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"Remembering those who have gone on before"
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The Martin & Zelda Capehart Genealogy Website
Martin & Zelda Capehart Genealogy Website
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L to R: My mother, father, great grandma Bash/Allen, grandpa Morgan, grandpa Capehart & in center, grandma Morgan

The information on this website has been compiled from many sources.  We have tried to document and verify all information as much as possible and will continue to do so.  If you find an error or have additional information please contact us.
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Updated August 4, 2018
Welcome --
My ancestors -- English, French, German, Irish, Scottish, Swiss, Welsh, Native America
to the Martin E. & Zelda Capehart genealogy website.

A website devoted to Martin's ancestors
and the descendants of --

» John & Rachel (Ott) Kephart/Capehart
(German & Swiss Ancestry)

» Thomas & Johanna (Jackson) Morgan
(Welsh Ancestry)

» Thomas & Catherine (Copes) Burton
(English ? & Native American Ancestry)

» Henry & Mary (Hager) Bersch/Bash
(German Ancestry)
In Loving Memory of My Husband, Rev. Martin Ellis Capehart
July 13, 1934 -- March 31, 2010