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The following paragraphs are pieces of information I found which refer in any way to education in Sedgebrook. Many are found in Directories for the given years and a "Google Books Search" discovers many instances in books they have scanned. I have added some notes such as the teachers names when I have found them myself in the census.

Biographical History of Gonville & Caius College
Markham - Anthony son of John Markham Esq., born at Sedgebrook (Sidbrooke), Lincolnshire. At School there under Mr Gilder. "Adolescens optimee spei" Age 17 admitted fellow commoner. April 19 1594 Surety Mr William Rant, Fellow of Gonville & Caius College).

A School founded by Dame Margaret Thorold in 1717 containing 15 children on the foundation. The Master of which has �15 a year, proceeding from certain lands, he however receives occasional donations from the Thorold family for which he instructs all the poor children of the parish.

This charity supports in the giving of monetary grants the education and training of young people in Marston, Sedgebrook and Cranwell.
Monetary grants for people from Sedgebrook, Marston and Syston & Marston.

A History of the Charity from Reports from Commissioners 1826.
The origin of this charity is testified by a deed poll dated 16th March 1716 whereby the Honourable Dame Margaret Thorold appointed Sir Gerard Conyers, Henry Temple, Benjamin Woolley, Edward Clives, and William Jones, minister of the parish of Mortlake, to be trustees for disposing of a charity given by her of �260., for the purchasing of lands in or near to the said town of Mortlake, to them and their heirs for ever, upon the trusts after Mortlake and she thereby directed the said trustees, or any three of them, whilst such purchase was made, to put out the said money at interest on government security, East-India bonds, or other good security, to be approved of by the said Dame Margaret during her life, and after her death then with the consent of the majority of the said trustees. But when there should remain but two of the said trustees living, besides the minister for the time being of the said parish, who was thereby appointed always to be one of the said trustees, then they were to meet in the vestry, and choose two more trustees out of the best men of the said parish, by majority of voices of the said trustees then living, and so from time to time for ever; and she appointed that the said trustees, or the major part of them, together with the churchwardens of the said parish for the time being, should yearly upon All Saints- day, out of the interest and product of the said principal money, until such intended purchase should be made, and then out of the rents of the said purchased lands, pay 6/., free from all taxes, to be equally divided to six poor old men of the parish not receiving alms of the said parish, whereof the clerk for the time being should always be one, and the residue of the said interest or profits to be paid to the minister of the parish ; and this to be upon condition, that no other person should be buried in the vault in Mortlake Church, where the late Honourable Francis Coventry was then buried, except the said Dame Margaret; and if it should otherwise happen, then the said Dame Margaret directed that the product of all the said money, and the rents and profits of all the said lands, should go to and be disposed of by the said trustees, from time to time, for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Barnes, in the county of Surrey, and of the minister and clerk of the said last-mentioned parish, in the manner before appointed for the poor and the minister and clerk of Mortlake. This donation was laid out in the purchase of 230/. new South-Sea annuities, which has been seen to form a part of the consolidated fund above particularized. Of the dividends, amounting to 61. 18s. per annum, the sum of 61. is applied to the relief of six poor men of the parish not receiving alms (the clerk being one) in sums of 1 /. each, and the remainder is paid to the minister by a deed-poll, dated the 16th March. Dame Margaret 1716, whereby the Honourable Dame Margaret Thorold appointed Sir Gerard Thorold's Charity.

Parliamentary Papers, Great Britain Parliament, [House of Commons] 1835
Sedgebrook Parish, Population 252. One Daily School, endowed by Dame Margaret Thorold, the widow of Sir John Thorold bart for the instruction of the poor children of this parish. The number of whom is at present 36 of both sexes. One Sunday school supported by the Rector, the Dean of Lincoln and attended by 36 children of both sexes.

Joseph Burroughs who lived in Sedgebrook and died in January 1837 was possibly a schoolmaster at Sedgebrook school. (According to his will).
Thomas Richards was a schoolmaster in Sedgebrook in 1842 and listed in the Whites Gazetteer and again in the 1851 census.
Samuel Folkett & his wife Harriet were schoolmaster and schoolmistress in 1861
Samuel Folkett was a schoolmaster at Sedgebrook in 1871.

A Public Elementary School was erected in 1875 for 70 children.
Louisa Upton, Head Teacher Elementary School (1891 Census)
Miss Eliza Harrison, Mistress at the Public Elementary School. (Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1896)
Anne M Harrison was a schoolmistress in 1901.
Harriet Esther Clarke Schoolmistress (Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1889).
Mrs A Coupland, Mistress of the Public Elementary School. (Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1913)

From Lincolnshire Homes & Gardens The Middle Class School In 1882 the Grammar School, was built by the Thorold Charity trustees near the old village school together with a master's house and that building today is home to Nick and Sam Wade. In 1905 it became a secondary school for boys of the surrounding area. For many years the school employed a man of renown, G. W. Preston, as science master (the purpose-built Art and Science block still stands). Preston had previously taught science at King's School Grantham but he was dismissed without notice or payment after a disagreement with the governors. As a result of this injustice he made a fight through legal channels for school teachers' rights that resulted in a change of law establishing masters' rights to proper notice and compensation. In 1900 this hero of the teaching world became employed as Science Master at Sedgebrook Grammar School where he taught for nineteen years until the Grammar School was absorbed into King's School. Preston then transferred back to his old position where he taught for another four years until his retirement.

From The History of Sedgebrook by The Rev Hugh Selwyn Taggart M.A.written in 1928
It would be impossible to trace the various changes that have been made in this Trust since its creation. In 1820 the Village School was rebuilt by the Trustees of the Charity. In 1879 the Grammar School was built by Messrs Challands of Bottesford from a part of the Endowment of the Trust. There was, but one Headmaster from 1882 to 1919 when the school closed. Mr Frank Upton opened the school with 4 boys and finished with nearly 100. He was a very successful Head and many still living in Grantham and the neighboring villages speak with pride both of their Master and of the school. A good proportion of the boys attending the school took Entrance Scholarships at Cambridge and mionor Universities and for many years the Grammar School filled a distinct want in the district.

Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire
The Middle Class School erected in 1882 with Master's house by the Thorold Charity Trustees at a cost of �1,100 attached to the school are exhibitions & scholarships open to boys born in Sedgebrook and various neighbouring parishes: Frank Upton M.A. Head Master Public Elementary School erected in 1875 by the Trustees of Lady Thorold's Charity (see Marston) at a cost of about �500 for 70 children - average attendance 40. Supported in part by the endowment. Miss Harriet Esther Clarke, Mistress. Mrs A Coupland, Mistress Public Elementary School.

In 1908, there were 75 boys attending and it became a Secondary School in 1913.

Burton, John, Schoolmaster at Sedgebrook- Appointment 3/5/1718
Samuel Folkett was schoolmaster at Sedgebrook in 1881.
Frank Upton was Headmaster in 1891 [entered Cambridge Easter 1879].
William L. Robinson was an Assistant teacher in the 1891 Census. (Born in Sedgebrook)
W. A. Rossler was an Assistant teacher in 1891 (born Berlin).
G.W. Preston M.A. Assistant Master 1896 (Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire) see note above.
T.J.Stokes Assistant Master 1896 (Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire)
J.A. Pocock (Art) Assistant Master (Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire
Frank Upton was Headmaster of the Secondary School in 1901.
Robert C B Shaw Assistant Master of Secondary School in 1901.

The 1911-20 letter books from Dame Margaret Thorold's Grammar School, Sedgebrook, can be found at Nottinghamshire Archives.
Lincolnshire Homes and Gardens

'Sedgebrook' 8 FANE 1/24 c.1910-1920 These documents are held at Lincolnshire Archives 6 Items Contents: Letter relating to proposals to make Sedgebrook school a centre for agricultural education, 1920; Board of Education scheme for Dame Margaret Thorold's Grammar School, Sedgebrook, 1911, accounts and estimates of accounts, 1906-1910, 1913, 1918.

The Times Newspaper Dec 11th 1890
Mr Mainwaring reported that the result of the annual examination for the Societies 10 Scholarships which took place last month had been that 16 of the 40 candidates had passed in all subjects and had obtained the number of marks necessary to qualify them for the Society Scholarship and certificates. Among the 10 successful candidates to receive the scholarship was William Austin Robinson of Sedgebrook School near Grantham.

The Times Newspaper December 13th 1894
Mr Mainwaring reported 32 competitors at the Society Junior examination on Nov 13 & 14 last the following 20 had succeded in satisfying the examiners. C.E.Duckering was named as from Sedgebrook School.

The following supplied by Clive Boyce: Alfred Robert Godfrey. Entered: Michs. 1895 Matric. APop(p1,190,228); Non-Coll. Michs. 1895. [School, Sedgbrook Grammar, Grantham, and at Nottingham University College and London University; County Council Scholar of Kesteven; Leathersellers' Scholar.] B.A. 1898; M.A. 1903. Assistant Master at Sedgbrook Grammar School, for four years; at Kirkham Grammar School, for three years. Head Master of Appleby Grammar School, Leics., 1901-4. Ord. deacon (Bp Mitchinson) 1902; priest (Peterb.) 1903; C. of Appleby, Leics., 1902-4. C. of St Michael and All Angels, Northampton, 1904-8. C. of Finedon, Northants., 1908-12. V. of Carbrooke, Norfolk, 1912-25. V. of St Margaret's, Thornbury, Yorks., 1925-32. V. of Austwick, 1932-43. (Crockford; Schoolmasters' Directories.) ex Cambridge Alumni from,

Lincolnshire Chronicle Fri 19 June 1896
Success of a Kesteven Scholar - W. Austin Robinson who holds a Kesteven County Scholarship tenable at Cambridge has successfully passed his final B.A. examination and the degree will shortly be conferred upon him. Mt Robinson gained the scholarship while a scholar at the Sedgebrook School.

Pall Mall Gazette Saturday June 18 1898
Yet another student has climbed the ladder from the elementary school to the University. Mr Alfred R. Godfrey, the penultimate of the Senior Optimes, and the highest of the non-collegiates in the Tripos, received his early education at the Barrowby (Lincolnshire) National School and the Sedgebrook National School, then obtaining a Kesteven county scholarship, with which he proceeded first to Nottingham University School and subsequently to Cambridge, where he also won a Clothworkers' Exhibition.

The Times Newspaper January 16th 1904
University Intelligence - Cambridge January 15th
At Queen's College today the following have been elected to entrance scholarships:- For Mathematics ; H.C.Kent Sedgebrook Grammar School �30. [others listed but not used here]

Grantham Journal 23rd January 1904 � Sedgebrook School.
Henry Charles Kent, of Great Gonerby, at present a student in the above school, has just been awarded an Open Entrance Mathematical Scholarship at Queen�s College, Cambridge. As the competition this year has been very keen � the Public Schools having sent up great numbers � Sedgebrook may be congratulated on having thus far produced the only successful candidate in the neighbourhood of Grantham. H.C.Kent, who owes his success to the able Mathematical Master of Sedgebrook School (mr G W Preston) is also an undergraduate of London University having passed the Inter B.Sc. (1st devision) in June, 1902 at the earliest possible age of 17 years. He was formerly a Kesteven County Council Junior scholar.

Grantham Journal 2nd July 1904
University of Durham � The Gladstone Prize for 1904 has been awarded to Mt T H Holt-Hughes, of the Durham College of Science, Newcastle-on-Tyne, a former pupil at Sedgebrook. Subject of thesis � �The Attitude of the City of London during the Great Civil War 1642-1649�. Subject of examination � conomic changes in Europe 1830-1870. The Gladstone prize is open to all Final Students in History, and is awarded on the results of a thesis showing original historical research and of an examination. It is the only historical prize in the University open to under graduates. The length of Mr Holt-Hughes� thesis was 18,000 words.

Grantham Journal 30 July 1904
University Success. Two Bottesford candidates � Fred Drury and Walter Baines � were successful at the recent matriculation examination on London University, the former being placed in the first division and the latter gaing a position in the 2nd division. Both were students at Sedgebrook School. Arthur Calcraft, who gained a junior county scholarship from Bottesford School, has also been awarded an intermediate county scholarship from Sedgebrook School.

The Times Newspaper March 25th 1907
University Intelligence - Cambridge March 23rd, at Selwyn College the following elections have been made to Scholarships. E.J. Lush of Sedgebrook, Grantham for Natural Sciences. [others named but not listed here].

Follow this link to "The Joiner's Tale" by Michael Sewell and his father Vern Edward Sewell, and read about the Grantham area and how Vern went to school in Sedgebrook until its closure in 1919. The Joiner's Tale

The following is a school report from Sedgebrook School belonging Vern Edward Sewell for the year 1919. Download PDF
With thanks to Michael Sewell for providing me with this and the photographs.

Vern Edward Sewell 1908 Vern Edward Sewell 1931

from Kings School, Grantham chapter 12
In 1919 Sedgebrook School closed and many pupils and some teachers moved to this school including George Wooler Preston who had been sacked in 1899 (the previous Headmaster had appointed them and he was told his appointment terminated with his. Later he was paid �50 as an Honorarium.He remained here until he retired in 1923.

Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemists Vol 74-76
John Arthur Heald died 6th April 1950 in his 57th year. Educated at Sedgebrook Grammar School, Grantham, he entered University College, Nottingham in 1912. He enlisted in the Royal Engineers in 1914 and served in "E" Special Coy in France, being mentioned in despatches and was awarded the Military Cross.

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