Sarah Reeves Geer

Sarah Reeves Geer appears to be the oldest of William Reeves' children, marrying Frederick Geer around 1779. Additionally, she is apparently the only child who predeceased him, dying before 15 Apr 1822 when her heirs executed a Power of Attorney to her son Jesse B. Geer to act on their behalf in Madison County, Kentucky to settle his estate.

The Power of Attorney to Jesse B. Geer recorded in Madison County Deed Book P, at pages 208 and 209 names all of the living children of Sarah Reeves Geer along with Lucy H. Couch, child of deceased daughter Susannah Geer with the exceptions of William and David Geer who had both previously moved to Greene County, Georgia and Mary "Polly" Geer Usery who was living in White County, Tennessee:

There is a deed from David Geer of Greene County, Georgia conveying three negro girls allotted to him by the death of his father, Frederick Geer of Wake County, North Carolina to Robert Halliburton recorded in Wake County Deed Book 15 at page 40. This deed establishes proof that David Geer of Green County, Georgia is in fact the son of Frederick and Sarah Reeves Geer.

The children of Sarah Reeves and Frederick Geer are:

  1. Elizabeth Geer
  2. Lucy Geer
  3. Mary "Polly" Geer
  4. Sarah "Sally" Geer
  5. William Geer
  6. Martha "Patsy" Geer
  7. Susannah Geer
  8. David Geer
  9. Frederick Geer, Jr.
  10. Jesse B. Geer

Geer St. named for descendants of Sarah Reeves and Frederick Geer traverses from the heart of downtown Durham, North Carolina on a northeasterly course to the Falls of the Neuse Lake. This street sign is close to the site where Ellobeys Creek flows into the Neuse River, land deeded to William Reeves by Henry McCulloch in 1746. In the early 1800's, this was referred to as the Fishdam area.

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Frederick Geer

Last Will and Testament of Frederick Geer
from: Wake Co., North Carolina Wills Unbound 1771 - 1925:

In the name of God amen. I Frederick Geer of Wake County and State of North Carolina being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life do make and ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manor and form as follows (viz)

Item First I give and bequeath to my Son Frederick C. Geer all the Tract of Land where on I now live containing three Hundred and fifty Six acres be the same more or less.

I give the Sons of Frederick five negroes named as follows Aggey, Siller & her infants Peter, Sam & Sollomon also one Feather bed & furntire and an Equal -- of all my property which may not be Given away to him and His Heirs forever.

Item 2 I give to my Grand Son Frederick Geer son of Jesse B. Geer one negroe Girl Em---- to him and His heirs forever

Item 3 All the ballance of my negroes which may at my Death I wish to be Equally divided between David Geer, William Geer, Jesse B. Geer, lizabeth Sutherland, Sarah Alston, Lucy H. Patterson, and the Lawful Heirs of Patsey Roberts.

All the remaining of my property not other wise disposed of to be Sold and Equally divided amongst my Lawful Heirs and Lastley I do nominate and appoint my two Sons Jesse B. Geer and Frederick C. Geer to be Executors to This my last Will and Testament of the Said Frederick Geer have to this my last will and Testament set my hand & Seal this 2nd day of June 1837. Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us by the Said Frederick Geer the Testator as his last will and Testament.

Frederick Geer (Seal)
M. A. Tate