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Alton (Derbyshire)

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George Alton
bapt. 25Dec1842 in Heage, DBY, d. 27Feb1912
Occupation: Beerhouse Keeper (bef. 1881-)
  1. Wife: Mary Kirkland
    Married: 06Jan1868 in Duffield, DBY

    1. William Alton
    2. Sarah Alton
    3. John Alton (Jack)
    4. Ellen Alton (Nellie)
    5. Francis Alton (Frank)
    6. Jane Alton (Jenny)
    7. Hannah Alton
    8. Thomas Alton
    9. Henry Alton (Harry)
    10. Elizabeth Alton (Lizzie)
George Alton
bapt. 20Jan1856 in Heage, DBY, d. 28Jan1917
  1. Wife: Mary Elizabeth Poundall
    Married: 23Mar1892 in Denby, Derby

    1. Thomas Alton
    2. Mary Elizabeth Alton
    3. Joseph J Alton
    4. Ellen M Alton
    5. Sarah R Alton
    6. Susanna F Alton
George Alton
b. abt. 1858 in Belper, DBY,
Captain George Alder Alton
b. 22Nov1850 in Gibraltar, d. 20Mar1918 in Accident Hospital. Wyndham st, Barry Dock, Glamorgan
Occupation: master or mate;for cert.13763 at Bidayaya (1871-); master or mate;at Brittania (1872-1873); master or mate;for cert.29476 at Golden Horn (1874-1878); master;for cert.78415 at Averill (1879-); master or mate;for cert.87570/87510 at Brentford City (1880-); captain
  1. Wife: Esther Rogers (Tetty)
    Married: 18Jun1878 in parish church, Riddings, DBY

    1. Annie Amelia Alton
    2. Louie Rogers Alton
George Baltic Alton
b. 16Sep1854, d. 25Nov1929
Occupation: RN fleet paymaster
Hannah Alton
bapt. 04Feb1753 in Denby, Derby,
Hannah Alton
bapt. 15Mar1795, d. 15Jan1809
Hannah Alton
bapt. 01Jun1817 in Duffield, Derby,
Hannah Alton
bapt. 24Oct1819 in South Wingfield, Derby,
Hannah Alton
bapt. 03Sep1826 in Whitchurch, Hereford,
  1. Husband: William Godfrey Kent
    Married: 14Mar1848 in Wirksworth, DBY
Hannah Alton
b. 05May1881 in Hartsney, DBY,
  1. Husband: Joe Radford

    1. Joe Radford
Hannah Elizabeth Alton
bapt. 28Feb1847 in Heage, Derby,
Hannah Maria Alton
b. 24Oct1845, d. 09May1896 in Belper
Harriet Alton
b. 08Dec1863, d. 06Jun1885
Harriet Hepworth Alton
bapt. 03Oct1813 in Duffield, Derby, d. 10Jan1863
  1. Husband: George Woolley
    Married: 14Sep1832 in Wirksworth, DBY

    1. Hannah Woolley
Harriet Marianne Alton
b. 20Mar1853 in Portsea, Hampshire,
  1. Husband: William Wishart

    1. Margaret R Wishart
Henry Alton
bapt. 12Jun1803 in Denby, Derby,
Henry Alton (Harry)
b. 11May1885,
Occupation: innkeeper
  1. Wife: Annie Gregory

    1. George Alton
    2. Betty Alton
    3. Tom Alton
Hepworth Staley Alton
b. abt. 1873 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, d. 25Sep1912
Hepworth Tropolet Alton (Uncle Heppy)
b. 06Sep1859 in Ramsgate,Kent, d. 18Nov1903 in Langham-hotel, Langham-place, Middlesex
Occupation: brewers clerk at Castle Donington, LEI (abt. 1881-)
  1. Wife: Helen Clarke
    Married: Q3 1884 in London City
Isabella Amelia Alton
b. 07Dec1852 in Gibraltar, d. 18Sep1853 in Gibraltar
James Alton
bapt. 28Mar1762 in Denby, Derby,
James Alton
bapt. 31Mar1843 in South Wingfield, Derby,
  1. Wife: Thirza Slater
    Married: 11Jun1862 in Wessington, Derby
Jane Alton
bapt. 29Sep1690 in Duffield, DBY,
  1. Husband: James Ashton
    Married: 10May1715 in Saint Oswald, Ashbourne, Derby
Jane Alton (Jenny)
b. 16Jul1878,
  1. Husband: Unk P2389 Bilbie
Jayne Alton
John Alton of Shottle
  1. Wife: Katherine

    1. William Alton of Shottle
    2. Anthony Alton of Headge
    3. Samuel Alton
John Alton of Shottle
bapt. 25Mar1617 in Wirksworth, DBY,
  1. Wife: Margaret Cowper
    Married: 25Feb1632/3 in Turnditch Chapel, Duffield, Derby

    1. John Alton of Shottle
John Alton
bapt. 07Dec1617 in Crich, Derby,
John Alton
bapt. 01Dec1680 in Duffield, DBY, bur.11Apr1713 in Duffield, DBY
John Alton
bapt. 21Oct1787 in Duffield, Derby, bur.06Dec1854 in Heage, DBY
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Hague (Betty)
    Married: 18Feb1811 in Duffield, Derby

    1. William Alton
    2. Thomas Alton
    3. Mary Ann Alton
    4. George Alton
John Alton
bapt. 15Jul1798 in Duffield, Derby,
Occupation: labourer (-bef. 1822)
  1. Wife: Hannah Fletcher?

    1. Elizabeth Alton
    2. Salome Alton
John Alton
b. abt. 1821,
John Alton
bapt. 06Jul1828 in South Wingfield, Derby,
John Alton
b. abt. 1861, d. 04Dec1921 in Belper
Occupation: farmers son (-bef. 1881)
  1. Wife: Harriet Durkin
    Married: Q2 1895 in Holborn
John Alton
b. abt. 1861 in Belper, DBY,
John Alton (Jack)
b. 25Mar1872 in Belper, DBY,
Occupation: innkeeper at the Thorn Tree, Belper (-aft. 1907)
John Russell Alton
bapt. 24Jun1832 in Heage, DBY, d. 08Apr1869 in Heage, DBY
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Alton
    Married: 29Nov1852 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Thomas Winfield Alton
    2. Rebecca Fisher Alton
    3. John Alton
    4. Frank William Alton
    5. Emma Alton
    6. Sara Louisa Alton
    7. Maria Hepworth Alton
Joseph Alton
Joseph Alton of Heage
bapt. 03Aug1690 in Duffield, DBY, d. 09Aug1728
  1. Wife: Sarah Syms
    Married: 09May1714 in Heage

    1. Sarah Alton
    2. George Alton
    3. Joseph Alton of Basford
    4. Thomas Alton of Heage
    5. Elias Alton
    6. Elizabeth Alton
Joseph Alton of Basford
bapt. 20Nov1718 in Duffield, DBY, d. bef. 1789
  1. Wife: Sarah Watson
    Married: 01Feb1745 in Saint Peter, Nottingham

    1. Joseph Alton
    2. Samuel Alton
Joseph Alton
bapt. 21Sep1743 in Duffield, Derby, bur.06Apr1755 in Duffield, DBY
Joseph Alton
bapt. 10Feb1788 in Duffield, Derby, d. 19May1868 in High Green, Heage, DBY
Occupation: victualler (-bef. 1825); publican for White Hart Inn at Heage (-bef. 1835)
  1. Wife: Rebecca Fisher
    Married: 03Mar1823 in Sutton in Ashfield, NTT

    1. Thomas Alton of Staveley
    2. Mary Fisher Alton
    3. Elizabeth Fisher Alton
    4. Joseph Alton of Heage
    5. Elizabeth Alton
    6. Sarah Fisher Alton
Joseph Alton of the Firs
b. 04Feb1821, d. 09May1874 in Belper
Occupation: trusteee for charity school \ken\derby\Derby Heage charity School 18610424.jpg at Heage, DBY (-aft. Apr 1861); surveyor for parish at Heage turnpike road (-aft. 03Jul1861)
  1. Wife: Sarah Lynam
    Married: Q4 1843 in Basford, DBY

    1. Hannah Maria Alton
    2. Joseph Lynam Alton
    3. Mary Alton
    4. Winfield Alton
    5. Elizabeth Mary Alton
    6. Frederick Alton
    7. Sarah Rowbotham Alton
    8. Harriet Alton
    9. William Alton
Joseph Alton of Heage
bapt. 18Oct1828 in Heage, DBY, d. Q4 1912 in Belper
Occupation: Farmer Of 50 Acres (bef. 1881-)
  1. Wife: Elizabeth Whawell
    Married: 05Jun1855 in Duffield, DBY

    1. George Alton
    2. Rebecca Alton
Joseph Alton
bapt. 17Jan1830 in South Wingfield, Derby, d. 19Jan1830 in South Wingfield, Derby
Joseph J Alton
b. 1897 in Heage, DBY,
Joseph Lynam Alton
bapt. 29Mar1850 in Heage, DBY, d. 05Mar1909 in 68 Barlow St, Derby
Occupation: engine fitter (-1909)
  1. Wife: Sarah
Juliana Alton
bapt. 15Mar1829 in Basford, Nottingham,
Kate Elizabeth Hoole Alton
b. 1863, d. 18Aug1947 in Underberg, Dundee, Natal, South Africa
Occupation: manager at nursing home, Pietermaritzberg, Natal
  1. Husband: Thomas Tijou (Tom)
    Married: 15Oct1888 in St. Mary Within, Carlisle

    1. Mary Alton Tijou
    2. Helen Winifred Tijou
    3. Rolfe Tijou
  2. Husband: Unk P2557 Trelease

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