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Fleet Family Tree

Including spelling variations of the FLEET surname: FFLEET, FFLEETE, FLEETE, FLETE, FLETT, FLET, de FLET, ate FLETE, de FLETA, le FLEET, del FLETE, de FLOETA, FLEOT, FLEOTA, le FLEOTA, FLEOTIG and de la FLOTTE.

Soundex Coding Guide for all surname above is F430.

Welcome! I am Eric Cameron Fleet. I have been researching Fleet Family Tree for over ten years. Fleet Family Tree is the world largest Fleet Family information of the genealogy pages on the web. Included on this page is genealogical data for over 900 different surnames, more than 2,020 Fleets, 70 Fleetes, 21 de Fletes and 10 de la Flottes surnames from present to late 9th century. I have Fleet Family information in Australia, Canada, England, France, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and United States. You may find a link to your generation, because there is no other Fleet Family Registry! See the letters about this marvelous page.

The earliest evidence of the Fleet surname yet found concerns one Henri de la Flotte (before 1080 to after 1120). He was the father of Arnaud de la Flotte (Seigneur Ravel), an Archibishop of Embrun in Flotte, Charente-Maritime or Auvergne, France at the end of late 9th century.

The latest royal line to the Fleet Family is King Edward III, his earliest ancestor is to William The Conqueror. King Edward III is the ancestor of Deborah Scott, wife of William Fleete (1560 to 1638) in Chartham, Kent, England.

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