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Sedgebrook Lincolnshire 1841 Census

Sedgebrook 1841 Census

English Counties Delineated by Thomas Moule states that:-
Sedgebrook - 4 miles West from Grantham in 1837 contains 39 houses and 230 inhabitants.

Film Number. HO107/622/5/pages 3-7

The 1841 Census was taken on June 6th and ages were recorded as follows :- All ages up to 15 were recorded as given but ages over 15 were rounded up or down to the nearest 5 years. Hence someone giving 57 for an age would be recorded as 60 and someone who was 52 would be recorded as 50. The place of birth is not given, just a Yes or a No for whether they were born in the County or not.

I have indexed this with the head of household under the alphabetical listing, however others in the household may well be out of alphabetical order so use FIND under the EDIT menu to search for known names.The film has been especially hard to read and I am sure there will be mistakes, please check for yourselves with the originals, if you do find mistakes I would be pleased to consider altering my text.

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Mary Allen/65/Publican/Yes
Elizabeth Allen/30/Yes
Ann Allen/25/Yes
John Allen/35/Yes
Mary Allen/5/No

George Auckland/20/A Lab/Yes
Alice Auckland/20/Yes

John Auckland/50/-----?/Yes
Mary Auckland/45/Yes
Elizabeth Auckland/15/Yes
William Auckland/12/Yes
Adnall Burroughs/50/Gardener/Yes

Henry Auckland/25/Ag Lab/Yes
Ann Auckland/35/Yes


Elinor Bainbridge/75/Farmer/Yes
Lidia Laughton/70/Yes
Henry Luder ?/15/yes

Wm Blackburn/40/Ag Lab/Yes
Elizabeth Blackburn/35/Yes
Thomas Blackburn/13/Yes
Richard Blackburn/12/Yes
Robert Blackburn/20/Yes
Eliza Blackburn/8/Yes
Juleeth Blackburn/5/Yes
Benjamin Blackburn/5/Yes
Harriett Blackburn/4/Yes
Wm Blackburn/2/Yes
Mary Blackburn/1/Yes

Edmond Brewster/40/Farmer/No
Catherine Brewster/40/Yes
Samuel Brewster/25/No
Sarah Mount?/35/F.S./Yes

More about Edmo[u]nd & Catherine Brewster
Married at Sedgebrook Parish Church. The entry reads:- Edmund Brewster of this parish
married by Banns to Catherine Ward of the Parish of Barrowby 23/Nov/1836.
Witnesses Mary Stennett & Josh Burroughs

Mark Burroughs/40/Farmer/Yes
Thos Richards/25/Sch ? Man/yes
Mary Tinley/30/F.S./No
Mary Tinley/20/No

William Burton/45/Ag Lab/Yes
Mary Burton/35/Yes
Thomas Burton/13/Yes
Elizabeth Burton/7/Yes
Sarah Burton/3/Yes
Ann Burton/10 months/Yes

More about William & Mary Burton
Married at Sedgebrook Parish Church. The entry Reads:- William Burton of this parish
married by Banns 14/May/1823 to Mary Marshall of this parish.
Witnesses John Stennett & Josh Burroughs.


Thos Cant/35/Shoe M/Yes
Eliz Cant/45/No
Sarah Cant/13/Yes
Ann Cant/10/Yes
John Cant/7/Yes
Elizabeth Cant/5/Yes


Thos Denison/30/Ag Lab/Yes
Sarah Denison/30/No
John Denison/9/Yes
Elzth Denison/7/Yes
George Denison/5/Yes
Wm Denison/3/Yes
Henry Denison/8 months/Yes

George Dennis/35/Ag Lab/Yes
Ann Dennis/35/Yes
John Dennis/11/Yes
Lucy Dennis/9/Yes
Thomas Dennis/6/Yes
Sarah Dennis/4/Yes
Mathew Dennis/1/Yes

George Denniss/70/Cottager/Yes
Matthew Denniss/30/Yes
Sarah Denniss/25/Yes


James Exton/50/Yes
Mary Exton/60/Yes
Eliz Exton/2/Yes


William Fisher/55/Ag Lab/Yes
Mary Fisher/50/Yes
Catherine Fisher/55/Yes

More about William & Mary Fisher
Married at Sedgebrook Parish Church. The entry reads:- Mary Bond of this parish
married by Banns 24/Nov/1813 to William Fisher of this parish.
Witnesses Susanna Stennet & Josh Burroughs.


Leonard Gibson/70/Ag Lab/Yes
John Gibson/30/Ag Lab/Yes
Mary Gibson/35/Yes
Ann Gibson/5/Yes

George Gordon/75/Dean of Lincoln/No
Sarah Gordon/75/Yes
Joseph Shore/50/M.S./No
Samuel Brown?/20/No
Richardson ?/20/F.S./Yes
James Hodson/40/Yes
Elzabeth Schofield/40/Yes
Ann Hull/35/Yes

William Green/55/Yes
Ann Green/40/Yes
Harriett Green/10?/Yes
Jane Green/6/Yes
Benjamin Green/3/Yes
George Ayto/20/Yes
Frances Ayto/21/Yes

Joseph Grey/35/Ag Lab/Yes
Mary Grey/40/Yes


Ann Handley/50/Grocer/Yes
Robert Handley/20/Carpenter/Yes
Ann Handley/20/Yes
Andrew Handley/12/Yes
Mary Handley/9/Yes

James Handley/25/Ag Lab/Yes
Elizabeth Handley/25/Yes
John Handley/7/Yes

John Handley/35/Yes
Jane Handley/25/Yes
Mary Handley/11/Yes
John Handley/9/Yes
William Handley/6/Yes
Elizabeth Handley/3/Yes
Sarah Handley/7 months/Yes

William Handley/30/Grocer?/No
Sarah Handley/30/No

Joseph Hayto/50/Ag Lab/Yes
Wm Hayto/25/Yes
Mary Hayto/15/Yes
Thomas Hodgson/50/Ag Lab/Yes
William Hodgson/25/Yes
Mary Hodgson/25/Yes
Anna Gerrard?/13/Yes
John Hodgson/3/Yes
George Hodgson/1/Yes

John Hooton/25/Ag Lab/Yes
Mary Hooton/30/No

Jos Hooton/55/Ag Lab/Yes
Elizabeth Hooton/65/Yes


James Jackson/45/Cottager/Yes
Frances Jackson/45/Yes
John Jackson/12/Yes
Frances Jackson/10/Yes
Elizabeth Jackson/9/Yes
Thos Jackson/8/Yes


John Lee/29/Farmer/Yes
James Lee/25/Yes
Ann Lee/70/Yes
Elizabeth Lee/30/Yes
John Southern/25/M.S./Yes
Thos Chapman/15/Yes
Thos Hudson?/15/Yes
William Leeson/14/M.S./Yes
Frances James?/20/Yes
Jane Dennis/15/Yes

Sarah Lee/26/Cottager/Yes
Richard Lee/8/Yes
Wm Lee/3/Yes
Ann Lee/6/Yes
Thomas Scot/60/Ag Lab/Yes
Robert Hutchenson/45/Ag Lab/Yes
Elizabeth Hutchenson/50/Yes


Charles North/50/Ag Labourer/Yes
Ann North/40/Yes
Elizabeth North/13/Yes
Martha North/11/Yes
Sarah North/9/Yes
Ann North/6/Yes
Eliza North/2/Yes
John North/4/Yes
George North/2 months/Yes

Richard North/50/Gardener/Yes
Ann North/35/Yes
Mary North/11/Yes
Eliza North/10/Yes
Richard North/8/Yes
Hannah North/5/Yes
William North/4/Yes
James North/1/Yes


Thomas Paling/50/Ag Lab/Yes
Elizabeth Paling/50/Yes

William Park/50/Ag Lab/Yes
Ann Park/45/Yes
Susannah Park/20/Yes

Rebecca Pulling/50/Yes


Wm Rider/55/Cottager/Yes
John Noutch/30/Carpenter/Yes
Isabella Noutch/35/Yes
James Noutch/2/Yes
Ephram Noutch/2/Yes
Wm Noutch/15/-? App/Yes

George Robinson/25/Farmer/Miller/Yes
Elizabeth Robinson/20/Yes
John Hardy/25/Yes
John Dewmont ?/25/M.S./Yes
James Renton or Newton?/15/Yes
Cathr Remmington?/25/F.S./Yes
Elzth Green/15/Yes

John Rowbottom/50/Ag Lab/Yes
Amy Rowbottom/55/Yes

Richard Ryder/50/Ag Lab/Yes
Alice Ryder/40/Yes
Sarah Ryder/12/Yes
Catherine Ryder/10/Yes
Alice Ryder/8/Yes
Richard Ryder/7/Yes
John Ryder/6/Yes
Harriett Ryder/4/Yes
Robert Ryder/2/Yes
James Ryder/1 month/Yes


William Scofield/60/Cottager/Yes
Mary Schofield/60/Yes
William Schofield/25/Yes
Wm Schofield/11/Yes
Harriet Schofield/9/Yes

Wm Shipman/50/Farmer/No
Allice Shipman/25/No
William Shipman/14/Y
John Shipman/12/Yes
Tho J Shipman/9/No
T E Wilson/9/Yes
Eliz Simpson/25/F.S./Yes
Mary Bullman ?/20/Yes
Robt Gibson/35/M.S./Yes
Henry Auckland/15/Yes
James Handley/15/Yes
John Hews/15/Yes

Joseph Simons/50/Shoemaker/Yes
Sarah Simons/65/Yes
Ann Simons/25/Yes
John Simons/12/Yes
Sarah Simons/7/Yes
James Simons/5/Yes
Eliza Simons/1/Yes

John Stennett/45/Ag Lab/Yes
Lettia Stennett/40/Yes
Thos Stennett/12/Yes
Mary Stennett/9/Yes
Richard Stennett/6/Yes
Elizabeth Stennett/2/Yes


William Turney/70/----?/Yes Mary Turney/75/Yes
Mary Turney/45/Yes

William Turney/45/----?/Yes
Susannah Turney/45/Yes
Elizabeth Turney/20/Yes
John Turney/15/Yes
Martha Turney/15/Yes
Robert Turney/10/Yes
Nathaniel Turney/10/Yes
Hannah Turney/8/Yes
Thomas Turney/5/Yes


Joseph Ward?/50/---------?/Yes
Mary Ward?/25/Yes
Joseph Goodacre/14/No/
Wm Rowbottom/15/M.S./Yes
Mary Cottrell/25/F.S./Yes
Sarah Paling/20/Yes

John Wing/60/Farmer/Yes
James Wing/50/Farmer/Yes
Mary Nixon/40/F.S./No
Ellen Brown/25/F.S./Yes
Mary Bates ?/15/F.S./Yes
William ---?/25/Yes
John Blyth/15/Yes
Thomas Exton/15/Yes

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