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About Hahn Chapel
Bollinger County, MO


The following summary is from a book(let) published by Mary L. Hahn in 1972 by Ramfre Press. Used by permission from David Earl Hahn.

The site for Hahn Chapel Church was donated by the heirs of the late Phillip Hahn by a deed dated Aug. 25, 1884 for the purpose of "building a place of worship."

Eli Hahn and Ollie Hahn, carpenters, directed acrew of skilled workmen, with everyone helping who could. Elmer Bair hewed out the sills by hand with a broad ax. Lymah Hahn, brother of Lester Paul and son of David Eli Hahn, went with his father to get pine for the church at the pinery in Madison and Wayne counties.

The church was a one-room structure with high ceilings and two doors; big rocks made the front steps. Later when the church was remodeled, the rocks were moved to the side of the building and used for an entrance there.

A chicken and dumpling supper was held to buy new pews, which were still in the building when it was sold by the Methodist Conference in 1946.

For several years the hymns were sung without musical accompaniment. An organ was purchased in 1905, the old fashioned kind that was pumped by the feet. Ollie Beach Hahn was organist for many years. The bell was probably purchased shortly after the organ. Later a piano was purchased. The old wood-burning stove was placed at the front of the church so those who were late often had to sit at the rear, where it was cold.

People rode horseback and in wagons to services; women sat on the right and men on the left. The children were expected to be quiet and attentive. Once little Lawrence Lee (Doc) Hahn, about 2, was taken outside for misbehaving. It is said he became restless and began wandering, managing to get to the platform where the preacher was speaking and put his head between the pastor's legs and peeping out, one arm around each leg.

Another story told is that once wasps were thick around the church and people were afraid of being stung. Some of the men decided to burn the wasps out with torches soaked in kerosene. The torches got rid of the wasps but also blackened the inside of the church.

Charter members of the Hahn Chapel Methodist Church were George, Eli, Ollie and Blanton Hahn plus Elbert Spencer, John Slagle, Oliver Slagle, Edward Kinder and Phillip Barks.

A cemetery near the chapel contains many graves of some old Missouri pioneers.

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