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Alton (Derbyshire)

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William Argyle
bapt. 10Sep1786 in Duffield, Derby,
Christopher Argyle\Orgill
bapt. 05Feb1769 in Duffield, Derby, d. 1807
Erasmus Argyle\Orgill
bapt. 23Feb1766 in Duffield, Derby,
Edward Argyle\Orgill\Argill
Samuel Argyle\Orgill\Argill
bapt. 27Mar1774 in Duffield, Derby,
  1. Wife: Hannah Frost of Whynell
    Married: 02Aug1808 in Duffield, Derby

    1. William Argyle\Orgill\Argill
    2. Samuel Argyle\Orgill\Argill
    3. Edward Argyle\Orgill\Argill
Samuel Argyle\Orgill\Argill
bapt. 10Jul1814 in Duffield, Derby,
William Argyle\Orgill\Argill
bapt. abt. 01Feb1810 in Pentrich, Derby,
James Ashton
  1. Wife: Jane Alton
    Married: 10May1715 in Saint Oswald, Ashbourne, Derby
Unk P2483 Aulton

  1. Children:
    1. Edward Alton
    2. Richard Aulton (Rycharde)
    3. John Aulton
Agnys Aulton
bapt. 02Oct1616 in Wirksworth, Derby, d. 14Nov1631 in Wirksworth
John Aulton

Occupation: husbandman (farmer)
  1. Wife: Isobelle Wardlow
    Married: 02Jul1615 in Wirksworth, DBY

    1. Agnys Aulton
Joone Aulton
bapt. 16Mar1619 in Wirksworth, DBY, bur.15Sep1639 in Wirksworth, DBY
Mary Aulton
bapt. 11May1614 in Wirksworth, Derby,
Richard Aulton (Rycharde)

Occupation: husbandman (farmer)(bef. 1611-)
  1. Wife: Alice Wardlow
    Married: 26Jun1611 in Wirksworth, DBY

    1. Mary Aulton
    2. John Alton of Shottle
    3. Joone Aulton
Clara Bakewell
b. 02Jun1897,
Emma Bakewell
Ernest Bakewell
  1. Wife: Alice May Longton
    Married: 26Jun1932
Ethel Bakewell
b. 04Dec1890,
James Bakewell
  1. Wife: Mary Polly Shawcroft

    1. Ethel Bakewell
    2. Mabel Bakewell
    3. Mary Bakewell
    4. Emma Bakewell
    5. Clara Bakewell
    6. Maggie Bakewell
    7. Ernest Bakewell
Mabel Bakewell
b. 30Nov1891,
Maggie Bakewell
b. 19Aug1903,
  1. Husband: Harold Lewes
    Married: 06Apr1932
Mary Bakewell
b. 11Oct1894,
Jemima Ball
bapt. 24Mar1793 in Horsley, Derby, bur.27Jun1873 in Heage, DBY
  1. Husband: Thomas Alton
    Married: 22Nov1848 in Saint Werburgh, Derby
Samuel Ball

Occupation: china shop ppr.(-1848)
  1. Wife: Mary?

    1. Jemima Ball
Mary Ann Barrow
b. abt. 1826 in Castle Donington, d. Q3 1881 in Shardlow
  1. Husband: William Alton
    Married: Q2 1867 in Shardlow
William Barrow
  1. Wife: Catharine

    1. Mary Ann Barrow
(living person)
  1. Husband: Unk P2510 Turville
(living person)
  1. Husband: Kenneth George

    1. (living person)
Ronald Bates
  1. Wife: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
Ede Batty
b. abt. 1755, d. 1796
  1. Husband: Thomas Hepworth
    Married: 1780 in Royston, E.Yorks

    1. George Hepworth
    2. Betty Hepworth
    3. Ede Hepworth
Ellen Beard
b. 1795 in Culland, Derbyshire,
  1. Husband: Thomas Shawcroft
    Married: Q3 1850 in Belper, DBY
Richard Beardsley
  1. Wife: Sarah Ellen Stoppard
    Married: 24Dec1888 in Ashover, Derby
Unk P2473 Berry
d. bef. 05Jun1747
  1. Wife: Sarah Alton

    1. Edward Berry
Edward Berry
(living person)
  1. Wife: (living person)
Unk P2389 Bilbie
  1. Wife: Jane Alton (Jenny)
Ann Elizabeth Bilson
b. abt. 1833 in Belper, DBY,
  1. Husband: Alfred Alton
    Married: 15Dec1856 in Saint Werburgh, Derby, Derby

    1. George Alton
    2. John Alton
    3. Millicent Alton
John Bilson
  1. Wife: Millicent

    1. Ann Elizabeth Bilson
Bertha Black
b. 26Mar1893,
  1. Husband: Jabez Emmerson junior
    Married: 26Sep1918

    1. (living person)
    2. Philip John Emmerson
Dorothy Booth
b. abt. 1799 in Pentrich, DBY,
  1. Husband: Francis Hepworth
    Married: 24Apr1822 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Frederick Hepworth
    2. Herbert Hepworth
    3. Francis Hepworth
    4. Harriet Hepworth
    5. Emma Hepworth (Jemima?)
    6. Selina Hepworth
    7. Louisa Hepworth
    8. Anne Sarah Hepworth
    9. Alfred Hepworth
    10. Maria Hepworth
(living person)
(living person)
  1. Husband: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
  2. Husband: Alan Newbold
(living person)
  1. Wife: (living person)
    1. (living person)
    2. (living person)
Unk P2829 Bowman
  1. Wife: Sarah Ridge
Benjamin Bowmer
  1. Wife: Phoebe Alton
    Married: 15May1789 in Duffield, Derby

    1. Isaac Bowmer
    2. George Bowmer
    3. Mary Bowmer
    4. Thomas Bowmer
    5. Hannah Bowmer
    6. Benjamin Bowmer
    7. John Bowmer
Benjamin Bowmer
b. 09Mar1804, d. 04Feb1839
  1. Wife: Mary Argyle
    Married: 07Oct1829 in Duffield, Derby
George Bowmer
d. Q4 1844 in Deaths Dec 1844 BOWMER George Belper 19 291
Occupation: Tanner for Piggotts directory at Coxbench (-1835)
Hannah Bowmer
b. 07Jun1801,
  1. Husband: Rev Unk P2794 Broadbent
Isaac Bowmer
b. abt. 1791, d. 02Mar1822 in Fritchley, Derby
John Bowmer
b. 06Mar1809, d. 03Jun1845

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