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Rebecca Haddan (F)

     Rebecca Haddan married John Jackson Jr., son of John Jackson and Elizabeth Cummins, on 10 April 1786.


Elizabeth R. Hadden (F)

     She married Hugh Gaston at Wilcox Co., Alabama, on 9 January 1827.


Children of Elizabeth R. Hadden and Hugh Gaston
William H. Gaston b. 1828
Martha L. Gaston b. 1830
(?) Gaston b. 1835

Mary Ann Haddon (F)

     Mary Ann Haddon married Galen McKinney.


Child of Mary Ann Haddon and Galen McKinney
Elizabeth McKinney+ b. 16 Dec 1905

Margaret Hadgin (F)

     She married Isaac Thornberry Allen. Margaret died at Indiana. Margaret was born at North Carolina.

Child of Margaret Hadgin and Isaac Thornberry Allen
Isaac Thornberry Allen Jr.+ b. Aug 1835

Mary Hadley (F)

     She married Samuel Pennock.

Child of Mary Hadley and Samuel Pennock
Moses Pennock+ b. 14 Nov 1786

Phoebe Hadock (F)
b. 1805

     From LDS files. Phoebe was born in 1805. She married David Wayne Pattison circa 1826.

Child of Phoebe Hadock and David Wayne Pattison
Thersay J. Pattison+ b. 22 Jul 1827, d. 1 Jan 1914

Jacob Haegis (M)

     He married an unknown person . Jacob was born at Germany. From Beisassen, at Sinsheim.


Child of Jacob Haegis
Judith Haegis+ b. b 1664, d. b 1690

Judith Haegis (F)
b. before 1664, d. before 1690
Pop-up Pedigree

     Judith was born at Germany before 1664. She was the daughter of Jacob Haegis. She married Hans Rudolph Spengler at Sinsheim, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany, on 16 July 1678. Judith died before 1690.


Children of Judith Haegis and Hans Rudolph Spengler
Johannes Spengler b. 14 Sep 1679
Anna Margaret Spengler b. 5 Mar 1682
Hans Kaspar Spengler+ b. 20 Jan 1684, d. b 28 Apr 1760
Anna Spengler b. 3 Mar 1686

Wenonah Ruth Hafele (F)
b. 6 May 1903, d. October 1989

     She married Edwin Roscoe Schurtter. Her body was interred at Cannelton, Perry Co., Indiana. Wenonah was born at Cannelton, Perry Co., Indiana, on 6 May 1903. Wenonah died in October 1989 at Cannelton, Perry Co., Indiana, at age 86.

Dora Mae Hafley1 (F)
b. 6 August 1913

     Dora Mae Hafley was born on 6 August 1913 at Moreland, Casey Co., Kentucky. She married Derald Levi Lahr, son of Harrison Benjamin Lahr and Ina Elizabeth Shields, on 2 January 1932 at McLean, McLean Co., Missouri.1 Dora Mae Hafley and Derald Levi Lahr were divorced.


Children of Dora Mae Hafley and Derald Levi Lahr
Carolyn Jean Lahr b. 29 Dec 1938, d. 23 Dec 19431
Marilyn Jane Lahr b. 29 Dec 1938, d. 23 Jul 19441


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