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Lavinia Ashebrenner (F)
b. 10 August 1814, d. November 1900

     Lavinia Ashebrenner was born on 10 August 1814. She married Israel Shuford, son of Jacob Shuford and Mary Blair, on 18 December 1873. Lavinia Ashebrenner died in November 1900 at age 86.

Louis Ashenber (F)

     She married George Reinhard Louden.


Children of Louis Ashenber and George Reinhard Louden
Alice Ann Louden
Dottie Lou Louden

Joseph Ashenfelder (M)

     He married Catherine Kann.


Judah Asher (F)

     Judah Asher married William Fish, son of John Fish Sr..


Children of Judah Asher and William Fish
Elizabeth Fish b. 1775
Mary Fish b. 1777
William Fish Jr.
Rebecca Fish b. 1785
Isaac Fish b. c 1786
Susannah Fish b. c 1788
John Fish b. c 1788
Dolly Fish b. c 1790
Briant Fish b. 1793

Mary Julia Athane Asher1 (F)
b. 29 August 1910, d. 22 October 2002
Pop-up Pedigree

     Mary was born at Brazil, Clay Co., Indiana, on 29 August 1910. She was the daughter of Ray John Asher and Lona Pritchard. She married Theodore Powell Baynes at Waveland, Montgomery Co., Indiana, on 31 March 1931. Mary Julia Athane Asher died on 22 October 2002 at Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana, at age 92. She was buried in October 2002 at Oak Hill Cemetery, Union Twp., Montgomery Co., Indiana.



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Ray John Asher1 (M)

     He married Lona Pritchard.


Child of Ray John Asher and Lona Pritchard
Mary Julia Athane Asher b. 29 Aug 1910, d. 22 Oct 2002


  1. [S162] Unknown compiler.

George Ashford (M)

     George Ashford married Eliza Jane Shuford, daughter of Henry Shuford and Ann "Annie" Nina Warlick, on 2 December 1856.


Glen Allen Ashford (M)
b. 15 January 1963, d. 21 April 1987

     Glen Allen Ashford was born on 15 January 1963 at Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyoming. He died on 21 April 1987 at Benton, Saline Co., Arizona, at age 24.


Odile Marie Louise Agnus Ashford1 (F)

     She married Robert Emory Strong.



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Osborn Dewitt Ashford (M)
b. 16 December 1920, d. 12 April 1996

     Osborn Dewitt Ashford was born on 16 December 1920 at Soper, Choctaw Co., Oklahoma. He died on 12 April 1996 at Evanston, Wyoming, at age 75.


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