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Unless otherwise indicated probably died in or was a resident of Hollis, OK. Some records give cause of death and can be supplied upon request from

Records are presented as follows: Name of deceased , (page number in record), age, birth date, death date, date of funeral, burial location and other information. Please note: Every item of information is not recorded on the original record. Page 140 is blank.

Striving for accuracy, however error is possible in reading originals, in transcription, in building this page. Verify and compare the information to other records, cemetery gravestones or obituaries. Pages 149 and 150 not used.

HARRIS Rosie 38 28yr 8mo 4da 30 Jul 1904 Fort Worth, TX 24 March 1933 25 Mar 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Howard (no surname) Cora Black Black. Informant: Loyd Harris, husband, Rt 3, Hollis, OK
HARRISON Jessie 87 27yr 1907 16 Aug 1934 Black. Wife & Informant: Lena Harrison, Hollis, OK
HARVICK Marvin Lonnie 04 1 Mar 1930 Eldorado, OK 21 Nov 1934 22 Nov 1934 Eldorado Cemetery Elzy Harvick, b.Eldorado, OK Christine Gresham, b. TX Informant: Elsy Harvick, Eldorado, OK
HAWKINS Henry 1 47yr 13 Jul 1932 18 Jul 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, HOllis, OK Black.
HAYS Joyce Mary 103 28da 30 Dec 1934 Hollis, OK 28 Jan 1935 28 Jan 1935 Fairmont Cemetery Robt. Hays, b.Brownwood, TX Mae West, b. Childress, TX Informant: Robt Hays, Hollis, OK
HENRY Joseph 54 76 2mo 27da 22 Jul 1857 19 Oct 1933 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK Nancy Sutton, b. MO Informants: R. J. & W. V. Henry, of Gould
HIETT Jackie Wayne 17 1mo 15da 13 Oct 1932 Harmon County, OK 28 Nov 1932 28 Nov 1932 Independence Cemetery R. K. Hiett, b. Cook County, TX Bertha Swafford, b. Tarrent County, TX Informant: R. K. Hiett, Vinson, OK
HIGH Luella 88 68yr 6mo 21 da 29 Jan 1866 Webster County, MS 20 Aug 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Albert Herring, SC Belle Meredith, b. Webster County, MS Informant: Jesse Kelley, Hollis, OK
HIGHTOWER Chas. Henry 114 69yr 10mo 25da 18 June 1865 AR 12 May 1935 13 May 1935 Dryden Cemetery John Hightower, b. TN Nancy J. O'Neal, b. NC Wife: Ruth A. Informant: J. C. Hightower, Hollis, OK
HILL James Oliver 22 87yr 10mo 13da 21 Feb 1865 Henderson County, TN 3 Jan 1933 4 Jan 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Campbell Hill, b. NC Jane Johnson, b. TN Informant: Mrs. J. O. Hill, Hollis
HILL Mina, Mrs. 49 19 Jul 1933 Gould, OK 19 Jul 1933 Gould Cemetery, Gould, OK F. M. Hunter, b. SC Mary Nelson, b. TN Informant: H. G. Hill (husband), Gould, OK
HILL unnamed male 55 14 Nov 1933 14 Nov 1933 4:30pm Arlie, TX cemetery Ernest Hill, b. Sherman, TX May Overall, b. Jackson County, OK Informant: S. A. Overall, Hollis.
HOBBS Dortha Bell 26 8yr 2mo 26da 23 Oct 1904 Crosby County, TX 19 Jan 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK J. A. Hobbs, b. VA Stella Fletcher, b. MO Informant: J. A. Hobbs, Hollis, OK
HOLLAND Sarah A. 48 81yr 11mo 24da 22 June 1851 Georgia 21 June 1933 Collinsworth County, TX Dodsonville, TX Husband: J. M. Holland, deceased. Informant: R. J. Holland
HOLLER T. J. 124 76yr 2da 15 Sept 1859 Bloomington, IN 17 Sept 1935 18 Sept 1935 Eldorado Cemetery, Eldorado, OK Andrew J. Hollar
HULSE W. S. 138 70yr 3mo 4da 5 July 1866 Bates County, MO 9 Oct 1936 Littlefield, TX 11 Oct 1936 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Daniel Hulse, b. KY Catherine Clowd, b. KY Informant: Mrs. H. G. Estes
JEFFRIES Claude, Jr. 107 6mo Aug 1934 Jackson County, OK 23 Feb 1935 23 Feb 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Claud Jefferies, b. Hugo, OK LaJean, b. Lockheart, TX Black. Informant: Claude Jefferies.
JOHNSON Wil 90 & lp 53yr 10mo 19da 15 Nov 1880 Coleman, GA 4 Oct 1934 4 Oct 1934 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Will Johnson Martha Black. Informant: Hennrietta Johnson, Hollis, OK
JONES Charles Bryant 28 51yr 5mo 2da 26 Aug 1891 Decatur County, TN 28 Jan 1933 29 Jan 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Geo. H. Jones, b. TN Elizabeth Austin, b. TN Informant: Mrs. Jones, Hollis, OK
JONES Newt J. 140 71yr 8mo 9 Jul 1865 Montgomery, AL 9 Mar 1937 10 Mar 1937 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Informant: Mrs. N. J. Jones, Hollis, OK
JONES Winfield Scott 20 13 Dec 1889 TN 1 Dec 1932 2 Dec 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
KELMER Melinda Adkinson 71 26 Dec 1848 Jo Davis County, IL 28 Dec 1932 30 Dec 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Goodwin Informant: W. R. Kilmer, Hollis, OK
KENMORE unnamed female 16 19 Nov 1932 19 Nov 1932 Bethel Cemetery F. H. Kenmore, b. Fayettevelle, AR Faye Conner, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: W. E. Conner
KENT Mattie 19 31yr 2mo 11da 18 Sept 1901 Hunt County, TX 29 Nov 1932 30 Nov 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Albert White, b. LA Louise Husband and Informant: Harold Kent, Hollis, OK
KIRBY Louise 86 7mo 25da 13 Dec 1934! [1933], Hollis, OK 8 Aug 1934 8 Aug 1934 Bethel Cemetery Jack Kirby, b. Denton County, TX Annie Bell Jordan, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: Jack Kirby
LACROSSE Ardennie, Mrs. 103 27 June 1911 Macedonia 27 Jan 1935, Mangum, OK 31 Jan 1935 Cristo Nasiff, b. Macedonia Martha Drew, b. OK Informant: Cristo Nasiff
LANGFORD W. M. 113 81yr 1da 8 May 1854 AL 9 May 1935 9 May 1935 Bethel Cemetery Informant: C. Moreland
LAUGHLIN Andrew Jackson 133 78yr 4mo 7da 15 Dec 1857 Milam County, TX 24 Apr 1936 26 Apr 1936 Sentinel, OK James M. Laughlin, b. Morgan County, AL Mary Green Ross, b. DeSoto County, MS Informant: Mrs. H. E. Wilson, Hollis, OK
LEATHERS John 42 4yr 11mo26da 1 May 1928 Hollis, OK 27 Apr 1933 30 Apr 1933 Jack Leathers, b. Franklin County, TX Gladys Fails, b. Soper, OK Informant: W. L. Leathers, Hollis, OK
LEWIS John William 44 11yr 6mo 13da 7 Oct 1921 Harmon County, OK 20 May 1933 21 May 1933 Dryden Cemetery J. W. Lewis, Fannin County, TX Dora Ritchey, b. Fannin County, TX Informant: J. W. Lewis, Arlie, TX
LEWIS Nora Neeley 50 7da 26 Aug 1933 Arlie, TX 2 Sept 1933 Arlie, TX 2 Sept 1933 Arlie, TX James H. Lewis, b. Wise County, TX Nora Scivally, b. Montague County, TX Informant: James H. Lewis, Arlie, TX
LILLY Ellen, Mrs. 89 75yr 1mo 15da 1 Aug 1859 LA 16 Sept 1934 17 Sept 1934 Antioch, Jackson County, OK John Wooten, b. LA
LOBAUGH Ila Fern 45 9mo 1da 13 Aug 1932 Harmon County, OK 24 May 1933 25 May 1933 Marom Lobaugh, b. Garvin County, OK Essie Card, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: L. L. Card, Hollis, OK
McCARTY Wade, Jr. 106 8da 14 Feb 1935 Hollis, OK 22 Feb 1935 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Wade McCarty, b. Lamar County, TX Juanita Adams, b. Hunt County, TX Black. Informant: Wade McCarty, Hollis, OK
McCLENDON 72 1yr 10mo 24da 13 May 1932 Harmon County, OK 7 Apr 1934 8 Apr 1934 Dryden Cemetery M. V. McClendon, b. AR Delta C. Cooper, b. TX Informant: M. V. McClendon, Hollis, OK
McCUTCHEON Minnie Lee 41 55yr 5mo 24da 3 Nov 1877 Audobon, Wise County, TX 27 Apr 1933 27 Apr 1933 Cemetery #2, Hollis, OK F. S. Winter, b. MS Lou Givens Husband: John R. McCutcheon, Hollis, OK
McGEE male baby 108 26 Feb 1935 26 Feb 1935 Bethel Cemetery Marshall L. McGee, b. Bowie County, TX Lola May Sheriff, b. Harman County, OK Informant: M. L. McGee, Hollis, OK
McHAM Lodena Vondell 101 23da 17 Dec 1934 Hollis, OK 9 Jan 1935 10 Jan 1935 A. B. McHam, b. Montague County, TX Vera Thrash, Olustee, OK Informant: A. B. McHam
McKENLEY Jennie Rebecca 36 58yr 1mo 5da 31 Jan 1835! [1875] Hill County, TX 5 Mar 1933 6 Mar 1933 Terral, OK J. P. Williams, b. AL Lela Nettles, b. AL Husband & Informant: R. H. McKenley
McLAUGHLIN baby 23 5 Jan 1933 5 Jan 1933 6 Jan 1933 Bethel Cemetery Earl McLaughlin, b. Eldorado, OK Narabelle Allcarn ?, b. Collin County, TX
MADDIN Wm. Henry 118 80yr 8mo 4da 5 Oct 1854 MO 7 June 1935 Vinson, OK 9 June 1935 Wildcat Cemetery, Vinson, OK Informant: Mrs. Nellie Phelps, Vinson, OK
MARSHALL Laura Belle Hacker 39 & lp 62yr 1mo 13da 21 Feb 1871 Nodaway County, MO 3 Apr 1933 4 Apr 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK
MERIDICH Lewis 7 34yr 17da 29 Jul 1898 Carter County, OK 16! Aug 1932 12! Aug 1932 Madge Cemetery, Harmon County, OK Jim Meridich, b. Cass County, TX Matilda Spencer, b. Cook County, TX Wife: Myrtle Jordan
MITCHELL John Wesley 74 52yr 8mo 13da 10 Aug 1881 Benton County, AR 23 Apr 1934 23 Apr 1934 McKnight Cemetery John Alexander Mitchell, b. Blairsville, GA Margaret Martin, b. Blairsville, GA
MOOTS infant female 59 5 Jan 1934 5 Jan 1934 Dryden Cemetery Alfred Moots, b. Wise County, TX Viola Green, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: Oscar Green
MOLLOY Martha Jane 9 85yr 4mo 23da 8 Apr 1847 Van Buren County, TN 1 Sep 1932 1 Sept 1932 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Thomas Russell, b. Van Buren County, TN Dyer, b. TN Informant: Miss Mattie Malloy, Hollis, OK
MORRIS Lloyd 67 28 Feb 1932 Ringling, OK 3 Mar 1934 Dryden Cemetery L. R. Morris, b. OK Iva Wheeler, b. AR Informant: W. L. Armstrong, Rt. 2 Hollis, OK
NANCE Paul Chester 73 59yr 2mo 4da 14 Feb 1875 Magnolia, AR 18 Apr 1934 19 Apr 1934 Dryden Cemetery James L. Nance, b. Opelika, AL Elizabeth Mullins, b. Camden, AR Informant: Leon Nance, Hollis, OK
NASH Edna Marlyne 40 16 Oct 1932 Hollis, OK 25 Apr 1933 25 Apr 1933 Fairmont Cemetery, Hollis, OK Hoyt Nash, b. Hempstead County, AR Verna Lesly, b. Harmon County, OK Informant: Hoyt Nash

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