91st PA--orders, 27 June 1865

Orders, 27 June 1865

[source: company E orders book]

Head Qrs 3 Brig 1 Div 5th A. Corps
June 27th 1865
Special Order No 55

1 The following named enlisted men are hereby detailed for duty in the Dept. [sic] of this Brig. and will report immediately

PrivateJoseph CampbellCo "E"91st P.V.VGaurd [sic] Qr. Mr. Dept
"John L Carey" "" " "Sub. Dept.

By Command of
Col J. C. Edmonds
(Sgd) J Bankerd
Ast. Adjt Genl.

Hd Qrs 91st P. V. Vols
June 27th 1865
John L Graham
Lieut & Act Adjt.
[source: regimental orders book]

Head Qrs 91s Pa V Vols
June 27th 1865
Special Orders No 38

The following promotions are hereby ordered in this regiment to take effect from the date set opposite their respective names

CorplSimeon L Zaneto be SergtCo "A"to dateMay 1st 1865
PrivateLouis P Young" """ "" "June 1st "
"Franklin G Clough" "Corpl" "" "May 1st "
"Samuel Peberty" """ "" "" 1st "
"Thomas Hannan" """ "" "" 1st "
"John A McClure""" "" "" 1st "
"Benjamin Yeager""" "" "" 1st "
"William Volkmar""" "" "" 1st "

By Command of
Eli G Sellers
Lieut Col Comdg
sd J L Graham
Lieut & Actg Adjt

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