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John Wesley Shigley1 (M)
b. 21 December 1846, d. 16 June 1923
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     John was born at Greene Co., Ohio, on 21 December 1846. He was the son of Joseph Shigley and Anna Marie Prugh. He married Virginia Joanna Rakestraw at Greene Co., Ohio, on 9 September 1869. John Wesley Shigley was land contract in October 1890 at Monroe Co., Indiana; Article from the Friday, Oct. 17, 1890 Bloomington, Indiana "Telephone"

"John Shigley has sold his farm to Wm. McQune and will return to Ohio."

And the from a Nov. 7, 1890 article from the same paper:

"Wm. Shigley and daughters expect to start of Ohio Nov. 6th"

There is no William Shigley, this surely must be John Wesley Shigley who after the death of his wife, moved back to Ohio with his daughter, Gertrude and Minnie. J.W. Shigley's son, Wesley Omer stayed in Indiana.
John died on 16 June 1923 at Greene Co., Ohio, at age 76. His body was interred in June 1923 at Jamestown, Greene Co., Ohio, at Jamestown Cemetery.


Children of John Wesley Shigley and Virginia Joanna Rakestraw
Wesley Omer Shigley+ b. 22 Jul 1870, d. 5 Jan 1954
Gertrude Shigley+ b. 15 Aug 1871, d. 27 Sep 1951
Minnie Rebecca Shigley+ b. 25 Dec 1878, d. 8 Dec 1966


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Jonathan Shigley (M)
b. circa 1835
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     He married an unknown person at Iowa. Jonathan was born at Ohio circa 1835. He was the son of Robert B. Shigley and Nancy Flood. Jonathan Shigley was migration in 1881 at Union Co., Iowa; Moved to Union Co., Iowa in 1881.


Children of Jonathan Shigley
George Shigley b. c 1858
Samuel Lincoln Shigley+ b. 1860
Barbara Shigley b. c 1861
John F. Shigley b. 1863
Zepha Shigley b. a 1864

Joseph Shigley (M)
b. 16 December 1819, d. 13 February 1890
Pop-up Pedigree

     "History of Greene Co., Ohio - Its People, Industries and Institutions Vol II" by M.A. Broadstone, 1918. p 584. "Joseph Shigley was born on a farm in Ross Township 1/2 mile southeast of his son's (Elmer) farm on 9/12/1820 (actually 16 Dec 1819). Son of George and Olivet (Franklin) Shigley, natives of Virginia. Joseph marrried Anna Prugh in 1844, then settles on the 250 acre farm where his son now lives. The farm was later expanded to 600 acres. Retired in 1881, divided up the land amongst his children and moved into Jamestown. Anna died 8/1884. He then married Mrs. Mary Atkinson who died in 1893. He died 11/1890. Member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Jamestown. Republican. Served as Township Trustee and Township Assessor. 7 Children: 1. John W. Living retired with his children in Silver Creek Township 2. Henry F. Died at home in Ross Township in 1878, 3 years after his marriage. 3. David C. Retired farmer in Jamestown. 4. Viola C. A widow now living in Jamestown. M. 1)S.S. Collett m. 2)Frank Kelly. 5. Ella Now living in Washington Court House, OH. Widow of Jasper L. Chapman. 6. Elmer Nelson 7. Mattie Died when 16. Joseph Shigley built a brick farmhouse in 1854, where Elmer Nelson was born and resided at the time of the book's publishing."

"Portrait and Biographical Album of Greene and Clark Counties, Ohio" 1890, p. 647-648. Joseph Shigley. The results of a steady career of industry and frugal living are amply illustrated in the person of Mr. Shigley, who spent the greater part of his life in farming pursuits, but who is now retired from active labor, and enjoying the fruits of his toil at a pleasant home in Jamestown, Greene County. He removed to the city in 1882, from Ross Township, where he had spent his entire life up to that time. He was born there September 19, 1821, and there spent the active years of his life, his labors being crowned with sucess. He was at one time the owner of more than 600 acres of land, the most of which he sold and gave to his children in 1882. In addition to general farming he made a specialty of livestock, mostly swine, of which he raised large numbers, and which yielded him handsome profits. Mr. Shigley acquired his early education in the district schools of his native township, and when a boy became familiar with the various pursuits of farm life. He chose this as his life vocation, and when ready to establish a home of his own, was wedded, in 1844, to Miss Anna Prugh. This lady was born and reared in Preble County, this State, and later prior to marriage, was for some time a resident of Montgomery County. She became the mother of seven children, and departed this life at her home in Jamestown, in August, 1886, at the age of sixty years. The second child of this marriage, a son, Henry F., was married, and died at his home in Ross Township, April 11, 1878; Mattie C. died when an interesting maiden of sixteen years; John W. married Miss Virginia Rakestraw; David C. took to wife Miss Eliza Short; Viola C. became the wife of S.C. Collett; Luella M. married Jasper L. Chapman; Elmer married Miss Minnie Paulin. With one exception they are all residents of Greene County. John lives in Monroe County, Ind. In 1887 Mr. Shigley contracted a second marriage with Mrs. Mary B. Atkinson, a native of Franklin County, Vt. She was born April 27, 1827, and came to Greene County with her parents, Seth and Nancy (Blake) Phillips, when a child of five years. The Phillips family settled first in Union County, where they lived for a number of years, and where the mother died at the early age of twenty-seven. Although so young she had already given birth to ten children. Mr. Phillips survived his wife very many years, living to the advanced age of eighty-one, and spending his last years in Licking County, this State. He traced his ancestry to England. To Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson there was born a family of six children, one of whom, Charles F., died at the age of five years. The survivors are recorded as follows: John O. married Miss Alice Wise, and lives on a farm in Clark County, this State; Ann M. is the wife of Charles B. Pennington, a retired farmer, and living in Jamestown; Laura A. is the wife of M.O. Larkins, and they live on a farm in Greene County; Seth M. is unmarried, occupies himself as a traveling salesman for a watch company, and makes his headquarters in Chicago, Ill; Guinn S. is the wife of James Armstrong, who has a wholesale millinery house in Ft. Wayne, Ind. The subject of this notice is the son of George and Olive (Franklin) Shigley, who were natives of Pennsylvania, and the father of German ancestry. The mother was of English descent, and a descendant of the family to which the famous philosopher, Benjamin Franklin, belonged. Mr. Shigley came to Ross County, this State, in 1805, where he was married. In 1812 he removed to Greene County, and settled on a tract of new land in Ross Township, from which he improved a farm. Later he enlisted in the War of 1812, participating in many of its important battles. After leaving the army he settled down upon his farm, and lived to be seventy years old. His wife died at the age of sixty-five. They were most excellent people, active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and sought to do good at every opportunity. They were devoted to their children, and for their sakes endured toil and hardships in order that they might escape much of wich they themselves were obliged to contend with. Their names are held in loving remembrance by their children, and to this day tears come into the eyes of Mr. Shigley as he remembers the sacrifices which those loving parents endured, and their uniform kindness to him from the time of his remembrance until they passed away. Following in the footsteps of his honored parents, Mr. Shigley has for many long years been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, to which his estimable wife also belongs. They are both warmly interested in the sucess of the temperance movement, and strong advocates of prohibition. Their aim in life has been to perform kind acts whenever they had opportunity, and to do the most good to the greatest number around them. In view of this it is hardly necessary to state that they have hosts of friends who are watching them with kindly solicitude as they travel down the sunset hill of life, and who will hold their names in loving remembrance after they have departed hence. Joseph was born at Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio, on 16 December 1819. He was the son of George Shigley and Olivet Franklin. He married Anna Marie Prugh at Montgomery Co., Ohio, on 7 October 1845. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census at Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1860 Census at Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census at Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio. He married Mary B. Phillips in 1887. Joseph died on 13 February 1890 at Greene Co., Ohio, at age 70. His body was interred in February 1890 at Jamestown, Greene Co., Ohio, at Jamestown Cemetery.


Children of Joseph Shigley and Anna Marie Prugh
John Wesley Shigley+ b. 21 Dec 1846, d. 16 Jun 1923
Henry Franklin Shigley+ b. 26 Dec 1849, d. 11 Apr 1878
David Clayton Shigley+ b. 19 Nov 1851
Viola Cassell Shigley+ b. 21 Apr 1855, d. 1933
Louella May Shigley+ b. 11 Oct 1857, d. 4 Jul 1948
Elmer Nelson Shigley b. 25 Nov 1861, d. 24 Jan 1934
Mattie E. Shigley b. 11 May 1866, d. 13 Feb 1881

Joseph Shigley (M)
b. 3 August 1905
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph was born on 3 August 1905. He was the son of Samuel Ralph Shigley and Mary Margaret Glendenning.


Joseph Edward Shigley (M)
b. 14 October 1827, d. 1911
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph Edward Shigley was born on 14 October 1827 at Rossville, Clinton Co., Indiana. He was the son of Jacob R. Shigley and Marcy Lewis. Joseph Edward Shigley married Harriet Elizabeth Rhyan in 1851. Joseph Edward Shigley was census 1900 in 1900 at Clay Twp., Carroll Co., Indiana; In the 1900 census for Clay Twp., Carroll Co., Indiana the following family is found:

Joseph Shigley, age 72;
Harriet E. Shigley,wife, age 68;
Larnoriad Shigley, daughter, age 48.
He died in 1911.


Children of Joseph Edward Shigley and Harriet Elizabeth Rhyan
Laura Shigley
Lenora Shigley b. 23 May 1852, d. 23 Jun 1936
George F. Shigley+ b. Oct 1853
Jacob Harvey Shigley+ b. 26 Dec 1858, d. 5 Mar 1930
Jerome Calvin Shigley b. 28 Dec 1867, d. 9 Aug 1953

Joseph Edward Shigley Sr. (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph Edward Shigley Sr. was the son of Raymond Shigley Sr. and Mabel Goochenour. Joseph Edward Shigley Sr. married Opal Ruth Rich.


Joseph Foster Shigley (M)
b. 2 November 1846
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph was born at Ohio on 2 November 1846. He was the son of Samuel Shigley and Rebecca Foster.

Joseph Harry Shigley (M)
b. May 1886, d. 25 June 1958
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph Harry Shigley was born in May 1886. He was the son of Jacob Harvey Shigley and Martha Warwick Lynch. Joseph Harry Shigley married Nellie Cartwright. Joseph Harry Shigley died on 25 June 1958 at Darke Co., Ohio, at age 72.


Children of Joseph Harry Shigley and Nellie Cartwright
John Jacob Shigley+
Ruth C. Shigley

Joseph J. Shigley (M)
b. circa 1860
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph was born at Ohio circa 1860. He was the son of Samuel Meddock Shigley and Mary C. Walmsley.

Joseph Lincoln Shigley (M)
b. 14 April 1864, d. 22 October 1941
Pop-up Pedigree

     Joseph was born at Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, on 14 April 1864. He was the son of James Lincoln Shigley and Peninah Jane Kincaid. He married Alice Brown in 1896. He married Minnie Egleston on 10 June 1905. Joseph died on 22 October 1941 at age 77.

Child of Joseph Lincoln Shigley and Alice Brown
Marian Shigley b. 1902

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