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The Richardson Family

Jerry Richardson was born in the state of Louisiana, presumably a slave. We do not have many family stories about Jerry, that I am aware of. He was listed on the 1870 census report with his wife Louisa, and their children. He was documented as a registered voter on the 1874 List of Registered Voters for Tangipahoa Parish, LA, along with his son-in-law, Douglas Harrison.

On the 1880 US Census, Jerry had a new wife, Elizabeth. By the 1900 census, he was a widower living with daughter Lucy and her family.

At this time, I do not have any hard evidence on whom his siblings may have been, although there are several people listed on the census who could have been his brothers. This assumption is based on age, race and household proximity, only.

Jerry Richardson (1825-circa 1900's)

  1. married 1st wife Louisa (1835-?)
    1. Charlotte Richardson (1850-?)
    2. Lucy Richardson (1852-?)married Douglas Harrison (1850-?) (Follow Douglas Harrison link for descendants).
    3. Isabella "Bell" Richardson (1856-?) married: 1st husband Mr. Austin, 2nd husband Mr. Jefferson (Follow link for descendants).
    4. Dora Richardson (1858-?)
    5. Benjamin Richardson (1860-?)
    6. Anna Richardson(1864-?)
  2. married 2nd Wife Elizabeth (1820-?)
    1. Sarah Richardson(1862-?) Unsure if Sarah and Anna are the same person. Sarah was not on the 1870 census, but appears on the 1880 census with a two year age discrepancy. Jerry has a two year discrepancy, also.

Grandchildren. On the 1880 census, two of Jerry's grandchildren were enumerated with him. I do not know whose children they actually are. However, their names were: Mary (May?) Harrison, (1875-?) and Maggie Harrison (1873-?). I do not believe that they were Lucy's (Harrison) children.