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Lottie Robertson (F)

     She married Wade Bayard Hartley. Her body was interred at Elwood, Madison Co., Indiana, at Elwood City Cemetery.

Child of Lottie Robertson and Wade Bayard Hartley
Wilbur Verle Hartley Sr. b. Nov 1903, d. 11 Jul 1991

Mary Elizabeth Robertson (F)
b. 12 November 1844
Pop-up Pedigree

     She married (?) Douglas Dr.. Mary was born on 12 November 1844. She was the daughter of Lewis Robertson and Rebecca Jane Moffett.

Mary Tula Robertson (F)
b. 24 January 1893, d. 20 July 1915

     Mary was born on 24 January 1893. She married Art C. Moore at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 14 December 1910. Mary died on 20 July 1915 at age 22. Her body was interred in July 1915 at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, at Prosperity Cemetery.


Mary W. Robertson (F)
b. 21 October 1821, d. 29 December 1910

     Mary W. Robertson was born on 21 October 1821. She married John W. Weir, son of James McClurkin Weir and Mary Williams. Mary W. Robertson died on 29 December 1910 at age 89.


Children of Mary W. Robertson and John W. Weir
Sallie Weir b. 22 Feb 1842, d. 9 Sep 1909
Mary Jane Weir+ b. 30 Jul 1846, d. 22 Dec 1910

Nancy Jane Robertson (F)

     She married Jehu Taggart circa 1868.

Children of Nancy Jane Robertson and Jehu Taggart
Minnie N. Taggart+
Anna Matilda Taggart
Sarah Taggart

Rebecca Robertson (F)

     Rebecca Robertson married Lindsay Carson in 1796.


Child of Rebecca Robertson and Lindsay Carson
Christopher "Kit" Carson b. 1809, d. 23 May 1868

Catherine Robeson (F)

     Catherine Robeson married William Morgan, son of Edward Morgan and Elizabeth Jarman, in 1731.


Charles A. Robfogal1,2 (M)
b. 4 March 1910, d. 21 September 1993
Pop-up Pedigree

     Charles was born at Rochester, Monroe Co., New York, on 4 March 1910. He was the son of Hyman Robfogel and Jennie Dora Fisher. Charles died on 21 September 1993 at Paisley, Lake Co., Florida, at age 83. His body was interred in September 1993 at Florida.



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Hyman Robfogel (M)
b. 1872, d. 1968

     Hyman was born in 1872. He married Jennie Dora Fisher. Hyman died in 1968.


Child of Hyman Robfogel and Jennie Dora Fisher
Charles A. Robfogal+ b. 4 Mar 1910, d. 21 Sep 1993

Eliza Robinett (F)

     She married Joseph John Jr. on 5 November 1817.


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