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First posted to the web 11 Nov 2000
Date Last Modified: 8Sep2018

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You may wish to look at my General Information and Introduction page. The contents are reflected in the title.

The family history information contained in the following pages are compiled from many different sources (i.e. books, microfilm, family members, family papers, and other researchers) most of them non-primary. I believe the data is reasonably reliable and any known errors have been eliminated. Some of the information is family legend or hearsay and is yet to be proven. Use the information to help your own research and be very careful in how you use it.

I have included only limited source documentation to keep the file sizes manageable. If you find an ancestor or a potential one here, I would be happy and pleased to exchange information on the surnames and families posted here. I have additional information that can help to add flesh and body to these skeleton family details. The details and the sources I have consulted are available on request. I have tried to eliminate information on living individuals for security and privacy reasons. You can contact me via E-mail E-mail me.

I am grateful for the help of the many people with whom I have had contact via E-mail, US Mail, and personal contacts and who have provided much of the information compiled herein. They are too many to acknowledge individually but my Acknowledgements page does acknowledge some of the major helps I have received and the source of many of the graphics on these pages.

I have created this WebPages for two purposes. First to provide a forum to exchange information with other researchers on the web and secondly to provide a way of passing the data I have on to my children and grandchildren.

Please forgive the "computer English" in the family genealogies. This was generated by my software program (The Master Genealogist) and I have not taken the time to go in and rewrite them into the "King's English" or even into "Jerry's English". I felt it was more useful to get the information posted as soon as possible and that I can rewrite them at a later date. All the basic genealogical information is certainly readable.

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 Our family surnames:








Allied names that appear at least 25 times (they can be found with the included search engine Search button   include  Smith, Westervelt, Gregory, Williams, Palmer, Demarest, Phillips, Murphy, and Cole. There are many other surnames that appear numerous times.

1. Baxter 2. Cahill 3. Campbell 4. Clifford 5. Fahey 6. Quinn 7. Sughrue

[+++ = Jerry's lineage while ooo = Lil's lineage. ]

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Prepared with The Master Genealogist (TMG) and "Complete Idiots Guide to Creating a Web Page" by Paul McFedries. Helpful suggestions and leads were found on Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit and at the Genealogy Freepages on

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