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John W. Carlock and Mehala Caroline Callahan

Husband John W. Carlock

           Born: Oct 1849 - Walker Co., GA
       Marriage: 10 Aug 1871 - Yell Co., AR

Wife Mehala Caroline Callahan

           Born: Abt 1850 - TX
           Died: 14 Oct 1872 - Yell Co., AR

         Father: James Hughes Callahan
         Mother: Sarah Medisa Day

1 F Sarah Carlock

           Born: Oct 1872 - Yell Co., AR
           Died: 1874

General Notes: Wife - Mehala Caroline Callahan

After the death of Sarah Callahan, the children became wards of William E. Jones, who replaced Edward C. Pettus. The two girls, "Kate" and "Carrie" were sent to
be raised by a sister of James Hughes Callahan living in Walker County, GA.

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The daughter of Capt. James Hughes Callahan (Callahan Co, TX) named Mahala Caroline (Carrie) Callahan moved back to Walker Co, Ga after her mother died and apparently lived with Nancy (Callahan) Hamilton and her husband Alexander C. Hamilton. I suspect this Nancy is a brother of Capt Callahan's but no proof. Later, Carrie married John W. Carlock after moving to yell Co, AR. She died apparently in childbirth with her first child Sarah who died two years later. This young lady seems to have a very difficult 21 years. I know nothing of her siblings.



Rev. John W. Carlock is one of the enterprising planters of the Petit Jean Mountain; his pleasant home in Cedar Falls Township is one of the most attractive of that particularly attractive region. He was born in Walker County, Georgia, October, 1849, and is the son of W. H. and Mary A. Carlock. (See sketch of W. H. Carlock.) He was married in Yell County, August 10, 1871, to Miss Carrie Callahan, a native of Texas. Mrs. Carlock died October 14, 1872, leaving one child, a daughter, Sarah, which died in 1874. Mr. Carlock was married to his present wife, Miss Martha R. Brady, October 1, 1874; she is a daughter of Daniel and Margaret (Cunningham) Brady, natives of Tennessee, and the parents of four children, one son and three daughters; the daughters are living and are named Martha R., Fedora, wife of T. H. Summers, and Mary J., wife of Conrad Weilenman. Father emigrated from Tennessee to Mississippi, and from that State to Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Carlock are the parents of six children, one son and five daughters, of whom four are now living; William T., Malvina (deceased, August 7, 1883), Rosella C., born July 2, 1880; Ida V., born February 28, 1883; Mary P., born March 30, 1886, and Alva P., born July 6, 1889. Our subject has always taken an active interest in the affairs of his township, and was elected justice in 1886, and served two terms. He is an old school teacher, engaging in that occupation on the completion of his education in Marion County, Tennessee, in 1869; he has taught in Boone, Yell and Perry Counties. In 1887 he was licensed to preach in the M. E. Church. He now owns a pleasant farm of 80 acres, well improved and stocked; his principal crops are corn and cotton.

thought I would send this info that I have found to you....not much, but
it is a bit more detail on Carrie Callahan. Looks like her husband's father
was married to her cousin. He had married the daughter of Nancy Callahan


Carrie Callahan married John W. Carlock Aug. 10, 1871 in Yell County, AR IGI

Died Oct. 4, 1872 Yell County, AR

GERLACH)2027,2028,2029,2030,2031 was born July 14, 1827 in
TN2032,2033,2034,2035, and died Aft. 18902035. He married (1) POLLY A.2036
November 01, 18442037,2038. She was born 18252039, and died 18632040,2041. He
married (2) MARY A. HAMILTON2042,2043,2044 1865 in TN2045,2046, daughter of A.
HAMILTON and NANCY CALLAHAN. She was born January 22, 1842 in GA2047,2048, and
died Unknown.

Children of REV. CARLOCK and POLLY A. are:
i. REV. JOHN WILLIAM8 CARLOCK, b. October 1849, Walker Co., GA; d.
ii. JAMES WESLEY CARLOCK, b. August 17, 1855, Walker Co., GA; d. Bet. 1920 -
iii. MARTHA J. CARLOCK 2049,2050,2051, d. Unknown; m. E. PITTS
2052,2053,2054; d. Unknown.
iv. MARGARET E. CARLOCK 2055,2056,2057, d. Unknown; m. E. HALE
2058,2059,2060; d. Unknown.
v. RHODA ARENA CARLOCK, b. March 09, 1857, Walker Co., GA; d. October 12,
1937, Petit Jean Mountain, Morrilton, AR.

vi. NANCY F.8 CARLOCK 2061,2062, b. Abt. 18652063; d. Aft. 18902064; m.
JOHN MORRIS 2065,2066, December 21, 18882066; d. Aft. 18902066.

GERLACH/CARLOCK, HANS GERLACH)4106,4107,4108,4109,4110 was born October 1849
in Walker Co., GA 4111,4112,4113, and died Unknown. He married (1) CARRIE
CALLAHAN 4114,4115 August 10, 1871 in Yell Co., AR 4116,4117. She was born in
TX 4118,4119, and died October 14, 18724120,4121. He married (2) MARTHA R.
BRADY 4122,4123,4124 October 01, 1874 in Yell Co., AR 4125,4126, daughter of
DANIEL BRADY and MARGARET CUNNINGHAM. She died Unknown in Little Rock
Sanitarium, Little Rock, AR4127.

i. SARAH CARLOCK 4128,4129, b. Abt. 1872; d. 18744130,4131.

Children of REV. CARLOCK and MARTHA BRADY are:
ii. WILLIAM T. CARLOCK 4132,4133, d. Unknown.
iii. MALVINA CARLOCK 4134,4135, d. August 07, 18834135.
iv. ROSELLA C. CARLOCK 4136,4137, b. July 02, 18804138,4139; d. Unknown.
v. IDA VIOLA "VIOLA" CARLOCK, b. February 28, 1883; d. Unknown, Little
Rock Sanitarium, Little Rock, AR.
vi. MARY P. CARLOCK 4140,4141, b. March 30, 18864142; d. Unknown.
vii. ALVA P. CARLOCK 4142,4143, b. July 06, 18894144,4145; d.

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John Benjamin Logan and Mollie Caloma Callahan

Husband John Benjamin Logan

           Born: 25 Nov 1871 - AR.
           Died: 21 Jun 1932
         Buried:  - Rose Hill Cem.

         Father: John Logan
         Mother: Harriet June Taylor

       Marriage: Abt 1892 - Wapanucka, Indian Terr.

   Other Spouse: Neely Wood - 1930

Wife Mollie Caloma Callahan

           Born: 28 Mar 1877 - TX
           Died: 24 Mar 1908
         Buried:  - Moore Cem., Bromide, OK

         Father: James Sanford Callahan
         Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Neill

1 M Eckford Benjamin Logan

           Born: 3 Mar 1894
           Died: 1 Feb 1958
         Spouse: Marie Brinkley
           Marr: Abt 1925

2 F Sallie Mae Logan

           Born: 27 Jun 1896
           Died: Oct 1985
         Spouse: James Henry Luna
           Marr: 25 Jun 1913

3 M Charlie Logan

           Born: 7 Dec 1897
           Died: 7 Jun 1913

4 F Hattie Gladys Logan

           Born: 30 Sep 1899
           Died: 6 Sep 1987
         Spouse: William Benjamin Simpson
           Marr: Abt 1918 - Oklahoma

5 F Alice Irene Logan

           Born: 15 Jun 1901
         Spouse: Louis Whitford
           Marr: Abt 1923

6 M Greg Logan

           Born: 1 May 1903
           Died: 28 Aug 1971
         Spouse: Rhoda *UNKNOWN
           Marr: Abt 1928

7 F Lucille Lorene Logan

           Born: 24 Dec 1905
           Died: 1985
         Spouse: Neville Cowan
           Marr: Abt 1925

8 M Joe Logan

           Born: 18 Apr 1907
           Died: 6 Feb 1935
         Buried:  - Tyler, TX
         Spouse: Ova Bellew
           Marr: Abt 1930

John N Greer and Nancy Callahan

Husband John N Greer

       Marriage: 7 Feb 1867 - Milton County, GA

Wife Nancy Callahan

           Born: 24 Jul 1850 - Forsythe County, GA
           Died: 20 Feb 1925 - Comanche County, TX
         Buried:  - Mercer Gap Cem., Comanche County, TX

         Father: Edward Callahan
         Mother: Clora Stacey


Dutch Allen Lindsey Mobbs and Naomi Christine Callahan

Husband Dutch Allen Lindsey Mobbs

           Born: Abt 1905
           Died: 1980
       Marriage: Abt 1930

Wife Naomi Christine Callahan

           Born: Abt 1907

         Father: James Sanford Callahan Jr.
         Mother: Naomi Edna Ball

1 M Dutch Mobbs

           Born: 1932

2 F Dorothy Mobbs

           Born: 1934

3 F Polly Joan Mobbs

           Born: 1936
         Spouse: William Judson Haggard
           Marr: Abt 1955

General Notes: Wife - Naomi Christine Callahan

I married into this family and have a bit of information. Naomi Christena (this is the spelling I have) Callahan married Dutch Allen Lindsey Mobbs. They had three children: Dutch, Dorothy and Polly Joan. Polly (we call her Joan) is my mother-in-law. She married William Judson Haggard. They both live in Houston. Their children are: Jud Ross Haggard, Roy Wayne Haggard and Edith Christine Haggard. I married Roy, but he has since passed away.

Jud married Susan Gale Mease. Their children are Graham Judson Haggard and Ross William Haggard Still in Houston

Edith (Edie) Married Bob Clark now divorced and remarried Barry Barker. Bob and Edie had one daughter Whitney Erin Clark. Still in Houston

I (Susan McKibben) married Roy and have two sons: Judson Cole Haggard and Zachary Gray Haggard. We are in Sarasota, FL


Sue Haggard
941.302.1323 - tel

Sarasota, FL


John W. Edwards and Sarah Callahan

Husband John W. Edwards

       Marriage: 7 Feb 1867 - Milton County, GA

Wife Sarah Callahan

           Born: 24 Nov 1838
           Died: 24 Feb 1884 - Tishomingo County, MS
         Buried:  - Shady Grove Cem., Tishomingo County, MS

         Father: Edward Callahan
         Mother: Clora Stacey


Wesley Hughes Callahan and Lovina Pinrod

Husband Wesley Hughes Callahan

           Born: Abt 1843 - TX
           Died: 9 Oct 1870

         Father: James Hughes Callahan
         Mother: Sarah Medisa Day

       Marriage: 25 Apr 1867 - TX

Wife Lovina Pinrod

           Born: 28 Jul 1828
           Died: 21 Dec 1891 - Oxford TX

   Other Spouse: Jesse Lawhon - 24 Oct 1850 - TX

   Other Spouse: Daniel Rawls - 12 Nov 1858

1 F Alzida Clara Callahan

           Born: 18 Jul 1868
           Died: 26 Apr 1953
         Buried:  - Riley Family Cem.
         Spouse: David W. Riley
           Marr: 26 Dec 1891 - Oxford TX

General Notes: Husband - Wesley Hughes Callahan

Notes on death date:

Texas Rangers record shows date of death as October 9,1870 but a Family Bible entry shows date of Death as October 26, 1869.

After the death of Sarah Callahan, the children became wards of William E. Jones, who replaced Edward C. Pettus. The two girls, "Kate" and "Carrie" were sent to
be raised by a sister of James Hughes Callahan living in Walker County, GA.
======== 11/1999
I am not directly related to Wesley Callahan. His wife, Lovina Pinrod Lawhon Rawls was my ggggramdmother, through her first husband, Jesse Lawhon who was killed by indians in 1855. Wesley and Lovina had a daughter, Alzada. I don't know that much about them but would be interested in any information you might have.

============== 11/1999
Well after I wrote earlier I remembered some information I had on the family. Their dad, James Hughes was a Texas Ranger, and quite a colorful character, but I am not sure about Wesley. My gggAunt (she passed away in October at 99) knew him and told me he was always in poor health and died young. I have been unable to find out when he died or where he is buried. Recently I corresponded with a descendant of another daughter of Lovina, Maria Rawles, from her second marriage. He promised to send me information he has but has not yet. If I do get it I will share it with you as there might be something to connect. I did a little research on them trying to find info on Lovina and am attaching a document on James Hughes, Wesley and James Sandford's father.

Hope it answers some questions.

=============== 6/2000
Don Watson said that I should contact you regarding the Callahan's...Wesley
Hughes Callahan is my great great grandfather...information i just became
aware of this i have had an interesting week of family history...

I understand your relation is with Wesley's brother James Sanford...

This is all new to me...i know a lot more on their father James than i do of
Wesley, but Don says he has some information he will be sending when he gets

I think my great grandmother was Wesley's only child...Alzada Clara Callahan
Riley...that information has not been confirmed to me as of yet, but i think
Don mentioned it briefly...

One of Alzada's daughter's - Hilda Riley Sageser was my father's mother and
my grandmother...she passed away 4/9/2000 at the age of 95...was in the
nursing home for 20 years or more...never really talked much about family

All other Rileys have been long gone...

My dad - Wesley Edward Sageser, passed away 8/17/92...and his siblings are
deceased as there is no one to ask...or no one that i am aware
of...i am still researching...

My brother is also named Wesley Edward Sageser, II...and his name is what
attracted Curtis Chubb from Blanco to contact and who in turn got me

So here I am...Yvonne Sageser...working on the sageser / riley families...

From the sageser brother & his 3 children, my mother, myself and my
younger sister are the only sageser's left with the older sister
is married and there are 3 cousins somewhere married...but that is it...not
many people to let me know of the past...

So I am relying on the record books and the people who are already involved
to lead me in the right direction...

Do you know more about James' children? anything on Wesley?

Where can i go to find more...i found your posting 'in reply' to 'Callahan
County Texas' on the net...

My ex-husband is related to the Callahan's that live in and around the
Austin, Tx area...the ones that own the 'Callahan General Store'...he gave me
a name of the person doing the genealogy for them...i emailed her and am
waiting to hear something...

Hoping to learn more...

Yvonne Sageser

Don Watson 6/2000
Hello Ray,
Haven't heard from you in a while. I came into contact this week with a
lady that is descended from Wesley Hughes Callahan. I have given her your
email address and you may have already heard from her by now. In digging
into what I can find for her on Wesley...which is not much...I recalled
that I recently came into possession of a copy of Wesley's Texas Ranger
papers. In them it states that Wesley died while in the service of the
Rangers on October 9, 1870. It does not state how he came to his death or
where. I will be researching that soon. Some other details it lists for him
is the following abstracted information:
'Wesley enlisted into the Texas Rangers on August 25, 1870 at Austin, Tx.
for 12 months. His service record states that Wesley was 5 feet 11 inches
in hight, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and listed his
occupation as a farmer. His widow Lovina Callahan applied for 'all and
whatever monies' were due Wesley Callahan. This amounted to $68.33 minus
$30 for the cost of one Winchester carbine, leaving $38.33 due Wesley
Callahan and that his widow Lovina collected.'
I have also come into possession of a copy of a manuscript dictated by
Jesse Sumpter, former sheriff of Eagle Pass, TX. This manuscript was
dictated in 1904 and Jesse was a witness to Callahan's raid into Mexico and
his burning of the town of Piedras Negras as well as the plunder of the
citizens of the town. Callahan and his men left nothing of the Mexican
peasants according to Sumpter. They stole their foodstuffs, gold, jewelry,
horses, even one friend of Sumpter's $100 silver saddle, then burned all
the houses in the town. Sumpter is not complimentary of the event.
Other sources I have come into possession of states flatly that Callahan
went into Mexico for the purpose of capturing runaway slaves from Texas,
many of which were his own slaves. There is also evidence that states that
he was also on a 'secret mission' on behalf of Governor Pease to attempt to
lay the groundwork for a military effort to gain control or possession of
much of the territory of northern Mexico. But his main purpose was to
capture and return the runaway slaves. Governor Pease signed the
'authorization' for Callahan to chase down the Apache's in retaliation for
their many raids as a cover since going into Mexico would be ill-legal. I
obviously have more research to do, but this is becoming a very interesting
project. I am now thinking that I may have the making of a book on
Callahan's life...though that would be a couple of years or more off.
Anyway, I thought I would bring you up to date on some of what I have
learned about your family. Take care....
Don Watson
Notes from Don Watson for Wesley Hughes Callahan, I have found that he apparently married the widow of Rev. Daniel Rawls, Lovina. Lovina was first Lovina Pinrod who married Jessie William Lawhon. Jessie died in what is now Kendall County near Curry's Creek about 1855. Rev. Rawls was himself a widower and soon married the widow Lovina Lawhon. Rev. Rawls died in 1862 and Lovina married Wesley Callahan.

Notes from Yvonne Sageser 6/2000

we have not located any picture of the Capt. sister has looked, but
really doesn't know what she is looking i will have to make a trip
to her house (70 miles away) when we both can get together...hopefully within
the next month...

my sister did find a bible that had some dates of marriages, births and
deaths of which i compared to the bible my mother has that has "Alzada
Callahan" engraved on the cover which also has a few pages with handwritten
dates of marriages, births and deaths...

so here is what i have and one date conflicts with the death date of Wesley
Hughes Callahan that you emailed me, Don...i am assuming you found this with
the Texas Ranger Information...but i am wondering why the family wrote it
down show 10/9/1870 and i see on these records
10/26/1869...thought you could help me out on you know where he is

the rest is as follows: (this is more of what you were looking for don,
family tree stuff, to update your database)

Wesley Hughes Callahan (no birth date, but died: 10/26/1869)
Lovina Pinrod (birth date: 7/28/1828, died: 12/21/1891 in Oxford, Tx)
Wesley & Lovina married: 4/25/1867
Alzada Clara Callahan (birth date: 7/18/1868; died 4/26/1953 - Riley Family
Alzada & D. W. Riley married: 12/26/1891 in Oxford, Tx by R. Pope with J. C.
Riley and D. E. Thompson (Maria Rawl's husband - they married 9/12/1878) as

7 children of Alzada & David:
Burt (birth date: 6/5/1893; died: 9/19/1960 - Harper Cemetery)
Catula (birth date: 5/11/1896; still searching death date - Riley Family
Evad (birth date: 9/8/1899; still searching death date - not sure where
Fred (birth date: 3/4/1901; died 3/25/1901 - assuming Riley Family Cemetery)
Genelle (birth date: 7/16/1902; died 5/19/1980 - Riley Family Cemetery)
Hildahi "Hilda" (birth date: 3/29/1905; died 4/9/2000 - Harper Cemetery)
Iris (birth date: 10/21/1907; still searching death date - Riley Family

the death dates should be on the stones at the riley is just
requiring a trip to harper and the ranch to get those...

the ones buried at the riley cemetery were probably the ones that never
married, because the ones that did marry were thrown out of the family and
are buried elsewhere...this is my assumption from what i know of the family

it seems someone kept up with Lovina's prior family in this bible as well and
i found a conflicting bit of information regarding her marriage to Jesse
Lawhon...according to this information they had 3 children:

Samuel Lawhon - born 7/28/1851; died the same year
John William Lawhon - born 9/25/1852
John married Sarah Gourley 6/1/1876
Henry Jesse Lawhon - born 10/23/1854; died 1/14/1884

Jesse - born 11/24/1822; died 5/26/1855 in comal county - murdered by indians
Jesse & Lovina married: 10/24/1850

Lovina's second marriage to Rawls was on 1/12/1858
Maria Rawls - born 10/30/1858

it seems that there might be some information to be found in the Oxford,
Texas Cemetery...i know Harper will complete what i need for the riley's
above...and maybe more in Blanco...i know i want to see the Texas State
Cemetery and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame in Waco...

my mother just got back into town and when i told her what i have learned
this past week, she said she did not have a my dad never spoke of

she will be helping me look for information within my father's things...she
was not sure if Capt.'s pic was or wasn't within his memorabilia...

not going to give up yet...

Curtis, who is the Audrey Riley that informed you of "Wesley" back when you
searched for my family? Is this riley related to any of the riley's above?
and if not, how did he know of us?

there are relatives out there that i am sure we have never heard of...and
according to what we know (my mother, brother, 2 sisters and myself) we are
all that is left of the Wesley Callahan, Alzada (Callahan) Riley, Hilda (Ri
ley) Sageser clan...

if there is another Riley, they would have had to come from Burt or Evad
because i never knew them...Burt's obituary write up states "Miss"...but
being buried in the Harper Cemetery has me uncertain...and i don't know where
Evad was buried...

the only other option would be that D. W. Riley remarried when Alzada ran him
off...all i have is an envelope with A. C. Riley on the return address in
Harper...addressed to D. W. Riley at 4005 Guadalupe Street; Austin, Tx post
dated 4/6/1914 (6 a.m.)...i am sure stranger things could have happened -
divorce maybe?, but i never heard what happened to him...everyone in Harper
knows the story of how she ran him off with a shotgun...

i am curious if he was buried somewhere here in austin?

to tell another silly story...once my mother married my father, my mother's
parents (Roeder's) babysat my 1/2 sister (the daughter of my father's first
wife who died giving birth)...and one afternoon my grandfather was instructed
to pick my sister up at the Riley Ranch but Catula Riley (Alzada's second
child) ran my grandfather off with a shotgun...she did not want my sister to
go back to town with him...

the shotgun method worked for my grandfather...but when my grandmother got
involved there was a little bit of a fist pounding from Catula on my needless to say the "riley girls" held their own when they
needed to...

so many silly stories...

well, i hope this helped give some details to lead to more information
somewhere else...

i will let you know more when i learn more...



Official record: Wesley Hughes Callahan enlisted for Confederate service in Company D, 1st Texas Calvary (McCulloch's) on April 20, 1861. His age was stated to be 18 years - which appears to be correct. He enlisted for service along with his brother, James Sanford Callahan.

1st Regiment, Texas Cavalry (McCulloch's) (1st Mounted Riflemen)

1st (McCulloch's) Regiment Mounted Rifles was organized with about 1,000 men in May, 1861, and served in the Department of Texas on the frontier. In April, 1862, the unit was reduced to five companies and redesigned the 8th Texas Cavalry Battalion. Its commanders were Colonel Henry E. McCulloch, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Frost, and Majors James B. Barry and Ed. Burleson - Company D, Private.

General Notes: Wife - Lovina Pinrod

Notes from Don Watson for Wesley Hughes Callahan, I have found that he apparently married the widow of Rev. Daniel Rawls, Lovina. Lovina was first Lovina Pinrod who married Jessie William Lawhon. Jessie died in what is now Kendall County near Curry's Creek about 1855. Rev. Rawls was himself a widower and soon married the widow Lovina Lawhon. Rev. Rawls died in 1862 and Lovina married Wesley Callahan.

E-mail from Don Watson to Booby Rawls 6/2000

Hello Bobby,
I have not heard from you in a while...hope your research is going well. I
recently made contact with a descendant of Lovina PINROD LAWHON RAWLS and
Wesley Hughes CALLAHAN. Her family has two family Bibles with family data,
one of which is engraved with the name of "Alzada Callahan" on the cover.
Alzada was the daughter of Lovina and Wesley Callahan. These Bibles include
the data and marriages and children for Lovina PINROD. Since this data
includes a daughter for Lovina and Daniel RAWLS, I thought you might find
it useful. The bible records indicate that this daughter, Maria RAWLS and
her husband D. E. THOMPSON were witnesses to the marriage of Alzada
I have attached a small report to this email with the data included. I
have also copied this message to two other folks, Dalton R. Phillips, a
descendant of James Sanford CALLAHAN, brother to Wesley Hughes CALLAHAN;
and to Donna Durham, a descendant of Jesse LAWHON and Lovina PINROD through
their son John William LAWHON. There is contact information for me as well
as Yvonne Sageser whose family owns the above mentioned bibles.
Hope you find this useful....take care.
Don Watson

William Callahan and Harriet Amanda Oslin

Husband William Callahan

           Born: 6 Mar 1811
           Died: 15 Jan 1860

         Father: James Callahan
         Mother: Mary Foley

       Marriage: 16 May 1839 - Lagrange, Troup Co., GA

Wife Harriet Amanda Oslin

           Born: 26 Oct 1818

         Father: William Watters Oslin
         Mother: Eliza Roberts

1 M James Hughes Callahan

           Born: 29 May 1840 - GA
           Died: 25 Oct 1915
         Spouse: Mary Edna Rush
           Marr: 3 Aug 1865 - Harris Co., GA

2 M William Boran Callahan

           Born: 2 Mar 1843 - Lafayette, Chambers Co., AL
           Died: 11 Jul 1911 - East Point, Fulton Co., GA
         Spouse: Janie Elizabeth Giddens
           Marr: 7 Sep 1869 - Lee Co., GA

General Notes: Husband - William Callahan

I was looking over your web site on the Callahan family and I noticed that your Callahan line came from Georgia. My wife was a Callahan and her family is from Georgia. As I looked over the given names of your Callahan family tree, I noticed several names that appear in my wife's family. I have noticed in my genealogical research how common it is for cousins to have the same names since they are often named for grandparents, and other relatives. Would you please review the following information on my wife's line and see if you can see where it ties in yours? Thanks, Ken Whitehead, Douglasville, GA William Callahan and his wife Harriet A. Oslin were both born in Georgia. He was born March 6,1811, she about 1817. On May 16, 1839, they married in LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia. They had at least nine children, all of whom were born in Alabama (most likely in Chambers County). William was a carriage maker, but in January of 1860 he died of fever after five days' sickness. Then Harriet, with the help of her older children, supported the family working as a seamstress in LaFayette, the county seat of Chambers County. It is apparent from her children's occupations that she insisted that they get a good education. At the time of 1880 census she was living with her daughter and son-in-law, Ella and J. H. Murphy in LaFayette. William's parents are unknown to this writer, but there were other Callahans in Chambers County. Most likely they were related to William. One Callahan researcher referred to William's father, as "James Callahan, late of Jackson County, Georgia". There was a 30-year-old carriage maker by the name of Wesley Callahan on the 1860 census for Chambers County. Wesley and his family lived in LaFayette, three dwellings from William's widow. In 1850 Wesley had been living in Jackson County, Georgia, in the household of 73 year old James Callahan, a farmer born in North Carolina. The 1860 Jackson County, Georgia, census also shows a 53-year-old wagon maker named John Calahan (spelling on census). If you assume that Wesley Callahan was living on his father's farm in 1850 and that he moved to the same section of LaFayette to work at the same trade as William Callahan it seems logical to also assume that they were related! It was custom of the time to name the first son after the wife's father and the second son after the father's father. William and Harriet may have reversed the order since their first son was James and their second son was William. It seems possible that the family tree for the Jackson County farmer was as follows: James Callahan, farmer, born about 1777 in North Carolina (living in Jackson County in 1850). His children: - son John Callahan, wagon maker, born about 1807, living in Jackson County in 1860. - son William, a carriage maker, born in 1811, in Georgia (moved to Chambers County, Alabama, about 1839-40). - son Wesley, a carriage maker, born about 1830, living in 1850 in Jackson County, 1860 in Chambers County. It's too early to state this is fact but it presents some ideas for investigation! Harriet A. Oslin Callahan's father was William Watters Oslin, also a carriage maker, who was born September 11, 1795. Alexander Nunn's book Lee County and Her Forebears (Lee County, Alabama) shows he was born in Virginia, but both the 1850 and 1860 censuses showed he was born in South Carolina. In 1836 William and his wife Mary Stephens were members of Oak Bowery Methodist Church. The Oslin family has been traced back to John Osling, who was born February 20, 1662/63 in Cowbit Parish, England and died October 14, 1710, in New Kent, Virginia. The nine known children of Harriet A. Oslin and William Callahan were as follows: 1. James Hughes Callahan was born May 29, 1840. In 1860 James was a clerk in Chambers County. He served in Company A, 1st Alabama Cavalry during the Civil War. He married Mary Edna Rush on August 3, 1865 in Harris County, Georgia. He died on October 29, 1915. Mary was born September 23, 1844 and died November 16, 1918. She is buried next to James at the New Hope Methodist Church in Harris County, Georgia. 2. William Boran Callahan was born March 2, 1843 in LaFayette. Records indicate he went by the name "W.B.". He was a printer in Chambers County at the time of the 1860 census. On March 6, 1862, in LaFayette, he joined Company I, 37th Alabama Infantry, CSA, for "3 years or the war". W. B. was captured at the fall of Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. He was paroled six days later. His unit was exchanged and he continued to serve with the 37th . Later in the war he was transferred to the medical department. After the war he took the oath of loyalty to the Union in Chambers County. He married Janie Elizabeth Giddens September 7, 1869 in Lee County, Alabama, but they lived in Chambers County. Janie was born June 1, 1846 in Lee County. After the war he worked at The Enquirer-Sun in Montgomery, Alabama and later was editor and proprietor of the Opelika Observer. Late in the century, he published the newspapers The West Point Shield and The West Point Press, in West Point, Georgia, which is across the Chattoochee River from Chambers County. In 1890 W.B. and his family moved to East Point, Fulton County, Georgia. He owned The Manchester Press (later Manchester, Georgia, changed it's name to College Park) and was listed as a newspaper editor at the time of the 1900 Federal census, living in East Point. Janie died in East Point on December 5, 1910, and W.B. died there on July 11, 1911. They are buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery, on Stanton Road, in East Point. They had five children: I. Mary Jimmie Callahan (July 17, 1870-December 9, 1896), who married Calhoun H. Austin. II. William Thomas Callahan Sr. (1873-1953), a printer, who married Annie Dodge. Their children included John H., Lillie, William T. Jr., Annie Bell, A. Dodge, Jim A., Mary, Ella, Mamie, George, and Helen. III. Hattie V. Callahan (1876-after 1900), a teacher, who married Sam W. Ramsey. Their children included Elizabeth, Sam W. Jr., and Virginia. IV. Dr. Render Blanchard Callahan Sr. (July 1879-March 1932), a dentist and city alderman, who married Claudia Lavonia Schell. Their children were Render Jr., Janie, Sara Elizabeth, Francis, William Boran, Harold Quigg, and Sidney Claude. (W.B.'s son, Wylie B. Callahan owns and operates East Point Hardware in downtown East Point), MY WIFE IS A SISTER OF WYLIE CALLAHAN!!!!!!! V. Eleanor Giddens Callahan (June 1882-1973), who married Henry S. Reese. Their daughter is Jane. 3. Andrew J. Callahan was born about 1844. On March 6, 1862, he enlisted with his brother William in Company I, 37th Alabama Infantry. He was listed as a drummer. Like his brother, he was captured at the fall of Vicksburg and was also paroled six days later. At Vicksburg, he served as a nurse and a courier at Hospital #2. His assignment to the hospital may have been an effort to keep him out of battle by his uncle, Dr. John Oslin, who was the regimental surgeon of the 37th Alabama. Dr. Oslin had also joined the 37th in March 1862 in LaFayette. After the war Dr. Oslin moved to West Point, Georgia, then to Columbus and then to Gainesville, where he died in 1906. After the Vicksburg prisoner exchange, Andrew returned to the army and on January 30, 1864 was elected lieutenant in Company F, 25th Alabama Regiment. He fought against Sherman's army in north Georgia and was wounded near Griffin, Georgia. A member of the hospital staff wrote his family that he was recovering, but then he took a turn for the worse and died August 5, 1864. He was buried at Griffin "at the soldiers graveyard in his best a pine coffin". His grave is in the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery, on Memorial Drive, Griffin, Georgia. 4. Mary E. Callahan was born about 1846. In 1870 she was a schoolteacher. Later she married Abel Lewis Robinson, II, of Chambers County. Able was born about 1840 and died in March 1917. 5. Patrick Henry Callahan was born about 1848. In 1870 Patrick was a dentist, living in Chambers County. 6. John Callahan was born about 1851. 7. Sara Callahan was born about 1853. 8. Simon Oslin Callahan was born July 3, 1856. Simon was named after his mother's brother, Simon S. Oslin, a chaplain in the Confederate Army. Simon Callahan moved to Jacksborough (later Jacksboro), Texas, in 1878. On May 4, 1880, he married to Minnie Specht, a member of one of the many families of German decent that populated the Lone Star State. She was born April 25, 1862 and died August 18, 1936. Simon was listed as a charter member of the Godfrey Commandery No. 37, Knights Templar in Jack County, Texas. He was in the sheet metal and plumbing business for over half a century. The people of Jacksboro knew him as "Chief" because he was the chief of the local volunteer fire department for 57 years, beginning in 1882. Besides his interests in the volunteer fire department and the Knights Templar, he was a member of the Jacksboro Coronet Band, in which he played the bass drum. Late in the century, The LaFayette Sun reported him visiting his sister, Ella Murphy, in LaFayette. Since the article made no mention or his mother, it is assumed that she had passed away. Simon died September 7, 1942. He and Minnie are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Jacksboro, Texas. Simon and Minnie had five daughters and one son, as follows: I. - Pear, who married Charley Stewart, II. - Minnie, who married a Mr. Simpson, III. - Ellie Mae, who married J. B. McMahan, IV. - Lillian, who married F. A. Farmere, V. - Mr. S.O. Callahan, Jr. (S.O.C. III currently lives in Amarillo, Texas. S.O.C. IV runs the company that S.O.C. III owned until his retirement. S.O.C. V currently works for the business). 9. Ella Callahan was born about 1857. She married Mr. J. H. Murphy. Mr. Murphy was a dry goods merchant in Chambers County.


William Boran Callahan and Janie Elizabeth Giddens

Husband William Boran Callahan

           Born: 2 Mar 1843 - Lafayette, Chambers Co., AL
           Died: 11 Jul 1911 - East Point, Fulton Co., GA

         Father: William Callahan
         Mother: Harriet Amanda Oslin

       Marriage: 7 Sep 1869 - Lee Co., GA

Wife Janie Elizabeth Giddens

           Born: 1 Jun 1846 - Lee Co., GA
           Died: 5 Dec 1910 - East Point, Fulton Co., GA


William H. Callahan and Amanda Duncan

Husband William H. Callahan

           Born: Abt 1841 - Forsythe County, GA
           Died: 1911 - Alcon County, MS

         Father: Edward Callahan
         Mother: Clora Stacey

       Marriage: 7 Mar 1870 - Tishomingo County, MS

Wife Amanda Duncan

           Born: Abt 1843 - Forsythe County, GA


John Wesley Phillips and Willie Katherine Callahan

Husband John Wesley Phillips

           Born: 20 Feb 1868 - Benton Co., , AR 3
           Died: 30 Oct 1939 - Comanche Co., TX 3
 Cause of Death: Complications of old age
         Buried: 1939 - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX

         Father: Calvin Phillips
         Mother: Rachael Reddick

       Marriage: 1889 - Indian Terr. 36

Wife Willie Katherine Callahan

            AKA: Kate Callahan, Katie Callahan, Willie Kathleen Callahan
           Born: 30 Sep 1871 - TX 3
           Died: 18 Jan 1950 - Comanche Co., TX 3
 Cause of Death: Complications of old age
         Buried: Jan 1950 - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX

         Father: James Sanford Callahan
         Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Neill

1 F Lizzie Mae Phillips

           Born: 5 Jan 1891 - Wapanucka, Johnston Co., Indian Terr. 3
           Died: 15 Jul 1946 - Comanche Co., TX 3
         Buried:  - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX

2 M J. Hubert Phillips

            AKA: Hubert Phillips
           Born: 15 Jan 1893 - Wapanucka, Johnston Co., Indian Terr. 3
           Died: 7 Jun 1967 - TX 3
         Buried: Jun 1967 - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX
         Spouse: Modette *UNKNOWN
           Marr: 1925 - TX 4

3 M Otho Benjamin Phillips

            AKA: O.B. Phillips, Otho Phillips
           Born: 22 Nov 1894 - Wapanucka, Johnston Co., Indian Terr. 3
           Died: 2 Jun 1980 - Comanche Co., TX 3
         Buried:  - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX
         Spouse: Ellen R. Tyson
           Marr: 1924 - TX 35

4 M Walter Lee Phillips

            AKA: Lee Phillips
           Born: 3 Aug 1896 - Wapanucka, Johnston Co., Indian Terr. 30,31,32
           Died: 21 Jan 1971 - Abilene, Taylor Co., TX 33,34
 Cause of Death: Heart disease
         Buried:  - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX
         Spouse: Ethel Beatty
           Marr: 1916 - TX 4
         Spouse: Mava Opal Gooch
           Marr: Abt 1932 - Brownwood, Brown Co., TX 35

5 F Annie Laura Phillips

           Born: Abt 1898 - Indian Terr.?
           Died: Abt 1982 - Comanche, TX
         Spouse: Luther James McAliley
           Marr: 9 Oct 1921 - Comanche, TX

6 F Bertha Phillips

           Born: Abt 1901 - Indian Terr.
           Died: 1988 - Big Spring, TX
         Buried:  - White Point Cem., Comanche County, TX
         Spouse: Ernest Beatty
           Marr: Abt 1922 - TX

7 M Marvin Lyndel Phillips

           Born: 6 Nov 1903 - Comanche Co., TX?
           Died: 15 May 1967 - Rogers AR
         Buried: 1969 - Rogers Cemetery, Rogers, AR
         Spouse: Goldie Ford
           Marr: Abt 1924 - Arkansas

General Notes: Husband - John Wesley Phillips

John Wesley and Willie Kathleen Phillips had their seven children while living on an Indian Reservation in the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. They lived in or near the town of Wapnucka, present day Johnson County, Oklahoma - not far fro Atoka.

The family moved to Texas around 1905, by covered wagon. They settled on a farm near Comanche, Texas, in Comanche County. They raised cotton as their primary crop. They also raised corn and other vegetable.s If he was not Indian, John Wesley apparently believed in the Indian way of doing things: he would sit on the wagon paked under a shade tree while his wife and the children did most of the cotton gathering. When the wagon was full, he hauled the cotton into town to the cotton gin, where it was sold, He also took care of any other business that needed to be done in town. He seemed to see himself as the "over-see'er and manager" of the family.

Link to the John Wesley Phillips memorial page on Find A Grave: =6987223&

The Phillips's were pretty much self suffi and they raised just about everything they needed, or at least what they had to have, on their farm . They had to buy a few essential commodities (sugar coffee, spices, etc) at the store but for the most part they made do with what they could raise on the farm. My mother talked about the "hog killings" they had every fall when it was getting cold outside. It was a big event and all of them would gather at the old folks home place. A certain ritual would be followed. One of the men would "stick" a hog through the heart with a narrow bladed knife and then let it run around under controlled conditions, to "bleed out". That was an important part of it. Everything had to be done just right. There was a lot of work involved with it but they all had a lot of fun there. Everyone was involved with it in some way, old and young, men, women and children. The women would have several big pots rigged up over open fires, where they rendered out hog lard, from the fatty scrap meat, slow simmered the mixture for home made lye soap and fried up fresh pork skins. After the hogs were all butchered, properly dressed out and salted down, the meat would be hung up in the smoke house to cure out through the winter months. There was no refrigeration. Nothing went to waste - they made use of everything

General Notes: Wife - Willie Katherine Callahan

Willie Kathleen Callahan Phillips was a little woman of Irish descent. She had reddish hair and twinkling blue eyes. She was a very energetic and hard working woman, working with the children to do most of the hard work on the farm, while doing her other day to day household duties as a wife and mother. She seemed to be fairly well educated, for that day in time. The children went to school very little, but she made sure they were all taught to read, write, and handle figures. She may have been a school teacher when she met John Wesley Phillips. She was also the one who gave the children most of their discipline. and she made them listen and appreciate the rewards for working hard. In her later years, when the grown married sons brought their families in to visit at the old folks place on Sundays or on other special occasions, Katie always had plenty of work that needed to be done and she would put all of the women to work doing it.

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