense as to their numberings but I am going to utilize that which has already been beautifully done by Dr. Russell and we will move on with his numbering system, please. Except for diagrams it will be too difficult to visualize that of which I speak. Thank you. Figure No. 42: The upper diagram, marked A--A, represents the creation of an octave of tones, beginning with the inert gas of four motionless rings, centered by the stillness of universal energy, to act as cathodes at both ends. This pair of four rings divide and extend their pairs of four rings toward approaching mates. Electric compression causes the rings to begin to spin, then to become smaller and turn faster as they approach the plane of collision where all four pairs unite to form a sphere. This represents the centripetal half of the journey which charges, polarizes, heats and multiplies potential. These are the qualities necessary for increasingly vitalized life. Between the cathodes is the sun of the atom or solar system thus created by the manifested energy which has been projected from its cathode Source, to simulate that energy by motion. The central diagram, marked B--B, gives the octave names to the four pairs of tones of the carbon octave. The centering sun is marked carbon. Carbon is a united pair. It is a true sphere when hot, and true cube when cold. An equator marks the plane of union of the carbon pair. One hemisphere is on the red side of its wave, and the other hemisphere is on the blue side. The names of the elements are marked under each ring and their places in the spectrum are marked above them. The lower diagram, marked C--C, represents their place in the tonal octave of the musical scale. The inert gas is the keynote of the electrical octave just as the note of C in the musical scale is the keynote for that octave. The keynote is omnipresent in all of the elements of matter as well as being omnipresent in the musical scale. By omnipresent we mean that it is in each note a well as its own tone. In music, for example, one is always conscious of the presence of the keynote, no matter which one is being sounded, nor how many of them. In matter, the inert gas is not so mind- consciously aware of its omnipresence but the sudden electrocution of any element, by passing a heavy current through it, will release all of the tones except the eternal keynote. By this process the area of gravity, represented by the hole, is gradually compressed out until the hole is closed up by the united pair and the very dense, hot, solid sphere is the product. The life half of the polarized body, which was created by an effort, comes to an end, and the death half, which requires no effort, begins. This reversal from maximum compression to the beginning of expansion, and from heat to cold, and from charge to discharge and depolarization, is the most confusing of all phenomena in Nature to the physicist. It is the one thing all observers have missed. As we have mentioned before, even Einstein missed it in his Equation of 1905, for the validity of that equation ends right here and its reversal, which voids its validity, also Page 163begins right here. All observers throughout the centuries have failed to see that one direction of motion has produced a two-way effect, which is as applicable to a mathematical equation as it is to a state of motion.
Observe carefully what now happens, centripetal force reaches its maximum and begins to die, and centrifugal force takes over. Look again at the top diagram in Fig. 42 and carefully note that the four rings of the inert gas are like the four rims of wheel placed within each other, with one common hub. Now note that these four rings become the hub when they are compressed and extended. Observe, also, that the extensions cause the appearance of cones as centripetal force winds the cone bases into a sun at the apex point of collision. Observe this effect also in figures 43 and 44. Now for the reversal. If you look again at A—A in fig. 42, you will note that the center of the inert gas is the point marked zero in both cathodes. These two points now become the apices of cones instead of the center of cone bases. The shaft of gravity which runs through from zero to zero now begins to open up at the center of the sun (or earth—or cell of your body) and cause it to expand at its equator and flatten at its poles. Rings are then thrown off from the equator which are the bases of cones whose apices are the zero centers of the cathodes. Now look again at these zero points in A--A of Fig. 42. Note when we have indicated cone apices there by faint white tones. If you can now imagine yourself opening up that shaft of gravity in the center of any spherical cell, whether sun or carbon atom, so that the center of the sun becomes the center of cone bases, instead of being their apices , you will have begun to comprehend a secret that the world has never yet known about the transition from life to death. Can you now see how centrifugal force of desire to return to the zero universe of rest, is unwinding that which has been compressed out of it, to let it come back into it? Can you now comprehend the loops of force in an electric current, or giant nebula, as shown in figure 43 and 44? If you now study the ring nebulae of the heavens you can see numerous examples of dying suns. Perhaps the editors will be kind enough to present some within these pages. The Owl Nebula is a very interesting example of an "unwinding" sun. It has a big hole clear though it. The Ring Nebula in Lyra is also interesting to note because what was left of a sun regenerated at the center to repeat throwing off rings until nothing is left. Figure 31 & 32. A complete explanation of this great pulsing movement, which motivates the universe, need volume instead of mere pages, but if you will follow carefully what is given herein you will have the essence of the profound mystery of the life-death movement of the creation, which the senses of man have not yet fathomed and it will be sufficient to your needs. Scientist will have enough more in-depth detailed information to fill their needs as well, for the ones who are intended to garner the information will find great and abundant information for which they petition. To assist in visualization of the whole process, however, instead of just its parts, please print Fig 45 which shows a whole carbon octave wave, rather than the electric current confined to a wire. The Page 167more you study these diagrams the more you will comprehend them. New thinking is not readily grasped in one reading. Meditation and repeated reading finally reaches your omniscience, for your Mind really knows all things, and need but to be awakened to recollect that which it has always known. If you are not yet aware of this fact you will be some day, and the more deeply you desire the coming of that glorious day, the more quickly it will come
The most important and direct reason why mankind should comprehend the way the Creator works in this respect, is because this book is being written to demonstrate that man cannot violate God’s orderly, rhythmic processes of nature without paying a price which is equal in measure to the violation. Atomic fission is a violent abnormalcy for the rhythm of the environment necessary for man. This we must show electrically, chemically and in other ways which man understands by laboratory work, for morals in Nature do not have a metaphysical basis, nor even an ethical one. The Page 171behavior of all creating things is determined by their Source in the zero universe. These are the things which man, who believes in free will to do so as he chooses, must know. For this reason, we must convincingly show him how close to God man is without having known it. That we must do in language and diagrams which are familiar, and acceptable, to science. A metaphysical or emotional language used with moral persuasion, in a plea to cease this terrific violation, would have no effect upon industry, government or science whose need for a life-saving fuel is great, unless accompanied with scientific conviction that such procedure is in defiance of Cosmic law, which will not allow such defiance. This volume is necessarily too brief for expanded detail. Since we must, therefore, keep to the point at issue, we will save much space by telling you briefly right here what the following pages are to reveal in respect to vital knowledge, which no man on earth today even suspects, and, to our knowledge, only one energy entity of all the past ages has fully known and told to a world, which crucified Him because of it. Bear in mind that we shall not deal in abstractions, nor theory, nor affirmations, even though such affirmations may be admitted truths. The time must eventually come when man must know where God is at every moment in respect to himself. He must completely understand how God controls every action and desire of all living things, from man to fungus cell, or from galaxy to electron, during their entire journeys from their beginnings in Him to their endings in Him. THESE ARE THE UNKNOWN THINGS WHICH UNFOLDING MAN MUST KNOW, BEFORE HE CAN BEGIN TO MANIFEST HIS OWN DIVINE INHERITANCE AS AN OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPOTENT BEING: VIP LIST
  1.     The invisible universe is in absolute control of the visible. The invisible universe dominates and controls all motion by magnetic division into cube wave-fields of zero curvature, beyond which no moving thing can pass. It can, however, repeat itself in neighboring wave-fields, but always in reverse, as mirrors reverse. The geometry of the zero universe is . based upon the cube, and cube sections. Their planes are of zero curvature and they reflect their forms in matter in crystal structures, which are the only forms of zero curvature in Nature.
  2. All motion in all the electric universe is curved. The curved universe of matured form is based upon the sphere. The sphere is a compressed cube. The sphere is a series of true circles no matter where it may be divided into sections by cutting through it in one plane, anywhere.
  3.  All motion is equally compressed in respect to gravity, therefore, all motion is in true gravity center circles, which multiply into spheres, and again divide into true circles.
  4. The Source of energy which creates true circles, is at their very center. The Source of all energy is the Creator. All motion of every nature, whether of thought or Page 172action, spins in true circular control around the omnipotent Creator of that motion, and in planes of 90 degrees from a shaft of any extension of motion.
  5.  No man, nor creating thing, can in the least way, become off-center from God, nor can his orbit around God be aught, at any time, than a true circle, even though its seeming orbit is an eclipse. You think of orbits of planets as being elliptical. And so they seem, but such illusions in Nature are multitudinous, and must be overcome by comprehension. See Fig. 46.
  6. Man's body is compressed motion, which encircles Man's invisible Mind-Source in true circles. He can never depart from these true circles. His thinking and his forming body cells encircle them without knowing that he is but manifesting his own immortal Self, or without knowing that the immortal Self which centers him is continually whispering to whatever of Mind-awareness has yet unfolded within him. The noise and turmoil of outer-sensing drown out those inner whisperings for long aeons, but there comes a day in his unfolding when he begins to hear that Inner voice. More long ages pass before he knows that it is the Cosmos of all that IS is speaking to him and that he IS that Cosmos.
  7. Gravity controls the moving universe but man has never known, nor even suspected, that his own immortality and gravity are ONE in their centering of his sensed- body. Nor has he ever known that gravity extends to a shaft as his body extends from thought-ring planes to mass, and as equators divide to become pairs and united to lose their division. These things Man must know together with the omnipresence of gravity which but seems to the senses to extend into shafts made up of many points, which are all ONE. When Man overcomes this illusion of the senses he, likewise outgrows the possibility of forming sensed- conclusions such as the nucleal atom, which violates all principle of this electric universe, which Nature is.
  8. Man plainly senses the motion of a plane, or boat, or a speeding bullet and thinks of it as a direction of motion. He sees the motion of a wave, or the vibration registered by a harp string, or the cardiogram of a heart pulsation. His senses also interpret these as motion, and directions of motion, not knowing that they are but registering the curvature of gravity control, and that the direction of motion is ninety degrees removed from that direction of gravity control.
  9. That which cannot be sensed in invisible space is yet to be dynamically known. The mystery of the crystal, and its cleavages which divides crystals into units, lies within the knowledge of space geometry, which can be scientifically organized into Mind-visibility, as bodies in motion can be scientifically organized in sense-visibility. There is nothing in nature which the senses can feel that the Mind cannot know.
  10. The great mystery of all of the mysteries of matter lies hidden within the inert gases of the wave. The nature and structure of these keys to motion have never been known. It is time that they must be known. All of these mysteries shall be briefly touched upon herein for the express purpose of giving enough knowledge of the true nature of the atom to prevent it being used to endanger the human race. Thank you, chela, I believe you are too weary to go on longer at this sitting. Let us take leave for a while. Do not effort to sketch the diagrams indicated--in the interest of speed, we shall just use those of Walter who sits with me and offers readily that we do so. If you feel overwhelmed, be patient, all of you--for it is a time of times to experience upon a living planet--when knowledge comes forth from the ignorance. So be it and may the violet flame of transmutation enfold you that you may be given into KNOWING.
SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 1991 2:56 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 311
Germain present and ready to continue with our discussion regarding our eternal universe--yes, it is also mine. Until it is somewhat understood, you have no way to KNOW that which must be accomplished to get off your place. Then we need to be able to make a transition, also, whereby some are able to structure the next step in that translation. This is still a "required" "physical" experience so some of you must KNOW, even if most of the human populations of Shan do not. You have been told that ignorance of The Laws is suitable reason for God's understanding. However, refusal to learn when information is present to overcome ignorance is "excuse" and is not acceptable--for God is sending/bringing Truth and Man is expected to do his CHOOSING well. No indeed, our craft would not be very crowded with travelers this day! And, no, it is not alright to just turn back "part way" and continue in other breaking of Laws intentionally, and yes, if you stand by and "allow" stoning of your brothers who bring that word, by those who set themselves up as Truthbearers but are false, you are as guilty of the stoning as are they. You may denounce the words we bring until the bitter ending and it will make not one iota of difference in the Truth herein. But the children shall be gathered unto the shepherd for they are unknowing and without blemish. Not one action of motion by man or Nature--in all the universe--can escape from the absolute centering of its action by the Controller of all action. Anything, or any man who tries to escape from it, or use his "free will power" to do as he chooses, may exercise that privilege, even unto destroying himself by so doing. He will not escape, however, from the perpetual control of his universal energy Source. No matter what he does, to upset the universal balance, he will find that the Creator of Creation always centers him, and his own unbalanced orbit is still on center with his unbalance, and is perpetually in a plane of 90 degrees from the shaft upon which its circling turn. Consider a top, for example, which is spinning true upon the planet's axis of gravity. See Fig. 46-A. All motion around that axis is in true circles, and in planes of 90 degrees from that axis. The time comes when the top can no longer spin fast enough to keep its spinning's centered by the earth's axis. As it slows its speed its axis inclines. Every turn of the top still spins true to the now wobbling axis. That wobbling axis is compelled to revolve around its Source of balance, however, and in doing so it inscribes true circles around its gravity Source, and they, likewise, are in planes of 90 degrees from that axis, as illustrated in the diagram A-1 and A-2. Consider the earth's Page 175orbit, for another example--see B-1 and B-2. When the earth was where Mercury now is, there was but one common center of gravity, and one equatorial plane for the earth, and for the sun. The earth has now left that position of perfect balance between itself and its source and set up an equator of its own, which is at an angle of 23 degrees from the sun's equator. Its axis has a similar variation to that of its source. It has not escaped God-control, however, for the sun's gravity still controls it by centering a larger circle, which includes its entire wanderings around two centers instead of one. Fig. 46-C illustrates this principle in an off-center flywheel which will turn with uneasy and uncomfortable oscillations if slow enough, but would shake itself to pieces if turned very fast. This example is a good symbol of your present civilization, which is ever turning faster in its eccentric orbit, and ever approaching its dissolution. Man must some day learn that every cell of his body must be in tune with the universal rhythm in order to keep his body in balance, and every thought and action, which controls his body, should be within as close a circular orbit as possible to reach within to the divine Source of all things where omnipotence and omniscience awaits all men. In this way only, and through such knowledge only, can Man know the meaning of that Silent Voice which has tried to reach through his senses for ages upon ages. A continued effort to thus decentrate from concentrated movement to universal stillness, gradually unfolds one's spiritual and intellectual nature. Decentration invites meditation and meditation opens wide the doors for inspiration. Don't be too impatient regarding how to reach through in that meditation for if you can learn to totally relax into communion it will be fine. It requires no special "methods", in fact prescribed "methods" only end up being far more distracting than helpful. We will work on that matter at a later time. The geniuses of the world are those who have learned to talk with God by transcending their senses and becoming Mind-Beings. In this still very early stage of the unfolding of the Man idea he is very conspicuously body-conscious and but faintly Mind-conscious. God's intent for man is that he should manifest Mind--not body. The signs of the times tell us, that more and more Mind-conscious humans are coming into their fruition stage, but mass-Man is still body-and-sensation-conscious. That is why such chaos is spreading over the face of the earth. Culture is dying because sensation shuns culture. A Wagner or Mozart is worth billions, and should be nourished. The Wagner's and Mozart's of today can be found trying to survive by playing in night clubs, or selling vacuum cleaners. You have no pennies to spare for the arts of peace while so many billions of dollars must be spent upon the arts of war, and in extolling those who kill. Man has chosen to upset his own balance by seemingly violating the inviolate. In the battle of civilization for body-supremacy over Mind, it may well be that the moral, mental and spiritual decline of the last half century will continue into another degrading Dark Age. Time is naught, however, in Nature, and Man will again arise through the efforts of the few among the many who are now becoming more and more Mind-conscious. Scientifically, what is happening to mankind at the present time is that he has chosen to distort his balanced circular orbit around his Creator. His free will, supported by his Page 176ignorance of his unavoidable close relationship to God, and his unawareness of his dependence on God, has influenced him to choose transient body-sensation, body- comforts and body-values instead of eternal Mind-values. It is not possible for Man to continue to distort true circular orbits of Man around God, by choosing eccentric orbits or by unbalanced interchange in his human relations. No Man, or nation, is powerful enough for that. Fear is the product of such unbalance. Neither Man, nor nation, can survive fear. The universe is founded upon love and Man must some day become aware of the meaning of love as related to human survival. And to have love--you must let go of fear. Your present civilization is hurting itself by building its own agonies and ills. It has become physically scientific instead of spiritually scientific. It has no living philosophy to overcome the philosophy of death which is now threatening the world. War has taken forty million lives in forty years, but radioactivity can very easily take four hundred million lives in four hours. This bears some serious contemplation, chelas. Worse, this can be done even if war does not occur. Eighty years ago there was less than three pounds of radium above your earth, yet people are dying today from slow accumulations of that little over the years. Today you are creating over 15,000 tons or more of uranium salts each year which is ever so much more deadly. Not only that, you have some million tons of uranium ore above ground. Who today can tell what the price will be that you must pay for that in human lives and deformed births? Who today can tell the price you shall be forced to pay in the future years if there are future years to be considered, for there are so many other toxins abounding in your place which are almost as deadly as the so-called "nuclear" substances. The concrete containers which house this deadly material and wherever they might be placed become radioactive monsters to raise up and devour you. You cannot know for another decade or more what that price will be of just that loosed in the past, but if the intervening decade multiplies the amount of killer metals, which will be above ground, in the ratio of its present increase, it is quite possible that the doom of the human race is then inevitable without other happenings. All of the above has been written to show that Man cannot transcend Nature, or violate its tonal rhythms, by attempting to travel outside of the orbit ordained from Him. By so doing he has extended his orbit in the direction of death by expanding his circle to take him farther away from God. Fig. 46 will clarify that for you. Note the orbit of the earth. Its potential was maximum when its orbit was a true circle around its source. An elliptical orbit, and a straying from its plane of balance with the sun, not only widened its circle of control, but unbalanced its relations with its source by dividing its power by perihelion and aphelion positions in its orbit. The orbits of all the planets plainly mark out the road of death, which all dying things must follow. Can it be that Man prefers to choose such a path, or is it because he just does not know? How long must it be before mankind will know his universe and his Creator sufficiently well to live in love instead of in fear? The answer to that is dependent upon the length of time it will still take for Man to know his universe, and to know God who centers it and him. As lonJ as Man chooses to think, or act, out of balance Page 177 and close control with the Magnetic Light which centers his every cell as well as his Soul-Identity, he but weakens himself by distancing himself from his Source of power. In so doing, however, he does not escape from its absolute control and watchful care over him, no matter what he does to hurt himself. All of the examples given in Fig. 46 illustrate the principle of balanced control of all creating things by their Creator. It also illustrates the principle of multiplied power which Man gives to himself by ever drawing the circles of his body in closer circles of balanced relationship with his Maker in order to become a mind-Being primarily, and a body, secondary. The secret power, therefore, for any man, does not lie in his ability to create motion. It lies in his ability to knowingly control it. A little knowledge is more powerful than a mammoth cyclotron.
If it appears I am repeating myself, please bear with me, for it is so intertwined that some must be repeated. We have now arrived at a point where the relationship of gravity and magnetism can be more easily comprehended. They both belong to the zero universe. They are both one, but each has a different connotation in common usage which requires two words to define their separate meanings, just as an armchair and a rocking chair are both of them chairs, but require two words to differentiate them. Gravity really means a point, or shaft, that can be located in the invisible universe, where Mind desires to concentrate thought, and thought-power. You cannot see gravity but you can locate it at the very center of every creating thought-ring, which constitutes what we call bodies of matter. You cannot SEE Mind either, but you can locate Mind also, for Mind is also that center which balances, controls, surveys and motivates its electric thought-rings in their effort to simulate the Idea existent within that stillness, by fast or slow motion. There is not more gravity or less gravity anywhere. The seeming increase of the power of gravity is electric potential, which means faster motion in smaller circle. Gravity shafts, and centers of gravity are the omnipotent zero of the Mind Universe. It is the same everywhere. It is all-powerful everywhere. The nearer that motion can come to it the greater the power which can be drawn from it. In Man that power is desire. Desire for closeness to God gives one that power in the measure of Man’s desire. The measure of power which Man takes from it is the measure which is dependent upon his own desire for omnipotence, and his willingness to multiply his thought-power and action into electric potential BY ACTION. In so doing he decentrates to the Source of where gravity multiplication begins in order to conceive Idea and gain knowledge. He then concentrates to manifest God’s omnipotence in him. Let us look at this for that which it really is; Gravity and the Magnetic Light are ONE, but the connotation of gravity differentiates it from the word God. They are the same, however, for God is the universal Soul while Soul in Man means Identity, or Being, as a unit of the Universal Being. The moment that electricity divides the One changeless Page 178condition into pairs it is necessary to balance and control those pairs. Gravity is the Magnetic control and balancer, although its power never multiplies or divides. Where gravity is, stillness is. An area of stillness always surrounds gravity shafts. These areas are the holes which center the rings of electric potential which continually multiply compression, or divide it by expanding, in accord with the desires of Nature, or Man, to manifest that all-power which is within, and omnipresent in all things. The "meaning" of "gravity" is a most often asked question for it is not well understood and is NOT that which the science books explain it to be. The one most important thing to burn into your consciousness is to realize that wherever motion is, it is centered by stillness, and that stillness is its CAUSE. The universe is composed of electric thought-rings of motion. Each thought-ring is centered and controlled by the Creator of that thought-ring. God creates His universe in that way. You create your universe that way, also. It is God who sits there. It is the Magnetic Light of all-knowing, all-powerful Mind which sits there. We call that centering point GRAVITY. The reason why we call it gravity is because there are adjacent thought-rings which have united together so closely that we think of them as mass, instead of rings. Each added ring of the mass has its Mind-center in its own plane. In a mass, therefore, there are seemingly so many Mind-centers of stillness that they constitute a shaft. The word "gravity" arises from this fact. Gravity is a shaft of Mind-controlling stillness. In that sense, gravity and God are one. Now you have the whole story except for one thought to complete it. Every point of that gravity point is the same point, for God’s zero universe is omnipresent. It may take you a while to fully grasp the above, but you can never comprehend it by reasoning with your brain as a sense basis, for in that process is the motion of "thinking". You must learn to "be still and KNOW". The inner thinking of deep meditation will take you into the zero world of REALITY where illusion does not exist. Moreover, neither will the smatterings of incorrect perceptions as given to you before now be forever inhibiting your learning and KNOWING. The more you are able to find that center where the Light of Creation dwells, the more you will be able to discover the Light of your Self, and that is the greatest miracle that can happen to anyone. When you find your Self you also find God in His Kingdom within you. You certainly do not need to go running about the globe searching for Self for, if you do so, you will NEVER FIND SELF. When you have thus acquired full awareness of your own omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence you can then knowingly, and authoritatively, say: "I and my Father are ONE!" Man's unfolding power increases in the measure in which God-awareness in him increases. As your power increases through that greater comprehension, your command over motion, and over your own destiny, increases in proportion. The main thing for you to fix into your consciousness is the fact that this is a Mind and motion universe, and that Mind centers motion. In the Mind is all-Knowing and all-power. In the motion is the image form of Mind-knowing which manifests mind-power without being that power. In that sense it would be more exactly definitive to term it a Mind and Mind-thought universe--for all electric motion is but the record in motion of Page 179 Mind-thinking. It would be even more simple to think of our universe as a Cosmic cinema, for it parallels the cinema of man in every respect.
It is necessary to correct the popular conception regarding what is meant by the term magnetism, which is now popularly regarded as a physical force, closely related to electricity. Some do pretty well in considering that ones have "personal-magnetism" but even that is misunderstood. You hear much about magnetic fields, electro- magnetism, magnets, magnetic lines of force and such phenomena. You hear about the power of magnetism to pick up needles, tacks and small iron objects with small magnets, and the power of lifting tons by large magnets. You often hear of the universe being referred to as an electromagnetic universe. It could properly be so termed but only in the sense which you would apply to a Mind and matter universe, or the term Creator and Creation. You also hear it said that the earth is a huge magnet, such as the bar magnet made within an electric coil. It is not like a bar magnet, however. The middle of a bar magnet IS "DEAD". The center of the earth is alive. Earths and suns are the result of collisions which occur between polarized pairs where two bar magnets come together as you refer to what we will label figures 11, 12 and 13. These polarized pieces of steel should not be called magnets, however. Like the earth, they are electrically created. They are electrical effects controlled by Magnetic stillness, which means Mind- stillness. It is popularly believed, however, that magnetism comes from matter which is endowed with magnetic qualities. It has ever been claimed that all of such material must be in the earth's crust not more than fifty miles deep, and that influence creates a magnetic field for earths and suns. It, also, presumably created magnetic fields and lines of force, which bend around from equators to poles. There are many such theories, all of which are groundless, for they are all of them perfectly explainable electric effects which we will yet enlarge upon. Much confusion has been set up in world laboratories because of this concept of magnetism. The physicist deflects electrons from their paths in vacuum tubes by holding a magnet near their path, and sincerely believes that the power of magnetism does that instead of electric polarity. He does not realize that the polarized condition in his "magnet" is an electrically divided equilibrium which has created two strong electric vortices, which his electrons are being pulled into just as particles floating in your bath tub are pulled into its spirally turning outflow. Hundreds of other misinterpretations of what electricity is doing fills all research laboratories and not only slows their progress but gives them a tremendous amount of unnecessary work in experiment after hopeless experiment, at tremendous cost, to find out things which are quite simply predictable to one who knows CAUSE and WHY of things. Page 180Before passing this subject it may be well to give one more example of misinterpretation where electric effects are attributed to magnetism. In the astronomical laboratory they use an instrument called a spectroscope which tells what the stars are composed of in lines of colored light. Michael Faraday "discovered" a relation between "magnetism" and light. Later a scientist, named Zeeman, used that principle to detect the "magnetic fields" of stars by applying a magnetic control to the spectroscopic light lines of the stars. As a result he succeeded in splitting one line into two, making it look like a tuning fork. With a stronger, "magnetic field" he again split those two so there were four, which then looked like a table fork. The result is interesting, and valuable, but it is not what it is claimed to be. It is a division of one fixed condition into pairs, and octaves of pairs, and that is the sole office of electricity. So why call the polarizing principle of the electric current a "Zeeman effect"? The word magnetism should in no way be used, for it connotes a physical attribute. A proper way to connect it to this electric universe of motion would be to term it the Magnetic-electric universe, meaning the spiritual-physical universe, or the Mind- thinking universe, in the sense that the zero Magnetic universe is the Creator, and the motion universe is Creation. Likewise, you should never use the term matter in relation to the visible universe, for the word matter connotes substance, and there is no substance in all of the motion universe. You must someday remodel your concepts to the realization that the God Light of all-knowing and all-energy is all there is in this omnipresent universe of Mind. Mind thinks its knowing, however, and electrically records the imaginings of that thinking by two-way divided effects of motion. Motion simulates that which it seems to be but that is all it does. It creates a motion-sound- picture by the light which is projected from Mind. What observers think of as magnetic power is the measure of electric potential which is created around gravity shafts and centers. The multiplication of electric potential around gravity shafts is--in reality--the manner in which Mind-thinking concentrates. It is not gravity, or Mind, or stillness, which multiplies, however. That which multiplies and divides is electric potential only, and that means fast or slow centripetal or centrifugal motion. The gravity which evidences Mind-concentrative power is changeless. Motion surrounding it alone changes. If you wonder why you are so far behind in coming into understanding of Truth of your universe, you must look to the scientific "method" of "proving" everything in a "physical" manner. Many scientists do not accept God or Creator as a truthful entity and therefore CANNOT POSSIBLY FIND THE CORRECT CAUSES AND RESPONSE. SINCE GOD IS GRAVITY AND ALL LIGHT AND ALL-KNOWING AS WELL AS ALL-ENERGY, YOU CANNOT HAVE THE WHOLE WITH ONLY HALF THE EQUATION. Page 181
I am herein reminded of that which so many effort to accomplish now--a cure for diseases and infirmities through use of the Rife microscope, etc. However, you work with only a portion of the equation so how can you possible find the "whole"? I honor Royal Raymond Rife for he made a most significant contribution to the world of "seeing". Through his perceptive work with circular, wedgeshaped, quartz crystal prisms he has been able to polarize light in such a way as to produce the visibility of micro-organisms beyond the range of electron microscopes. Rife's understanding of the "heterodyning" of light enables his device to see far into the extreme, so-called invisible infra-red (left) and ultra-violet (right) ends of the color spectrum. The use of a revolving control permits any one facet of a prism to bring light into a special, "fine tuneable" frequency, with all the ease of turning a radio dial--much as we contact Dharma. We always present ourselves in a color band ray from which she can "fine-tune" and identify. In this way, the Rife microscope captures light passing through a particular prism not ordinarily visible to the naked eye or the fifty- thousand diameter, magnifying, electron microscope. In the "heterodyning effect" light from two vibrational frequencies interplay to establish two new frequencies. This medium transposing light allows the Rife Instrument to re-create bands of light running into the several higher, invisible octaves of the ultra-violet end of the scale. By contrast, visible light (color) embraces scarcely as one octave range. Thus Rife's microscope joins ultra-violet beams with other oscillations to manifest light in the eye of the viewer, otherwise lying beyond the realm of visibility. The Rife microscope permits scientists to observe the living virus and other micro- organisms without the need for stains. Invariably when used, the electron microscope, stains, or both, immediately kill tiny life-forms. Necessary study of the active germs can be easily made with the Rife equipment, for great benefit in modern laboratory work. Most microscopes hold light rays in parallel movement for short distances. The electron microscope can't separate the beams indefinitely and ultimate distortion begins to occur. With Rife's instrument the rays run parallel without convergence, thus demonstrating incredible feats of high magnification. Please recall what I have said about the cube and non-curvature and the sphere with curvature. You are going to have to come back to the point of God/Cube if you indeed will perfect this work. In Rife's work, he discovered that all bacteria or virus maintains its own frequency vibration--this is a vital piece of information for the facts are--they are but crystalline substance. Later Rife found a certain form of cell life could invariably be tuned into by a prescribed setting. Rife's unusual microscope made visible virus found in Page 183poliomyelitis and cancerous tumors, previously invisible through any other microscope. Since these type of micro-organisms thrive in the range of radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum their progression can be observed and poses the possibility that some vibrational producing instrument could be employed to control their growth and behavior--or destruction. It is interesting to note that the, once believed, colorless bacteria and virus do generate hues which can be translated from the seemingly micro-invisible world into your "seeing" rainbow light spectrum. Why have not more scientists looked into the effects Rife achieved with electromagnetic waves of specific frequencies upon disease, including cancer? Dr. Georges Lakhovsky in Paris developed a wave emitter called a multiwave oscillator which he certainly found gave good results in both plants and humans. Why can't the apparatus seem to find perfection in the hands of current experimenters? Because you have forgotten that the center of all is Creator (Mind) and gravity is Creator (Mind)-- therefore, if the one single most important element is excluded, that of God/Mind Man/Mind--you CANNOT PERFECT THE WHOLE CYCLE. The multi-wave oscillator is today banned by the FDA as quackery--and in most instances it could be considered as such for, again, the "invisible" element of electrical projection is missing in the calculations. These same good results are noted in Bordeau by another inventor, self-taught as was Rife, Antonine Priore, whose apparatus combines the use of electromagnetic radiation with a plasma of helium or noble gases reminiscent of Rife's methods. I can promise you that until you bring into tuning the mental pattern within the focus of the "physical" projection"--you cannot complete the cycle and until a cycle can be completed--you are not going to get very far. The "cures" attained are due to an ability of the individual "patient" to mentally bring his own frequency into the same identical pattern as the equipment is producing so that the circuit is completed. This requires cooperation of the patient--more than the efficiency of the apparatus. This is why, if given into the care of a good hypnotherapist who can direct the subconscious mind into alignment, you can attain incredible results with actually inferior product. We will have opportunity to share more on this subject at a later time but now I believe we should take a rest break. We will do no one a favor if we cause our scribe to be unable to function. Thank you for your kind attention and I trust some of you insightful readers are picking up the information intended for your eyes and understanding. Let us move in this very experience journey into wholeness. It can be accomplished if enough find desire to do so. Good day and thank you, Dharma, for your service. As we consider the spectrum octaves and the "matter" octaves, I believe that much will come into consciousness for the intended receivers of the information. It cannot do so, however, if we fail to get it to print so our appreciation is great for you who produce this great quantity of material. Freedom, and transcendence can be only come into perception by coming Page 184into knowledge. So be it and may the transmuting flame of the violet frequency give unto you protection and awareness for it shall be through the violet ray that great healing can come about. I salute you as a fellow traveler.
Germain present that we might continue on with this work at hand. Dharma, there is naught else as important as getting this universal understanding possibility into public hands. I come in TOTAL service unto God and The Creation, as a messenger. You ones must come to KNOW that knowledge comes as appropriate and when the student is ready--thus the teacher appears. Once in a while, in long century periods, some vast new (or seemingly "new") knowledge comes to the slowly unfolding race of man through cosmically inspired geniuses or men of "super"-vision, who have an awareness of the REALITY WHICH LIES BEYOND THE UNIVERSE OF ILLUSION. Such new information and knowledge is of such a seemingly revolutionary nature in its time of coming that whole systems of thought, even unto entire cosmogonies, are rendered totally obsolete. When each cosmic messenger gives such new inspired knowledge to the world the whole human race rises one more step on that long ladder of unfolding, which reaches from the jungle of man's beginnings unto the high heavens of ultimate complete Cosmic Consciousness and awareness of unity with God. Man has ever been transformed by the "renewing of his mind" with new knowledge given to him since his early beginnings, through many messengers sent forth and/or the WORD sent via human mind conduit. Then dawned a new day of the gathering of so-called "empirical knowledge", which is gained through the senses by research and observation of effects of matter in motion, rather than through the Consciousness of inspired Mind in meditation, which is the way that mystics and geniuses acquire their knowledge. This, which we give now, hardly even fit of that definition for the "conduit" is not given into the full understanding nor details--intentionally. It is not that she is incapable of understanding, it is that we need to produce so much varied information that we cannot allow her time to come into her own full knowledge in her consciousness. Our work is presented that it might find its intended target among the readers of our messages. It is time to come into understanding of "WHY", or the CAUSE of familiar EFFECTS. Since the day of your Galileo, this undependable method of gaining knowledge through the SENSES has served to multiply man's reasoning powers by teaching him HOW to do marvelous things with electricity and the elements of matter, but not one Page 186great savant of science can tell the why--or the cause--of his familiar effects. If asked what electricity, light, magnetism, matter or energy IS he frankly answers: "I don't know." If science actually does not know the WHY--or WHAT--or CAUSE--of these essentials it necessarily follows that it is admittedly, without knowledge. It is merely informed--but information gathered through the senses is not knowledge. The senses sense only EFFECTS. Knowledge is confined to the CAUSE of EFFECTS. THE SENSES ARE LIMITED TO BUT A SMALL RANGE OF PERCEPTION OF THE EFFECTS WHICH THEY SENSE, and even that small range is saturated with the deceptions and distortions created by the illusion of motion. It is impossible for the senses to penetrate any effect to ascertain its cause for the cause of illusion is not within effect. For this reason the entire mass of so-called empirical knowledge which science has gained by reasoning through the senses is invalid. Before going forward with our present subject on "Oneness of Gravity and Magnetism", let us review conclusions which form the basis of scientific theory and see why all present theory is invalid, and why its entire structure has no resemblance to either Nature's laws or its processes. We will enumerate some of these unnatural theories:
1. The cardinal error of science lies in shutting the Creator out of His Cre- ation. This one basic error topples the whole structure, for out of it all of the other misconceptions of light, matter, energy, electricity, magnetism and atomic structure have grown. If science knew what LIGHT actually IS, instead of the waves and corpuscles of incandescent suns which science now thinks it is, a new civilization would arise from that one fact alone. Light is not waves which travel at 186,000 miles per second, which science says it is,--nor does light travel at all. Science excluded God from its consideration because of the supposition that God could not be "proved to exist" by laboratory methods. This decision is unfortunate for God IS provable by laboratory methods! Page 187The locatable motionless Light which Man mistakenly calls magnetism is the invisible, but familiar Light which God IS--and with it HE controls HIS universe--as you shall see.
2. Failure to recognize that this universal body of moving matter has been created by some power outside of itself has led science to conclude that the energy which created matter is within itself. Even more erroneous is the conclusion that energy is a condition of matter, such as heat. This fallacy has led to the conclusion that Creation will disappear when heat energy "runs down". The first and second laws of thermodynamics are built upon this obviously WRONG conclusion. The universe will NEVER "RUN DOWN". It is as eternal as God is eternal. This universe of matter in motion is a Mind conceived, Mind creating body. As such it is as much a product of Mind as a pair of shoes, a poem, a symphony or a tunnel under a mountain is a product of a Mind which conceived it, and motivated the action which produced it as a formed body of matter. The poem is NOT THE POET, however, nor is the symphony its composer. In a like sense this universe is not its own Creator. Whatever qualities, or attributes there are in any product--whether it be an adding machine or a universe--have been extended to that product by their creator to manifest qualities, attributes and energies, which are alone in the creator of that product. Nor is the IDEA which matter manifests within matter. IDEA is never created. Idea is a Mind quality. Idea never leaves the omniscient Light of Mind. Idea is but simulated by matter in motion. IDEA never leaves its invisible state to become visible matter. Bodies which manifest IDEA are made in the image of their creator's imaginings. Every creation, whether of God or Man, is an extension of its creator. It is projected from him by a force which is within its creator and not in the projected product. All of the knowledge, energy and method of creating any product are properties of Mind alone. There is no knowledge, energy, life, truth, intelligence, substance or thought in the motion which matter IS.
3. Electric matter is but a mirror which reflects qualities outside itself to simulate those qualities within itself. Page 188In the Mind of any creator of any product is the IDEA of the formed body which Mind desires to produce. Also the KNOWLEDGE, ENERGY AND METHOD OF PRODUCTION are in the Mind of the creator of that product and NOT in the product. The architect does not say that the energy, idea, or construction methods are in the temple of his conceiving, nor would Man say that they are in the temple of God's conceiving. Thus the claim that energy is a property of matter is to deprive The Creator of HIS omnipotence and omniscience. The entire universe MANIFESTS power, but the universe is NOT THE POWER which it manifests. Not one particle of matter which constitutes the material body of any product can move of itself. It can move only through desire and command of the Mind of its creator. The powers of attraction and repulsion which science mistakenly attributes to matter are electrical effects performing their one and only function of dividing an equilibrium into two opposing conditions, which extend equally from a dividing equator. The magnetic Light controls the balance of these two opposing conditions, which interchange two-ways in their endeavor to void their opposing conditions, but the stresses and strains which seem to make matter attract and repel matter are electric effects. Electric effects of motion can be insulated from each other--but the magnetic Light of The Creator, which causes those effects, cannot be insulated from matter by matter. All matter is electric. Electricity conditions all matter under the measured control of the ONE MAGNETIC LIGHT which forever balances the TWO electrically divided, conditioned lights of matter and space. Divided matter strains to find balance in the zero of equilibrium from which it was divided. The senses of man are mightily deceived by the illusions of appearance, which cause him to conclude otherwise. Newton's apple was not attracted to the ground by gravitation. The high potential condition of that solid apple sought a similar high potential condition. That is to say it "fell" toward earth to fulfill Nature's law of like seeking like. Had Newton sat with the apple for a week or two he would have seen that same apple "rise" unto the heavens as a low potential gas seeking a like low potential position to balance its electrically divided state. The "rising" of the decaying, expanding apple again fulfills Nature's law of like seeking like. This is a most important point to consider regarding GRAVITY! All polarizing bodies add to their densities and potentials. The apple which fell to the ground was a polarized body. All polarized bodies must reverse their polarities and Page 189depolarize. They then lose their densities and potentials. The depolarized apple returned to the zero of its beginning. The Newtonian Law is, in this respect invalid, for it accounts for but one half of the apple's growth-decay cycle. This is a two-way universe of opposed effects of motion-- not a one-way universe.
4. Sense of observation has led to the erroneous conclusion that there are 92 different substances of matter. This universe is substanceless!!! It consists of motion ONLY!!! Motion simulates substance by the control of its opposing wave pressures of motion which deceive the senses into seeing substance where motion alone IS. The senses do not reach beyond the illusion of motion, nor do those who believe that they can gain knowledge of the secrets of this vast make-believe universe even faintly comprehend the unreality of this mirage of polarized light in motion, which they so firmly believe is real. Motion is two-way, for all motion is caused by the division of an equilibrium, and its extension in two opposite directions, to create the two opposite conditions of pressures necessary to make motion imperative. One of the two conditions of electric motion pulls inward toward a center to create a centripetal vortex to simulate gravity. On the other side of the dividing equator the other condition thrusts outward from a center to create a centrifugal vortex to simulate vacuity. Moving waves of oppositely conditioned matter simulate substance, but there is no substance to the motion which simulates IDEA in matter. If a cobweb could move fast enough it would simulate a solid steel disc--and it would cut through steel. If such a thing could happen it would not be the "substance" of the cobweb which cut through the steel--it would be the motion which cut it. Fast moving short waves simulate solids, while slow moving long waves stimulate the gases of space which surround solids. Waves of motion are substanceless, however. They merely simulate substance. Motion itself is controlled by the Mind of the Creator, Who uses it to express His desire for simulating IDEA of Mind by giving it a formed body. There is not other purpose for motion. Desire in the Light of Mind for creative expression is the only energy in this universe. All motion is Mind motivated. All motion records Mind thoughts in matter.
Page 190Step by simple step we will briefly unfold the supreme mystery of all time to enable science to void the confusion which has arisen from inability to relate the reality of the invisible universe to its simulation of reality, which has so regrettably deceived the senses of observers for all time. I do this, not only for science, but for the great need of religions, which so sorely need a God Who can be KNOWN by all Men as ONE, to replace the many imagined concepts of God which have so disastrously disunited the human race. No one, save the few, has ever KNOWN God, or God's ways. Nor has Mankind yet known the meaning of LOVE, upon which the universe is founded--nor of LIFE, which the electric universe simulates in never ending cycles--nor the CAUSE of the EFFECTS for which Man so heavily pays in tears and anguish for his not knowing. The long heralded peace which passeth understanding awaits for science to tear away the veil which has for so long hidden the face of the Creator. Religion can be united as ONE only by dispelling the ignorance which now cloaks the faith-and-belief-God of fear which has bred so many intolerant groups of unknowing Men. I speak familiarly about the spiritual, invisible Mind universe of the Creator, and I speak with equal familiarity about the "physical" universe of matter which we call Creation, but the world has not yet known either of them separately, nor their unity as one to sufficiently define either of them scientifically. I will now do this as simply as is possible, in order that the physicist of tomorrow can KNOW and COMPREHEND the universe as ONE WHOLE, instead of SENSING it as many separate parts, which he will never be able to fit together. Although I have covered this basic information in more detail prior to this, it is time to review and summarize a bit to refresh memories briefly.
The very basis of creation is the Light of the Mind which created it. God is the Light of Mind. God's thinking Mind is all there is. Mind is universal. Mind of God and Mind of Man are ONE. This eternally creating universe, which is God's eternally renewing body, is the product of mind knowing, expressed through Mind thinking. In the Light of God's Mind is all knowledge. All knowledge means full knowing of The Creator's ONE IDEA which is manifested in HIS CREATION. The undivided and unconditioned light of Mind is an eternal state of REST. That invisible Light of the spirit is the equilibrium of absolute balance and absolute stillness, which is the foundation of the divided and conditioned universe motion. In that Light there is no change, no variance of condition, no form and no motion. It is the zero universe of REALITY. In it are all of the Mind qualities of knowledge, Page 191inspiration, power, love, truth, balance and law, which are never created, but are simulated in moving quantities in the divided universe of moving waves which are called matter. The Light of Mind is the zero fulcrum of the wave lever from which motion extends. Its zero condition is eternal. The unfortunate error of science lies in assuming that the power which belongs solely to the fulcrum of Light at rest, is in the motion of the lever which simulates that power.
In the Light of the Creator's Mind is DESIRE to dramatize His ONE IDEA by dividing its one unconditioned, unchanging unity of balance and rest into two pairs of oppositely conditioned units, which must forever interchange with each other to seek balance and rest. DESIRE then multiplies those pairs of units into an infinity of eternal repetitions to give formed bodies to The Creator's imaginings. All formed bodies are created "in His Image". Through the expression of DESIRE in LIGHT this universal drama of CAUSE and EFFECT is created as the product of Mind knowing divided by Mind thinking. CAUSE is eternally at rest in the balanced unity of the undivided Light. CAUSE IS ONE. EFFECT is eternally in motion to seek balance and rest in the centering equilibrium of the two opposed lights of this divided universe, which it finds only to lose. EFFECT IS TWO. The Light of CAUSE, divided into the two opposed lights of EFFECT, is the one sole occupation of mind which we call THINKING. MIND THINKING SETS DIVIDED IDEA INTO TWO-WAY OPPOSED MOTION TO PRODUCE THE EFFECT OF SIMULATING IDEA BY GIVING FORM TO IT. FORMED BODIES ARE BUT MOTION, HOWEVER. THEY ARE NOT THE IDEA WHICH THEY SIMULATE.
Mind thinking is electric. Divided electric thought pulsations manifest creative desire in wave cycles of motion, which forever vibrate between the two electric thought conditions of CONCENTRATION and DECENTRATION. Page 192Concentrative and decentrative sequences of electric thinking form solid bodies of motion surrounded by gaseous space in one wave pulsation, and reverse that order in the next. Concentrative thinking is centripetal. It focuses to a point. It borns gravity. It "charges" by multiplying low potential into high, and cold into heat. Decentrative thinking is centrifugal. It expands into space. It borns radiation. It "discharges" by dividing high potential into low, and heat into cold. All motion is a continuous two-way journey in opposite directions between two destinations. One destination is the apex of a cone in an incandescent center of gravity. At this point motion comes to rest and reverses its direction. The other destination is the base of a cone encircling a cold evacuated center of radiation. At this point motion again comes to rest and reverses its direction from centrifugal to centripetal. So long as The Creator's Mind divides His knowing by His thinking just so long will that two-way motion continue its sequences of cycles to record God's imaginings in forms of His imaginings. God being eternal, likewise His universe is eternal. The belief of science that the universe had a beginning in some past remote period--as the result of some giant cataclysm--and will come to an end in some future remote period is due to not knowing that waves of motion are the thought waves of the Universal Thinker. Also the belief of science that the universe is dying a heat death by the expansion of suns is due to not knowing that there are as many black evacuated holes in space for the reborning of suns, as there are compressed suns for the reborning of evacuated black holes. Fig. 101; 102. Together the interchange between these two conditions constitute the heartbeat of the universe, and they are EQUAL. Being equal they are balanced and continuous, eternally. The journey toward gravity simulates life and the opposite journey simulates death in the forever repeating cycles which together, in their continuity, simulate eternal life. The two opposite pressure conditions which control the life-death cycles of all bodies are:--(a) the negative condition of expansion which thrusts outward, radially and spirally, from a centering zero of rest to form the low potential condition which constitutes “space”, and:--(b) the positive condition of compression which pulls inward toward a centering zero of rest to form the compressed condition of gravity, which generates forming bodies into solids surrounded by space. Page 193 Desire of Mind expresses its desire through the electric process of thinking. Thinking divides IDEA into pairs of oppositely conditioned units of motion, which record a simulation of IDEA into thought forms. Matter is not pure thought, but it IS the electric record of thought. Every electric wave is a recording instrument which is forever recording the form of thought in wave fields of matter. All thought waves created anywhere in any wave field become universal by repeating them everywhere. Thought waves of expanded and compressed states Page 194
of motion are fashioned into moving patterns which simulate the forms of the Creator's imaginings. All formed bodies thus created are "made in His image". This division of the undivided Light and its extension into oppositely conditioned states of motion is the basis of the universal heartbeat of pulsing thought waves, which seemingly divide the ONE WHOLE IDEA into many ones. Interchange between oppositely conditioned pairs of thought recording units is expressed in waves of motion. This is a thought wave universe. Thought waves are reproduced throughout the universe at the speed of 186 400 miles per second. It is commonly believed that the incandescence of suns is Light. Incandescence simulates Light in this cinema universe of macrocosmic make-believe, but incandescence is not Light. It is but motion. Incandescence is merely the compressed half of the one divided pair of opposite conditions, which constitutes matter and space. The black vacuity of cold space constitutes the expanded half. Together these two are as much mates as male and female are mates. Each is equally essential to the other. Each finds balance in the other by voiding each other's unbalance. These two conditions and directions of compression and expansion are necessary for the two-way interchange of motion, which performs the work of integrating and disintegrating the living-dying cycles of opposed motion which this electric universe is. The incandescence of compressed matter and the black vacuity of expanded matter are the two opposite polar ends of Nature's "bar magnet". Nature does not make her bar magnets in the form of cylinders as Man does. She makes them in the form of cones. In this radial universe no other form of motion than the spiral form of cones is possible. This means that the negative end of nature's "magnet" is tens of thousands of times larger in volume than the positive end, although the potentials of each end are equal. It also means that the equilibrium plane which divides nature's "magnet" is curved, while that same plane in a cylindrical bar magnet is a flat plane of zero curvature.
The Coulomb Law statement that opposites attract and likes repel IS NOT TRUE TO NATURAL LAW! Opposite conditions ARE opposite conditions. Likewise, they are opposite effects caused by each pulling in opposing directions. It is not logical to say that opposites fulfill any other office than to OPPOSE. Nor is it logical to say that opposing things attract each other. Page 196In all this universe like conditions seek like conditions. Gases and vapors seek gases and vapors by rising to find them. Liquids and solids seek liquids and solids by falling toward them. Radiating matter seeks a radiating condition in the outward direction of radiation. Gravitating matter seeks the inward radial direction of condensation to find its like condition. Opposite poles of a bar magnet push away from each other as far as they can go. That is the very purpose of the electric current which divides the universal equilibrium. If opposite poles attracted each other they would have to be together in the middle, instead of pushing away from each other to the very ends. When depolarization takes place the poles seem to draw closer together, but that is because of their lessening vitality. They still pull away from each other until devitalization is complete. When motion ceases the matter which it manifests ceases to be. Scientific observers have been deceived by their senses into thinking that opposites attract each other because of seeing the north pole of one magnet pull toward the south pole of another magnet. The fad that opposite polarities void each other when thus contacted has not been considered as a factor in the matter. It is a fact, however, that when two opposites are thus brought together by their seeming eagerness to contact each other, both poles cease to be. Each one has voided the other as completely as the chemical opposites, sodium and chlorine void each other and leave no trace of either one after that contact. If the Coulomb Law were valid it would not be possible to gather together one ounce of any one element. Dharma, please allow us a rest break. Thank you. Page 197
REC #3 GERMAIN MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1991 1:43 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 312 Germain returned and ready for service. I salute you. There are a couple of things I am urged to share with you--one is mine, the other is a suggestion of Hatonn. Please inform John that he will not find the material I am writing in anything but general format in Walter's books. I am utilizing the drawings and of necessity, as with all Truth, the same information in generalized format--but if ones think they will find all that I am sharing now within those books, they waste their money and THEIR TIME which is more valuable at this transition. If ones will simply be patient and REALLY STUDY THIS INFORMATION as I present it--we will all be far, far ahead without confusion of various efforts to "match" information. Walter was purposely NOT given all information for it was not the time of revelation in full. I fear that if you readers start scattering and researching, you will miss the portion intended for YOU. This is the REASON for these integrations as we are now presenting the work. Thank you. Now, Commander asks me to remind E.J. that if he plans to have D.C. oversee building of any of the construction, he should be included in the trip for original discussions. He has experience with commercial construction and early inclusion makes for very congenial labor when time, is appropiate--and, as with the above, uncluttered by OLD experience to the exclusion of openness regarding, the NEW. See what you think appropriate--this IS going to be a place of high integration of nepotism! Salu.
In order to know more dynamically what electricity really is I will define it. I will then amplify my definition by example. Electricity is an effect of strain, tension and resistance caused by the energy of desire in the Light of Mind, to divide and extend the balanced unity of the One still Light of Universal Mind into pairs of many divided units of thinking Mind. When electric strains and tensions cease to oppose each other, electricity ceases to be. Electricity is dual action-reaction. When dual actions-reactions cease to vibrate, electric effect is voided by the one universal condition of rest. Sound vibrations of a harp string are an electrical effect. The electrical vibrations of sound are a division of Page 198undivided silence. When sound vibrations cease, silence has "swallowed them up" by voiding them. The IDEA of the silent harp string note eternally exists. Electrical division into sound manifests the IDEA, but the IDEA belongs to silence, and to silence it returns for reborning again as a simulation of IDEA. The two electric pressures formed by the division of the universal equilibrium have separate offices to fulfill. The negative pressure expands to create space by dividing potential and multiplying volume. Conversely, the positive pressure contracts to multiply potential into solids by dividing volume. Electricity thus performs the "work" of the world by straining toward separateness and multiplicity of units and also by relaxing from such resisted strains and tensions until motion ceases its vibrations by withdrawing into the universal stillness. The only "work" performed in this universe is the "work" caused by the strains and tensions of electrically divided matter in motion.
Matter neither repels nor attracts matter. All matter which is out of balance with its environment, volume for volume--or potential for potential--will move ONLY to seek rest in an equipotential environment of equal volume displacement. That is why air or ocean currents move, and for no other reason than to seek their lost equilibrium. And while they move they will perform "work",--and the measure of their power to perform "work" is the measure of their unbalance. You see, herein lies the very "secret" of perpetual motion. To say there is no such ability is like saying "there is no God". Not only is perpetual motion possible, it is mandatory once anything has been originally placed into motion all impacting fragments are structured to cause unbalance every time balance is attained. Earth's tides are not "pulled" by the moon. Curvature in the pressures of their wave fields which control their balance is the cause of that. And that explains why tides are thrust away from the face of the earth opposite to that of the moon, as well as being thrust toward the moon on its near face. I would hope that you ones are beginning to perceive from a different perspective for almost all of the projected scientific data is incorrect and it gives us reason to "marvel" that you ones accomplish anything at all. It does, however, explain why you are so limited--you cannot go far into the ethers until you outgrow the perceptions which limit you--from fuel and thrust, to direction and understanding of thought/matter. When tides rise they will perform "work", and they will also perform "work" when they fall, but "work" will cease being performed the moment the motion of either rising or falling ceases. Likewise, Dharma--that old waterfall trick you question--the waterfall will perform "work" while falling but not when waters cease their movement. However, once in motion and unbalanced--the whole cycle will be finished or the "rest" will not be able to come within the cycle. Think in perspective now: What Page 199happens if instead of a cliff "fall" you have a dam--do you see that the water would become "still" and not "fall"? A storage battery will perform "work" while being "charged" with increasingly high potential pressures which oppose each other, and it will perform an equal amount while it is discharging to seek the equilibrium pressure which will unite the divided two. When fully discharged it will cease performing "work" because it has found balance in its zero and can no longer move. In a live electric battery, or in its chemical counterpart such as sodium and chlorine, there are three equators, the central dividing one being the fulcrum of the two extended ones. When the two extended equators of the live electric battery withdraw into their balancing one the battery is "dead". They have found their eternal stillness. Likewise their chemical counterparts have ceased to exist as separate elements when they withdraw into their sodium chloride fulcrum. Even though sodium and chlorine have disappeared they still are, for they will as surely reappear as night will follow day. To recharge the battery the one dividing equator has to be extended in opposite directions until there are again three before motion is possible. Motion is then not only possible but imperative. The heartbeat of the universe is eternal. So long as the universal heartbeat continues, every divided pair and every unit of every divided pair, will reappear to express life as surely as it will again disappear in eternal repetitions to express death. "Work" is not performed by the attraction of matter for matter, nor because of a condition of matter, such as heat, which is presumed to be energy. "Work" is performed solely because the electric current, which divides a motionless condition into two unbalanced conditions, sets up two oppositely straining tensions of unrest which must move to release those tensions.
No effect can be produced unless there is an equal opposite effect to work with it. Electrical workers are two, which pull in opposite directions to perform that effect called "work." Effect is therefore two-way, just as "work" is performed two-ways. The two electric workers are like two men on opposite ends of a double saw which pull and thrust in opposite directions from opposite ends to perform the "work" of sawing through a tree. Or they are like two compression and expansion ends of a piston which pull and thrust in opposite directions sequentially, to move, and to perform "work" while they move, in either opposed direction. Each end of the saw, or piston, is helpless without the other. Page 200 Heat, for example, is one end of the cosmic piston. Cold is the other end. Just so long as these two conditions exist, the piston of interchanging motion will continue to expand and contract sequentially. When each has found equilibrium by voiding the other, motion will immediately cease and "work" can no longer be performed. Science says that cold is "less heat". Another boo-boo. One might as appropriately say that female is less male, or that south is less north. It is this kind of deductive reasoning that disallows your forward growth. You are going to find that almost all of the concepts if "reversed" would be more accurate in almost all instances. What you believe to be TRUE is simply NOT. Science says also that there is no compensating uphill flow of energy to balance its downhill flow. There is an uphill flow. Otherwise, a downhill flow would be totally impossible. Every wave is a compression-expansion pump. The whole universe is a giant pump. The two-way piston of the universal pump constitutes the universal heartbeat. A one- way universe is as impossible as a one-way pump is impossible. The compressed condition of this universe is exactly equal to the expanded condition. The compressed condition is gravitation. The expanded condition is radiation. Gravitation and radiation are equal opposites. Each is helpless without the other. In fact, each condition is impossible to produce without simultaneously producing the other. Heat is the effect of multiplied resistance to the compression of gravitation. Cold is the effect of the opposite strain of resistance to the evacuation, or emptiness, which results from the expansion of radiation. There is as much cold in the great expanses of space as there is heat in the compressed suns in all of this universe. There is not one ampere of difference between these two opposite conditions of the electric workers in the whole universe, nor is there one milligram of weight in it which is not balanced between the two. This universe of electric waves is divided into wave fields. Each wave field is equally divided by contraction of gravitation and expansion of radiation. The potential of solids in a wave field is equally compensated by the potential of space which surrounds the solids. It is as impossible to unequalize these two conditions in any wave field, or produce either one of them separately without simultaneously producing the other, as it would be to polarize one end of a bar magnet without producing an equal pole of opposition at the other end. This wave universe is divided into wave fields. Each wave field is an electric battery which is forever being charged by the centripetal polarizing power of gravitation and discharged by the centrifugal depolarizing power of radiation. This process is a manifestation of the life-death, growth-decay principle which is ever present in every Page 201effect of motion in Nature, without exception. Together they constitute the electric action-reaction sequences without which there would be no universe. It is not true to Nature, therefore, to say that either heat, cold, compression, expansion, or any other expression of motion is energy. If the power to cause motion is in the balanced state of rest, it necessarily follows that energy is in the stillness of rest, and not in motion, which is effect of cause. The Mind of the Creator is the fulcrum from which the wave lever of Mind thinking extend to express creative the energy of Creative Mind. Thought waves cannot therefore, be the energy which caused them to become thought waves. Any lever is powerless without a fulcrum. The power to move lies in the fulcrum which never moves. All motion starts from a point of rest, seeks a point of rest and returns in the reverse direction to its starting point of rest. Test this fact by throwing a ball in the air, breathing in and out, pulling a chain, or walking. Electrical effects of motion are not energy. Matter in motion is a marionette on the end of two Mind-controlled electric strings.
The only "work" performed in this universe is the "work" of recording thought forms of Mind imagining into positively charging bodies, which are expressing the vitalizing half of the life-death cycle of creating bodies--and into negatively discharging bodies, which are expressing the devitalizing other half of that cycle. That is the only work there is to do in all Creation, for God records His concentrative-decentrative thinking in the electric actions-reactions of living-dying bodies which appear and disappear in sequential cycles. Creation of bodies is the only work that Man does. Every body created by God or Man appears from invisible and disappears into that same stillness of its source, to reappear, periodically, in life-death, growth-decay cycles forever. All bodies manifest eternal IDEA by eternally repeating their manifestations of IDEA in continuous cycles, which have no beginnings or endings. To exemplify: cold generates--generation contracts--contraction heats--heat radiates-- radiation expands and expansion cools. Sound--for another example--is a body of interchanging motion which appears from silence and returns to it. The silent harp string is the fulcrum of energy from which the moving harp string extends as a vibrating lever of motion to manifest the IDEA of a musical tone in life-death cycles. Page 202
Science has for years and years been searching for some simple underlying basic principle of motivation which is present in every effect of motion. Mathematicians have hoped to find it and reduce it to a basic formula. Physicists have sought for it in the hope of thus discovering the life principle. Science has never found it, and never will find it so long as it is sought for in either matter or motion. That elusive secret is to be found only in the zero Light of the universal equilibrium, which is the fulcrum of the sex-divided electrical universe of thought waves of two- way motion. That forever hidden secret of the ages is the divider of the ONE zero into seeming TWO extended zeros. And it is the multiplier of the TWO into countless TWOS. The name of that great divider of rest into two-way motion is POLARITY. Polarity is the controller--the measurer--and the surveyor of intensity of desire in Mind for the actions-reactions needed for creative expression. Polarity extends its surveyed measure of desire from a zero point of rest in the universal Light, to two extended zero points of rest where motion reverses its direction, its polarity and its condition. These two points of stillness where motion reverses from one opposite pressure condition to the other are what science calls magnetic poles. The office of magnetic poles is to balance, and control, all divided motion in the universe. Every particle of matter in the universe, whether atom or giant sun, is controlled by a still centering point of magnetic Light. The two extended poles of that still Light measure the intensity of desire which motivates those extensions from their source of energy in the still Light. Polarity vitalizes and devitalizes--charges and discharges--gravitates and radiates-- inbreathes and outbreathes--lives and dies--appears and disappears--compresses and expands--heats and cools--grows and decays--integrates and disintegrates--and solidifies and vaporizes by its electric actions-reactions which divide the ONE into countless pairs of separate ones. When Man breathes in he polarizes his body. He vitalizes it into wakeful action and an awareness of sensation. He charges his body with higher electrical potential. He manifests life. Page 203 When Man breathes out he depolarizes his body. He devitalizes it into sleepy inaction and lessening awareness of sensation. He discharges his body by lowering its potential. He manifests death.
Nature is engaged in the making of but one form--the cube-sphere--which means the same as though we said female-male of Man. The sphere is the positive centering sun. The cube is the invisible surrounding wave field. All matter is thus divided into positive solids surrounded by negative space. As matter begins its formation into spheres its first shape is disc-like, for it begins as the base of a cone. In a series of efforts which constitute the octave wave, the first disc-like effort gradually prolates until the perfect sphere is formed at wave amplitude. This is the process by means of which "matter emerges from space". During this process the balance poles which control all matter move gradually toward the pole of rotation. When the sphere is perfected, as it finally is at carbon, the two poles coincide with the pole of rotation and the equator of the perfected sphere is 90 degrees from the wave's axis. Likewise, the wave field becomes a true cube. Likewise, any element which has reached it true sphere status will crystallize as a true cube. Likewise, any divided pairs of elements which unite as one on wave amplitude--such as sodium and chlorine--will crystallize in the true cube shape of its wave field. Conversely, as true spheres oblate, the two balancing poles move away from the pole of rotation and toward the wave axis, until depolarization is completed and magnetic poles disappear in the plane of the wave axis. This is the manner in which "space swallows up matter". The mechanics of this process of polarization and depolarization, under the guiding control of two pairs of magnetic poles has already been more fully described. This process of polarization takes place with increasing intensity for one half of every cycle, the ether of one breath, the cycle of a day, the year, or a lifetime. A man of forty will have reached his fully polarized strength to manifest life in the first half of his life-death cycle. Depolarization then assumes control as polarity reverses at the wave amplitude of Man's life cycle. Devitalization then begins and from there on Man manifests the death half of the cycle. This process takes place in every creating particle of matter or any combination of particles, whether in Man, ant, electron, or nebula. As polarization increases in intensity, the strains and tensions set up by the desire of opposites of polarity to pull away from each other increase in their intensity. This fact is exactly the opposite effect from conclusion stated in the Coulomb Law. Page 204As polarization decreases, the strains and tensions of electric opposition relax, until polarity disappears in the rest condition of the equipotential plane of the wave axis. This fact should not be interpreted as opposite polarities attracting each other, for depolarization means that the ability to oppose lessens as each pole voids the other in the rest condition, but they still pull away from each other until their end. The entire process of polarization and depolarization of every action-reaction of Nature could well be described as a lever reaching out in opposite directions from its fulcrum until it could reach no farther, then reversing those directions and unwillingly withdrawing into its fulcrum where motion ceases to again begin, and again reverse.
We will write this section and then take a break after which we will return to the subject of "The Oneness of Electricity and Magnetism". We will add some more diagrams also. One of the great illusions of Nature which has deceived scientific observers is the principle of curvature, which is everywhere present in ever changing effect in every wave field, and in wave fields within wave fields throughout the universe. Wave fields are bounded by planes of zero curvature, which act as mirrors to reverse all radiation which reaches out to these wave field boundaries. An example of such a plane of zero curvature is the equator of a bar magnet. Iron filings reaching out from either pole will curve gradually in the ever changing pressure gradients which surround the poles. Science mistakenly calls these curved lines magnetic lines of force. See figures 65, 66, 67,173 and 174. When these curved lines reach the equator which divides the two poles, they reverse and repeat their curvature as though reflected by a mirror. There are no magnetic lines of force in Nature. These so called curved lines are the radii of the spheres and spheroids which constitute this radial universe of prolating and oblating matter. Radiation is an electric effect. It is not magnetic. Pressures which surround spheres and spheroids vary greatly in their equi-potential pressure gradients. As radiation is maximum at solar or planetary equators and gravitation is maximum at their poles, the pressure gradients surrounding spheres or spheroids vary in their curvature to conform to these pressures. Gravitation and radiation are both radial. Radii of either the inward direction of gravity, or the outward direction of radiation, cannot be projected through varying pressures without bending to conform to the varying densities of varying pressure gradients. Page 205
Just as a stick, when thrust into water seems to suddenly break at the dividing plane of the two different densities, so likewise do the radii of incoming and outgoing light rays seemingly bend gradually as pressures gradually become more or less dense. This divided universe is curved. Its two opposed conditions of gravitation and radiation are oppositely curved. Each has a system of curvature of its own and each system is opposed to the other, for their purposes are opposed. The system of gravity curvature is evidenced in spheroidal and ellipsoidal layers of equipotential pressure gradients which curve around gravity centers. The surface of the earth is a good example. The curvature of gravitation is centripetal. It is controlled by the north-south magnetic poles. Its office is to extend bodies in motion from their wave axes to their wave amplitudes. The system of radial curvature is evidenced in ellipsoidal layers of equipotential pressure gradients which extend radially away from gravity centers. Radial curvature has the same relation to the equators of suns and planets as gravity curvature has to their poles of rotation. Good examples of radial curvature are the rings of Saturn, the Dumbbell Nebula, (fig. 148 ) and the sun's corona. The system of radial curvature is centrifugal. It is controlled by two as yet unknown magnetic poles which will be amply described later as east-west poles. Then we will follow up with a discussion regarding the interrelations of these two pairs of poles. The entire matter of curvature is one of the many optical illusions which Nature is completely made up of. Curved pressure gradients act as lenses to bend radiating light outward as they pass through their concavity from an inward to an outward direction. The reverse takes place as gravitating rays pass through the convexity of light lenses from the outward to the inward direction. Polarity surveys and measures these pressures, but electricity alone projects and reacts the light which causes these illusions. The supposition that magnetism is a mysterious force of some kind which attracts and repels has helped to build these wrong conclusions, which the senses have deceived observers into believing. We will utilize more detail on this subject if it appears necessary at a later time. I don't wish to delete anything of value but neither can I linger on one facet to the exclusion of the whole. We will get through this as best we can. Let us leave this for a while and have a rest break. Thank you for your attention and service Page 211
REC #4 GERMAIN MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1991 4:08 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 312 Germain present. We are doing fine, Dharma. Do not let the massiveness of the task overwhelm you, for we are moving right along far more rapidly than we had any right to expect or for which to hope. We will have to divide the information into probably three or four volumes for I desire that no one book be more than say, 200 pages. It is better if you can understand the universe--not just cover volumes of printed alphabet letters on scrambled pages. This information will require going over several times and, oh, would that it would be possible to work with each of you and input this data directly within the subconscious mind and allow the super-conscious to sort it for you. That is what will happen at any rate--I just wish we could bite, chew and swallow for you, snap our fingers and all be known. But then, you would not have the wondrous unfolding of the mysteries over which to rejoice. It is only important that you all know that NOW is the time for the unfolding and the time in which understanding can flow without blame within MAN. Let us return to our subject:
The electric current begins and ends at cathodes. Cathodes are still points in the zero universe from which the energy of desire for creation is expressed. Chemically, cathodes are the inert gases of the octaves, which are not elements, for they will not mix with them. Please make sure charts 1 and 2 are first in the "figures" for ready reference. Those charts will be absolutely necessary when we get to the subject of atomic energy. Oh, didn't you know you were going to get a degree in nuclear physics? How about astro-physics? Quantum physics? All the above!! The inert gases of the octaves are the seed from which the elements spring, and to which they return. From the spectrum standpoint they are white light from which all colors extend when put under electric strain and to which they return when the strain ceases. From the tonal point of view they are the keynotes of the octave from which one can never escape knowledge of their presence in every tonal harmony. From the mathematical point of view they are the zero of the whole octave which will be further discussed. From the geometric form point of view, which its basis for motion gives it, the inert gas consists of four rings, one within the other. Page 212 Page 213
Page 214 Magnetic poles are "created" by coiling a wire around a bar of steel in such a manner that the compressing rings of the electric current will produce these so called magnetic poles at the ends of a bar of steel. That is what electricity does. It produces a potential of electric motion around a still center, but the still center is gravity. To be correct these poles should be called gravity poles, connected by a gravity shaft. They control the sex-division of Nature. The magnetic Light is sexless for it is in equilibrium. Its electric division into pairs creates the dual sex condition which we know as male and female. When these two conditions unite they become ONE. Gravity poles are TWO, when divided by the electric current. When they unite they become ONE CENTER OF GRAVITY. You have always called them magnetic poles when they were TWO but when those two were united we have then called them a center of gravity, and that is NOT consistent. Electricity, therefore, produced the poles by compressing the holes out of the rings. They did not come there in any other way. Electric motion does not create gravity poles. It merely locates existent points and makes them identifiable. It makes the invisible become seemingly visible. However, it never occurred to early observers that the division of God's stillness into sexed pairs would have to have a measure of balanced control over such a division. In other words, if the one condition of balanced stillness in the zero universe is divided into two unbalanced conditions, it is then necessary to have two controlling points of stillness around which motion can spin while thus divided. The two poles are, therefore, poles of still magnetic Light around which the divded electric pairs can manifest their light of motion. The two poles, thus divided, have within them the desire to be united as one by uniting the two divided pairs of conditions as one. In this manner the two poles, which have united, become the common center of gravity of the whole gravity shaft of mass controlled by it. Magnetic poles of gravity are still centers which balance and control the electric motion which surrounds them. Electric motion can be insulated from all other electric motion, but magnetic polarity, or the gravity center where poles unite as one, cannot be insulated from anything, for they are of the omnipresent stillness upon which the universe of motion is based. Neither polarity nor gravity are "created" by electricity. They merely become points which can be located in the omnipresent stillness. When, therefore, we say that electricity creates the condition of gravity, we mean that electric motion is spinning around a point in the omnipresent vacuum which controls that motion. Polarity begins as sexless unity as the cathode, which is the location for the inert gases in the octaves of elements. From there it is divided into sex-conditioned pairs as they are extended centripetally toward anodes. They again unite as one sexless unity at amplitude wave positions where they collide and become the two hemispheres of an Page 215 incandescent microscopic, or macrocosmic, sun, which corresponds to a "loop of force" in an electric current.
Page 216 The order of creation, as expressed by the electric wave, electric current, or magnet is as follows: RED--0--BLUE RED--0--BLUE RED--0--BLUE RED--0--BLUE. Fig. 47- A is a series of bar magnets placed in this order. You can not take one of these bar magnets out of this order and reverse its ends--as shown in B. If you do so, you have two males and two females where the normal mates of opposite sexes should be. This would result in the following impossible order RED--0--BLUE BLUE--0--RED RED-- 0--BLUE. Electricity spins around all centers in this whole universe in one direction only. C. represents this universal direction of electric spinning around the same series of bar magnets. That one direction is clockwise, or anticlockwise, according to the position of the observer. If you look at the spiral turning from one end, in the direction of the other end, you will see a clockwise direction. If you look at it by reversing your position you see it anticlockwise. The direction of turning does not change because you change. You cannot pick out one half of a cycle, however, and reverse it as indicated in D. The most important new thought in relation to electricity is that every action creates only one cycle of an electric current. That one cycle is the electric record of that action. The omnipresence--or Oneness of the universe—repeats that record throughout the universe. The motion of your little finger, or of a dynamite blast, will create one cycle for each action, for electricity is the recorder of Mind-thought, and Mind- thoughts are consecutive. Future laboratory techniques should eliminate from two-thirds to nine-tenths of its wiring. This will follow a greater knowledge of the geometry and mathematics of space, and especially the tonal nature of octave waves, to make it possible for cathodes to find their anodes without wires, as they do in Nature. The cylindrical solenoids of today should be entirely eliminated, especially where they encase anodes and prevent their expression of power by the way of equators. Vacuum tubes for every purpose should be re-designed to conform with the action-reaction mathematics of the cycle, which accelerates and decelerates in cube ratio, as a potential is multiplied for one half of the cycle, and divided for the other half. The cylindrical coil ignores this law of Nature, even as Einstein ignored it, and makes very clumsy affairs of step-up transformers and a tremendous complexity in electronic machines, which is entirely unnecessary. It is said that storms in the Northern Hemisphere are anti-clockwise and are clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. That is because you are looking down upon it from one end, then you are looking up into it from the other end. You would see the same effect if you look into the spiral of your bath tub drain, then look up from under it. Fig. 47-E illustrates the fact that you cannot pick out one section of a wave, or of an electric current, and reverse that one section. If you do this you will reverse direction Page 217of motion, and the universal division of sexed pairs. Nature will not allow this to take place. See 47-F. To account for this unnatural phenomena The Coulomb Law was adopted, which says that opposites attract, meaning oppositely sexed mates; and likes repel, meaning similarly sexed pairs. This law is invalid, for oppositely sexed mates do not attract. They are forced into collision by the electric action of dividing Oneness into unit pairs. The instant that they do collide they use their utmost endeavors to re-attain the sex- divided condition by recharging their discharged condition. Nature helps in this process by assisting to recharge with every heartbeat, every breathing cycle, and the food one eats. Space will not allow further amplification of this process in the nature of electricity, for enough has already been given in the high points of essentials to serve the purpose of this book. It is not well, however, to leave this mystery of how "magnetism" picks up iron nails and "attracts" steel needles, unexplained, for the entire electrical engineering world is paying heavily for lack of this understanding in many ways, the more expensive one being the vast wastage caused by building improper coils, solenoids, armatures, step-up, step-down transformers and electronic tubes. The element iron--like cobalt--is formed almost at the very amplitude of the wave. Its position is almost at the collision point where mates find unity in each other. Also, iron is on the red side of the spectrum division, and the red side bores within the blue when they seek unity. Nickel, cobalt and copper are on the blue side of the same octave. Because of this position in the wave, iron and cobalt are so constructed under high compression and high melting points that they "remember" the motion of the electric coil which borned them, even after that coil is removed. The spinning effect still continues within them, and will still continue for many years unless they are heated to a sufficiently high temperature to explode the power of electric potential, which these poles have accumulated. Conversely, cold multiplies that memory which heat destroys. At absolute zero, polarity and conductivity are both more intense. It should be sufficiently convincing that the "magnetism" attributed to this electric effect could not be an existent force, for if it were it could not be destroyed by cold. Factually, cold multiplies electric potential, and heat divides. This fact of Nature should bring to an end this unnatural concept which attributes electrical effects to something other than electricity. Copper and nickel occupy the same relation on the blue side of their octave that iron and cobalt occupy on the red side, yet neither of them are able to retain the memory of the electric coil which borned them. The reason for that is because the blue side seeks the outside of mass and, therefore, has lower densities, with consequent less power to retain a "memory" of the motion. Regarding the compass needle which seeks the point of north at one end and the point of south at the other end, the principle is the same. Every compass needle is a miniature bar magnet. If you place a lot of iron filings on paper, in the familiar way Page 218shown in all text books, and shake them over a magnet, those findings will form curved lines. These curved lines are called magnetic lines of force on that paper, and also in the so-called magnetic field of a planet. They are not magnetic lines of force. They are merely the curved planes of opposing pressures which electricity is causing in its efforts to compress. The vortex of gravity which is in the compass needle, will follow these pressures. Every effect of motion in this universe is an electrical effect caused by an electrical force acting under the control of the invisible universe. The invisible universe entirely dominates and controls the visible universe, but motion is entirely electric. So, in conclusion, we have briefly given the essentials of the construction of matter and the true nature of electricity, gravitation, radiation, radioactivity and magnetism. Even though the entire process is as simple as we stated it in a paragraph prior to this, its aspects are many, for its effects and its divisions are many. We have not departed from the pattern laid down in that paragraph during this narrative, nor do we depart from it in any writings. Beyond that is still the need for further volumes, but this simple principle cannot be exceeded, no matter how many volumes are needed for greater amplification of essentials. There are still many essentials which we have not touched upon, such as space geometry and mathematics which determine the pressures of the chemical elements, in order to master and control the principle of transmutation, which is now right at our doors, and the control of drought. Even in all of these it is impossible to exceed the one principle laid down in that paragraph in any effect of motion in this entire universe. You have forgotten the message in point? Well, let me refresh you a bit with a couple or more paragraphs to which I refer that are all part of the same. In the heart of every man is the desire for love--for happiness, peace and prosperity. In the hearts of nations of men is the One-World desire for international unity. This is why it is so easy to sell the lies unto humanity for the desire for unity is so strong and each perceives that "another" must have the answer to accomplishment of this unity. Universal Brotherhood is the ultimate world-goal. How far are you from that goal? The distance is far ahead for the human race. Its distance is measurable only by the yardstick of LOVE, and love has not yet entered the doorway of human relations, and will not until unity opens the door for it to come in. You tout the words and you have your little gatherings and big gatherings and pronounce the incorrect assumptions and then go forth and practice that which is NOT love but physical manifestations of projections of would-be controllers. You go out and effort to MAKE-LOVE and that is NOT LOVE. THAT IS PHYSICAL MISUSE OF THE PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF GOD-GIFT IN MOST INSTANCES RESULTING IN MORE GROSS MISPERCEPTIONS AND ILL-BEGOTTEN ACTIONS. Unity means Oneness. Unity balances the mate-hood of all pairs of people and equalizes their transactions in giving and regiving. Civilization has not yet progressed Page 219to the point where unity, through the giving and regiving of Love, can even be comprehended by more than a few of Man's millions of beings. Man's greatest lesson is to learn how to give. You are still in the barbarian age of TAKING --of even taking life from before birth to snuffing out of the aged. The Spiritual Age is dawning, however. Its doors are slightly ajar, but that is all, for your World-House is erected upon the sands of disunity and the thrust is to further scatter and separate you. The product of disunity is FEAR. A house divided against itself by disunity and fear must fall. Peace, happiness and prosperity cannot enter a divided house of fear. If you now ask when peace, happiness and prosperity will come to Man, I say to you that it will come when the Light of Love unites all Men as ONE, and that shall come to pass only when Man ceases to create FEAR. So, brothers, how far do YOU think Mankind is from finding direction and unity? The entire thrust of the Elite would-be rulers is to tear you apart THROUGH TERROR AND FEAR! The time has come in Man's unfolding when he should have more knowledge of the nature of this electric universe of motion. He has never truly known it, for he has but sensed its shadow. The real meaning of substance has never been known by Man for that which it is. He only knows it for WHAT HE SENSES IT TO BE. Actually you live in two universes--the invisible zero universe of CAUSE, and the visible universe of EFFECT. You have sensed the EFFECT and believed in its reality. You have never yet come to know the universe of CAUSE. It is time that you begin to KNOW God’s invisible universe which is in absolute control of the visible universe. Man will never solve the riddle of the universe until he fully knows and comprehends the zero universe which he can in no way hear or see. He can know it, however, and in so knowing he can, likewise, know God. He can even prove the fact of the omnipresent God in his laboratory. Nor shall man ever solve the riddle of his own Self--his own Identity, until he knows that he, himself, is as eternal as God is eternal. When Man knows that he is Mind and that his body is his Mind-Creation, as the whole universal body is the Mind-Creation of God, he will then know what the consummate mystic of two thousand years ago meant when He said: "I and My Father are ONE." Dharma, allow us to break this chapter at this point and our next subject shall be "The Mind Nucleus of the ATOM". Following that we shall take up "The Material Nucleus of the Atom" and then we shall close this Journal lest it become too lengthy. These messages are being brought through to you from the Pleiades sector and therefore, we shall label this JOURNAL as Volume III of the Pleiades Connection. We shall call the JOURNAL: I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, SECRETS OF UNIVERSAL ORDER; ETERNAL OUEST OF MAN. Good evening. Page 220
Page 221 CHAPTER 23
REC #5 GERMAIN MONDAY, JUNE 24, 1991 9:10 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 312
Germain to continue. First we will define explicitly the term "pagan" so that I am not misunderstood. This has nothing to do with groups of people who have been tagged "pagans" for most often the "pagan" as attached to the native populations is not relative in any manner. The native populations accept and honor that all is brother to all--all is related to all, etc. But you have no other suitable word for my needs so we shall define that which I mean when I utilize the term. Pagan: a follower of polytheistic religion (as in ancient Rome); one who has little or no religion and delights in sensual pleasures and material goods; an irreligious or hedonistic person. Some 2,000 or so years ago the consummate Illuminate of all time tried to tell the early Man of His day that God centered His universe and Man. He freely told Man that the Kingdom of Heaven was within, and that the Father of Man dwelleth within Man. His words had no meaning in those days of little knowing. The people of His day demanded an objective God, a ruler over Men, a personal God outside of themselves who had human emotions. That was the "pagan" concept of pagan intellects. Very slowly, down through the ages, the Mind-God of a Mind-created universe, began to dissolve the pagan concept of a God outside of His Creation, to a mind which is omnipresent within it. Today millions of people have entirely discarded the pagan concept and have accepted the Mind concept without comprehending its real meaning, but Man in the mass, throughout the world, still holds the pagan concept. Civilization progressed dynamically and spiritually as Man's concept of God thus changed. With even this progress the words: "Seek ye the kingdom of heaven within you", have no dynamic meaning. The human race can never become ascendant until it is as fully aware of God Presence within Man and all things, as it is aware of objective things. The brotherhood of Man Idea can never come into its full meaning, and practice, till that new day of enlightenment. God didn't wait until today to bring forth the word again. There was a book written in May of 1921 which contains the same words in meaning as given 2,000 years ago and are being given again this day. You will find THE DIVINE ILIAD a most insightful and wondrous book of TRUTH. It was written via messenger directly from the Source which tells man where to find God. Here are a few of the words of one of the Messages: Page 222"For behold: I am within all things centering them. And I am without all things controlling them. "I center My universe as My knowing. My universe encircles me as My thinking." These words were written to inform a newly dawning Age that the nucleus of the atom is the still magnetic Light of God, the Creator of the atom, and that the atom is the electrically divided pair of moving lights which manifest His thinking. God centers His universe. God holds every atom of it together to manifest Him by its purposefulness. God gives of Himself to all His universe in an eternity of endless regiving. God's universe regives of itself to God in an eternity of endless giving. That which God gives is Love. That which is regiven is Love. That is the divine story of Creation. It is a story of cause and effect in the giving and regiving of love. It is the One story of God's knowing, expressed by His thinking, illumined by the Light of His imagining. It is told in the language of Light projected from His existent stillness into existent stillness to simulate motion where naught is but stillness--to simulate dimension where dimension is naught--and naught else is. There is nothing but God--and God's knowing--and His thinking --and His imagining-- in all this seeming universe of Mind, which alone IS. These are the things which long ages of time, and experience fraught with the agony which is a part of ignorance, have tried to whisper to Man from within his inner Consciousness. The silent voice of God has been ever active in this respect. Intuition and inspiration have also been ever active in this respect. God's Messengers to Man, the geniuses, the Cosmic Illuminates and the rare mystics have ever been active in this respect, even though man crucifies them for their service to Man. The time has come when unfolding Intelligence in Man should tell him that the divine spark of inspiration, and the Silent Voice which speaks to him from within, is the Magnetic Light of mind and the Source of his energy. We have been saying all through these writings that it is time that all Men should know our universe. We shall now add to that by saying that all men should know God and His universe as One with themselves. God centers all units of His Creation. It is God's energy which created His universe. God is the Source of energy which causes all motion. God's Mind is YOUR Mind. He extends the energy of His Mind to every atom which moves around His center of stillness where He takes His omnipresent stand in every thought-ring and cell. Whatever knowledge you ever acquire comes to you from your Mind within. Your senses cannot acquire knowledge. They can but be informed of effects of motion. And they can be mightily deceived by what they see. Knowledge can come only through Mind. Mind-awareness in the human race has but begun. With Mind-awareness comes God-Consciousness. Page 223God-Consciousness and cosmic awareness of the Light of the Divine Presence within every Man is the next step in the spiritual nature of Man. Thousands--and then more thousands--are beginning to comprehend that Inner Voice of one's own Mind coming from within each Man. The reason for that is because the human race is still in its intellectual infancy. The Dawn of Mind-Consciousness is too recent for all Men to THINK with their Mind. Man-in-the mass still SENSES with his body. His desires are still dominated by his senses. His concepts are still sense-based. He hurts himself with his own acts and calls them evil. He conceives a personal God with vengeful human emotions. Evil was conceived in the senses of Man. It has no existence in the Light of Mind. All that the one dubbed "Jesus" told the world about the unity of God and Man, and the location of the Mind-Kingdom within every Man, has no meaning except for the very few illumined ones and the very many who now so deeply desire that illuminating. Yes--God-conscious is slowly infiltrating the human race as man knows more and more how to THINK with his Mind instead of SENSING with his body. We, who know God in us, are desirous of illumining the path for you to find that Light of inner knowing--and when you do find it, you will then be able to say--with deep knowing-I and my Father are ONE--and you will know all things! The nucleus of every atom is Mind-energy. The electrical power of motion, which spins spirally in one direction throughout all the universe, records Mind-knowing in Mind-centered rings. Electric rings are atoms and united pairs of rings are atomic systems and cells. Compressing atoms multiply to express life to its maturity in cells and systems. Cells and systems then divide again into expanding atom rings to rest in their eternal cathode Self, which man mistakes for death. All motion is Mind-thinking and rest from Mind-thinking. Thinking is cyclic but the energy Source of thinking is eternal. All of the energy of all Creation is in the omnipresent vacuum of the zero universe. The error of Man's observation of universal FACT lies in his beliefs that energy MOVES. The omnipresent vacuum never moves. It is the fulcrum from which motion draws its energy to move, but the fulcrum never moves. Every ultra-microscopic point in this Cosmic vacuum tube, which the universe is, is a fulcrum from which mind-desire is extended to express the Idea of Mind. Mind desire is the sole energy of the universe. Motion is but the lever which expresses the energy extended to it from the fulcrum. As God's Mind is omnipresent, so, also, are all of the qualities and attributes of Mind, omnipresent. That is what man of the future must know and comprehend. He must know that all knowledge and all power exists at every point in all of the universe. When he finally knows that, he will know that all- knowledge and all-power are within himself. Man's greatest lesson of life is to become aware of that all-Presence within the Light of himself. That is what Cosmic Consciousness means and I do not use it the same manner as touted about carelessly by the parapsychologists and self-appointed theologists who proclaim a "New Age" and through their very attempt to "sell" the idea to all the other humans actually miss the very point at issue. They become totally focused on Page 224things, i.e., how to sit, how to breathe, what to wear, what to eat, sex, feel good, mantras and you name it and it's used. Until you become Mind-conscious rather than body-conscious you can not achieve Oneness. You certainly won't be doing any of that proclaimed and awaited "rapturing" or ascending. Let us illustrate the meaning of the above in this way. If a Man looks into a mirror he fully believes that he is looking at himself. That is the belief of Man for long ages. He is not looking at himself, however. He is but looking at the rings of motion which are spinning around his eternal Self for a period of activity between a rest period, in which he is building an image of what he thinks his Self to be. No man can see his Self but he can KNOW his Self. Seeing is electric sensing. The senses are motion. Motion can sense only motion. They cannot sense the stillness of eternal balance. They can but sense the motion of divided balance. When a Man stands in perfect balance he cannot sense that condition. The very instant he falls out of balance, be it ever so slight, he is then aware of it. The electric current of motion vibrates within his senses and his senses become electrically aware of it. He misinterprets the motion of his senses for Mind-thinking. If a Man is perfectly comfortable his senses are not aware of it. If he becomes cold his senses then tell him of his unbalanced condition in respect to his environment, and he puts on a coat. His body has told him these things, however, and not his Mind. The measure of unfolding Intelligence in Man is the measure of his Mind-knowing in relation to his body sensing. Has Man unfolded intellectually to the extent in which he can hear God's Voice inspiring him to become co-creator with Him by interpreting His qualities of love, beauty, rhythm, harmony or balance? Or is he limited to fulfilling the demands which the motion of his body cells are demanding of him? This is the nature of the knowledge which will give the coming race more geniuses and mystics, and great leaders among Men for the upbuilding of an enduring civilization of peace and good will on Earth. This knowledge can be acquired only through desire for it. Desire can be awakened, and then multiplied, through knowledge. To acquire knowledge look within your own centering Self, for it is there awaiting you. The Silent Voice of your eternal Self forever whispers its omnipotence and omniscience to you. The following diagrams, which accompany the words of this chapter, are for the purpose of giving you that knowledge of where your power lies awaiting its manifestation by your body. Let us now consider one thought-ring of motion, which constitutes this entire electric universe. Bear in mind that there is not any other form in Nature than this one alpha- omega form, and combinations of them. See Fig. 48 for it represents a single thought- ring of motion, which surrounds its motionless mind-center. From this Mind-center all-knowledge and power is extended to the electric thinking which records the Idea of Mind. This universe is, therefore, composed of Mind and thought-motion. Its thought- pulsations multiply to the high potential of maturity and then divide into the rest from which they were born, to be again reborn for another period of motion. This figure Page 225represents the Inner voice which speaks to you inspirationally, if you are sufficiently Cosmic to be aware of it, or to lower animal life instinctively. Following this diagram are others of a sequence which demonstrate that bodies are created and given life, for a purpose, by increasingly fast thought-power motion around their Energy-Source. After they have fulfilled their purpose they must give back to their Source that which has been given to fulfill the law of love, which demands equal giving and regiving . It must be noted that Nature never TAKES--IT ONLY GIVES. Note the diagrams numbered 48 through 57 which illustrate this principle. Each one of them is the prototype of one cycle of an electric current, or an electric thought-wave. There is no other expression of motion than this in all Nature. In studying these illustrations fix upon your Mind the one thought that the entire omnipresent vacuum, out of which motion appears, has all-knowledge, all-power and all-presence. What happens anywhere in it happens everywhere in it. Your senses may see it only at one point but your Mind knows that it is omnipresent. The radio and television tell you that. Every school boy is conscious of omnipresent actions through his familiarity with television. That fact he has learned from the radio and television. There is still another greater fact which lies ahead for future generations of Cosmic man to learn. That great fact is that all-knowledge and all-power exists within him and can be acquired by him for the asking in whatever measure he shall desire. To demonstrate our meaning we refer you to the two cyclone drawings in figures 51 and 52. In these drawings is a measure of force, expressed by motion. That measure of force is what the cyclone "asked for", and no more. If it desired to be a bigger and more powerful cyclone it would have more power extended to it for that purpose, for unlimited--or OMNIPOTENT--POWER CENTERS IT. That principle applies to all Creation. A Man is what he desires to be. All-knowledge and power are his for the asking. They center him. They are his kingdom of heaven, which is within him. Whatever he desires and asks for, with full awareness of his Oneness with his Creator, he can have by working with God to create it. That is why one Man knows more than another, or has more power than another. He has learned of his closeness to his Mind-center and knows how to ask for it, and the conditions upon which it will be his. The only way it can be his is to know how to work knowingly with God by becoming one with Him as Co-Creator. The more that one can feel God's presence, moment by moment, the more his Mind-awareness multiplies. That is the kind of mental progress which makes Man aware of the unlimited knowledge and power which is omnipresent everywhere, and can be expressed around any point of gravity which is chosen as the center of that ex- pression. This idea is beautifully expressed in another message from The Divine Iliad: "Desire ye what ye will, and behold: it standeth before thee. Throughout the aeons it has been thine without thy knowing, even though thou hast but just asked for it. "Sit thou not and ask, acting not, for unless thou reach out for thy desire it shall not walk thy way to thee, unaided by thy strong arms. Page 226"Desire ye what ye will and it shall be thine. All my universe will give it thee in the strength of thy desiring, and in the strength of thy action in reaching out for thy desire.
Page 227 Fig. 48 The six inner mirrors of radiation.
Fig. 49 Wave spirals on their wave shaft
Fig. 50 AA Birth of electronic systems Page 228
Page 229
Page 230
All matter is formed by projecting and compressing light rings in pairs toward each other. The collision of such an impact is a sex union. Only by sex union can bodies be created and repeated. Atomic and stellar systems are formed this way. In an electric current such systems are called loops of force. Page 231
Page 232
"Behold I am within all things, centering them. And I am without all things, controlling them. But I am NOT those things which I center and control. "I am the center of My universe of Me. Everywhere I am, I am the center of all things, and I am everywhere." For full comprehension of God's words, as expressed above, one should dispel all idea of the fulfillment of desire by wishful thinking and words of supplication--unfollowed by action. The last paragraph of the above is scientifically demonstated in Fig. 6. The entirely of this idea is expanded and exemplified in the book:
Page 233 Fig. 6 Your Mind is universal. It is God's Mind. When you have discovered that fact you become co-creator with God. Until you do discover it, God speaks to you through instinct. When you finally do discover it, all-knowledge comes to you from that still small silent Voice which extends inspiration, beauty, intuition, rhythm, and all of the Mind-qualities you did not have until the dawn of Consciousness began to awaken a realization of them in you. Realize then, that your body consists soley of electric motion centered by the still Magnetic invisible Light of your Mind. If you concentrate your Mind-thinking, the thought-rings will become smaller and spin faster. If you relax by decentrating your thinking, the holes will become larger and the rings will spin more slowly. See figures 48, 49, 50, 51 and 52. If your thinking is unbalanced by emotional disturbances, or your actions reflect your unbalanced thought-decisions, the tensions which result from such unbalance will cause every Mind-center, which controls the balance of those thought-rings, to act as though they were off-center and the spinning of the electric current around that eccentric center will be like a fly-wheel with its shaft eccentrically placed. When you understand this you will know why your body develops toxins which cause your various ills. Fig. 46 further demonstrates that you cannot become off-center with your Mind-Source. These diagrams tell you just where your mind is in relation to every one of the billions of cells which constitute your body. All of them have a central "switchboard" in your brain which sends messages of command to them. Remember always that a thought-ring is a sliced section of a cell--small and large-- of your body. No matter where you slice through your body, or any body in Nature, you will find that each section is a ring with a hole in it. The hole is where invisible Mind is located. The ring is composed of electrically sensed motion that obeys the command of Mind, which centers it. It can but obey for it has no intelligence or energy of its own. Consider such a thought-ring-section in the cell of an ant. The ant cannot think for itself. The Mind which created it reaches out with electrical messages, which we call instinct. All animal and vegetable life is controlled that way by their Creator. They have a modicum of free will in accordance with the amount of intelligence which some forms of animal life attain, but vegetable and mineral life have no such power. They are entirely Mind-controlled through their senses. Every particle of matter, in combination as mass, or single as a unit, is purposeful, its movements are mind directed. Cells composed of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon in combination with each other, are performing marvelous actions in your body. They are manufacturing adrenalin and dozens of other fluids by Mind-control. They are knitting bones and flesh together in accordance with marvelous patterns. They are digesting your food and transmuting it to blood. They group themselves into marvelous machines which pump, knit, weave and perform many skills with many techniques. What man-built machines do you know of that can build themselves, then operate themselves without Mind-motivation and Mind-control? You do not know of any, for that is an impossibility of nature. It is equally impossible for the cells of your body to Page 234build and operate themselves. Each one is a purposeful mechanism. It has to be "created" by Mind-power just as you would have to create a typewriter to fulfill its purpose that way. That is why you must know where the Intelligence and enemy is which operates them. Look again at Fig 48 with this idea in mind. Note in it that all that God is can be extended to the motion which manifests God. All knowledge, energy, inspiration, idea, beauty, rhythm, intuition and other Mind-qualities are within every thought-ring of motion in all Creation. Man is the only unit of Creation which has yet arrived at that stage, and only a very small percentage of the human race has risen to that high stage of unfolding in which Man has become aware of his centering Intelligence. The very large percentage of the human race thinks electrically with its outer-senses, instead of inwardly toward the inner Mind. Man-in-the-mass is aware of senses only. Such a word as inspiration has only a superficial meaning for him. Sense-thinking is purely electric. All sensations of the body are purely electric. One who senses electrically can acquire only what information of sensed EFFECTS that his senses reflect to him from objects of his observation. He is limited in his conclusions and decisions to what his senses tell him of bodies in motion. He can never acquire knowledge of CAUSE that way. He can acquire knowledge only by thinking inwardly and thus talk to God direct.
We have diagrammed the relation, and location, of Mind to matter in that Fig. 48. That diagram shows how messages are sent out to creating bodies electrically for long ages before dawning Intelligence makes bodies become aware of the meaning of those messages, or that they are from the Divine Source of all Creation which is "within" all things. We will now parallel this diagram with another to show that Mind-messages, which are sent to creating bodies from their Magnetic Source of Universal Intelligence, are identical with the nature of the electric current. Before entering into this comparison, which Fig. 49 portrays, we wish to inject a new thought regarding the process God makes use of in the construction of His electrical body-universe. Instead of using text- book language we will use simple homely phrases to emphasize our meaning: God creates matter by projecting very big electric rings of visible light around still points of His invisible Magnetic Light. By so doing He creates big black, cold holes in His bitterly cold space. In order to create bodies of solid matter in those cold holes He must heat the holes to incandescence, and then freeze the incandescence by surrounding it with His universal, basic cold, to imprison it until it has fulfilled His purpose. He then uses His basic cold to compress series of four pairs of rings into spheres by squeezing the cold black holes out and letting the four pairs of compressed Page 235rings-spheres of light in. This constitutes His entire generative, or polarizing principle of Creation, for the only things created are heat and motion. All effects in all Creation are the product of heat and motion. Living things are the product of heat and motion. But living things must "die". To "die" they must regive their heat back to the cold which created it, and they must regive their motion back to the stillness from which it was extended. God's way of doing this is just the reverse of His generative method. He gradually lets the cold, black holes return within the hot spheres by projecting rings, in series of four, from the equators of spheres until they entirely disappear into their basic, changeless cold. All matter thus begins to appear as rings of light around black holes, and finally disappears as rings of light around black holes. You can plainly see, by this homely description, that there is no process of Nature which allows for material nuclei in its atoms. The nucleus for all atomic structure is the Magnetic Light of its Creator's Mind. Likewise the energy for the construction of atoms is in that centering Magnetic Light. It is the invisible Light which centers the visible light. It is the energy of God's Omnipotence which centers its simulation of energy by motion. It is the Idea of God's knowing, which is manifested by moving forms which image God's Idea. It is the beauty, the rhythm, the balance and ecstasy of God's thinking of His One Idea of the giving and regiving of His love to His Creation for manifesting His love in all creating things. Good night, and rest well for we are truly coming into TRUTH AND KNOWING-- please be at peace and allow this information to come within wherein it can find its fruition bearing of the perfect fruit of wisdom and KNOWING. I AM GERMAIN Page 236 GERMAIN present to continue.
You must plainly see by this time that the intent of Creation is to dramatize the Idea of Love, by expressing it in action and reaction. To express Love the Idea must be divided into separated halves. To fulfill Love the two halves must be united as one. Halves of one must be equal, therefore, their actions and reactions must be equal and simultaneously created. The only action which can express Love is the action of giving. The only equal and opposite of giving is regivng. The One is divided--the two divisions simultaneously exist. If the action of giving extends from one is equally and simultaneously extends from the other. If equal giving and regiving of each half are simultaneously expressed the product of that fulfillment is Love. Can you not see, therefore, that the one great age-long lesson of life is to learn how to balance every transaction of life in such a manner that givings and regivings between pairs of opposites are equal? That is all there is to learn for that is all there is in Nature. Creation consists of multiple electric wave units. In every cycle unit of Creation the Law of Love is expressed to perfection, as demonstrated in one cycle of the electric current. Can you not see, also, that the reason why Man's world is in such chaos is because Man has hardly begun to learn that lesson of the aeons? His givings are few but his takings are many. His empires have been constructed upon his takings, which he is now losing and will continue to lose, until he has balanced them with givings. Can you not see, therefore, that ONE WORLD OF PEACE is far away into the long generations of learning that one simple lesson of rhythmic balanced interchange in every transaction of Man, as it is in Nature? Can you not see that the "New World Order" is based, more than ever, on TAKING? IT IS BASED SOLELY ON Page 238TAKING--OF EVERYTHING OF VALUE INCLUDING MAN'S VERY SOUL ATTACHMENT TO GOD AND SELF. AS DESPAIR CAUSES FORFEITURE OF SOULS UNTO THE BEAST OF HUMAN PHYSICAL, YOU ARE LEFT WITH A WORLD OF EMPTY BEINGS WHO WILL NOT RISE UP AGAINST THEIR ENEMY. CAN YOU NOT SEE THE INTENT UPON YOU-THE- PEOPLE? You have a law of Man which reads: "Actions and reactions are equal and opposite." NO, NO AND NO; IT MUST BE RE-WRITTEN AS FOLLOWS TO CONFORM TO NATURE: "EQUAL AND OPPOSITE ACTIONS AND REACTIONS ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY CREATED AND SEQUENTIALLY REPEATED." Look at the diagrams 53 through 57. Every transaction in Nature is repeated in each of these examples, whether it be the casting of a pebble, or the creation of a sun. In an entire solar system its balanced transactions are so perfectly in keeping with the law of Love that one can calculate to a split second the exact time and position of any planet a thousand years from now. Conformity with that one law is the only way that mankind can ever find peace, happiness and prosperity in a unified world. How long shall it be before you, yourself, shall find it? In that is the answer to world-unity, for YOU are the seed of the world. What you become, the world becomes from your GIVINGS. IF YOU SIMPLY CONTINUE TO TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, YOU ARE POSITIVELY ASSURED OF DESTRUCTION! YOU EXEMPLIFY THE MIND-NUCLEAL PRINCIPLE So radically different a conception of atomic structure demands much exemplification to replace the old with the new. For this reason we must cite many examples to demonstrate that every creating, growing, living and dying thing in Nature is just a multiplicity of slow and fast moving light-rings surrounding dark of low electric potential, centered by a zero point of absolute stillness and unlimited Mind-potential. The new concept is a challenge to the old which must be convincing proof that the new concept is undebatable. Let us preface the following examples by these text-book statements of fact as known to science: 1. "An electric current sent through a wire is confined to its surface. There is no current at its center." Quoted in essence from Tesla, Farraday, Pupin, Millikan and others. 2. "Living cells show a difference in electrical potential between their interior and the surrounding medium." Dr. Louis M. Katz--Univ. of Chicago. Let us go back and look again at Figure 49 which demonstrates this fact in an electric current. To emulate a section of a living cell we will put a salt solution within a ring of conductive material. By placing two insulated wires, with bared electrodes, close Page 239together in the center of that ring and connecting the wires with batteries we emulate the charged condition of the living body, of which the cell is a part. By turning on the current it will be found that the spot between the two electrodes is of zero potential, and that many lines of radiation extend from the center and cause a moving electric current to spin around the zero fulcrum center where the ring is located. Not only that but an electrode placed in contact with the ring will convey current away from it. This effect of electric current extending from a still center to convey its power to the ring, and other outside conductive matter, is identical with the mental example shown in Fig. 48. Anyone who may question this fact may not only prove it by this simple experiment but can also move the two electrodes away from the center of the rim so that their centering zero occupies an eccentric position, as the human heart does in relation to the chest, and as the zero center of the heart itself is eccentrically placed in relation to its mass. A different wave pattern will result but the electric qualities will remain the same. There is always a point of stillness which centers the birth point of any action. Motion spins around that still point, but there is no motion AT THAT CENTER. Consider your body itself, and every part of your body, even to its last microscopic cell. Every part of it is a moving ring in section which spins around a hole, centered by stillness. Now consider every part of your body, one at a time. Every horizontal section cut through your head is a ring of flesh and bone around a centering hole, where the magnetic Light of your Mind is located. The space between is filled with a material quite unlike the flesh of your body. That material is the broadcasting and receiving station for conveying messages to every last microscopic part of your body. Consider your spinal cord. It also is a ring in every tubular section of it, which is not only centered by a hole for itself but is confined in a ring of bone which is your spinal column. Both of these are shafts made up of rings, but it must be remembered that every shaft in the body, as well as every artery and vein tube, is but a continuous extension of rings. Even the center itself is a continuous shaft of zero electric potential surrounded by thought-rings of varying potential. The center itself is omni-Magnetic potential, for that point is where YOU sit with God, as ONE. Your heart is an electric thought-ring of motion centered by a hole, where your invisible Mind is located. From that center it sends its complex messages out to the very wonderful mechanism, which your heart is, to command its every part to function true to its purpose. Your lungs and your chest are rings of thought-recordings which are, likewise, centered by four holes, for the carrying of four different qualities of messages from your Mind to the thought-rings which compose your whole body. We will refer to these again in this chapter. Page 240Now examine your fingers and toes, and your arms and legs. Each of these are centered by zero potential holes around which are rings of bone and flesh of varied potential. Before completing our brief analysis of Mind-relation to the human body, let us step out into the forest and cut practically any growing flower stem, shrub, sapling or tree. All of them are rings in sections of either tubes or seemingly solid shafts. Even the leaf of the tree is centered by a tube from which countless tubes extend to center the countless millions of thought-rings being created by the Magnetic Light which centers every one of them. If you cut a section of a new-born oak, you will find that it is tube-centered, but if you cut a section of an old oak, you will find that it has seemingly "squeezed" the hole out to attain density in accordance with the same principle of compression which gives density to a sun. Examine it, however, and you will see a series of rings surrounding its center. If you now examine the chemical elements, such as oxygen, fluorine, helium, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorous, sodium or potassium, you will find that their nuclei consists of varying sized holes surrounded by rings of varying sizes and numbers. Helium has four rings with a very large hole within them. Helium divides into four pairs and becomes a solid sphere, which has squeezed the hole outside of it. Fluorine and lithium have one ring with a centering hole smaller than helium. Oxygen and beryllium have two rings with still smaller holes. Nitrogen and boron have three rings with almost no holes. These male and female equal pairs unite in marriage and become two hemispheres, the red and blue halves being divided by an equator. Chemists and physicists have recognized something of this mathematical orderliness and have given it the name of "valence". They say that oxygen has a valence of two, carbon four, etc. and they balance and vary their mixtures in the ratios of valence by putting two atoms, which have a valence of two, with one which has a valence of four, to equalize their potentials. This they have always done, but their text books give no adequate explanation for so doing. The real reason is that spinning rings which get closer to their Mind-centers in the Mind-nucleus of every atom, gain more and more power in the ratio of that closeness. Before returning to the Mind and body relation in Man we must make it clear to you that the chemical elements must be considered in a very different way than Man is considered. All have the first stage of Creation only. They exist as compressed matter before water is created by combination with two of them, and air by a combination of another two. The next stage is a combination of these elements with water and air to create the vegetable kingdom. The simplicity of the mineral kingdom is then complexed by the addition of water and air and more "conduits" are arranged in these combinations for the placement within its creations for the zero centers of Mind- Page 241control. The vegetable kingdom has very little free will choice of decision regarding its welfare or destiny. It has some, however. Next in order of complex combination is the animal kingdom. This third stage includes both mineral and vegetable matter, in combination with water. The animal body is a complex pattern of variously arranged mineral and vegetable life, so must continually be replenished with all three stages of creation as its various parts "die". For this reason very much more space is given to the body for Mind-control, and for the creation of very different forms of matter of high conductivity to carry the messages concerned in body "manufacture" and body survival. Directional messages, such as instinct, have a very different reflex toward matter than those which may be called automatic reflexes, which are very much more keen in animal than in vegetable life. The fourth--and last--stage is the human. Man's body is also a combination of all three stages, but Mind-awareness only begins in the human stage. The animal has much intelligence but is not aware of it as a quality within him. Man, the human, was first controlled by instinct. For millions of years he had no Mind-awareness. He had no creative ability, whatsoever, and not even enough sense of rhythm to desire to beat a drum. The desire of the savage to beat a drum is the first evidence of spiritual unfolding in Man. Man--the human--began at the dawn of Consciousness a few thousands of years ago-- as an awakening fragment of the ONE. He became slightly aware of a creative force outside of himself, then more fully so, through the drumbeat stage to the more extensive recognition of universal rhythm in the four stringed lyre up to a comprehension of the diatomic scale sometime in your 15th century. A sense of beauty, as seen through the eyes, had developed much earlier than that, but the jungle sense of cruelty, brutality and blood-pleasure still remained in Man-in-the-mass even while his culture was unfolding, and still remains with a very large percentage of the race. Marauding tribes have become marauding nations and Man-killing by Man is still done on such a large scale, for greed and power only, that the human race has no justification, whatsoever, for thinking its present civilization, as a whole, to be in any other than an early barbarian stage. Many, however, have arrived at a very high intellectual point, and a few have reached almost to its summit. It is through these few that thousands of others are being awakened to that Light of their own Oneness with the Source, and it is through these that the race will finally achieve such intensive God-awareness that the Man-killing stage of today will have become impossible. The above is given herein for the reason that the new knowledge given will give every Man a better comprehension of how he can lift himself above the present stage. Having thus explained the reason for this interlude, we will now return to the climax of the knowledge for which this chapter has been written. I believe that at some time in the near future we will find it necessary to break these lessons into some type of study course with some knowledgeable leaders so that you Page 242can "talk" about these things in groups, or think in meditation, about these outlays of TRUTH of existence and intent of Mind-creation. We shall see, for first we have to cover the information. Then we can return to the "segments" for some are awaiting technical information to get on with their own focus of work in free energy, life prolonging apparatus, etc. If, however, the very foundation of conclusions is incorrect, you cannot reap the benefits beyond that which is already present. Moreover, the populace with whom the apparatus is shared must be in harmony with the equipment-- so we have a "catch 22" as to getting the information forth in proper sequence and rapidity. This is also why we are producing the work in smaller, digestible segments of JOURNALS rather than a massive volume. This way the work and information can be absorbed from one while the next is being printed. MESSAGE CARRYING FLESH AND BONE It is commonly said that Man is made of flesh and bone. That is not the whole story, however. There is muscular flesh and there is what is known as neuromuscular flesh. There is also bone and the marrow of bone. Just plain flesh and bone are the physical working parts of the body, but much that is in the body is created for the express purpose of conveying messages from the Mind WITHIN each cell to its surrounding ring, and the nerve-flesh which conveys messages to the farthest extremities of the body with the speed of light. The vegetable kingdom is practically all "flesh and bone" but even that has an intricate intercommunicating system which is composed of a very different kind of flesh, a kind which corresponds to the nervous system in animal and Man. The muscular and boned flesh which is used for utility purposes, that which you call "meat" in chickens and cattle, is entirely different from the flesh of the heart, brain, spinal cord and nervous system, and also of arteries, veins and bone marrow. The blood is also flesh of the body, as other parts of it are, and it comes from the Mind- center of thought-rings which constitute the heart. That, too, is a flesh which is mostly concerned with its message-carrying purpose, both for body-building and Mind- thinking purposes. That flesh is so sensitive to tensions and strains of unbalanced actions and emotions that its normal thought-ring cells quickly change, or their centers shift to eccentric positions very quickly. The slightest emotional disturbance acts upon them in such a manner that they seem to have an intelligent understanding of such tensions, for they immediately convey that tension to the heart, brain and stomach with a consequent equal upsetting. All message-carrying flesh and bone marrow must have the rhythms of happiness and joyousness in order that their normally balanced electrical state will extend normal balance to the cells that they are continually creating and controlling, as well as informing as to purpose. If people only realized that a happy body cannot exist as a normal body without a happy state of Mind, there would be no "mental cases", or insanity, stomach ulcers or heart diseases. One little example of such effects should be enough. Consider the red blood corpuscles as that example. The blood is the basic living flesh of the body. Page 243 Strangely enough--but appropriately--its red blood cells are microscopic rings with holes centering them, such as pictured in example A, shown herein. Emotional, or other disturbances, even inherited disturbances, which sufficiently upset the balance of the body metabolism, will break openings in these rings and make them appear to be sickle-formed as shown in example B. Now I would also note herein that all species of humans are not prone to the same type of specific differences, i.e., in some races there is a pronounced tendency to sickling, etc. I don't want to get into that subject at this writing but it is evident that the Mind-creator or Man-Mind-creator has projected differences in the human species.
One of the very first evidences of temporary or permanent degeneration of an individual, of a race, is the breaking down of the normal thought-rings of the blood cells from circular to sickle-shaped rings. Any abnormality or unbalance in man's thinking and his decisions which causes unbalanced actions is first shown in blood cells. If this abnormality is not corrected by the individual during his lifetime, his children can inherit the tendency. The whole human race could be destroyed that way if the tendency is not reversed by balancing the unbalanced condition. (These two diagrams are reprints from Scientific American.)
The little white discs which constitute the white corpuscles of the blood appear to have frayed edges, as though they were moth-eaten. Anemia and leukemia follow such abnormalities. The blood is of first importance of all of the elements which compose the body. The nervous system could be entirely paralyzed and the body would still function, but the blood has deep instinctive awareness of its existence and the body, which does not have a happy, rhythmic blood condition, cannot possibly retain its normalcy. The blood immediately feels every mental and physical tension to which it is subjected. This is why a whole population can fall ill if the proper frequency changes are introduced into that population--and brothers, the ADVERSARY KNOWS IT AND KNOWS HOW TO MANIPULATE IT. YOU CAN HAVE THE "CURE" FOR AIDS AS RAPIDLY AS COMING INTO KNOWLEDGE OF THIS INFORMATION FOR DIS-EASE CANNOT ENTER WHERE THE MIND- CREATOR CHOOSES TO HAVE NO ENTRY! A Man negative in HIV studies can keep himself negative in all time--simply. He will cease exposing himself to any of the methods of transmission and limit his contacts. You will note that some groups of high infection with lazy, impotent HIV virus propagate and proliferate the opportunistic diseases caused by the failure of the immune system--it has nothing really to do with the HIV virus which is indeed the laziest of all viruses known to science. Page 244What actually happens and is KNOWN to be a probability, by the Adversary who would continue this disease, is to project need to continue in the "birthright" activities and addictions and practices of gathering and intermingling to the point of absolute infiltration of the problem. You cannot vote-in or out this disease and no amount of money can "CURE" it for it is at center--an emotional disease with demand for its spread. But back to flesh. Next of importance is the heart flesh itself. There are muscular parts of the heart which perform physical functions only, as other flesh does, but a great part of the heart is composed of an independently living kind of "flowing" flesh which is not dependent upon the whole body, as all other parts are. The blood is the most potent of all of the Mind-message carriers of the body. If you cut any part of your body out and preserve it from decay in a salt solution it can be thus preserved for a very long time even though it is as dead as the flesh in your deep freeze is dead. Not so, however, with that part of your heart which is made up of what the text-books call specific, or autonomous neuro-muscular flesh. If you put that in a proper electric conducting medium, such as a proper salt solution, it will live a very long time--indefinitely perhaps--if the solution remains properly conductive. It does not die as other flesh dies so long as it is held in a conductive and proper medium. The blood really has no intelligence but is so close to the Mind as a carrier of power and creative messages that it seems to have intelligence of its own. There are other parts of the heart which are, likewise, intended for the mental and physical state of the body which are utterly absent in all vegetable life, and less conspicuously developed in lower animal life. Such parts are the sinus node, the right and left bundle branch, and the intricate intertwining nerves, veins and muscles of the lower heart. More important still is the fact that the blood is placed in columns, or shafts, which center all body-extension in such positions that those centers are the location of Magnetic stillness, and, as such, are of zero electric potential. Next in our consideration is the brain flesh which surrounds the thought-rings of the central "switch-board" of the entire bodily nerve system. This, with the bone-marrow which assists message-carrying intercommunications between the Creator's Mind and the imaged-forms He is creating, constitute quite a new science in itself, which is more needed by the medical profession than by layman students. For this reason we cannot devote as much space to this vital subject as we would like to. Our present purpose is served by exemplifying the fact that every illness of the body is made in the image of one's thinking and the actions which follow mental, or sensed- decisions. You can retain your body normalcy, or you can easily damage it, by unbalancing your thinking and your normal way of life. If, therefore, one is ill, he should look to the cause of it within himself. If people only realized that a happy body cannot exist without a happy state of Mind there would be no "mental cases" or Page 245insanity, much less headaches and other ailments. A healthy and well-centered body does not have to react to any stresses of the ordinary life-styles or projections--it depends solely on the state of the Mind and how Mind chooses to react to impacting ideas and impulses perceived against it. There are two other shafts of zero potential besides the arterial and spinal ones which center the chest. These are the shafts which convey food to the stomach and the one which carries air to the lungs. The membranous flesh, which constitutes these tubes, is not like a plastic container. It has great conductive super-sensitivity. It performs two separate and seemingly impossible opposite offices, for it both insulates that which should be insulated and conducts that which should be conducted. One is very often mistaken in assuming that a badly upset stomach is due to food unwisely eaten when the fact is that unhappy rhythms have been the cause. The reaction has not alone been confined to the digestive functions. Its main cause may lie in emotional disturbance, business worry, worry of conscience, fear or many other states of unbalance. Even the food one eats should be "happy". It should be cooked with love and eaten joyfully and there should be a joyful realization of love in one's deep breathing and exhilaration during the process of taking food into one's body. The food you eat becomes blood and flesh of your own body, and the manner in which you eat it, and your mental attitude while eating it, decides your blood count, the balance between acidity and alkalinity of your digestive machinery, and your entire metabolism. This is far more important than WHAT you intake. These four great body shafts have much more "responsibility" than just performing physical, mechanical purposes. Please realize that fact. Your typewriter is a machine which will supposedly operate just as perfectly if you are angry, but even your typewriter could register your anger and be damaged by it. Whatever your mental condition is, your body condition records and reflects it as truly as a mirror equally images an angry you or a happy you. Your Mind is YOU and your body is the record of your thoughts and actions. Your body is what your Mind electrically extends to it for recording. Future generations should learn to think in such terms. They should discard the present concept of Mind and matter and substitute mind, thought, and action in place of it. Some day Man will fully comprehend that matter is but the motion of thought. The substance of this chapter is for the purpose of making you realize that your Mind reaches to every part of your body, not only your arms, legs, fingers and toes, but to every microscopic cell in your body--most of which you know not even the name. You can instantly order your arms or fingers to obey a command from you, because large enough nerves connect your "switchboard" with them. There is not one cell in your body you cannot reach, however, with orders from your Mind. You may have to concentrate long and often to do it but you can do it. A simple experiment to prove that is to look concentratively upon one part of your body, such as the end of one finger. Page 246Demand of it that warm blood shall collect there, and it will, after a very few efforts. Many have done this. Another experiment for convincing you will be to order your ears to move--and they will in due time, just as a Paderewski orders his fingers to do fifty times as much as you can with yours. (This, of course, is for Dharma who believes she can type no faster--every day she disproves that notion.) Now apply this to your headache. First, making sure that you are "in tune with the infinite" and not out of tune with it, and that you are not violating any law of nature which continues its cause, your headache must disappear--follow the "pain" around and you will find it actually seeking exit. Nature is normal. It balances all unbalanced effects it is given a chance. However, it is useless to try to "cure" an unbalanced condition mentally unless the unbalanced CAUSE is first replaced with the proper positive rhythms which approach God-Mind-Balance. Now that you know where your Mind is in relation to your body, you have the basis of what the Master Teacher knew when He extended His balance to the unbalanced thinking of other bodies, and gave them His balance. Unbalanced bodies cannot remain unbalanced if one's Mind is balanced and joyous to the point of "ecstasy". It is my earnest hope that each of you will now more fully comprehend the meaning of the command to seek the kingdom of heaven within you. It is also my earnest hope that the medical profession will apply this knowledge, at some point, to every patient and not treat his "physical" unbalance alone, while allowing its mental cause to be ignored. Isn't likely, is it? The physician is the logical Mind-healer for he has knowledge of EFFECTS which the Mind-healer cannot possibly have. One cannot go to God abstractly. You must know what you wish to ask for and know how to do your part in working with Him. You have moved a long way in the wrong direction, do you see? It is not very likely that those who usurp for greed and evil purposes, will allow such happening to occur-- therefore, it is up to you-the-people to demand a return to the "art of healing". I suggest you go read the Protocols of the Zionists Men of Wisdom and see that which has happened to your medical and legal "professions". The exact intent of that which is against you is now accomplished fact. So be it. Allow us a break, please. I AM GERMAIN Page 247
REC #2 GERMAIN TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1991 1:12 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 313 THE MATERIAL NUCLEUS OF THE ATOM The foregoing chapters have gradually prepared you to comprehend that the Rutherford-Bohr atom, which is symbolized in Fig. 58, has no place in Nature. This chapter is to tell you why not one single fact of nature supports it in structure, nor justifies it in principle. This is a most important chapter so please attend us carefully. It is as with Mr. Cathie's work which gives you grid assumptions and locations according to frequencies, etc., IF YOU ONLY HAVE A PORTION OF THE PROBLEM, WHAT VALUE CAN THE INFORMATION HOLD? IF WE ONLY TELL YOU THAT WHICH IS WRONG WITHOUT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO TO "FIX" IT, WHAT HAVE WE DONE EXCEPT FURTHER DISTRESS YOU? HALF- INFORMATION IS OFTEN FAR WORSE THAN NO INFORMATION FOR THE "WRONG ASSUMPTIONS" ARE THOSE WHICH ARE ACTED UPON AND IT CAN BE A DEADLY BIT OF PLAYING. Hatonn gave great honor to one called Bruce Cathie but I am not so generous. To simply identify mathematically a rather unimportant fact after fact after fact without bending to even consider the possibility of invisible input which will perfect an equation--is not of my understanding and I give no such honor for it only further confuses the mind of Man who might otherwise do something worthwhile other than considering such greatness in another mortal with no useable information whatsoever. We would be most happy to work with anyone who has the good of his brothers in intent. Anyone who thinks so egotistically of himself that if another speaks of his findings, he will bring lawsuits--I suggest is of no worthy foundation upon which to share anything. America West can do that which they will with publishing of the material--it will not sell for Man only ends up feeling cheated for knowing numbers accomplishes naught. Mr. Cathie, it seems, is much like Jack Cole of Florida--he asks to be "zapped" "if you are real"--I remind all of you that there are MANY ways in which a "zap" can be brought about! Further, "pride (and ego) go just before a fall". If your intent is to only figure out use for the "physical" with exclusion of God (oh, it isn't stated in that manner but that is what it is)--in this time of transition, the information can only be considered detrimental to the purpose of the actual functioning of a universe. If you have one who responds with lawsuits to ones who give great honor unto him--then this man has no intent of goodness toward his fellow-man and if he claims "born again" christness--discard the statement for there is nothing of God within the being save that which he cannot put away. So be it. Page 248 Is it not strange that a man would spend so much time and effort to prove the
Is it not strange that a man would spend so much time and effort to prove the
The Rutherford Bohr atom. Fig. 59 Illustrating the radial universe concept.
visibility and presence of UFO (alien craft) and then deny any possibility of contact? Is this not at least a bit contradictory? What is the point of the display of so-called "information" if one is closed to all possibilities regarding that very information? Is it not also an affront to insult so blatantly one who does contact us in great interchange of service as this man George Green does, who at great expense, publishes his material? Is there not something WRONG herein? As I have stated before, this electric universe has been constructed entirely by the electric wave, therefore, any theory of motion or matter, which is outside of electric wave mechanics and construction, is invalid. If human reasoning by the greatest of the world's thinkers built this impossible concept, there must be something very basically lacking in knowledge of our universe to make it possible for thinking people to form such a concept. And there is something basic, many things in fact, which sense-observation alone can never tell to man. We will enumerate these also, step by step. Nowhere in Nature does motion, in any three dimensional mass, revolve around a common center. All mass is made up of pairs of ring units, which are joined together in parallel planes to create hemispheres. Each ring has its gravity center and each mass has its dividing equator. Adjoining rings which form spherical masses cause gravity centers of these rings to seemingly become gravity shafts. All motion, in every hemispherical mass, spins in parallel planes which are 90 degrees from the gravity shaft of that mass. This means that all motion in spherical mass spin around its gravity shaft in parallel planes and not around a common center of gravity, which supposedly controls the whole mass, but actually controls motion in the plane of the equator only. See Fig. 59. This also means that Nature is bilateral and not radial. All mass is divided by an equator, and the four pairs of rings which constitute that mass, are arranged in plane layers on either side of that equator. All pairs are sex conditioned by the divided spectrum, which place the red units of each pair in one hemisphere, and the blue units in the other hemisphere. The red units of mass do not revolve across a common center of gravity and spin through the blue side to complete its orbit, as the units of the Rutherford-Bohr appear to do, as shown in Fig. 58--nor do the blue units spin through the red. That would be as much against nature as it would be for humans to change their sex during every daily cycle, say, man in the morning and female at night. The invisible universe is based upon the cube in relation to its control of motion. The stillness of gravity, therefore, when its points are extended to appear as a shaft, is always at an angle of ninety degrees from its electric thought-ring extensions. Never anywhere in Nature does any electric effect reach over to another center than its own. The three inner intersecting planes of the cube will not allow of such a crossing. If you Page 250examine the cleavages of a cube crystal you will not find them radiating from a center. The senses have been too much affected by the symmetry of light radiations from a star, or from the hexagonal radiating arms of a snow crystal, and many similar effects, which the senses too readily accept. It is time that you at least begin to doubt the evidences expressed and accepted of and by your senses in making hasty obvious conclusions for most frequently you will be incorrect in those conclusions. Another cause of confusion by the senses in this respect is the fact that all planets in a system, revolve around a common center of gravity. These are rings of motion, however, which spin around holes in which their controlling center is located. Every part of the mass of every planet, however, spins around its own center which is on the gravity shaft, and always in parallel planes, not intersecting ones, which would be necessary if all parts moved around a common center. If you look at an electric current in a vacuum tube you will see parallel rings extending from the cathode to the anode, like buttons strung upon a thread. See Fig. 60. Each of these rings is controlled by its own center of gravity in its own plane. Each ring is a unit of a cycle and it is necessary for pairs of cycles to unite to form a mass, or for four pairs to unite to form spheres. When a sphere is thus formed it is as bilateral as all things else in Nature are bilateral. It extends its right arm and its left one to form a shaft. Each point of gravity in that shaft is also the fulcrum of a lever, which its ring is. The fulcrum is still, and in it is all the power which its spinning lever-ring expresses, but the energy thus expressed is not in the moving ring, it is in the fulcrum of gravity which centers
Electricity records Mind-thought in rings of light which spin around a Magnetic center of still, invisible light. All motion in all the universe spins around Mind-centers which becomes shafts as motion extends
If you now look at the wave with this thought in your mind you will, likewise, see pairs of rings strung on the wave shaft of gravity which extends, as thought-rings of motion extend, to center and control the motion of each ring from that center, and to Page 251become a shaft of gravity for each mass which is formed by the amalgamation of ring pairs. By a careful examination of the construction of an electric current, and an electric wave, there is no part of it in which orbits of units intersect the planes of the orbits of other units, or of masses which are formed by the union of pairs, nor do any of them share their gravity centers with other units. As there is no precedent in the electric current or wave of nature to justify the multiplane concepts shown in Fig. 58, and as there is no precedent in the electric current or wave to justify the presence of material nuclei in the atomic units which constitute mass, such an impossible and unnatural concept should be expunged from human thinking. Let us now apply this principle to the copper wire which carries a current. The wire is still. It does not move. Motion spins around its surface in rings, which are centered by holes where gravity sits and rules each ring. The wire is horizontal but motion is vertical in the plane of its spinning. The wire is a series of gravity centers which make of it a seeming shaft. The wire-shaft does not move yet it performs the tremendous work of lifting thousands of tons, and driving thousands of engines and other machines. And it could easily kill a man if motion, which encircled the wire, collided with the man. Your senses very plainly, and truthfully, tell you that the wire is not moving, but if a speeding bullet traveled along the path occupied by the wire, your senses untruthfully tell you that the speed of the horizontally moving bullet killed the man, instead of the vertically spinning motion. It has been and likely will be a longer time in Man's unfolding before he can differentiate between what his Mind knows and his senses believe they know, but new thinking must someday come to Man which is based upon Mind-knowing instead of body-sensing. If the Mind were allowed to function properly in actual thought projection, a speeding bullet (in fact the faster the better) striking a body would hardly be noticed--it is the Mind that is convinced of its ability to injure and kill and the body reacts as directed—if struck appropriately, it dies. Let us now bend the copper wire into a semi-circle to symbolize a wave, and send a current through it. You have now curved your gravity shaft and your planes of motion, which spin around it at angles of ninety degrees, and are no longer parallel. They all point in the direction of the center of a circle and your senses tell you that that center is the common center of gravity for all of those converging radial lines. That is another misleading illusion which your senses believe in implicitly, but is not true to Nature. We must give space enough to very briefly tell what the Mind knows in respect to the curvature of gravity, which the senses cannot sense. To help visualize this let us first disturb the horizontal plane of calm water and bend it into a semi-circular wave, as we bent the wire. The electric compression pressure registered fifteen pounds per square inch before the water was disturbed. It now registers less above the surface and more in the trough of the next wave. The gravity shaft curves as electric pressures curve. Your senses tell you that the wave shaft is Page 252moving up and down. Also they tell you that they are moving right and left. You speak of the speed in which light waves travel, which is proof that you believe that they do travel, when they but move up and down. Light waves reproduce at great speed, but light does not travel at any speed. These are the things your senses tell you but your Mind knows that the only direction of motion is the electric direction of circles, which spin around gravity shafts to cause EFFECTS which your senses thoroughly believe in but which are NOT FACTUAL. Light does not travel. It only appears to, and that appearance is limited to the boundaries of its own electric wave-field. We do not yet know the universal radar principle which repeats every happening anywhere to everywhere. Your senses are mightily confused between zero cause and dual effect. The greatest, and most visibly evident proof of the fact that the universe of suns and earths is made up of pairs of rings, and that they disintegrate by throwing off pairs of rings, is to look at the greatly magnified pictures of such planets as Jupiter and Saturn, and such ring nebulae as Lyra and the others, as I now ask you to include in the illustrations. The great telescopes very clearly show the parallel wrinkles on Jupiter, which make its surface look like heavy corduroy. The fact that all such planets and suns oblate proves that the rings expand in their own planes and not radially. If a planet expanded radially it would still be a sphere, no matter how large it grew, but all through the heavens you can see planets and suns expanding in planes which are parallel to their equators. This they continue to do until great holes are bored right through them where their gravity shafts exist to still control them until their motion ceases entirely. The Dumbbell Nebula is an excellent example of a sun thus expanded until a very large hole has bored right through it as it slowly explodes. In all probability part of it will regenerate a new sun in its center as the Lyra Ring Nebula and countless others have done. Fig. 148
Page 253
Fig 148 Illustrating the death principle in all matter. Spheres are created by compressing rings to form in them. Spheres are then disintegrated by projecting rings from them until a black hole surrounds their axis of rotation and they gradually expand until they eventually disappear into their cathodes.
It now remains to explain why gravity does not express itself in radial lines from the surface to the center of a sun or planet, as diagrammed in Fig 59. With all that knowledge you will better comprehend why nature will not tolerate such intersecting orbital planes of motion as the theory of the nucleal atom demands, as shown in Fig. 58. There are only two spots upon the surface of a true spherical sun where a stone, dropped upon it, will continue its electric journey to its very center. Those two spots are the two "magnetic poles" which are the ends of the gravity shaft upon which the whole mass turns. Likewise, there is but one plane, where a stone, dropped anywhere upon it around the entire sun, would continue its electric journey to the sun's center. That plane is the equator which divides the two hemispheres. Do not lose sight of the fact that suns are made up of pairs of rings which parallel their equators and also do not lose sight of the fact that each ring is an effect which is centered by its own controlling cause. Likewise, bear in Mind that gravity is omnipresent and does not move. With these warnings we are now ready to drop a stone on the earth a thousand miles from the equator. We will ignore, for the purposes of this demonstration, that the earth is not now a true sphere as it once was, and, for that reason, the gravity poles do not coincide with the pole of rotation (and that should scare you badly enough in its own right). The stone now curves toward the pole as it is dropped, and its direction toward its centering gravity shaft still continues to curve away from the earth's gravity center, instead of directly toward it as your senses have long told you it would do. See Fig. 61. This oblate earth actually has two gravity centers, but we will ignore that also.
Page 254
Fig.6l. Illustrating the bilateral nature of matter and the seeming curvature of gravity.
We drop another stone another thousand miles farther north, and still another with the same result. Each ring plane owes its allegiance to its own center of gravity in its own plane, but as there are countless billions of rings within rings between the surface and the gravity shaft, the line of gravity control will forever curve, until the last stone cast will be nearer the north pole than the earth's center, toward which it was originally headed, and where your senses told you it would go. We will print Fig. 61 to illustrate this fact of the curvature of electric potential pressures, which gives the impression that gravity itself is curving. You are probably familiar with the bar magnet experiments with iron filings which curve from pole to pole. These curved lines are known as magnetic lines of force. You may also be familiar with the curved lines from the earth's equator to its poles, which the text books call the earth's magnetic field. These curved lines ARE IN NO WAY RELATED TO MAGNETISM. They are but lines and planes of electric pressures. Fig. 61 will graphically diagram this effect but figures 17 through 29 and especially 17 and 18 will help to clarify them still further, and comparing one with another. When you have done this you will no longer accept the possibility of such an effect in nature as the nuclear atom such as shown in Fig. 58. Also you will more clearly comprehend the marvels of the advance in electronics, which is making such marvelous strides against the resistance of sense-believing in things which the Mind knows to be otherwise.
Perhaps the greatest blow to the nuclear atom theory is the fact that it claims that each consecutive atom in all of the elements from hydrogen to uranium changes its substance by the addition of one more electron revolving around its nucleus, and a balancing number of protons in the nucleus. For this reason it numbered the elements from 1 to 92 at the time the theory was conceived. That meant that hydrogen had one electron revolving around its nucleus, helium had two, lithium had three, etc., up to uranium which had 92. No more inconsistent and fantastic concept could possibly have been formed than this, for it has not the slightest resemblance to Nature's processes, whatsoever. It assumes that hydrogen is the first element of Creation, instead of the 18th, and gives numbers to isotopes, which are split tones, in the same measure that it gives to full tones. It has not allowed for the possible discovery of new elements for which it could have no numbers to give. This embarrassing situation actually arose when it was discovered that hydrogen was NOT the first element. The discovery of deuterium and tritium in the hydrogen octave threw that whole theory in the waste basket and nullified any such thing as "heavy water" or possibility of cold fusion and perhaps that is exactly WHY scientists say it is impossible. Sort of like the Emperor's new clothes? But science met that unexpected occurrence and danger by calling the new tones isotopes--oh nausea. Page 255Even then they had no numbers for those isotopes although they had numbers for the 49 other isotopes which you can see in Fig. 5 as they arrange themselves on either side of their wave amplitudes in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th octaves. This unnatural concept destroys itself by its impossibility to conform to the chemical law of valence, which gives equality and multiplication and potential to mate-pairs in each octave, instead of 92 consecutive multiplications which ignored the octave-wave principle. Let us analyze this briefly to throw light upon this impossibility of Nature. We have continually shown how God divides every effect of motion into equal pairs in nine consecutive waves. It is the most basic principle of Creation, for polarization is founded upon it. All through the nine octaves all full tones are divided into four equal mate-pairs. The first three of these pairs are equal and opposite atomic ring units, which increase their potential from 1 to 4. The fourth pair in each octave is united as hemispheres, such as carbon, and is the maximum potential of its octave-wave. The law of valence recognizes the progression of multiplied potential and classifies these mate equalities by giving the first pair a valence of 1, such as lithium and fluorine. It gives a valence of 2 to the second pair, such as beryllium and oxygen. The third pair has an acknowledged increase of potential, which gives it a valence of three, as in boron and nitrogen, and the fourth pair--the carbon hemispheres, have a valence of 4. We will point out the havoc this concept would play in science if we tried to uphold the principle by endeavoring to fit it into Nature's scheme. Lithium, for example, is given 3 electrons and its equal mate--fluorine is given 9. Nine electrons to 3 overpowers one of the mates and destroys its polarization equality. Much worse than that, however, its 9 electrons make fluorine, which is a very light gas with a below zero melting point, superior in potential to carbon, which has only 6 electrons, even though it has the great density which requires a temperature of 3,600 degrees to melt it. Carrying that comparison farther we find that bromine is given 35 electrons and iodine, its equal mate, is given 53, which is nearly nine times the potential given to carbon. It is not difficult to compare the potential of iron to lead, yet the number of electrons given to lead is 82, or nearly three times the number given to iron. To carry this analysis still farther is useless, for the comparison multiplies the fault of the principle to the point of great embarrassment. Page 256
Page 257
It was bad enough in the early days of research when Mendeleef gave atomic weights ever-increasing potential in the same manner, for he gave all of the dying elements increasingly greater atomic weights than the living ones. As an example of this inconsistency the soft, dying element lead is given an atomic weight of 206, or over sixteen times the weight of the carbon atom, which is only 12. In this concept of atomic weights iron is given as 55, or four and half times the weight of carbon, and tungsten is given as 184, or about fifteen times the weight of the one element, which is the most fully alive, most dense, and has the highest melting point of all of them. In the next JOURNAL we will do a lot of talking and investigating into elements, octaves and the absolute insanity of nuclear power, etc., as you toy with it. It was as inconsistent to assume that all of the elements were progressive, or sequential multiples of hydrogen, as to assume that each successive element above the hydrogen owed its characteristics to one more electron and proton added to those it theoretically possessed. In neither of these two cases has the octave-wave been considered as starting from zero as cathode and colliding as maximum potentials at anodes. More conspicuously in error, than these two above mentioned, is the giving of electrons to the orbits of the inert gases which are zero in every case and can have no atomic weight at all, for there is nothing to relate weight to in them, nor any complexity beyond the four undivided rings of their own construction. The final step in proving that the nucleal atom is outside of Nature is the fact that such a group concept is, necessarily, three-dimensional, which means mass, and Nature does not begin three-dimensionally. It is first two-dimensional, for Nature is made up of single plane units, which are two-dimensional. The moment two-dimensional units are divided into pairs, and unite to become mass, the three-dimensional bilateral universe appears. Let us very briefly review the process of Creation in its initial stages. Mind-Idea must first be concieved. The conception of Idea is registered in the inert gas ring, which is forever the seed-record of that Idea. That first undivided ring is two-dimensional. It has length and breadth, but not thickness. A ring is the only form in Nature that can be unitary, or two-dimensional, or balanced in itself, for its extensions are all in one plane. The moment that anything is added to a ring it must be added to on BOTH side to balance it. It cannot be added on one side for Nature does not create hemispheres, it creates spheres--remember? To add one ring on each side means the extension of a Mind-center to three mind-centers, or a Mind-shaft to balance and control three instead of one. To add successive pairs means to extend the mass to spheres and that means three dimensions, and it also means the creation of a bilateral mass. A three- dimensional universe is but the result of polarization. Polarization is not an extension of motion. It is an extension of omnipresent stillness into omnipresent stillness. Motion is a lever which must have a fulcrum. As motion extends there is always a fulcrum everpresent to center it. A gravity shaft, which results from polarized Page 258divisions of stillness into moving pairs, is not a direction of motion, nor is it a part of Creation. It is merely an identifiable Mind position in the zero invisible universe. The Creator follows conception with action and reaction. The inert gases divide and extend. Motion is then created for the purpose of giving body-forms to Idea. Divided and extended motion is expressed in pairs of light rings. Divided light-rings must necessarily divide the white Light of Mind into the tensions of the color spectrum. That means the red and blue of a bilateral universe which cannot exchange its sides, for each is interchangeably sex-conditioned. The sex strains and tensions are set up in the immovable rings of the inert gas of each octave, which is divided into pairs. Motion, tension, strain and heat begin with the extension of motion, in ring pairs, from its conception in the four recording rings of each octave. These four rings of the inert gases are within each other in the same plane. They are, therefore, two-dimensional. The moment they divide and extend into unit pairs, to simulate body-forms, mass begins and the three dimensional, cube-sphere, bilateral universe appears. In other words, neither God, nor Man, create three-dimensional body-forms before conceiving the Mind-image of that form. Mind-images are thoughts. Body-images are actions, and actions are always in pairs. Thought-concept is entirely outside of Nature for it has no precedent in it, nor is it a part of the electric process which constructs mass. Mass is an extension of many thought-concepts into many planes, and a simulation of extension of the one Mind-center into a gravity shaft. SUMMARY God--the knower--is non-dimensional. God's thinking is two-dimensional. God's creative actions are three-dimensional. The nucleal atom theory begins with three-dimensional mass. It conceives groups of neutrons and protons revolving about and around each other on both sides of the spectrum. Each neutron and proton is conceived to be a three-dimensional, spherical mass in itself. In combination they constitute a larger three-dimensional, spherical mass. Three-dimensional beginnings are impossible. The electrical Nature of this universe demands a division from one plane located in a cathode. Polorarization is the result of that one plane division. Balanced equal and opposite pairs thus come into existence. Every united pair becomes an anode, which means a hot bodied three- dimensional beginning, which it does, but in doing it leaves the record of its motion in two-dimensional thought-forms in its inert gas. Dharma, I ask that our writing of yesterday via Dru be placed in the Introduction of this JOURNAL and allow us to leave this with no further writing save diagrams according to the editor's best placement. We have at least two more JOURNALS to cover the absolutely necessary information and then we shall likely break down the subjects into chewable sizes following that so I cannot give you an idea of completion "time". We will move as rapidly as you can, chela, working around the need of EXPRESSES, etc. Page 259Not because I, Germain, am in the dictation of this information, do I tell you it is the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN YOUR WORLD THIS DAY! IT IS!!! UNTIL YOU OF MAN COME INTO KNOWLEDGE OF THE WAY THE UNIVERSE FUNCTIONS AND WHAT GOD IS AND HOW THESE FIT WITHIN CREATION--THE REST OF THE INFORMATION CAN HAVE NO RELATIVE VALUE FOR YOU, IN THAT IGNORANCE, WOULD STILL BE AS IF GLUED TO THE SPHERE OF EXPERIENCE IN WHICH YOU FIND YOURSELF. We realize this places you in jeopardy beyond that which can be expressed for if Man could not accept that the Earth Shan was not the center of the universe--how much less will he accept the truth of the universe? The INFORMATION has been brought forth before and few retained the knowledge and fewer can tell you now, when or what it was at that time. It is now time that Man will come into KNOWING or Man will perish in his misperceived illusion. May the Light shine always about you, our people, for the way is hard but the rewards great. It is as with anything given in error--it can be voted-in or voted-out and it will change not one iota of the TRUTH OF IT. I AM GERMAIN AND I BOW IN RESPECT TO HATONN WHO ALLOWS MY INPUT (OUTPUT) IN THIS MATERIAL FOR IT IS MOST SPECIAL FOR ME TO BE ALLOWED TO BRING THIS FORTH UNTO YOU, MY BRETHREN. MAY THE TRANSMUTING ENERGY BE ALLOWED ITS TRANSMUTATION OF THIS BELOVED LAND. We shall begin the next JOURNAL on the morrow, Dharma, for it is indeed imperative that we move smartly along. Thank you, chela, for I know you are weary but the time is at hand for us to serve as diligently as we can function. We are the thought of God in action for He has decreed that our work be put forth and receive by his children. So be it. I salute you ones in this service and bow in respect and reverence unto that which we accomplish here. GERMAIN TO CLEAR, PLEASE Page 260
Phoenix Journal 34 Page 101: There is nothing to know but God's one whole idea of Creation--all else is only "learning". Herein I would place Russell's perception of the dynamic principle of the universal heartbeat for it is a picture more easily seen than conceived in mental gyrations. As we move along you will have adequate numbers of mental exercises without struggling with understanding of that which is already in picture outlay.

This diagram is given to you now as the first simple step toward your acquisition of all knowledge of CAUSE and all comprehension of EFFECT. During the whole construction of this light-wave universe, the basic principle diagrammed will never be departed from or exceeded. There is nothing in Nature, nor in your own life, nor in your thinking, nor in any action of yours which can vary one whit from this basic electric pulsebeat of Creation. Nor is there anything the chemist, physicist, metallurgist or engineer can exceed beyond this formula or vary it in his work. Likewise, the poet, painter, inventor, musician or architect is limited to this simplicity beyond which he CANNOT GO and to which HE MUST CONFORM. Likewise, the healthy growth of your body, or the conduct of your friendly or business relations, must conform to this principle of BALANCE or else suffer the consequence of whatever unbalanced residue remains from lack of conformity with the heartbeat of the universe.

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