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Married in Sedgebrook, found elsewhere

Married in Sedgebrook, found elsewhere.

Looking thru' my transcription of the marriages in the parish records (which only goes up to 1837) I have picked a few couples at random and checked through the census to see if I could locate them This is the result. HOWEVER, do not take me at my word, I have no guarantee I am correct. Do your own checking, and if you find I am not right, please let me know and I will amend my suggestions.

1851 Census HO107/2100/359/21 Lincs, New Sleaford, Charles St.
John Torvill/Head/Marr/47/Ag Lab/Lincs Honington
Sarah Torvill/Wife/Marr/45/Lincs Sedgebrook
William Torvill/Son/Unmarr/25/Ag Lab/Lincs Sleaford
Mary Torvill/Dau/Unmarr/23/Household Work/Lincs Sleaford
Francis Torvill/Son/16/Ag Lab/Lincs Sleaford
Sarah Torvill/Dau/10/Lincs Sleaford
Jane Torvill/Dau/8/Lincs Sleaford
Elizabeth Torvill/Dau/6/Lincs Sleaford

1861 Census RG9/2343/18/30 Lincs, New Sleaford, West St.
John Torvill/Head/Marr/58/Ag Lab/Lincs Honington
Sarah Torvill/Wife/Marr/56/Lincs Holbeck Mar----?
William Torville/Son/Unmarr/34/Ag Lab/Lincs Gt Gonerby
Jane Torville/Dau/18/Milliner/Lincs Sleaford
John Torvill/Grandson/10/Scholar/Lincs Sleaford
Fanny Brackenbury/Grandau/8 mo/Lincs Sleaford

From Sedgebrook Parish Register:-
John Torville of this parish married by Banns to Sarah Barnes of this parish 6/6/1825.
Witnesses:- Harriet Bass & James Harrison.
1851 Census HO107/2138/108/2 Lincs, Westborough
John Brewster/Head/Marr/49/Cottager 10 ---- & Labourer/Lincs Westborough
Hannah Brewster/Wife/Marr/51/Lincs Sedgebrook
Hannah Brewster/Dau/Unmarr/17/Lincs Westborough
Mary Isaac/Visitor/Unmarr/20/Dressmaker/Lincs Westborough

1861 Census RG9/2481/130/7 Lincs, Westborough
John Brewster/Head/Marr/57/Ag Labourer & Cottager ----?/Lincs Westborough
Hannah Brewster/Wife/Marr/61/Ag Labourer's Wife/Lincs Sedgebrook
Emma Brewster/Grandau/5/Lincs Westborough
Hannah Vesey/Grandau/10/Scholar/Notts Barnby

From Sedgebrook Parish Register:-
John Brewster of this parish married by Banns to Hannah Stennett of this parish 24/11/1828
Witnesses:- Mary Stennett & Josh Burroughs.

1851 Census HO107/2102/364/2 Lincs, Bottesford, Railway Gate House.
William Wakefield/Head/Marr/48/Railway Labourer/Lincs Denton
Sarah Wakefield/Wife/Marr/46/Railway Gate Keeper/Lincs Sedgebrook

1871 Census RG10/3359/59/37 Lincs, Little Gonerby & Manthorpe, 8 Charles Place
William Wakefield/Head/70/Labourer - unemployed/Lincs Woolsthorpe
Sarah Wakefield/Marr/70/Lince Sedgebrook

1881 Census RG11/3232/39/23 Lincs, Manthorpe cum Little Gonerby, 26 Charles St.
Sarah Wakefield/Widow/83/Seamstress/Lincs Sedgebrook
Mary A Matthews/Lodger/Wid/56/Charwoman/Lincs Ropsley
John Fairchild/Cousin/Unmarr/40/Ag Lab/Lincs Gt Gonerby
John H Hall/Grandson/1/Lincs Gt Gonerby

From Sedgebrook Parish Register
William Wakefield of this parish married by Banns to Sarah Allen of this parish 20/6/1831
Witnesses :- Joseph Wakefield & Ann Lynn.

1851 Census HO107/2102/314/24 Leicester, Croxton Keyrial, School Road.
William Charity/Head/Marr/43/Ag Lab/Leicestershire Croxton Keyrial
Mary Charity/Wife/Marr/41/Lincs Barrowby
Eliza Charity/Dau/10/Scholar/Leicestershire Croxton Keyrial
Emma Charity/Dau/4/Leicestershire Croxton Keyrial

1861 Census RG9/2484/85/6 Nottinghamshire, Bingham.
William Charity/Head/Marr/54/Game Keeper/Leicestershire Croxton
Mary Charity/Wife/57/Lincolnshire Barrowby
George Charity/Son/Unmarr/22/Gamekeeper/Leicestershire Croxton
Emma Charity/Dau/14/Leicestershire B----d---?
Elizth Fanny Charity/Dau/8/Leicestershire Croxton

1871 Census RG10/3297/51/12 Saltby, In the Village
William Charity/Head/Marr/64/Gamekeeper/Leicestershire Croxton
Mary Charity/Wife/Marr/62/Gamekeeper's Wife/Lincolnshire Barrowby
Elizabeth Allen/Lodger/Unmarr/67/Dressmaker/Leicestershire Saltby

1881 Census RG11/3185/46/5 Leicestershire, Saltby
William Charity/Head/Marr/74/Gamekeeper - Retired/Leicestershire Croxton
Mary Charity/Wife/Marr/72/Gamekeeper's Wife/Lincolnshire Barrowby

From Sedgebrook Parish Register
William Charity married by Banns to Mary Wortley of this parish 9/3/1830
Witnesses :- Frances Charity & George Wortley.

1851 Census HO107/2103/22/73 Lincolnshire, Grantham, Hough on the Hill.
Thomas Topps/Head/Marr/53/Ag Lab/Lincolnshire Foston
Sarah Topps/Wife/Marr/56/Lincolnshire Swarby
George Topps/Son/Unmarr/21 or 25/Ag Lab/Lincolnshire Hough

From Sedgebrook Parish Register
Thomas Tops [sic] of this parish married by Banns to Sarah Corthen of this parish 27/1/1818.
Witnesses:- James Corthen & Josh Burroughs.

1851 Census HO107/2103/405/52 Lincolnshire, Grantham, Spittlegate, Norton Place,
William Leighton/Head/Marr/60/Annuitant/Leicestershire Muston
Mary leighton/Wife/Marr/63/Annuitant/Lincolnshire Culverthorpe
Betsey Leighton/Dau/20/Leicestershire Muston

From Sedgebrook Parish Register
William Leighton, Batchelor married by Licence to Mary Mabbott of this parish 30/5/1820
Witnesses:- Edward Mabbott & Mary Roadley.

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