Alsups in the News

Marin Alsop featured on the cover of Gramophone

Alsop family member, Marin Alsop was recently featured on the cover of Gramophone magazine. Marin is part of the Thomas Hill Allsop family group.

Marin is hailed as one the of world's great music conductors. She became the first woman to conduct a major American orchestra when she was appointed music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in 2007. In 2005, she won the MacArthur "genius award", the first and only conductor ever to receive this most prestigious honor. In 2003 she was the first artist to be named "Artist of the Year" by Gramophone, the classical music industry magazine. She has been music director of the award winning Cabrillo Music Festival in Santa Cruz for the past 17 years. Her radio program, Marin Alsop on Music can be heard on National Public Radio.

Marin was featured on the cover of the August, 2009 issue of Gramophone for her efforts to promote the Bernstein Project, a series of events over nine months to promote the works of her mentor, Leonard Bernstein.

You can learn more about Marin on her website or on

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DNA in the News

National Genographic Project Airs The Human Family Tree

The National Geographic magazine aired an update to the National Genographic Project called The Human Family Tree on August 30, 2009.

Geneticist Spencer Wells and his team from the Genographic Project trace the human journey from our origins in the heart of Africa. Cutting edge science, coupled with a cast of New Yorkers, each with their own unique genetic history, are used to trace these amazing journeys.

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If you missed the program, you can order the DVD form the National Geographic web site.

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