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In Slovak Langueage: "Stupava - Potulky historiou" - book about Stupava, a small town in Bratislava neighborhood. The book contains a lot of interesting information concerning history of the Southern Zahorie and the Small Carpathians (Male Karpaty). Written by the Slovak historian Anton Hrnko

Geiringer Family Genealogy

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*Some of the names already added on Geni -- Last update: March 2, 2011 - one of my direct linesMap: Gajary, Stupava, Malacky, Rohožník, Záhorská Ves, Vienna, Bratislava
This page has 1/4Under ConstructionResearch Groups & when a family link is found to someone on this site not in "Research Group ", the Surnames will be added under Names tab. Note: Groups linked to other families on this site, but not to each other "yet": Group A-Elyas, A1-Moses, 1-Jehuda, 1a-Ignaz, 1b-Nanette, 4-Jacob, 5-Philiph and *2nd Geiringer page prev. Group 2-Leopold, 10-Salomon & 15-Josef, 16-unkn=Max. "Research Groups" without links: 2b-Betty, 3-Jakob, 6-Franz, 6a-Julie, 7-Jacob, 14-Adolph, 17-Moses/Moriz, 17a-Ruben, 17b-Aron, 18-David, 19-?, Misc, Note. Red font = 2007 Bratislava archive info.doc (compliments of P.R. & C.S.) *see Stupava Jewish History 1700'sSlovak

GEIRINGER surname derives from the village Gaiery =Gajar now Gajary n. of Bratislava, Slovakia - see Misc. Group. Individuals also found inGajary (=Geyring in German) town book (page 42-43): Jewish history Stupava (Stampfen =prev. Pojony), Holíč, Malacky -Jewishgen, RohožníkSlovak, Záhorská VesSlovak SK, Czech Republic & Vienna. Note-Group has Modra, Sered, Parutcza=ParovceSlovak?, SK, Hungarian census & 7 obituaries, 3 in Italy ie; Samuel Geiringer (abt 1780 -) *there are 195 Geiringer's buried in Vienna, 140 Geiringer's on Yad Vashem, 47 Geiringer's on Döw, 18 Geiringer's on Terezin (Theresienstadt) con. camp db, 64 Geiringer's buried in Hungary, 24 Geiringer hits on 1891 Hungary ind./trade & Who's Who (Buda)Pest 1837-1845 & several on RadixIndex, 10 Geiringer's from 4 families on Prague registry Czech version (1850-1914) with Olomouc (near Šternberk) CZ, Stupava, Bratislava, SK & Vienna


Gempel (Gimpel, Gumpel) GEIRINGER + Leonor(a) (Lena) DEUTSCH  *group already added on Geni - Gempel Gimpel Gumpel Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 3x removed's wife's grandfather                            

Group-A1: previous Group-8 *some info. already added to
GENI - Moses David David Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 3x removed's wife's great aunt's husband
Group-1: & Group-1a linked via Pollaczek-Gomperz family *
some info. already added on GENI - Jehuda Lőb Leopold Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) great uncle's brother's wife's 3rd great grandfather

Jchuda Leopold Geiringer + Anna Schottig family tree - (posted), source: Magda (nee Pollaczek) BUKA Jehuda Lőb (Leopold) GEIRINGER Born: 1774 in Stupava, Slovakia. Died: in Stupava + Anna (Netty) SCHOTTIG or SCHOTTEK Born: 1780 in Stupava. Married: 1801*any relation to Babette (nee ?) Schottek ( - 3/24/1904 Bratislava) family on Wottitz page?

Group-1a: *
info. already added on GENI - Ignaz Leopold Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 2nd cousin 5x times removed's husband's nephew's wife's brother's wife's sister's husband's father
Group-2 *
some info. already added on GENI - Leopold Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 2nd great uncle's father's wife's sister's husband's father

*on - 2nd Geiringer page: Leopold GEIRINGER + Eleonore (Leny) KARY *son David married Theresia Oppenheimer, sister of Emma Oppenheim (4/6/1847 Bratislava - 4/9/1870 Vienna) & Samuel Siegmund (see Kary family) (1839 Stupava - 12/19/1899 Vienna) NFP, possible relative of Eleonore Kary

Group-2b: (18 names) *some info. already
added on GENI - Betty Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 4th great uncle's brother's wife's great nephew's wife's uncle's wife's grandmother
Group-3: *
some info. already added on GENI - Jakab Jakob Jacob Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 6 times removed's husband's great grandson's wife's great grandfather
Group-4: *
Eduard Eisenstädter below already on geni -
Group-5: *
some info. already added on GENI - Philip Philiph Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 4 times removed's husband's brother's wife's grandfather
Group-6: *
not sure if a name in this group has already been added on GENI -
Group-6a: *
names already on GENI - 2nd cousin 3x removed's wife's aunt's husband's brother's wife's 1st cousin once removed's husband's sister's husband's mother
Group-7: (10 names) *
not sure if a name in this group has already been added on GENI -

Group-10: *some info. already added on GENI - Salomon Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 3x removed's husband's niece's husband's sister's husband's grandfather

on *2nd Geiringer page: Salomon GEIRINGER Died: aft. 1840 + Sophie (Sofie) GRÜNFELD *grandson Alfred Geiringer married Ernestine (see Papanek family) on Adler page *any relation to Grünfeld page-1 or page-2 names on this site?

Group-14: *
not sure if any info. already added on GENI -

Group-15: merged with Group-18 on *2nd Geiringer page *some info. already added on GENI - Josef Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 3x removed's husband's great niece's husband's great grandfather

Josef GEIRINGER + Netty PINKAS *great-grandson Richard Geiringer married Auguste Gerstmann, daughter of Ignaz Nathan Gerstmann & Regina (see Friedmann family)

Group: 16: (?) GEIRINGER + Ernestine (?) ?? *Max below and some others already added on GENI - Max Maximilian Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 2nd great uncle's father's wife's sister's husband's brother

on *2nd Geiringer page: Max (Maximilian) GEIRINGER Born: Jul 1822 in Vienna. Died: May 5, 1866 in Vienna + Ernestine PESSL /PESSEL Married: Aug 4, 1851 *geni

Group-17: *
some information already added on GENI - Peter Rohel's 2nd cousin 3x removed's husband's 1st cousin once removed's wife's grandfather

Moses (Moriz) GEIRINGER Born: Sep 19, 1841 Died: Sep 14, 1908 + Hani BLAU Born: 1837 in Jablonec nad Nisou (Gablonz), Bohemia (Böhmen), Czech. Married: Jan 3, 1866 Died: Jun 15, 1904 in Vienna

Group-17a: *
not sure if any individuals have already been added on GENI -

Ruben Isach Roberto GEIRINGER /GAIRINGER in Italien Born: abt 1769 Died: Feb 1, 1818 in Trieste, Italy + Eva (see MORPURGO family) Born: abt. 1782 Married: Oct 9, 1801 Died: Feb 144, 1873 in Trieste -- "source Comunità ebraica in Triest books"

Group-17b: *
some names already added on GENI - Aron Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 3rd great aunt's 1st cousin once removed's wife's second cousin's wife's 1st cousin's husband's grandfather

Aron GEIRINGER Residence: Zalaegerszeg, Hungary + Kati ROSENTHAL Residence: Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Group-18: *
some info. already added on GENI - David Geiringer is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 3x removed's husband's 1st cousin's husband's sister's husband's sister's husband's brother's wife's brother's wife's father
1915 - Katharina (nee Kollek) Geiringer - obituary

David GEIRINGER Died: bef 1915 + Katharina KOLLEK Born: 1839 in Dambořice (Damboritz), south Moravia (Mähren), Czech. Died: Sep 17, 1915 in Vienna NFP *see 4 Kolek names on Dambořice memorial tombstone

Group-19: *names already added on GENI


Misc. Group: *Red =2007 Bratislava archives Names - *not sure if anyone 1 of the names have already been added on GENI
  1. Rabbi Sanvil GEIRINGER Born: bef 1705 Died: 1757 + (?) - Stupava Jewish History 1700'sSlovak
    1. Rabbi Isak (Izik) GEIRINGER Born: bef 1730 - "1751 Vorsteher Reb Izik Geiringer, Sohn des Reb Sanvil, und Schwiegervater des späteren Rabbiners der Gemeinde Stampfen, Namens Natan Arholz.. ..1754 Stampfener Isac Geiringer, auf den Konskriptionen zumeist die eigenhändigen Unterschriften: Isaac Geyringer, als Judenrichte .. "
      1. daughter GEIRINGER + Rabbi Natan ARHOLZ
    2. daughter GEIRINGER + Rafael (?) businessman "bis Ende 1756 ist jedoch zum ersten Mal Vorsteher Kaufmann Rafael Schwiegersohn des Reb. Sanvil Geiringer und Schwager des Reb Iczik Geiringer, früheren Gemeindevorstehers"
    Samuel GEIRINGER listed in 1754 Conscription + (?)
    1. Joseph GEIRINGER + (?)
      1. daughter GEIRINGER + Rafael (?) businessman
  2. Yakov GAIERINGER Born: bef 1715 of Gaiery, Merchant - see Malacky Jewish History: "in a document from 1735 Yakov Gaieringer one of two Jewish families, other being Mordechai Hershl of Viennese origin" Elisabeth (Betty?) GEIRINGER Born: abt 1782 in RohožníkSlovak, SK. Died: Sep 7, 1852 age 70 widow
  3. M. GEIRINGER Born: abt 1784 Died: Jun 22, 1849 age 65Rozalia GEIRINGER Born: abt 1787 Died: Jun 18 1852 age 65 widow
  4. Leopold GEIRINGER Born: abt 1789 Died: Nov 11, 1850 age 61
  5. Rafael GEIRINGER Born: 1790 Died: 1847 + Fanni (Fanny) (see FIGDOR family) Born: 1801 Died: Feb 15, 1873 in Vienna *geni
    1. Regina (Regine) GEIRINGER Born: abt 1826 in Stupava. Died: Feb 27 1900 in Vienna NFP + Julius (see SINGER family) Born: Jul 2, 1826 in Kittsee (Köpcsény, Kopčany), Austria. Married: 4/2/1850 in Kittsee. Died: Nov 27, 1890 in Vienna NFP
  6. Zili GEIRINGER Born: 1796, with son or relative Leopold (?) Born: Sep 29, 1844 Edel GEIRINGER Born: Jun 15, 1802 + Sami NEUMANN Born: Aug 1, 1807 Married: Jun 10, 1827 Died: Apr 1, 1843
  7. Jakob GEIRINGER Born: 1806
  8. Michael GEIRINGER + Ernestin FRISCH
    1. Hany (Hana?) GEIRINGER Born: 1825 married at age 28 + Mayer HINDELS Born: abt 1825 Married: Nov 23, 1854 at age 28. Father: Pinkas Hindels Mother: Schani Bauer
    Ignac GEIRINGER + Hany (Hana?) (?)
    1. Eduard GEIRINGER Born: Jun 1827 in Záhorská VesSlovak (south of Gajary), SK
  9. Nathan GEIRINGER + Josephy (Josepha?) (?)
    1. Zilly GEIRINGER Born: Dec 1, 1827 in Záhorská Ves + Emanuel WINTER Born: abt 1833 Married: Sep 6, 1857 at age 24 Father: Bernhard Winter Mother: Marie Deutsch
  10. Eduard GEIRINGER Born: abt 1817 from Medern, Hungary. Died: Oct 16, 1869 age 52 had a Musicschool in Vienna Stadt Nr. 642 = Rothenthurmstra ße Nr. 23 + Marie SCHLESINGER Born: abt 1806 in Bratislava. Buried: April 24, 1881 in Vienna age 75 (Totenbuch Nr. 3048) Leopold GEIRINGER
    1. Herman GEIRINGER Born: Nov 23, 1837
  11. Herman GEIRINGER Born: 1811 + Resy (Resi) FREIBERGER Born: 1809 Died: 1841 or 1842 *2nd wife: Marie NEUMANN Born: 1807 Married: 1847
    1. Adolf GEIRINGER Born: 1839 or 1841 *Nagykõrös, Hungury cem.-db has Adolf Geiringer (1839 - 1926) and Geiringer Adolfné Freiberger Julianna (1851-1910)
    2. Hany (Hana?) GEIRINGER Born: 1841 or 1842
  12. Herman GEIRINGER + Babett WEISS Married: Dec 6, 1891 in Stupava (belonging to /príslušný do Stupava) Father: Ignatz Weiss Mother: Fanni FranklCheila GEIRINGER + Joachim SCHMIDEK *there are 71 Schmidek's in Hungarian cem.-db
    1. Katarina SCHMIDEK Born: 1835 + (?)
    2. Ignac SCHMIDEK Born: Mar 29, 1836 son of Joachima Schmideka & Katarina Geiringer?
  13. Moritz Geiringer Born: 1818 + Kati (?) Born: 1821
    1. ?? not sure if here: Max GEIRINGER Born: 1852 adopted son
  14. Jakob Koby GEIRINGER Born: May 11, 1844 Residence: #14 Zollergasse, Vienna-7. Died: Sep 5, 1905 in Klosterneuburg near Vienna buried in Grabstelle Friedhof Baden *grave + Regine (see WELDLER family) Residence: #14 Zollergasse, Vienna-7, 1917 Budapest, Hungary. Died: aft 1918 *geni
  15. Simon GEIRINGER Born: Oct 8, 1852 (son of Eduard?)
  16. Samuel GEIRINGER Born: 1862 *Jewishgen 1869 Hungarian cencus has Samuel (1862 HolíčSlovak -) and Anna Geiringer (1804 HolíčSlovak -)
  17. Elsa GEIRINGER Born: 1900 in Vienna. Died: 1918 *possibly same as Else in Group-1
Note-Group1: any relation to names found on the Web, Italy: Stadtarchiv NürnbergGerman "B 13 Schoffenamt Bestellnummer 3028 (new number) - Betreff: Wechselfalschung des Samuel Geyringer (bzw. Johann Grusettner) aus Stampfen bei Pressburg (bzw. aus Triest), geschadigt wurde unter anderem die Firma Scheidlein & Comp. in Nurnberg 16.2.1801 - 5.3.1807" or Laura Geiringer diary reference of camp Fossoli 1944 in the book

"The Jews of Italy under Fascist and Nazi Rule"

OR in Vienna cemetery Rosalie Weiss - Geiringer (abt. 1831 - 8/27/1898) or Karoline Geiringer (abt 1848 - 1914) with Anton Koch (abt 1818 -1904), Susanna Koch (abt 1823 - 1900) or Helene Geiringer (abt 1851 - 1893) with Katharina Pokorny (abt 1792 - bur. 1880), Moriz Pollak (abt 1830 - bur. 1883) or Laura Geiringer (abt 1875 - 1904) with Josef Goldschmidt (1887 - 1938), Heinrich Goldschmiedt (1845 - 1914), Julie Goldschmiedt (1846 - 1909) or Hilda Geiringer (abt 1883 - 1928) with Irma Kohn (abt 1872 - 1934) OR on Else (Elsa) Geyring [Else Geiringer, Elisabeth Gyring] (1886–1970) zur Aufführung composer, Hans Geiringer OR Bedrich Geiringer in StupavaSlovak, SK or Johana Geiringer(ová) in Trnava, SK whose business was liqudated (1941-42) OR dr. David Geiringer 12 E. 97 on 1930-NY Social Blue Book OR gen. of Edith R. Geiringer (1918 PA - 2000 Reading, Berks Co, PA) + Leonard Paul Schilling, Sr. (1914 - 1976 Reading, Berks) OR Oszkár Geiringer in Dunajska Streda (Dunaszerdahely), Slovakia history: "Hungarian.. A gyógyszertár vezetését a Gerő özvegye által felhatalmazott Geiringer Oszkár gyógyszerész vette át. Gerő özvegyének halála után a gyógyszertár új tulajdonosa Grósz Jenő patikus lett, aki azonban nem volt magyar állampolgár, ezért az igazgatói posztot továbbra is Geiringer Oszkár töltötte be. Geiringer 1942-ig vezette a patika működését, amikor a háború következtében ismeretlen helyre deportálták..." OR Geiringer's Czech refugees to GB during WW-2 OR Geiringer's on Czech property confiscation list OR the 56 Geiringer's on Avotaynu holocaust page

Jewishgen Hungary/Slovakia db - 1848 Hungary census: Saz?/Sag? Geiringer (abt 1790 Modra /Modor, Slovakia - ) + Eszter (?) (abt 1794 Budapest -) "ch. Mina Geiringer (abt 1824 Modra -), Saly Geiringer (abt 1826 Modra -)" and Ignaz Geiringer (abt 1802 Modra, SK-) & wife? Hani Geiringer (abt 1824 Sered /Szered, SK -), Jakab Geiringer (abt 1843 Modra -), Leopold Geiringer (abt 1844 Modra -), Regina Geiringer (abt 1846 Modra -) and Jakab Geiringer (abt 1810 Modra, SK-) + Loty (?) (abt 1816 Mikulov /Nikolsburg, Moravia, Czech -) "ch. Mimi Geiringer (abt 1841 Modra -), Jeti Geiringer (abt 1843 Modra -), Theodor Geiringer (abt 1845 Modra -), Malvina Geiringer (abt 1846 Modra -)" and Jakab Geiringer (abt 1825 Makova? -) servant in house 105 Ujvidek, Bacs-Bodrog region of Leopold + Regina Klein and Emrich Geiringer (abt 1818 Modra -) OR 1869 Hungary cencus: Franziska (nee Geiringer) Guth (abt 1810 Parutcza /ParovceSlovak? part of Nitra, SK -) with Lipot Guth (abt 1840 -) and Regi (nee Geiringer) Muller (abt 1813 Parutcza =Parovce?, SK -) and Franciska Geiringer (abt 1817 -) + Fulop Stern (abt 1813 -) of Jarok (Uregh), SK OR Hungary births db: Regina Geiringer + Karl or Caroly A. Hirsch "ch. Emil Hirsch (7/15/1842 Budapest -), Bella Hirsch (3/26/1848 Budapest -)" and Simon Geiringer + Therese Weiss "ch. Samuel Gairinger (9/22/1861 Budapest -) *1st born Ignaz Geiringer (12/4/1864 Budapest -), ?Charlotte Gairinger (5/12/1863 Budapest -)" {daughter of Simon Weisz & Regina (?)} and Ignatz Geuringer (10/27/1851 Budapest -) son of A. & Netti Berger} OR Jews of Szombathely 1944 Fani Geiringer "ch. Imre Weisz (1884 Erzsébet 8 (Erzsebet kiralyne), Csorna, Hungary - ) OR Hungarian Jewish KMSZ (Military Forced Laborer) list: Sandor Geiringer (11/13/1911 Budapest VIII - ) son of Ilona Stern and Istvan Geiringer (6/18/1920 Budapest V - ) son of Erzsebet SchwartzFamilysearch LDS - Hungary Funeral Notices (1840-1990) - G - Gesce = image #1 (bottom of page enter # below and hit Go)

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