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I will start the ball rolling :-
I am looking for any TURNEY descendants from the area. Other names that also interest me who have married into the family are:- IMESON, PALETHORPE - [I am particularly interested in finding what happened to THOMAS TURNEY who married ANN PALETHORP[E]], TONGUE, EMINSON, MORTON [may be London connection], BATES [Halifax West Yorks connection], STENNETT, GOODMAN, ROYCE, HANDLEY, ISAAC & RAGSDALE. Please email me on the link above if you wish to contact me.

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The furthest I have got back is to the marriage of my 4x great grandparents George Dennis and Sarah Bullock in 1795, although I suspect both families were in the area for some years beforehand. The last of my Dennis's that I know of born Sedgebrook was my grandfather John Henry Dennis in 1911. Although I haven't done much research yet on the Bullocks, I would be interested in any connections to either family. Also the Mowbray family from Loughborough who settled in Sedgebrook and Allington in the 1850's. Their daughter Lydia born c.1832 married John Dennis in 1857. There is an entry for her as Lydia Dennis in Kelly's directory of 1913 as a cow keeper. Which is pretty good going for a lady in her 80's!


Rider/Ryder Family
Wanting any information on Gervas( e) and Ann( e) Rider (Ryder). I have further information on their son John Ryder (1785 - 1867) who was my ancestor and am happy to share this but only have information about the other children as shown in Sedgebrook parish records.
All information gratefully received.
Keith Palfreyman

Saunders Family of Sedgebrook
Elizabeth Saunders was baptised at Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire 11 Jan 1775, daughter of Samuel and Eliz(s)abeth Saunders.
She was the third child of five children:
Sarah, bapt 2 Sept 1770.
Robert, bapt 12 Feb 1772.
Elizabeth, bapt 11 Jan 1775.
Ann(e), bapt 7 Sept 1777.
Ester, bapt 26 March 1780.
These records come from the Parish Register (thanks to Elizabeth Hampson) and are in the IGI. Elizabeth Hampson also provided data on three burials:
Ester Saunders, 28 March 1780. (see also IGI)
Samuel Saunders, 1 April 1788.
Elizabeth Saunders,1 Dec 1812.

The will of Elizabeth Saunders is listed, LCC Wills 1812/267.
I am looking for the marriage of Samuel and Elizabeth and the baptism of Samuel Saunders.
Elizabeth Saunders, born circa 1775, married Joseph Johnson at Beckingham, Lincolnshire on 8 June 1808 (the transcript of Loveden Deanery Marriages has her as Elizabeth Sanders and just gives the year of marriage � the exact date is from a transcript received from Rex Johnson). Joseph and Elizabeth had five children all baptised at Coddington, Lincolnshire: Ann, 23 February 1810*; George Walker, 10 Nov. 1811*; Sarah, 29 August 1813; Joseph, 20 August 1815 and Thomas, 21 September 1817 (* ex Maureen Whelan others ex IGI). I am a descendant of Joseph Johnson born ca. 1815, who moved to Thanet, Kent. His brother, George Walker emigrated to Australia in 1839 and settled in Kyneton, Victoria and was later elected to the State Legislative Assembly. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone with an interest in the Saunders family
Clive Boyce

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