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Resourceful Links
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ISTG Ship ListsImmigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. 1,000's of Searchable passenger lists.
German Telephone BookSearch Germany White Pages Telephone Book. (Select English.)
Ellis IslandSearch the Immigration Records at Ellis Island, NY. Try name variations.
IRADIRAD records for Cook County, IL
Lake County LibraryLake County, IN Public Library. Genealogy Room.
FT. WAYNE LIBRARYThe well-renowned ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. 2nd largest genealogy resources in the USA.
WORLD CONNECT Start Here with some tips on using World Connect, then follow the links to perform a database search for ancestor surnames.
CENSUS TABLETable showing which states were part of each census during 1790-1920.
TELEPHONE DIRECTORIESList of telephone directories on the WWW. Find your country and do a name search.
LDS SITEChurch of Latter Day Saints. Tremendous on-line data, the NEW SITE provides original birth, death, marriage documents.
GERMAN ARCHIVESList of Archives in Germany.
MESSAGE BOARDSMain directory to ROOTS Message Boards. See if anyone else has posted an inquiry about your family name. Locate a board, (international, state, county, topic) and post your own message. (No subscription needed.)
MAILING LISTSMain directory to ROOTS Mailing Lists. Anyone can browse or search the mailing lists to find a discussion on your surname, a location, or other specific topic. You must subscribe to participate/post messages.
FREE WEB ACCOUNTRequest a Free Web Account at Rootsweb.  Personal sites, groups, or localities are welcome to create and share genealogy data on their own FREE web sites.
HAMBURG EMIGRATION SITEThe Official Hamburg Emmigration web site will eventually have all passenger records on-line. Initial name search to identify a passenger is free, you will need to pay a fee if you want complete details. On-line database is growing.
INDIANA GENEALOGYGenealogy Research in Indiana to be my favorite search tool.
Click HERE for a quick tip to get better search results.
NEWBERRY LIBRARYThe Newberry Library in Chicago. Hit the "Genealogy" link.
SSGHSSouth Suburban Genealogical and Historical Society, Hazel Crest, IL.
South Chicago, IL area (Cook County, IL). "Pullman Town" data, and more.
FEHMARN ISLAND, GERMANYNice site about Genealogy on the Fehmarn Island, Germany. Over 140,000 names, searchable. Family genealogy reports on request. Photos, links, and more.
OSTEUROPA INSTITUTEThe Osteuropa Institute, Muenich. In German, but easy to search for names.
PASSENGER MICROFILMS Numerical list of the 675 rolls of microfilm at NARA, indicating passenger lists at the PORT OF NEW YORK (not Ellis) from 1820-1897. Sorry, the films can be viewed ONLY at a NARA office. (LDS & Allen County Library have the films too.) There is no index for this period.
CYNDIS LISTThe biggest reference, now with over 140,000 links to Genealogy resources.
BREMEN PASSENGER LISTSHow to investigate the Bremen Passenger Lists. This is not an on-line database.
SEARCH BREMEN 1920-1939The English page to search select years of the Bremen Passenger Lists.
BLM SITESearch records at the Bureau of Land management.
NECROLOGY DATABASESt. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, IN. Search Obit database of the South Bend Tribune, 1920-1969.
MILITARY NOTESSt. Joseph County Public Library. Search Military notes for names during WWll, or VietNam & Korean era. (1941-1979) 38,000 total entries.
Illinois Land SalesSearch the Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database. Also a link to a nice PDF map of Illinois counties and townships, showing Principle Meridians and Base Lines to help locate land areas once you have the description.
TUTORIALA tutorial to help locate land tracts in Illinois via tract maps.
GERMANY FAMILY GENEALOGYSearch some private Family Genealogy sites in Germany, by letter of surname (nachnamen). In German, but you may recognize a name.
ON LINE CENSUSWell organized access to SOME of the census data that is available on-line. Don't let "some" fool you, there are 70,000+ links here.
BUSINESS SEARCHIndiana Business Search Database
CHURCH DATAGerman Evangical Church. Click on the map to find churches in that area of Germany. Some in English, most in German. Some results produce church name, address, city, pastor, phone, fax, web site, and e-mail address.
EASTLANDThe official "Eastland Disaster Memorial" website, the cruise ship that sank at the dock in Chicago, IL., July 24, 1915. Compiled list of the 844 casualites. Names and burial locations.

LaPorte, Indiana is the County Seat of LaPorte County, for Courthouse & Health Dept. Records.
MC LIBRARYMichigan City, IN Public Library. "Indiana Room" for genealogy.
LaPorte LibraryLaPorte County, IN Public Library
LP Hist. Soc.LaPorte County, IN Historical Society Museum. Provides Genealogy assistance.
COUNTY CEMETERIESA searchable database of ALL the cemeteries in LaPorte County, Indiana. Many have photos and maps. Read / sign the guestbook. Great site.
MICHIGAN CITYDoes your research give you a need to know about, or come to, Michigan City, Indiana? (LaPorte County) NO GENEALOGY HERE, but a nice introduction to the community.
Michigan City, LaPorte County, Indiana
Please limit your inquiry to a name and date that you know was handled by
a specific Funeral Home, and they will check their records.
Carlisle Funeral Home     (219) 874-6209
Ott/Haverstock Funeral Chapel     (219) 872-7291
Root Funeral Home     (219) 874-6209
Coleman-Williams-Hicks Funeral Chapel     (219) 872-8412
www.missingmoney.comEntering a Name search by state will return the last known address if there is a match. A silly way to find a possible location of a living or decesed person(?).
Accuracy unknown. Good luck if you find some money too.
FREE TRANSLATIONSFree language translation site at Google. On-line translators provide questionable accuracy, but can help.
FORMSPrint forms to record your family data. Print blanks, or PDF format lets you key in data with your computer.
LIBRARY OF CONGRESSIf you've never been here, make a pot of coffee ..... and take your time. Millions of archives of American History. You may find something in an unusual category that relates to your family history. Practice digging into the many sub-categories. Photos, maps, scans, stories, MORE!
* The Library of Congress Link (above) produced these subjects within the topic of "advertising history".
SHIP LISTScanned documents showing the list of 1st Class Passengers aboard the RMS "VIRGINIAN", sailing from Liverpool to Quebec on 27 Aug 1913. Ship photo and other data of the voyage included. (Not a manifest list.)
FARES FOR VOYAGEScan of advertisement listing passenger fares for ALLAN LINE Ships, Liverpool to Virgina, October, 1872. Was your ancestor aboard?
RICKER'S SODA FOUNTAINNice photo at Trenton, NJ, State and Broad St., Ricker's Drug Store/Soda Fountain, May 1923. Hope the family knows about this one.
BIZARRE PRODUCTAdvertisement for an unusual coffin from 1844.
FAMOUS PIXThe most famous picture in our research.
FRETTIN' POEMFor those approaching the "Golden Years", these few words may make your day.
MISC DATA TO SHARE (On this site)
Information found and organized by your webmaster that may be of research interest.
Hope it's useful, or share a familiar name with someone you know.
OBITS74 Local Death Notices. (Transcribed, not scans) Earliest Birth shown - 1874, Poland. Latest Death - Apr. 2002. Friends of the family found in a shoe-box. Original copies available to interested families. Names range from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Iowa, California, and 1 Poland.
PASSENGER LISTSVariations of passenger names with BLISSMER spelling "BLE - BLI", transcribed from the Germans to America Passenger records, Vol 1-67. Passenger names and age, Ship names, ports, and dates.
BLIESMER FAMILY(?)A mysterious trail of name variations for a small family in LaPorte, Indiana. Leads from Germany, NY, Indiana, Illinois, California, Colorado and Arizona.. Resources cited, and a family tree guestimate. CAN YOU CONNECT TO THESE PEOPLE?

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