Sidney Preston Reeves

Sidney Preston Reeves was born and raised in Warren County, Kentucky. His father, George, died at the age of approximately 46 when S.P. was only 8 years old. Little is known of Betsy Wilkerson Reeves life after the death of George but she doesn't appear in the records of Warren County after 1836 so it is presumed that she also died at a relatively young age.

Sidney Preston's brother William Harrison had moved further west to the Jackson Purchase area of Kentucky. After the death of his mother, S.P. too came to the area which began to be settled around 1830. After arriving in the purchase area, he married Perlina Hall in Hickman County in 1839 and was recorded in McCracken County in the 1840 census.

Several of Perlina's brothers had settled to the south of Paducah in Ballard County and by 1850 Sidney Preston is recorded in the census there. S.P. gradually added more land to his farm and at his death, his will distributes approximately 800 acres to his children. The family bible of Sidney Preston and Perlina Hall Reeves is the source of birth and death dates for this family. The bible was last known to be in the possession of Bonita Reeves Hutcherson of Wickliffe, Ballard County, Kentucky who was the granddaughter of David Walter Reeves. The will of Sidney Preston Reeves as probated in October of 1882 in Ballard County, Kentucky lists the following children of Sidney Preston Reeves and Perlina Hall:

  1. George Adam Reeves
  2. William Jerome Reeves
  3. Luranna Reeves Hawes
  4. Louisa Reeves Cull
  5. C. Harley Reeves
  6. Charles Curtis Reeves
  7. Elizabeth "Betty" Reeves Cherry
  8. Sidney Preston Reeves II
  9. David Walter Reeves

Pictured above top, Sidney Preston Reeves and Perlina Hall; children of Sidney Preston Reeves II and grandchildren of Sidney Preston Reeves - right center, Linnie Ann Reeves; left center, Jesse Harley Reeves; below right, Bryan Reeves; bottom left, Lonnie Wingo Reeves; bottom right, William Hubbard Reeves.