Reuben Clatterbuck's Children
      Reuben Clatterbuck's Children

      There are nine known children of Reuben Clatterbuck and Martha "Patsy" Griffin. In Martha's widow's pension hearing in 1846 she says that she had 10 children of whom three were dead. I have always found it facinating that there is such a large span between the children. Particulary between Mary Elizabeth and Nancy Dorton.

      Mary Elizabeth Clatterbuck Standley
      b. abt 1785 d. before Feb 1827

      Nancy Clatterbuck Dorton
      b. 1797 d. March 18, 1857

      Caroline Clatterbuck Griffin
      b. between 1795-1800 d. bef 1838

      John C. Clatterbuck
      b. Sept 16, 1800 d. March 2, 1868

      Leroy Clatterbuck
      b.1805 d. Oct 24, 1864

      James Clatterbuck
      b. abt. 1806 d. between 1846 and 1850

      Micagor Cageby Clatterbuck

      b. April 1, 1801 d. Jan 29, 1869

      Richard Clatterbuck

      b. Feb. 3, 1810 d. March 12, 1873

      William Getter Clatterbuck
      b. Sept 23, 1812 d. July 23, 1874