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Church of St Lawrence (Sedgebrook Lincolnshire) Memorial Inscriptions

Church of St Lawrence Memorial Inscriptions.

All inscriptions found in St Lawrence unless otherwise stated. Gravestones recorded from the original graveyard, only a small number taken from the newer section. Notes in Italic text are information provided from the parish register or other sources. Not all graves are recorded as some have no inscriptions left, they are worn away. Please do not rely on my transcriptions, check for yourselves. I am not infallible !!!

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Inside the Church : Here lieth interred the body of/Anne Allam/the wife of Mr Tho Allam/she departed this life/by a cancer/on the 26 day of April AD1727/aged 37 years.
(Thomas Allam was the schoolmaster)
Here/lieth the body of/John Allen/who departed this life/Sept 13/1762/aged 48 years.

Inside the Church : Sacred to the Memory of/Mary the/wife of ---- Annis/of ----/who departed this life May 7th 1778 in the eighty second year of her age.
(Mary was a widow and came from Barrowby)
In Loving Memory/of/Henry Parnham Auckland/who died April 20th 1898/aged 77 years/also of Elvira/wife of the above/who died July 27th 1901/aged 81 years. Thy Will Be Done
Christened Henry Pasham Oakland, was a coal merchant)(Elvira was Dickinson before her marriage)
The following three inscriptions were found in the churchyard in Allington.

In Loving Memory of/Frederick/son of Charles and Ann Aukland/who died Dec 19 1879 aged 13/Also of their daughter Hannah Pearson/who died Nov 21st 1899 aged 31.

In Loving Memory of/Charles Aukland/who died Jan 17 1919/aged 82 years./Also Ann his beloved wife/who died Dec 5th 1916/aged 80.

In Loving Memory of/John Aukland/Died 1st Nov 1942/aged 68 (or 88)/also of Clara/beloved wife of the above.

In Loving Memory of/William/the beloved husband of Ellen Ayto/ who died November 3rd 1879/aged 38 years.

In Loving Memory of/----/----/aged 6? years. Also of George Ayto/son of the above/who departed this life/January 5th 1871/aged 26 years.

The following Ayto grave was found in the newer section of the graveyard across the road from the church

Gertrude May Ayto/Bn 14 May 1899/Died 10 Aug 1990.
Albert Leeson Ayto/Born 21 Sept 1901/Died 8 Sep 1963.
Dau Ena Born 22 Oct 1920/Died 8 Oct 1974.

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Broken Cross - Blanche dearly beloved/child of/Charles and Agnes Bell/Born Sep 13 1902/Died March ?? 1907.

In Memory of/Edmund Brewster/Born October 21 1799/Died August 17 1871.

In hopes/of a blessed immortality/are here deposited/the remains of/Catherine/wife of/Edmund Brewster/who departed this life/October 10th 1855.
(Catherine was "Ward" before she married Edmund Brewster).
In/Loving Memory of/Mary Ann Bromhead/who departed this life/Decr 23rd 1901/aged 63 years

In Loving Memory of/John Robert Bromhead/who died January 27th 1910/aged 69 years.
Inside the Church : Here lieth the body of/Mrs Jane Brown the wife of/Mr William Brown/who departed this life Jun 13th/1766 in the 47th year of her age/also Jane, Mary and George/son and Daus of the above/who died in their minority/Likewise Ann Brown/dau of the above/Wm and Jane Brown/who departed this life/Dec 31st 1771/aged 15 years.
(This family were from Easthorpe Parish, Barrowby)
Sacred to the Memory of/Margaret Bull/who died August 4th 1903/aged 78 years/also William Bull/who died August 14th 1905/aged 77 years.

Inside the church : To the Memory of/Robert Burton/who departed this life Jul 29th 1793/aged 68 years/also Alice relict of/Robert Burton/who departed this life/May 12 1815/aged 75 years/near this place lieth interred the remains of/William Burton/son of the above/who died Oct 27th 1796/aged 30 years.

To the Memory of/John Burton/son of Robert/and Alice Burton/who died in his infancy/December 6th 1774/also Alice Burton/who died in her infancy.
(Alice was born 24.1.1778 and buried 4.3.1778)
In Loving Memory of/William Burton/who died 26th November 1875/aged 79 years/also of Mary/his wife/who died 2nd March 1887/aged 82 years.

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In Affectionate/Remembrance of/James Carthridge/who died May 9th 1865/aged 34 years. Also of Mary Ann/daughter of the above/who died Sept 10th 1860/aged 2 years. Also of Thomas son of/the above/who died June 6th 1865/aged 3 years.

Here lieth the body of/Mary Chamberlain/wife of Thomas Chamberlain she/departed this life/October 27th 1704 and/in the 27th year of her/age.

Frances Mary/the beloved child of/Thomas Rand/Edith J Clarke/died Oct 7th 1912/ aged 10 months.

In/Memory of/Sarah daughter/of John and Mary Christian/who died April 8 1810/aged 18 years.

In Loving Memory of/Jane/the beloved wife of/Tom Jordan Clover/who departed this life/on June 10th 1930/aged 63 years.also of the above named/Tom Gordon Clover/who died 17th June 1938/aged 78 years.

In Memory of/Robert Collingway [PR says Collingwood]/who departed this life/September 21st 1787/aged 69 years/Mary Collingw----/wife of the above/who died November 18th 1770.

In Memory of/Elizabeth beloved wife of/George Cowdell/who died February 10th -----?/aged 70 years/also of/George Cowdell/who died on the 10th February 1820/aged 60 years.

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To the Memory of/John Dennis/who died/Feb 6th 1783/in the 27th year of his age.

To the Memory of/William Dunsmore/son of the late William/and Sarah Dunsmore/of Scalford/he died Aug 14 1789/aged 45 years.

Aston Dennis/ Granger/Born 12th October 1910/Died 2nd September 1997.

Aston was a descendant of Sir John Turney of Nottingham through his daughter, Helena Topham Turney. He was very interested in family history and desperately wanted to connect the Nottingham Turney�s with the Sedgebrook Turneys. Something I would like to do too. !!! However I have not been able to find any connection with this family as yet. I have been trying for 25 years.
When Aston died he was buried in the churchyard amongst those he thought to be his family. Maybe they will turn out to be our family one day but sadly not through the line that Aston recorded.

Aston and I are 3rd cousins, once removed. Our common ancestor is Sir John Turney�s Grandfather William Turney who married Elizabeth Bayley who originated from Cheshire. Aston�s line is traced through their son John and my line is traced through their son David.

In Memory of/Joseph Gray/who died/June 22nd/1877/aged 73 years.

In Loving Memory/of/Marjorie Grist/Born Oct 15th 1901/Died Nov 5th 1902.

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Sacred to the Memory of/Henry Handley/Schoolmaster/late of Bottesford/who died October 17th 1840/in the 70th year of/his age/also of Eleanor wife of/the above who died/December 23rd 1859/aged 82 years.

In/Loving Memory of/Sarah/the beloved wife of/Frederick Handley/who entered into rest/March 16th 1904/aged 65 years.

The following Handley graves were found in Allington churchyard.

In Affectionate Remembrance of/William Handley/who died Feb 27th 1896/aged 73.

In Loving memory of/Mary Ann/beloved wife of Charles William Handley/died 9th June 1933/aged 76 years.

In Loving Memory of/Charles William Handley/died 28th July 1951/aged 91.

Sarah/wife of William Hodson/late of Barkston-le-Willows/who departed this life/December 19th 1888/aged 61 years.

Here lies buried/the eartly remains of/----rd Hollingworth/who departed this life/ ----ary the 30th 1744/in the 67th year/of his age.

In Memory of/Elizabeth Hough/daughter of the late/Richd Henry Hough/Rector of Red Mile/in the County of/Leicester/who died 17th August/1826/aged 84 years.

In Memory of/Mary the wife of/George Hubbard/who departed this life/March 11th 1771/aged 28 years.
(Mary was "Allen" before she married George Hubbard, a butcherof West Allington.)
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In Loving Memory of/John Jackson/who died February 6th 1913/aged 83 years.

In Loving Memory of/Thomas William Jackson/who died May 8th 1918/aged 49 years.

In/Loving Remembrance of/Robert Jackson/who died Dec 28th 1888/aged 53 years.

In Loving Memory of/Ann widow of/Robert Jackson/who died Jany 24th 1925/aged 87 years.

In/Loving Memory of/James Jackson/who died/September 19th 1893/aged 22 years.

Sacred to the Memory of/Ann Jackson/Kennewell/the daughter of/Isabella Noutch/who died April 16th/1840/aged 15 years.

Inside the Church : Johannes Jenison. (All that remains of the inscription, however it may be the entry in the parish register which reads : Jonison Mr John bur 31.12.1714. A batchilor and late Minister.

In/Loving Memory/of/William Johnson/who died Dec 7th 1908/aged 80 years/ Also Ann/his beloved wife/who died Octr 10th 1905/aged 74 years.

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Sacred to the Memory of/John Laine/who died June 19th/1806/aged 49 years.

Sacred to the Memory of/Anne wife of/John Laine/who died/Nov 24th 1831/aged 80 years/also/William Laine/son of the above who died/at Alresford Hampshire/May 14th 1836/aged 50 years.

In Memory of/Elizabeth Laine/dau of John and/ Ann Laine/died March 2nd 1814/aged 19 years.

Sacred/to the Memory of/William Lee/who died 21st March 1837/aged 62 years.

Sacred/to the Memory of/William Lee/son of/William and Ann Lee/who died 18th June 1834/aged 23 years.

Sacred to the Memory of/John Lee/son of William and Ann Lee/who departed this life/October 13th/1847/aged 35 years.

Sacred/ to the Memory of/Richard Lee/son of/William and Ann Lee/who died 15th August 1838/aged 31 years.

In Memory of/Jane and Robert Leeson/daughter and son /of William and Ann/Leeson/Jane dyd August the 19th 1729/Robert dyd July the 13th 1735/In their memory.

Inside the Church: Here lieth interred the body of Ann Leeson/dau of Edward and Hannah Leeson/who departed this life/Sep 7 1778/aged 6 years.

Inside the Church : In Memory of/Edward Leeson/who departed this life/February 20th 1775/in the 38th year of his age

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In Memory of/Elizabeth wife of/Edward Mabbott/and daughter of John and/Mary Rollinson/who departed this life/the 9th November 1797/aged 22 years.

Sacred/to the Memory of/Edw Mabbott/who departed this life/November 20th 1831/aged 83 years.

Mary Lizzie/the beloved daughter of/W and A B Mapletoft/who passed away/October 15 1903/aged 10 years.

In Loving Memory of/Edith A Mapletoft/who died/November 18th 1818/aged 3 days.

In Affectionate Remembrance of/Richard Mowbray/who died/January 27th 1881/aged 79 years/also of/ Hannah/wife of the above/who died August 5th 1881/aged 81 years.

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In/Memory of/Sarah the daughter of/James and Mary North/who died June 9th 1809/aged 26 years/also Richard and John/sons of the aforesaid/who died in their infancy.

In Loving Memory of/Sarah/the beloved wife of/James North/who departed this life/on August 31st 1854/aged 59 years/also the above/James North/who passed away Sep 9 1909?/aged 83 years.
More about
James North

In/Loving Memory of/Sarah/wife of George North/who died Nov 21st 1901/in the 65th year of her age. Thy Will be Done

In Loving Memory of/Henry North/the beloved husband of/S.A.North/who fell asleep March 26th 1923/aged 77 years/also S.A.North/died Jan 11th 1932/aged 78.

The next inscription was found in the newer graveyard across the road from the church.

Charles North 1888-1949.
Agnes North 1895-1972.

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In Affectionate Remembrance of/Matthew Partridge/of Casthorpe/who departed this life/October 21st 1881/aged 64 years.Also of Ann Pask/the beloved grandaughter/of the above/who departed this life/March 21st 1868/aged 21 years.

In Affectionate/Remembrance of/Ann wife of/William Pask/who departed this life/May 2nd 1869/aged 75 years.

Pearson - see Aukland

In Loving Memory of/George Peters/of Grantham/son of the late/Robert and Rebecca Peters/of Melton Mowbay/who departed this life/June 23rd 1932/aged 67 years.

Here/lies interred the body of Alice Portwood/the wife of/Robert Portwood/who died the 10th day of August 1766/aged 34 years/also William son of the above/aged 4 years.

Sacred to the memory of/Rebecca Pulling/dau of Joshua/and Jane Pulling/who departed this life/July 29th 1860/aged 78 years.

In Memory of/Joshua Pulling/who died April 19th 1820/aged 80 years/also of/Jane Pulling/ wife of the above/who died March 3rd 1823/aged 82 years/Likewise/William Pulling/son of the above/who died and lies interred/at Pershore in Worcestershire/13th July 1800/aged 25 years.

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Rand see Clarke

In Memory of/ William Rear/who died 2nd August/1853/aged 57 years/also of/Ann Rear/wife of the above/who died 26th July/1852/aged 68 years.

In Affectionate Remembrance of/ --- Robinson/daughter of/Richard and Maria/Robinson/who died ---rest unreadable.

Harriet Robinson/who died Sep 29th 1900/aged --?

In Affectionate Remembrance of/Richard Hubbard Robinson/son of Richard and Maria Robinson/who died August 21 1861/aged 4 years.

In/Affectionate Remembrance of/Richard Robinson/who died/Dec 3rd/1883/aged 64 years. In Affectionate/Remembrance of/Maria Robinson/who died/January 13th 1894/aged 72 years.

In/Memory of/John Roberts/many years schoolmaster/in this parish/who departed this life/Dec 2nd 1787/aged 59.

In/Memory of/Mary relict of/John Rollinson/late of Culverthorpe/in this county/who departed this life/the 7th November 1797/aged 73 years.(see also Mabbott)

In Memory of/Diane/daughter of John and Annie Robinson/who died September 25th/1861/aged 16 years.

In Memory of/Harriet Ann/daughter of John and Eliza Ryder/who departed this life/Aug 24th 1869/aged 5 months.

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In Memory of/Elizabeth Scoley/relict of/Matthew Scholey/of Lincoln/and eldest daughter/of Joseph and/Catherine Ward/of Sedgebrook/who departed this life/October 25th 1868/aged 86 years.

In Loving Remembrance of/Margaret wife of/Jos Scrimshaw/who died April 13th/1837/in the 67th year/of her age.

In Memory of/Sarah the wife of/Joseph Scrimshaw/who departed this life/the 26th day of March/18?0/in the 39th year of her age.

Here lieth the body of[sic]/Sarah and Jane/Scrimshaw/daughter to Benj and Eliz Scrimshaw. Sarah died Jany/the 28th 1773 in/the 3rd year of/her age. Jane died/Feb 15 1773/aged 8 months.

In Memory of/Robert Shipman/of Grantham/born May 24th 1817/died January 25th 1871.

To the Memory of/Robt Shipman/who departed this life/Dec 21st 1839/in the 55th year/of his age.

Here lie the remains of/Hannah/relict of/Robt Shipman/who departed/this life/July 4th 1854/in the 73rd year/of her age.

Sacred/to the Memory of/Ann/dau of Willm and/Elzth Shipman/who departed this life/July 10 1833/in the 14th year of her age.

In Sacred Memory of/Willm Shipman/who departed this life/May 10th 1853/in the 66th year of/his age.

Sacred /to the Memory/of/Harriet/the wife of/Willm Shipman/who departed this life/May 1st 1832/in the 32nd year of her age.

Sacred/to the Memory of/Elizabeth wife of/Willm Shipman/who departed this life/18th of June 1820/in the 32nd year of her age.

To the Memory of/Joseph, Robert and Sarah/sons and daughter of/Joseph and Sarah Simons/Joseph died Jan 16 1836 aged 16 years. Robert died June 21 ? 1836 aged 10 years. Sarah died Jan 17 1829 aged 11 years.
In Affectionate Remembrance of/Thomas Simmons/who died October 16th 1889/aged 74 years/ also/Mary/wife of the above/who died May 18th 1899/aged 80 years.

Here/lies the body of/Sarah the wife of/Samuel Squire/who departed this life/October 16th 1757/aged 37 years.

Sacred to the Memory of/John Stennett/who died 21st August 1819/aged 56 years/also of/Mary Stennett/wife of the above/who died 28th January 1829/aged 69 years.

Sacred to the Memory of/John Stennett/who departed this life/March 20th 1850/aged 63 years/Also Martha Stennett/relict of the above/who died February 24th 1866/aged 69 years.

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In Loving Memory of/Edward Tinkler/who died/Jul 30th 1934/in his 77th year/also of Priscilla, his wife/who died/Nov 12th 1939/in her 81st year.

Inside the Church : In Memory/of Mary the wife of William/Turney, who departed this/life --th of October 1757/aged 33 years/Be wise ye just the pious and the brave/ - in their death and flourish from ye grave/-n hid in earth repays the present care/ - Brightest Suns but -- more fare [sic]

Inside the Church : Here lieth interr'd the remains of/Hannah Turney/ relict of John Turney/who departed this life April 16th(?) 1799/in the 75th year of her age.

Inside the Church : Sacred/to the Memory of/Elizabeth relict of/the late John Turney/surgeon of London/who died June 25th 1825 aged 59 years.

More about
Elizabeth Turney
Inside the Church : Here/lieth the body of/William Turney/who departed this life/ M--suae 18/aged 48/Here lieth the body of Jo(hn) Turney/who departed this/life January 22nd 1784 aged 73 years.

Inside the Church : Mary Turney widow died 1718 [mostly illegible].

Inside the Church: Sacred/to the Memory of/John Turney/who died 26th December 1824/aged 74 years/Also to the Memory of/Ann Turney/widow of the above/John Turney/who died in London/28th June 1836/aged 85 years.
More about John & Ann Turney

Inside the Church : Here/lieth interr'd the remains of/Elizabeth Turney/the daughter of John/and Hannah Turney/who departed this life July --- 1779/aged 24 years.

Inside the Church : ---- Mortal Remains/ of Rev. Thomas Twells/Rector of this Parish/and East Allington/he departed this life/Aug ? 1790/in the 69th year of his age.

More about Rev.Thomas Twells

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In/Loving Memory of/Fanny Elizabeth Upton/ At Rest/May 4th 1898/aged 75 years/she lived for her sons/[rest unreadable as it is underground]

In Loving Memory of/Mary Rose/wife of Charles Wallbanks/ who died 21st April 1887/aged 26 years.

In hopes/of a blessed immortality/are here deposited the/remains of/Joseph Ward/who departed this life April 30th/1816/aged 63 years.

In hopes/of a blessed immortaility/are here deposited the remains of/Ann daughter of Joseph/and Catherine Ward/who departed this life/Sept 30th 1815/aged 30 years.

In Hopes/of a blessed immortality/are here deposited/the remains of/Joseph Ward/who departed this life/April 22 1842/aged 52 years.

In hopes/of a blessed immortality/are here deposited the remains/of Catherine wife of/Joseph Ward/who departed this life/June 30th 1839/aged 78 years.

In Memory of/Mark Ward/who departed this life/December 20th/1871/aged 70 years.

WARD - see also Scholey

In Loving Memory of/John/the beloved husband of/Elizabeth Whatton/who died April 24th 1930/aged 62/also of George their son/who died in France January 11th 1916/aged 19.

1st Side. Sacred to the Memory of/William Wing/of this place and late of/Wyville in this County/who died the 19 Jan/1832/in the 79th year of his age./Sacred to the Memory of/Eleanor Wing/wife of the above/who exchanged this mortal/for an immortal state/Apr 16th 1816/aged 70 years.
2nd Side. Sacred to the Memory of/James Webb Wing/of Connerby House/last surviving son of/William and Eleanor Wing/who died 31st March/1870/aged 82 years.
3rd Side. Sacred to the Memory of/Robert Leeson Wing/who died 24th October/1834/aged 59 years/Sacred to the Memory of/John Wing/who departed this life/the 28 of Aug 1846/in the 68th year of his age.
4th Side. Sacred to the Memory of/Richard Wing M.R.C.S./son of the late William and Eleanor Wing/of Sedgebrook in the/County of lincoln/who departed this life/the 16th June 1853/aged 71 years. And whose remains are interred in the churchyard of Burrow in the Hill in the county of Leicester.

Inside the Church : Sacred to the Memory of/Eleanor Wing/late wife of William Wing/of this village/and dau of the late/Richard Leeson/of Denton in this County/who exchanged this motal/for an immortal state/Apr 16 1816/aged 70 years/Sacred to the Memory of/William Wing/of this place and late of Wyville in this County/who died the 19th January/1832/in the 79th year/of his age.

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James North
James' Great Great Grandson John writes:-
James North was born at either Sedgebrook or East Allington in 1826, and died at Sedgebrook in 1909. He is buried there near the north door of the church.
In his will, he rather mysteriously gives a large part of his wealth to a woman living on the other side of the world, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA. Why!
The beneficiary is someone called Rosa Howe, and the money she is to receive is the value of his share in a house in Grantham. Rosa is now tentatively identified as Rosa Dickinson / Dickenson born at Harlaxton in 1874.

The Will... I give and bequeath unto Rosa Dickinson Howe of Yampa, Routt Co, Colorado U.S.A. all my interest in the house and land situated and being No 101 Norton St Grantham in the County of Lincoln and I direct that at my decease my executors shall sell the same and after paying off all mortgages and satisfying all other claims legal and otherwise against the said property pay over the balance to the said Rosa Dickinson Howe ...
What did Rose Dickinson do to deserve the gift of a house in an old man's will? I have investigated Rosa's ancestry but can't find any family connections.

If anyone can help on this I am sure that John would be glad to hear from you. Send an email to my web site and I will pass it on to John.

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Rev.Thomas Twells
Thomas Twells was the Rector of Sedgebrook Church for a considerable amount of years. I am hoping to find out more about him in time. He married Sarah Calcroft, date and place as yet unknown. In his will he mentions his sisters Amy, Catherine and Mary Twells who presumably were unmarried. He speaks in glowing terms of his esteemed friend James Cook formerly of Essex but now of Sedgebrook. Other beneficiaries named in the will are Robert Burkitt the younger of Upton, John Burkitt & Revd Jno Leonard Twells of Thakeham in Sussex, George Gill of Upton and Elizabeth Gill, John Roots of London, all cousins. He mentions his friend Rev W Charles Fowler of Southwell, Nottinghamshire and Matthew Downing of Easthorpe, Elizabeth & Robert Calthorpe and Mary and Sarah Calcroft daughters of Robert Calcroft.His executors were Rowley Clay of Little Normanton and James Cook. Another cousin is Mary Brett, late Mary Burkitt of Fledborough in Nottinghamshire. His witnesses were John Turney, John Hutchin and Josh Burroughs.
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Elizabeth Turney
Elizabeth was born Elizabeth Imeson and she married her husband John Turney (son of John Turney and Hannah Ragsdale of Sedgebrook) on the 22nd October 1794 at St. Leonards Church, Shoreditch London. John was a Surgeon and Apothecary in Pudding Lane. He died between 1816-1818 and I have not found any issue of this couple. John is buried at St Benet Gracechurch, London and in her will Elizabeth desired "to be securely and privately buried, my body being previously inclosed in a leaden coffin in the vault in the church of St Bennett Gracechurch where my departed husband is interred". However it appears she didn't get her way for some reason or other. Maybe it is for the best as the church in London was knocked down to make room for road widening, even in those days. Where John lies now I am not too sure.

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John & Ann Turney
John Turney, farmer of Sedgebrook, (son of William Turney & Mary Robinson) had been in partnership with Thomas and William Bates of Halifax, West Yorks. They were wool sorters with premises in the famous Piece Hall, trading under the name of "Turney, Bates & Bates".

Ann was Ann Eminson prior to her marriage to John. Her daughter Mary went to live in London with husband William Gould and Ann was at her daughters when she died, there is an Ann Turney buried 2-July-1836 in Bunhill Fields, London aged 86. The address given was Upper Bedford Place. Her son in law William Gould was also buried in Bunhill Fields.

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